22 November 2005 [11:24]

Azeri cinematographers participate in international film festival in Belarus

The International film festival "Listopad" (Fall of the Leaves) that opened in Minsk, Belarus has brought together cinematographers from Azerbaijan, Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Poland, Iran, Ukraine and other countries.
22 November 2005 [11:19]

State Opera and Ballet Theatre of Azerbaijan starts rehearsals of new ballet

Rehearsals of new ballet performance by the Minister of Culture Polad Bulbuloglu started in Azerbaijan State Opera and Ballet Theatre.
21 November 2005 [13:21]

Center for Defense of Public Interests looked through 290 corruption concerns

Center for Defense of Public Interests which was established by the financial support of American Lawyers Association received 290 appeals on corruption facts so far.
21 November 2005 [13:09]

Baku State University will open NATO library

Library of NATO will be established in Baku State University (BSU).
19 November 2005 [18:20]

Group "Berlin Voices" is going to perform jazz classics at Baku Jazz Center

German embassy to Baku informs that the "Berlin Voices" Jazz group is to visit Baku for the first time on a 3-days tour on November 20-22.
19 November 2005 [17:59]

OSCE representatives held ceasefire monitoring today

Press service of the Defense Ministry told Trend that a monitoring has been held today at the front-line in the area of the Bash Gervend village of Agdam district.
19 November 2005 [13:37]

Armenians breach ceasefire regime

The cease-fire regime has been breached on a front-line on November 18, the press service of the Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry told Trend.
17 November 2005 [16:19]

1660 submachine gun bullets of 7.62 calibers were detected in the centre of Baku

Associates of the Nasimi region State Traffic Police detected 1660 submachine gun bullets of 7.62 caliber in the intersection of the Taghizade Street and Mirali Gashgay Street.
17 November 2005 [15:43]

3 Azerbaijani citizens wounded in Iraq

3 Azerbaijani citizens were wounded in Khanigin city of Iraq.
17 November 2005 [14:48]

Military commissar of Imishli region accused of bribery and other crimes arrested

The investigation on the case of a group high ranking officials who are accused under articles 341.1(exceeding powers) , 311.3.2 (bribe-taking) , 178.3.2 (roguishness), 221.3 (hooliganism) and 313 (abusing official duties) , 32.5 , 311.3.2 (assisting in bribe-taking) and 178.3.2 (roguishness) of the Criminal Code was completed and the investigation materials were submitted to Court Martial on Grave Crimes of Azerbaijan Republic.
16 November 2005 [20:07]

Soon Ganjivians will possess a unique fountain that has no match on the Southern Caucasus

Renovation works ordered by Ganja mayor office passed to the Heydar Aliyev square in the center of Ganja . According to APA news agency the Executive Power reconstructed a fountain complex on the left side of the square and now is busy with the right side complex.
16 November 2005 [19:59]

Azerbaijan will enjoy good weather a bit longer

Bureau of Hydrology Forecast of National Hydrometeorology department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Recourses informs that the warm weather in Azerbaijan will continue for several days.
16 November 2005 [15:14]

Soon traffic in Baku will be dispersed by a circular highway

Baku circular highway construction will be launched starting January of 2006.
16 November 2005 [14:51]

Newly repaired Ganja-Kazakh highway section is ready to be opened

94 km long Ganja-Kazakh highway will be put into operation in the first half of the next year.
16 November 2005 [14:25]

19 km highway section between Bilasuvar and Iranian border will repared by the end of the year

Ministry of Transport informs that the repairment works at the highway from Bilasuvar to the border of Iran will be completed till the end of the year.
15 November 2005 [20:24]

NATO sponsors new Saloghlu project of ANAMA

Azerbaijan National Agency of Mine Action (ANAMA) will hold an opening ceremony of the "Saloghlu Project on clearing unexploded military supplies in Aghstafa" with participation of the special representative of the NATO Secretary General on Central Asia and Southern Caucasus Robert Simmons on November 18.
15 November 2005 [14:50]

AZAL lacks airplanes to solve problem with shortage of Nakhchivan flights

800-900 citizens wishing to come to Baku from Nakhchivan can not find air tickets while 600-700 cannot leave Baku for Nakhchivan facing the same problem.
15 November 2005 [13:41]

Caspian Sea level will rise by the end of 2005

"The Caspian Sea level will increase by 14-15 cm by the end of this year," said the Director of Marine Hydrometeorology Center of the Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry Amir Aliyev in his interview with APA news agency.
12 November 2005 [19:34]

Ombudsman of Azerbaijan called citizens to donate blood for children suffering from hemophilia and thalassemia

Elmira Suleymanova, the Azerbaijani Ombudsman, called Azeries to assist people suffering from blood diseases.
12 November 2005 [18:09]

Giz Galasi gallery will host photo-exhibition "Kazakhstan today"

Photo-exhibition "Kazakhstan today" will be held at "Giz Galasi" gallery on November 15 .
12 November 2005 [17:54]

2000 houses in Nakhchivan will receive gas this winter

"Nakhchivangas" Limited Liability Company (LLC)informed APA news agency that Nakhchivan AR will recieve full supply of gas only by the end of the year 2007.
12 November 2005 [17:24]

New electron 10.000 number ATS was opened in Lenkoran

New electron 10.000 number ATS with 1600 channels was opened in the 2nd micro- district massive of Lenkoran in the frame of project "Electron Azerbaijan" implemented by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies.
12 November 2005 [13:57]

New explosion in Agstafa

An explosion happened yesterday about 3:00 a.m. at a vegetable oil production enterprise situated 100 metres away from the Baku-Gazakh highway in Aghstafa.
12 November 2005 [13:33]

Central Library of Ganja city restored its activity after being closed for several month of repairment

The Ganja City Central Library named after Nizami-Pushkin opened its gates to readers again after undergoing several months of repairment works.
12 November 2005 [13:09]

Azerbaijan celebrates Constitution Day

Today Azerbaijani citizens celebrate the Constitution Day. President Ilham Aliyev delivered a speech congratulating citizens of Azerbaijan with the holiday.
11 November 2005 [20:17]

Ministry of Communications plans to lift telephone subscription fees up

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan is considering to rise telephone subscription tariffs as expedient, Ali Abbasov, the Minister or Communications and Information Technologies, told media on Friday.
11 November 2005 [13:08]

New flights will be open to Nakhchivan

As the number of passengers arriving in Baku from Nakhchivan increased, a problem with shortage of flights got bigger.
10 November 2005 [15:08]

Red Cross organizes a competition for university students.

Second national competition on the international humanitarian law will be held among students of the international law, law and international affairs faculties of the Azerbaijani universities from November 10 to 13.
10 November 2005 [14:29]

Azeri flag defender celebrates small victory over Prosecutor's Office

Sabayil district court ordered Prosecutor's Office to finish by the end of the week a new investigation on the case of Azeri flag mutilation by British citizen Alan French.
10 November 2005 [13:25]

Israelis living in Baku will commemorate tenth year since assassination of Yitzhak Rabin

The commemoration ceremony dedicated to the 10th anniversary of assassination of the Prime Minister of Israel will be held in "Baku" hall of "Hyatt Regency" hotel in Baku.
10 November 2005 [12:59]

"Azerpocht" opens new post offices and post agencies

"Azerpocht" State Enterprise informs that for the last nine months it has opened 178 new jobs in the mail communication sector of the republic.
09 November 2005 [20:54]

Earthquake was recorded on territory of Azerbaijan

The Republican Seismological Service Center of Azerbaijani National Academy of Science informed that yesterday a small earthquake was recorded on the territory of Azerbaijan.
09 November 2005 [20:40]

Azerbaijan started transportation of gas for its enclave through Iran

The Head of Nakhchivan AR representation in Baku, Rashad Gulamov informed APA news agency that an experimental transportation of Azeri gas through Iran to Nakhchivan has started.
09 November 2005 [20:28]

For the last month ANAMA cleared from mines 875372 square meters of territory

Azerbaijan National Agency of Mine Action (ANAMA) reports that 875372 square meters of territory were cleared from mines and unexploded military supplies (UMS) during the last month.
09 November 2005 [20:09]

Turkey restored electricity provision to Nakhchivan

Press service of "Azerenergy" open Joint-Stock Company quoting Yasin Safarov, the chairman of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Energy Office stated that Turkey restored provision of electricity to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.
08 November 2005 [16:47]

New fiber-optical cable is laid down in Nakhchivan - Julfa district

According to the Ministry of Communications and Informational Technologies, in order to reach high quality telephone communications between Baku and Nakhchivan, construction of fiber-optical cable was launched in Nakhchivan-Julfa region.
05 November 2005 [15:01]

Russian theaters open their gates for "Vizier of Lenkoran Khanate" performance by Mirza Fatali Akhundov

The oldest Russian theatre of Azerbaijan, founded in 1920 - The Russian Drama Theatre after Samad Vurgun, started its tour of Russia on November 3.
04 November 2005 [17:57]

Baku subway police will not go on strike

"The information that the policemen serving at Baku Subway will go on strike for not being paid is completely not true," informed press service of the Main Police Administration Office of Baku quoting Vali Mammadov - the chief of Baku Subway police.
04 November 2005 [15:26]

Azeri customs servicemen will attend courses on nuclear contraband prevention

Experts of MAGATE and ANAS Institute of Radiation Problems will hold training-courses for customs officials of the State Customs Committee (SCC)on November 14-19 .
04 November 2005 [15:17]

ANS, Lider and Space TV channels' license issues will be reviewed after Elections

The Council of the National Television and Radio prolonged the license terms of 70 percents of TV and Radio Channels in Azerbaijan.
04 November 2005 [12:55]

New historical book causes big scandal among Azeri scientists

The associates of the History Institute named after A.Bakikhanov of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) claim that Doctor of historical sciences Farida Mammadova made political and geographical mistakes in her newly published book "Caucasian Albania and Albans".
03 November 2005 [16:12]

Swedish missionary is deported from Azerbaijan

According to the information given to APA from a source in law-enforcement organs, this person who is a member of the Church "Temple of Glorification" is the Swedish citizen called Mats Yan Soderberg.
03 November 2005 [14:50]

Office of Caucasian Muslims congratulates Azerbaijanis with the end of fasting

Office of Caucasian Muslims congratulated Azerbaijani people on the occasion of holy Ramadan holiday .
02 November 2005 [17:51]

Najaf Najafov's Fund publishes results of Public TV monitorings conducted in September

Najaf Najafov's Fund analyzed the results of the project on Monitoring of the Public TV over September 2005 and developed a report. The event on the results of the monitoring was held at the International Press Center on Wednesday.
02 November 2005 [16:51]

Ancient Azerbaijani music will sound in Istanbul in November

The ensemble of the ancient musical instruments of Azerbaijan Museum of Musical Culture has received an invitation to participate in a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Center for Study of Islamic History, Culture and Art under the Organization of the Islamic Conference.
02 November 2005 [16:43]

Days of Azeri culture will start soon in Egypt

Azertac news agency informs that November 9-14 were designated as days of the Azerbaijan culture in the Arabian Republic of Egypt.
01 November 2005 [17:32]

Azeri deligation will participate at the 2nd stage of the Worldwide Summit on Information Society in Tunis

"Azerbaijan plans to send its delegation to the 2nd stage of the Worldwide Summit on Information Society that will be held in Tunis in November," informes the Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies.
01 November 2005 [15:25]

French violoncello master will perform at Azerbaijan State Philarmonic Society

The famous French violoncello master, laureate of international competitions Dominick De Blusen will arrange a concert at the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society named after Muslum Magomayev on November 9.
01 November 2005 [14:29]

Mammadbagir Bagirzade passed away

People’s artist Mammadbagir Bagirzade passed away at about 22.00 on October 30.
01 November 2005 [13:41]

AzTV director is hospitalized after a car accident

Head of "Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasts" Closed Joint-Stock Company Nizami Khudiyev had a car accident on the Baku-Khachmaz road, in Siyazan region yesterday.
01 November 2005 [13:13]

Azeri medics's salary will rise for 30 percents

The press-service of the President’s Apparatus informs that the president Ilham Aliyev signed today a decree increasing wages of medical employees.
01 November 2005 [13:04]

UNESCO delegation will visit Azerbaijan in December

First meeting of a working group on the implementation of the memorandum on the development of education signed by UNESCO and the government of Azerbaijan on August 24 this year will be held in early December.
31 October 2005 [18:25]

Fire kills 4 inhabitants of Jalilabad

Four people died in fires in a four-room appartment of a 2 storeyed house in Jalilabad belonging to a resident of the region Allahverdi Hajiyev.
31 October 2005 [18:18]

Drug dealer arrested while selling 10 kg of hashish and opium

The associates of the Office for Fighting Organized Crimes of the Interior Ministry (IM) arrested the resident of Jalilabad region who was involved in drug trafficking.
31 October 2005 [15:47]

Some IDP families will not be distributed social allowances

530 thousands internally displaced families will start receiving an allowance next year.
31 October 2005 [15:31]

BakGaz will increase gas supply as the winter gets colder

Gas supply of the capital and regions around it going to be provided in an intensified working regime due to the parliamentary elections and the holy Ramadan.
31 October 2005 [14:23]

New frontier post opened at Nabran

A new frontier post of the State Frontier Service (SFS) started functioning in Nabran today.
29 October 2005 [12:41]

Azerbaijanani family killed in Georgia allegedly because of crime witnessing

Heads of an Azerbaijani family were murdered in Gardabani region of Georgia.
29 October 2005 [11:45]

Muradverdiyev's appeal rejected

The appeal of Akif Muradverdiyev-former director of administrative department of President’s Executive Office was reviewed in the Court of Appeal today.
29 October 2005 [11:38]

Azerbaijan will switch to digital television completely by 2015

The republic will pass to digital TV system from analog broadcasting by 2015.
28 October 2005 [18:56]

Architect waits for Abulfaz Elchibay's family to decide on tomb construction

"A model of a tomb of the late ex-President of Azerbaijan Abulfaz Elchibay is ready," announced architect of the tomb Jafar Giyasi.
28 October 2005 [18:20]

More than 12 thousands of Azeri manuscripts are scattered around the globe

"We know that there are over 12 thousands manuscripts belonging to the Azerbaijani nation that are beyond the boundaries of our country at present," says the deputy-director of the M.Fuzuli Institute of Manuscripts of ANAS and a candidate of philological sciences Pasha Kerimov.
28 October 2005 [13:44]

The Ministry of Education will implement joint project with UN DP

A memorandum will be signed tomorrow, October 29 between the Azeri Ministry of Education and UN Program for Development [PD].
28 October 2005 [13:21]

Ilham Aliyev has signed a decree on indexing of population's deposits left in Azerbaijan Soviet Savings Bank

On Thursday, October 27, the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on community deposits at the former Azerbaijani Soviet Savings Bank.
27 October 2005 [17:22]

ANAMA will have to check for explosives 170,000 sq/m in Agstafa

Azerbaijan National Agency of Mine Action (ANAMA) reported that an explosion of a metal-processing shop that happened on October 21 in Agstafa was due to an illegal activity of the plant.
27 October 2005 [13:50]

Bronze bust of Azeri scientist will be opened soon in St. Petersberg

Chain of ceremonies will be held on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of an Oriental faculty of St. Petersburg State University on December 16. One of the ceremonies planned will commemorate an Azeri scientist who worked at the university.
27 October 2005 [12:38]

Azeri journalists will meet to discuss journalism ethics in Azerbaijan

Training seminars for professionals working in the field of journalism will be held by the "RUH" organization starting November 1.
26 October 2005 [22:59]

Idleness of Georgian side slows down Elmar Huseynov's murder case investigation

The Prosecutor General Office of Georgia has not responded yet to the appeal of Azeri investigation group solving the murder case of the editor-in-chief of "Monitor" magazine Elmar Huseynov.
26 October 2005 [20:21]

By the end of this year 390 IDP families will move from railroad cars and tents to newly built houses

Internally displaced persons who are living in camps for displaced-persons and railroad cars will be resettled to five newly-built settlements by the end of this year.
26 October 2005 [15:52]

Japanese government helps Azeri culture

The Embassy of Japan to Azerbaijan reports that it has completed a grant project on assisting young talents of Azerbaijan.
26 October 2005 [13:45]

Majority of Azeries think that the country is on the right track of development

On October 25 the Caspian Resource Investigation Centre (CRIC) for 2005, publicized a report containing opinion researches that make possible to say that the population basically approves the course of the government.
25 October 2005 [18:20]

Kapellhaus celebrates 120 anniversary of Azeri composer with a concert

Azerbaijani-German cultural center Kapellhaus will host a concert on the evening of November 1.
25 October 2005 [15:43]

National Library hosts “Ataturk and Turkish Ideology” conference on October 29

On October 29 the M.F. Akhundov National Library will host conference “Ataturk and Turkish ideology”. The conference is organized by the Ministry of Culture, Ataturk Center and the National Academy of Azerbaijan.
25 October 2005 [13:21]

Alen Jomi presents his latest documentary in Baku

Meeting with French cinematographer, writer and musician Alen Jomi will be held in Baku France Cultural Center on 26 October.
25 October 2005 [12:29]

Academic State Drama Theatre will host a concert on October 27

"Joint” America Joint Jews Distribution Committee, Culture Center at Israeli Embassy to Azerbaijan and Jewish Cultural Center (JCC) arranging a holiday concert in the Academic State Drama Theatre on October 27.