06 September 2005 [09:49]

Team of Rajabov and Mammadyarov in semi-final

The EBORAJEDREZ with Teymur Rajabov and Shahriyar Mammadyarov will play in the semi-final of the Spanish team championship first in the history of club, grand master Rajabov told Trend.
06 September 2005 [09:07]

Member of Al-Qaeda appeals to Supreme Court

Zaur Aliyev, a member of Al-Qaeda terror organization, accused of perpetrating grave crimes, has appealed to the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan. Aliyev was sentenced to 7.5-year imprisonment in February 2004 by the Court of Serious Crimes of Azerbaijan.
06 September 2005 [08:09]

Condoleezza Rice thanked to President Ilham Aliyev for granting $500.000 emergency aid to the USA

The USA State Secretary Condoleezza Rice expressed her deep satisfaction to President Ilham Aliyev for granting emergency aid to remove the results of the hurricane Katrina.
05 September 2005 [09:38]

Azerbaijan renders an extraordinary aid to U.S. regions suffered from tornado

The Azerbaijani government rendered a $500,000 extraordinary aid to the U.S. regions suffered from tornado.
05 September 2005 [09:12]

Javad Derakhti arrived in Baku

The chairman of the World Azerbaijanis Congress (WAC) Javad Derakhti came to an official visit to Baku yesterday.
03 September 2005 [11:36]

Appeal Court made decision on extradition of Elif Pelit to Turkey

The Appeal Court today reviewed the complaint on the extradition of Turkish journalist Elif Pelit of Kurdish origin who is accused of passing the borderline of Azerbaijan illegally.
02 September 2005 [13:35]

Ramil Usubov: ”Distribution of Identity cards will be completed by November 1”

“The investigation related to death of Department chief of Main Criminal Search Office of Ministry of Internal Affairs, police –Colonel Mazahir Aliyev is on, there is no need to create big sensation in relation with this event.”
25 August 2005 [09:43]

Beach season to be over on 31 August

Beach season will be over on 31 August this year.
25 August 2005 [09:19]

Ulvi Bajarani won of the Abu-Dabi Chess festival

The 15th traditional chess festival ended in the capital of the United Arabian Emirates, Abu-Dabi.
24 August 2005 [09:32]

Patriarch of Moscow and whole Russia II Alexi to arrive in Baku

The Patriarch of Moscow and whole Russia II Alexi will arrive in Baku on September 22.
24 August 2005 [09:14]

The person committing rape against eight-year old girl arrested in Zagatala

A grave crime was committed in Zagatala region on 21 August.
24 August 2005 [08:38]

Education Ministry ready to consider issue of releasing internally displaced persons from payment in private institutions of higher learning

The Ministry of Education (ME) of Azerbaijan is ready to consider the issue of releasing the internally displaced persons (IDPs), who entered the private institutions of higher education this year from payment in case of respective addresses.
24 August 2005 [08:31]

Memorandum on cooperation in educational sphere to be signed between Azerbaijan and UNESCO

The issue concerning expanding the cooperation between Azerbaijan and UNESCO in educational sphere will be focused on especially in the frame of the visit of UNESCO Director General Koichiro Matsuura to Baku.
24 August 2005 [08:25]

Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II to be celebrated in Baku

The birthday of Queen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II will be celebrated in Baku.
23 August 2005 [09:08]

Cannibal-maniac arrested in Barda

Cannibal-maniac was arrested in Barda region of Azerbaijan last week.
23 August 2005 [09:05]

Azeri Grand Master to train for match with Indian chess giant through special program

Teymur Rajabov, the Azerbaijani grand master, will train for a match “Duel of Champions” with Indian chess giant, Vishvanatan Anand, through a special program.
20 August 2005 [09:39]

The weather is going to be cool staring from today

The weather will be cool in Azerbaijan beginning from 20th of August.
20 August 2005 [09:36]

High schools in Azerbaijan increased education fees on some specialties

Some high schools increased the education fees on some specialties form this academic year.
19 August 2005 [08:16]

Joint memorandum with UNICEF signed

A joint Memorandum on understanding aimed at implementation of the UN Development Program for 2005-2009 between the government of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijan’s office of the United Nations Organization (UNO) was signed on 18 August 2005 between the Ministry of Economic Development and the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF).
09 August 2005 [09:56]

Japan Embassy opened Japanese language courses

Embassy of Japan in Azerbaijan opened Japanese language courses on 1 August.
09 August 2005 [09:40]

Modern modification of mine clearing machines delivered to Azerbaijan

Modern modification of mine clearing machines such as 60-ton machine of night vision was delivered to Azerbaijan.
09 August 2005 [09:13]

Independence Day of India to be celebrated in Baku

The embassy of India in Baku will celebrate the 59th anniversary of Independence of India.
09 August 2005 [08:52]

Azeri citizen shot down in Moscow

A citizen of Azerbaijan being engaged in commerce in the Matveyevsk market of Moscow was attacked.
06 August 2005 [11:05]

Number of foreign students to be increased in new academic year

The number of the foreign students at the Azerbaijani universities is expected to increase in a new academic year.
06 August 2005 [11:03]

1st nations cup to be held on “What? Where? When?” intellectual game in Baku

On 12-14 September, 1st nations Cup will be held on “What? Where? When?” intellectual game in Baku.
06 August 2005 [09:17]

Shahlar Askerov: “Structural changes must take place in educational sphere of Azerbaijan”

Structural changes must take place in the educational sphere of Azerbaijan. It is needed to re-establish the “party organizers” system, which will enable to reveal and suppress in due time the facts of corruption at schools and other educational institutions of the country.
06 August 2005 [09:06]

40th session of UN support commission to be held in Baku

The 40th session of the UN Support Commission on illegal drug traffic in the Near and Middle East will be held in Baku from 12 to 16 September.
05 August 2005 [09:34]

Third group of peace corps volunteers to swear in Sumgaiyt

The US Ambassador to Azerbaijan Reno Harnish will swear in the third group of Peace Corps volunteers comprising 36 USA citizens on 5 August.
05 August 2005 [08:38]

World Health Organization’s mission to study the situation on AIDS in Azerbaijan

Two missions of World Health Organization (WHO) will be on a visit to Azerbaijan till 22 August.
05 August 2005 [08:32]

Aghaselim Mirjavadov: ““Neftchi” could score 2-3 goals instead of 1… in match with “Anderlecht”

“Our team could score 2-3 goals instead of 1 in the match against “Anderlecht”. But excitation impeded this. In general, I was very satisfied with my team. If Allah permits, “Neftchi” will demonstrate better game in future”.
05 August 2005 [08:28]

Education minister signed decree on passing to 5 day education system in secondary schools

The education minister Misir Mardanov signed a decree “On passing into 5-day education week in schools providing general education”.
04 August 2005 [11:08]

Opening ceremony of regional library information center to be held in Gabala

The USA Embassy in Azerbaijan established the next regional library information center in Gabala region in the frame of program “Development of regional libraries”.
04 August 2005 [10:55]

Ministry of National Security took control of some mosques in capital

About 30 persons convicted in vahabbism were arrested in the result of the operation conducted by the National Security Ministry (NSM) in Novkhani settlement from 12 to 13 July.
04 August 2005 [10:48]

14 football clubs to compete in XIV Azeri national championship

A sitting of the Executive Committee (EC) held in the headquarters of AFFA yesterday.
04 August 2005 [10:31]

Azeri boxers achieve a success at European championship in Estonia

7 Azerbaijani boxers continue to fight for medal at the European Championship started in Tallinn. Samir Mamadov (51 kg), Elshan Ismayilov (54 kg) Namig Jabrayilov (60 kg), Elchin ALizada (91 kg) Namik Husseynov (57 kg) and Natig Alishev (64 kg) achieved a success at the tournament.
04 August 2005 [10:21]

Who supports vahabbism in Azerbaijan?

“The Asian Muslims Committee of Kuwait sent 14 tons of literature in Uzbek, Kazakh, Arabian, Azerbaijani and Russian languages to the Caucasus Muslims Office (CMO).
04 August 2005 [10:19]

436 schools were built and repaired in Azerbaijan for previous 3-4 years

For the last 3-4 years 436 new schools have been built, the Education Minister of Azerbaijan Misir Mardanov told journalists on 3 August.
04 August 2005 [10:14]

Azeri chess players won next victory in European championship

The European chess championship between clubs continues in Getheborg city of Sweden.
04 August 2005 [09:50]

22 persons drowned in the sea since beach season started

22 persons have drowned in the sea since beach season started.
04 August 2005 [09:15]

Constitutional court of Azerbaijan recommended to replace death sentences based on existing legislation

The Constitutional Court of Azerbaijan recommended the country’s judicial bodies to consider appeal on changing the terms of convictions of persons, sentenced to the capital punishment within the acting legislation, the return letter of the Azerbaijan’s Constitutional Court Collegium addressed to the ombudsman of Azerbaijan Elmira Suleymanova reads.
04 August 2005 [09:12]

The last hunger-striker in Gobustan closed prison also stopped action yesterday

Mehman Muradov who has been holding the revolt of the hungry since 1 August in the Gobustan closed prison also stopped the action yesterday.
03 August 2005 [10:37]

National Security Ministry arrested 11 vahabis realizing special operation

The associates of the National Security Ministry (NSM) arrested 11 persons by realizing a special operation in one of the mosques in the capital yesteday.
03 August 2005 [10:24]

Two of the hunger-strikers in Gobustan closed prison stopped the hunger strike

Two of hunger-strikers in Gobustan closed prison stopped the strike.
02 August 2005 [11:16]

Two brothers were blasted by mine

On 31 July on the area of the Ahmedagali village of Agdam region in Azerbaijan two brothers Suleymanovs, Emin and Elvin, 1990 and 1992 respectively, were blasted by anti-tank mine.
02 August 2005 [10:29]

Azeri chess players successfully starts at European Chess Championship

Two rounds were played at the European Team Championship in Hottierburg, Sweden.
02 August 2005 [09:34]

28 prisoners imprisoned started hunger protest action

28 prisoners serving their times in the Gobustan closed prison and imprisoned for life informed that they will start a permanent hunger protest action from day before yesterday.
01 August 2005 [10:41]

Increase of diabetics in Azerbaijan causes anxiety, vice-president of International Diabetes Federation

The number of diabetics in Azerbaijan speedily increases and the government should take active steps to change the situation, professor Massimo-Massi Benedetti, the Vice-President of the International Diabetes Federation, stated to a news-conference on 29 July.
01 August 2005 [10:34]

14,453 border violators detained over last 3 years

A total of 14,453 border violators have been detained over the past 3 years.
30 July 2005 [11:00]

Conference dedicated to problems of Georgian Azerbaijanis to be held in Baku

The State Committee on Work with Azerbaijanis Living Abroad will hold a practical conference dedicated to the problems of the Georgian Azerbaijanis in Baku.
30 July 2005 [09:43]

59 thousand patients with diabetes mellitus registered in Azerbaijan

A roundtable on the problems caused by diabetes mellitus was held in the International Press Center with the participation of vise-president of International Diabetes Federation Massimo Massi Benedetti yesterday.
30 July 2005 [09:40]

French embassy hold workshop for teachers of french in Gabala region

The Embassy of France to Azerbaijan, the association of teachers of French and the Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Education hold a workshop for teachers of Gabala region.
30 July 2005 [09:27]

Weather expected to be non-stable in Azerbaijan in August

Weather is expected to be non-stable in the county in August.
30 July 2005 [09:19]

Azeri chess player won bronze medal of world championship

The World Chess Championship started in Belfor, France on 19 July ended the day before yesterday.
29 July 2005 [09:10]

?zerbaijan and Belarus to sign agreement on coopertaion in education

?zerbaijan and Belarus will sign agreement on cooperation in the educational field, the Ministry of Education (ME) told Trend.
28 July 2005 [08:44]

Norwegian embassy and Eurasia Foundation gave $ 56.154 to five organizations

The embassy of Norway in our country allocated grants for the local organizations in two phases together with the Eurasia Foundation for the purpose of supporting the development of civil society and democratic institutions in Azerbaijan.
28 July 2005 [08:39]

Around 150 new schools will be built before new school year in Azerbaijan

About 150 new schools will be built before the start of the new school year in Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijan Ministry of Education told Trend.
27 July 2005 [10:13]

Strong heat to continue till July 29 in republic

Weather condition will be non-stable mainly at evening and night hours in the territory of the republic on July 27-30.
27 July 2005 [09:39]

Azerbaijan will not to join world boxing championship among women

The President of the International Boxing Association (AIBA), Anvar Choudri, advised his Azerbaijani counterpart Agajan Abiyev to set up women boxing in the country.
27 July 2005 [09:06]

General Secretary of UEFA will arrive in Baku

General Secretary of UEFA Ulf Crister Olssen will arrive in Baku in early November.
27 July 2005 [08:39]

Ali Hasanov met with new representative of UNO Supreme Commissariat on Refugees in Azerbaijan

The deputy of the prime-minister, chairman of the Republic Commission on International Humanitarian Aid and State Committee on Work with Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (SCWRIDP) Ali Hasanov received the new representative in Azerbaijan of the UNO Supreme Commissariat on Refugees William Toll.
26 July 2005 [10:51]

328 religious congregations registered in Azerbaijan

328 religious congregations have been registered in Azerbaijan by 1 July, according to the information from the state committee on work with the religious structures, Trend reports.
26 July 2005 [08:45]

Opening of European classification tournament in female volleyball world grand-prix championship took place in Guba

In the evening of 25 July opening of the European classification tournament for Grand-Prix in the female volleyball-2006 took place at the Guba sports complex.
25 July 2005 [09:12]

International criminal group with NATO military uniform detained in Baku

The criminal group consisted of the residents of Azerbaijan, Chechnya, Dagestan, Turkey and Yemen was detained in Baku, according to the Central Polis Department of Baku and Office of Public Prosecutor.
25 July 2005 [08:24]

11 Azeri boxers to participate in European championship

Azerbaijani teenager boxers are preparing for the prestigious tourney.
25 July 2005 [08:10]

None of Azerbaijani tourists were injured in result of terrorist action happened in Egypt

None of the Azerbaijani tourists were injured in the result of the terrorist action happened in Egypt.
24 July 2005 [09:16]

Heydar Aliyev Foundation created internet-portal «Azerbaijan»

The Heydar Aliyev Foundation created the Internet-portal «?zerbaijan» (
24 July 2005 [08:51]

President of International Wrestling Federation expected

Rafael Martinneti, the President of International Wrestling Federation (FILA), will visit Azerbaijan on 4 August.
24 July 2005 [08:26]

TRT to prepare telecast consisting of 13 parts about famous persons of Azerbaijan

The Baku representation of the Radio-Television Structure of Turkey intends to prepare a telecast consisting of 13 parts about lives and creations of the famous persons of Azerbaijan like Uzeyir Hajibayov, Nariman Narimanov, Samad Vurghun, Jafar Jabbarli, Ahmad Javad and others since September of this month.
24 July 2005 [08:08]

1465 crime facts related to drugs registered in Azerbaijan in 2005

1465 crime facts related to drugs were registered in our country in 2005.
22 July 2005 [08:53]

UNICEF and Azerbaijani government organizes roundtable discussion on children violence

The children violence in Azerbaijan will be the major topic of the forthcoming roundtable discussion on July 27, which will be organized by Azerbaijani government and the representative office of the UNICEF in Azerbaijan.
22 July 2005 [08:35]

92 ambulance cars delivered to the health institutions

The Health Ministry today delivered 92 ambulance cars to the health institutions in the regions and cities at Freedom Square.
21 July 2005 [09:35]

Azerbaijan team is in 116th stage in rating table of FIFA

The worldwide football structure FIFA explained the rating table of the national teams for July yesterday.
21 July 2005 [09:21]

Oil Academy to open its branch in Egypt

A branch of the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy will open in Egypt, Trend reports quoting Azerbaijani Education Minister Misir Mardanov.
21 July 2005 [09:09]

26 persons drowned, 77 rescued since beach season started

26 persons have drowned, 77 have been rescued since beach season started this year.
20 July 2005 [09:10]

Malaria found in 108 persons in Azerbaijan this year

It turned out during the 6 months of this year that there are 108 persons infected with malaria in Azerbaijan. This infectious disease was found in 57 of them on June.