Today.Az Covering Azerbaijan inside and outside Today.Az Turkiye's new floating gas platform set to boost energy independence World news Thu, 25 Jul 2024 23:17:00 +0400 By News CentreThe floating gas operating platform, which will join Turkiye's "energy fleet" as the 7th ship, will set sail from Singapore. The platform, whose final touches are being completed at a shipyard in Singapore, is expected to head towards Turkiye within a few days. This platform, projected to produce enough natural gas for 5 million households once operational, is planned to serve in the Black Sea for 15-20 years.The new ship announced by President Tayyip Erdo?an for natural gas production will depart from Singapore to Turkiye. The floating gas operating platform, currently undergoing final adjustments at a shipyard in Singapore, is being tailored to meet Turkiye's specific needs. The ship is anticipated to arrive in Turkiye approximately two months later. The platform is scheduled to commence operations in 2025. Once operational, it will produce enough natural gas for 5 million households and will operate as a base in the Black Sea for 15-20 years.The platform, 300 metres long and 58 metres wide, will process raw gas extracted from the Black Sea on-site, which will then be transported to shore via pipelines. Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) aims to expedite production by delivering Black Sea natural gas swiftly to the network using its new floating gas operating platform. Originally purchased from Brazil, the platform is currently undergoing revisions in Singapore to suit Turkiye's natural gas production needs. With this floating platform, raw gas extracted from the depths of the Black Sea will be processed at sea and transported ashore through new pipelines.As the platform begins operations, it will also provide living quarters for technical personnel working aboard. Expert teams from abroad will join the platform's operational phase and will provide training to Turkish teams. The platform is slated to commence active service starting in 2025.Turkiye, steadily advancing towards energy independence, currently operates 4 drilling ships and 2 seismic research ships in its territorial waters. Its energy fleet, established for seismic and drilling activities in natural gas and oil exploration at sea, includes a total of 6 ships: Fatih, Yavuz, Kanuni, and Abdülhamid Han drilling ships, as well as Barbaros Hayrettin Pa?a and MTA Oruç Reis seismic exploration ships. With the addition of the new platform to its fleet, Turkiye will occupy a significant position in global natural gas extraction, processing, and commercialization. It will be the sixth country globally to possess such a platform, following the USA, Russia, Brazil, Norway, and Malaysia. Japan create training ground for long-range missile exercises World news Thu, 25 Jul 2024 22:50:00 +0400 By Alimat AliyevaThe Japanese Ministry of Defense plans to create a new training ground on the remote Ogasawara Islands to conduct long-range missile exercises there, Azernews reports.Sources in the defense ministry noted that it is planned to conduct exercises at this test site, including using the latest long-range missiles, which are currently being developed and with which it is planned to arm the country's self-defense forces to exercise the right to strike back at the bases of a potential enemy in the event of an attack on Japan. It is also assumed that exercises will be conducted at this training ground using Type-12 missiles already in service.This will be the first training ground in the country where it will be possible to practice the use of missiles with a range of over 100 km - before that, the Japanese armed forces were forced to use ranges in the United States and Australia to conduct such firing. It is expected that the landfill on the Ogasawara Islands, located more than 700 km from the coast of the main island of Honshu, will be ready for use by 2026. National Security Council to convene under President Erdogan's leadership World news Thu, 25 Jul 2024 22:19:00 +0400 By News CentreAfter a two-month hiatus, the National Security Council will convene today at Beshtepe, chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The primary focus of the meeting will be Turkey's cross-border counter-terrorism operations. Discussions will also encompass the normalisation process with Syria and Israel's attacks in Palestine.The National Security Council (MGK) will convene for the fourth time this year under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, with a packed agenda.The first item on the agenda at Be?tepe will be the fight against terrorism. The meeting will delve into ongoing ground and air operations aimed at dismantling PKK targets in northern Iraq.Military and intelligence updates from the field will inform discussions on operational strategies. Additionally, council members will brief on the latest developments in combating other terrorist organisations such as FETO and DAESH.Planned measures concerning the normalisation process with Syria will also be deliberated. Discussions will centre on Ankara's aspirations to foster enduring peace and stability in Syria, alongside efforts to restore diplomatic ties with the Damascus administration.In alignment with President Erdo?an's directives, the MGK will assess ongoing initiatives for Syria's normalisation and outline the roadmap ahead.The council will also address Israel's actions in the Palestinian territories. Discussions will focus on diplomatic efforts to secure a Gaza ceasefire, ensure uninterrupted humanitarian aid delivery, and thwart Israel's endeavours to escalate regional tensions. Views will be exchanged on the ongoing genocide case against Israel at the International Court of Justice.Furthermore, the agenda will encompass regional and international security concerns. Topics will include the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the peace process between Azerbaijan and Armenia, developments in Cyprus, and relations with Greece. Honda stops two factories in China due to falling demand for gasoline cars World news Thu, 25 Jul 2024 21:43:00 +0400 By Alimat AliyevaThe Japanese Honda Corporation is ceasing production at its two gasoline car factories in China, where demand for Chinese-made electric vehicles is sharply expanding in an environment of intense competition, Azernews reports.According to her, the company currently has six factories in China. One of them will be closed, the other will suspend work. These enterprises can produce a total of 290 thousand gasoline cars per year. This is 20% of Honda's capacity in China.At the same time, the corporation intends to launch two electric vehicle production plants in China. Thus, Honda hopes to maintain its weakening position in the extremely promising Chinese market, NHK notes.According to the TV company, other Japanese automakers in China also found themselves in a difficult situation. Due to intense competition, Mitsubishi decided in October last year to completely withdraw from China. Nissan, according to NHK, is also facing the need to seriously rethink its strategy in China, including shutting down work at one of the factories. FM Fidan gives insight into Middle Eastern Affairs & Turkiye's strategic role World news Thu, 25 Jul 2024 21:14:00 +0400 By News Centre“If we do not implement the two-state solution now, there will be a fourth Gaza war in the future. We will constantly deal with wars. If there is an agreement on the two-state solution, we can be part of the guarantor mechanism we propose as Türkiye."Turkiye's Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said this when giving an interview to the United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based Sky News Arabia television channel about the developments in the Middle East, especially Turkey's relations with Syria and Iraq, as well as Israel's attacks on Gaza and ceasefire negotiations.Regarding the failure to reach an agreement in the Palestine-Israel peace negotiations, Fidan said, "(Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu has another agenda. A ceasefire in Palestine does not coincide with Netanyahu's political goals. Both Americans and Westerners agree on this issue." he said.Hakan Fidan also added that if they do not implement the two-state solution now, there will be a fourth Gaza war in the future. They will deal with constant wars.The Minister of Foreign Affairs noted that if there is an agreement on the two-state solution, they can be part of the guarantor mechanism that they propose as Türkiye.Responding to the question regarding Turkiye's final stance on Syria, Minister Fidan pointed out that terrorism should be cleared from Syria and stated that there were especially Arab lands occupied by the PKK and oil facilities they had seized."We need to fight (PKK/YPG), take the oil and energy resources from them, and give them back to the Syrian people," the FM said.Regarding the question of whether Ankara and Baghdad have a common perspective and stance on the fight against the PKK, Fidan said that, as Turkey, they constantly make constructive contributions to ensure both political stability and life safety in Iraq."PKK is spreading all over Iraq like a cancer cell. This is no longer our problem but has turned into a national security problem in Iraq," he added. India reported on the test of an interceptor missile of its own production World news Thu, 25 Jul 2024 20:50:00 +0400 By Alimat AliyevaIndia on Wednesday conducted successful tests of an Advanced Area Defense (AD) interceptor missile of its own production as part of the second stage of the creation of the country's national missile defense system, Azernews reports.An interceptor missile launched from the Chindipur test site (Odisha State) successfully hit a target simulating a long-range ballistic missile. "The goal of the tests has been fully achieved. They confirmed the reliability of the network-centric missile defense system, long-range detection equipment, communication systems and second-generation interceptor missiles," the DRDO said.Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh congratulated the missile developers on successful tests. "They have again demonstrated India's capabilities in the field of missile defense," the head of the department said.The AD is a two-stage, long-range solid-fuel interceptor missile designed for non-atmospheric and intra-atmospheric interception of ballistic missiles, as well as aircraft of a likely enemy.India is creating a two-tier missile defense system to protect large cities from missile attack, capable of destroying ballistic missiles with a range of up to 5 thousand km. Turkiye notes decrease in export of automobile industry products to Azerbaijan World news Thu, 25 Jul 2024 20:18:00 +0400 By News CentreIn January-June 2024, Turkiye's exports of automobile industry products to Azerbaijan decreased by 19 percent compared to the same period last year, totaling $42.3 million.This information was reported to TurkicWorld by the Ministry of Trade of Turkiye."In June of this year, Turkiye exported automobile industry products to Azerbaijan amounting to $5.9 million, which is 37.8 percent less than in June last year," the ministry stated.It should be noted that in January-June 2024, Turkiye's exports of automobile industry products increased by 2.3 percent to $17 billion compared to the same period last year."In June of this year, Turkiye exported $2.6 billion worth of automobile industry products, which is 12.4 percent less than in June last year," the ministry added.During the last 12 months (June 2023-June 2024), Turkiye exported automobile industry products totaling $35.4 billion. Securing financial institutions: Addressing cyber threats in Azerbaijan [COMMENTARY] World news Thu, 25 Jul 2024 19:55:00 +0400 By Ulviyya ShahinCybersecurity stands as one of the paramount challenges of the 21st century. Emerging from diverse origins, threats manifest in destructive actions against individuals, businesses, national infrastructures, and governments. Their impact jeopardises public safety, national security, and global stability. Consequently, there is heightened awareness and focus on cybersecurity.The damage caused by cyberattacks on financial organisations is not small. Rising losses are forcing financial institutions to increase spending on cyber security. But what steps should the financial sector, as well as the government, take to protect against this?Azerbaijani economist Ruslan Atakishiyev mentioned to Azernews that cyber attacks on the banking sector are possible both internationally and within Azerbaijan, and the incidence of such cases is considerable."Security measures against cyber-attacks are implemented universally. In Azerbaijan, these measures are overseen by the Central Bank, and additional new measures are being implemented by relevant state institutions dedicated to addressing this cyber threat."According to him, private commercial banks implement their cybersecurity measures and endeavour to enhance them in line with current requirements."Furthermore, there is a need to educate the population in this regard. Despite the implementation of multiple measures, individuals can still fall victim to cyberattacks through deceptive messages and emails. During such attacks, personal information may be compromised or individuals may be directed to unauthorised access links related to logging out of their accounts. In some instances, individuals may encounter cyberattacks under the guise of engaging in cooperation. People must be aware of these risks and, if faced with such situations, notify the relevant state institutions, including those within the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Any individual affected by a cyber attack should inform the appropriate authorities promptly to enable them to implement security measures and mitigate the threat." Ankara resumes electricity exports to Iraq World news Thu, 25 Jul 2024 19:15:00 +0400 By News CentreTurkiye restarts electricity exports to Iraq after a 3-year hiatus.Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Alparslan Bayraktar announced this."As of yesterday, we resumed electricity exports to our neighbor Iraq, aiming to contribute to the prosperity and peace of our region through the Development Road Project."Minister Bayraktar, who accompanied President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an during his visit to Iraq on April 22, discussed potential cooperation with counterparts in both Baghdad and Erbil.Three months following the visit, both countries have taken a new step in the energy sector.Türkiye has recommenced electricity exports to Iraq following a three-year interruption. The exports are conducted via the existing line between Turkiye and Iraq, supplying a maximum of 300 megawatts of electricity to Iraq.Minister Alparslan Bayraktar stated on his social media account."Yesterday, we resumed electricity exports to our neighbor Iraq, contributing to regional prosperity and peace with the Development Road Project. Through our planned investments, we will transform the Development Road into an 'Energy Road'."The Development Road Project, encompassing ports and cities to be constructed along land and rail routes extending from Iraq to Turkiye, is envisioned as the foundation of a sustainable, non-oil economy. Iraq, seeking to enhance its economy after years of conflicts, will extend from the Fav Port in the south to Turkiye. The planned transportation network will connect Basra to Turkiye, linking Asia to Europe and the Gulf to Turkiye. Volume of European gas reserves reached 83.5 percent World news Thu, 25 Jul 2024 18:46:00 +0400 By Alimat AliyevaCurrently, the volume of natural gas reserves in underground gas storage facilities in Europe has reached 83.5 percent, Azernews reports.According to the Gas Infrastructure Europe Association, as of July 23, gas extraction from storage facilities in the European Union amounted to 39 million cubic meters, and gasification - 274 million cubic meters. Currently, there are 91.6 billion cubic meters (83.37 percent) of gas in Europe's underground storage facilities, which is 9.63 percent more than the average for the same period of the last five years.The weather was relatively cool in Central and Western Europe this week, with wind power accounting for 12 percent of EU electricity production in July.Currently, the price of a thousand cubic meters of gas on the London ICE exchange is about $360.The Russian company Gazprom supplies 42.4 million cubic meters of gas per day to Europe. Despite the war, this gas is supplied to the "old continent" in transit from the territory of Ukraine. This line remains the only route for Russian gas supplies to the countries of Western and Central Europe after the failure of the Nord Stream gas pipeline.Also in June, LNG injection from terminals into Europe's gasification system fell to 37 percent of maximum capacity, which is the lowest since November 2021. Netherlands prioritizes integrated water planning at COP29 for inclusive climate adaptation Business Thu, 25 Jul 2024 18:21:00 +0400 Meike van Ginneken, the Water Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, underscored the country's commitment to prioritizing climate adaptation with an integrated and inclusive approach, focusing on water management and spatial planning at COP29, Azernews reports." The Netherlands aims to build upon existing initiatives, such as the Water Action Agenda commitments from the 2023 UN Water Conference, highlighted during COP28. These efforts will culminate in a report showcasing outcomes from the Global Commission on the Water Economy in autumn 2024."Speaking at ADA University, van Ginneken emphasized the critical role of academic institutions, think tanks, and universities in fostering sustainable water and climate practices."To achieve water and climate sustainability, we must enhance the development and capacity-building efforts within these institutions," she stated."Today's gathering at ADA University not only facilitates the exchange of water-related insights but also underscores the pivotal role of academia in shaping our priorities and assessing our progress," she added. Deputy Culture Minister attends conference on sideline of UNESCO session Arts & Entertainment Thu, 25 Jul 2024 17:57:00 +0400 Laman Ismayilova Azerbaijan Deputy Culture Minister Saadat Yusifova has participated in event "Heritage of the Islamic World" organized by ICESCO, Azernews reports.The event was held within the 46th session of the World Heritage Committee, which is underway in New Delhi, India.The Azerbaijan Deputy Culture Minister provided extensive information about Azerbaijan's cultural heritage, the rapid restoration of the destroyed cultural heritage in the territories freed from occupation.In her speech, Saadat Yusifova touched upon initiatives for COP29 to be hosted by Azerbaijan in November.It was also brought to attention that the 12th session of the Islamic Heritage Committee will be held in October 2024 in the ancient city of Shusha, Azerbaijan, which has been declared the Cultural Capital of the Islamic World 2024.ICESCO's Islamic Heritage Committee was wished success in the work of better protection and development of cultural heritage in the Islamic world, which has given incomparable pearls to the world heritage treasury.Assistant Director-General for Culture of UNESCO, Executive Director of the African World Heritage Fund Souayibou Varissou, as well as the ministers of Vietnam, Belarus, Austria, Bahrain, Spain, Sri Lanka, etc.The discussions revolved around the cultural heritage protection and climate change initiatives planned for COP29.The Azerbaijani delegation participating in the 46th session, which will last until July 31, also includes the Permanent Mission of Azerbaijan to UNESCO, the National Commission for UNESCO, ICOMOS Azerbaijan and Icherisheher State Historical-Architectural Reserve Administration.Note that the World Heritage Committee comprises representatives from 21 States Parties to the World Heritage Convention (1972) elected by the General Assembly of UNESCO. Current members of the World Heritage Committee as on elections in the 24th General Assembly of UNESCO (November 2023).Since its inception, the Azerbaijan National Committee? t? UNESCO has made significant contributions? t? various UNESCO programs and projects.These include efforts? t? safeguard and promote Azerbaijan's cultural sites, support educational initiatives, and foster international cooperation? ?n the fields? ?f science and technology.As the Azerbaijan National Committee? t? UNESCO enters its fourth decade,? ?t continues? t?? be committed? t? its mission? ?f promoting peace and cooperation through education, culture, and science.In 2003, the parties signed a framework agreement on cooperation in the areas of culture, science, education, and communication, which allowed Azerbaijan to become one of the donors of UNESCO.Many Azerbaijani cultural sites have been included? in UNESCO's World Heritage List, including Icherisheher (Old City) with Maiden Tower, Shirvanshah's Palace, Gobustan National Historical-Artistic Reserve, etc. In? 2021, Lankaran District was included? ?n the UNESCO list "Network? ?f Creative Cities".UNESCO also honors Azerbaijan's outstanding personalities like the poet and thinker Imadaddin Nasimi, Fikrat Amirov,? great philanthropist and oil magnate Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev, etc. Armenia preparing package of counter proposals to sign peace agreement with Azerbaijan Politics Thu, 25 Jul 2024 17:46:00 +0400 Fatima Latifova Armenia is preparing a response proposal package to sign a peace agreement with Azerbaijan, Azernews reports, citing spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, Ani Badalyan, as he provided this information to "Sputnik-Armenia"."Armenia's response proposals regarding the peace agreement are in the preparation stage. Armenia is ready to sign the agreement as soon as possible, in accordance with the already voiced and presented fundamental provisions," she said.It should be noted that in June, Armenia received the 10th package of proposals from Azerbaijan regarding the draft peace agreement.Recall that the Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia, Armen Grigoryan, met with the Senior Advisor for Caucasus Negotiations at the US Department of State, Louis Bono.During the meeting, the interlocutors discussed the process of normalising relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the recent developments.A. Grigoryan confirmed Armenia's commitment to establishing comprehensive and long-term peace in the region. Azerbaijan's Ministry of Defense warns Armenia Politics Thu, 25 Jul 2024 17:40:00 +0400 Fatima Latifova The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan has reported that recently, Armenia has committed provocations using heavy weapons in the Kalbajar and quadcopters in the Tovuz directions, Azernews reports.It should be noted that such provocations by Armenia are not the first and have become systematic. The military exercises conducted by the United States in Armenia, the provision of lethal weapons to Armenia by France, and the initial phase of military aid in amount of ten million euros provided to Armenia by the European Union under the guise of the European Peace Facility encourage the occupying state - Armenia to carry out such provocations and indicate its preparation for another war against Azerbaijan.The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan once again warns that Armenia and its supporters have to refrain from creating a new conflict zone in the South Caucasus region. If these provocative actions against our country are not stopped, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan will take necessary response measures using all means at their disposal for the purposes of self-defense.We declare that military-political leadership of Armenia and its supporters will bear whole responsibility for the escalation of the situation in the region. Qatari holdings explores construction opportunities in Azerbaijan Business Thu, 25 Jul 2024 17:32:00 +0400 Nazrin Abdul Hani Al Sayyadi, Executive Director of Al Baladi Holdings, expressed the company's interest in Azerbaijan's construction and food and beverage sectors during his visit to Baku, Azernews reports."We are keen to invest in Azerbaijan's food and beverage sector initially, with a strong interest in construction as well. Al Baladi Holdings is set to collaborate with Green Capital Management not only in Azerbaijan but also across Europe and the Middle East," he stated.Highlighting a new strategic partnership, a $5 million investment agreement was signed today in Baku between Green Capital Management, an Azerbaijani-backed UAE firm, and Al Baladi Holdings. This initiative aims to establish new job-creating networks in Baku.This agreement signifies the start of a promising partnership between Green Capital Management and Al Baladi Holdings, renowned for its leadership in food, retail, and hospitality. Together, they plan an extensive expansion of the Go Crispy and Tea Time franchises across 27 countries, anticipating the opening of multiple new branches.Founded in Qatar in 1989, Al Baladi Holdings, part of the Souq Al Baladi Group, operates across diverse sectors including food and beverage, retail, e-commerce, and hospitality. National basketball team starts European Championship with victory Sports Thu, 25 Jul 2024 17:13:00 +0400 Laman Ismayilova The Azerbaijani basketball team played in the first group match of Division C of the European Under-18 Championship in Elbasan, Albania, Azernews reports.The team's first opponent in Group B was the Moldavian national team. Anar Sariyev's team, which started the game actively, defeated their opponent with a score of 87-76.National team member Rafael Aghayev (24 points, 12 rebounds) was recognised as the most productive basketball player of the match. Thanks to this victory, the national team reached the semi-finals.The last game of the Azerbaijani national team in the group will take place on July 25 at 18:00 (Baku time) against the Armenian national team.Founded in 1992, the Azerbaijani Basketball Federation (ABF) has played a major role in the development of basketball in the country.In 1994, the ABF became a full member of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), making it possible for national basketball teams to join international competitions.In 1995, Azerbaijan won an international basketball match held in Baku.In 2006, men's basketball ranked first at the FIBA European Development Cup in Albania.Four years later, the national team became first at the Novruz 2010 International Basketball Tournament.Azerbaijani basketball players also grabbed two medals at the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games.The team won one gold and one silver medal for Azerbaijan.Basketball in Azerbaijan will continue to grow and improve, attracting more sports fans. Naval Forces faculty cadets hold practical classes Politics Thu, 25 Jul 2024 17:08:00 +0400 Fatima Latifova Under the training plan and program of the Military Institute named after Heydar Aliyev for 2023-2024, practical classes are held with the cadets of Naval Forces faculty, Azernews reports.First, the cadets were explained the behavior, safety rules and daily activities of the personnel on the vessel.During the classes at the main command post, tasks on organizing control, bringing warships into a state of readiness for navigation and battle, conducting technical and visual surveillance through a radar station while moving, and organizing signal communications by semaphore flags were accomplished.At the practical classes held in the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea, the safety rules for the management and operation of engines in the vessel’s engine compartment were explained.The focus of the classes is to further improve the theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired by the cadets in the training process. Minister Babayev announces plans to soon export Azerbaijan's green energy to Serbia Business Thu, 25 Jul 2024 16:57:00 +0400 Ulviyya Shahin During a briefing on the outcomes of the 8th meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission between Azerbaijan and Serbia, Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population Sahil Babayev emphasized Azerbaijan's focus on green energy, Azernews reports.He highlighted that Azerbaijan possesses a green energy potential exceeding 150 GW and aims to channel this energy to European markets.Babayev announced plans to soon export Azerbaijan's green energy to Serbia, as reported by Azernews. He noted a significant five-fold increase in trade turnover in the first six months of the year compared to last year. The exchange of diverse products between the two countries has played a pivotal role in this growth. Discussions also encompassed enhancing transport cooperation, including air, rail, and road transportation, as well as exploring tourism potential."There are extensive opportunities for collaboration between Azerbaijan and Serbia in culture, youth, social policy, healthcare, and other sectors," Babayev stated.He underscored that upcoming measures during Selakovich's visit to Azerbaijan would harness these opportunities across various domains. Babayev emphasised robust bilateral relations in the political, economic, and humanitarian realms, reinforced by today's productive intergovernmental commission meeting.The next session of the commission is slated for Belgrade, with each country's institutions already poised to implement measures and action plans for further enhancing Serbia-Azerbaijan relations in the coming year. From energy strategy to global diplomacy: Azerbaijan's COP29 leadership amidst climate finance ... Business Thu, 25 Jul 2024 16:47:00 +0400 By AzernewsNazrin Abdul Azerbaijan has secured another notable milestone by winning the bid to host the 29th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP29) to the Framework Convention on Climate Change, underscoring its growing role on the global environmental stage. Despite its traditional reliance on oil and gas exports, Azerbaijan has increasingly positioned itself as a champion of sustainability and a leader in promoting the "green economy" within the region.The country's commitment to environmental stewardship stretches back years. At the historic UN Summit in September 2015, Azerbaijan joined world leaders in adopting the "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development," committing to a comprehensive approach that integrates environmental preservation with socio-economic progress.In a significant step towards global climate action, Azerbaijan signed the Paris Agreement on April 22, 2016, enhancing its obligations under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. By October 2015, Azerbaijan had submitted its ambitious "Nationally Determined Contributions" (NDC), outlining plans to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 35% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels.Looking ahead, Azerbaijan solidified its climate commitments during COP26 in Glasgow in 2021, targeting a 40% reduction in its global climate impact by 2050. Central to these efforts is the development of renewable energy sources, which has become a cornerstone of Azerbaijan's strategy to achieve sustainable energy independence. By the end of 2027, Azerbaijan plans to have nine solar and wind power stations operational, collectively capable of generating 2 gigawatts of clean energy. By 2030, an additional 10 such stations are set to come online, potentially boosting capacity to 5 gigawatts.As preparations intensify for COP29 in November, climate change remains a pivotal issue on Azerbaijan's agenda. The nation aims to collaborate closely with international partners to explore innovative solutions and drive collective action towards mitigating global warming. President Ilham Aliyev stressed the importance of addressing the financial needs of developing countries advancing climate initiatives, viewing it as a strategic investment in a shared future for humanity and future generations."To agree on a new collective commitment aimed at meeting the increasing financial needs of developing countries affected by climate change is a crucial task before us all, an investment in our shared future, collective responsibility towards present and future generations. Azerbaijan will take all necessary measures to ensure these negotiations proceed transparently and inclusively, accelerating the fulfillment of previously undertaken obligations and pledges," President Ilham Aliyev stated.The global landscape for climate financing presents challenges, with $2 trillion earmarked this year for transitioning to clean energy and combating climate change. However, a significant portion—roughly 85%—of these funds is allocated to developed economies and China, leaving developing nations grappling with substantial hurdles in securing adequate financing for effective climate solutions.In his comment to Azernews on the issue, professor and economic expert Elshad Mammadov stated that policies regarding green energy initiatives are predominantly driven by the interests of political and economic groups."In my view, many of the discussions and promotional campaigns surrounding the green economy do not reflect genuine economic and technological processes or calls for environmental protection. Instead, they often serve the agendas of specific political and economic groups, which is regrettable."Regarding the scientific investigation of global warming and other environmental challenges, the expert emphasized that the issues raised under the green agenda often diverge significantly from real technological, economic, and humanitarian concerns."Today, if we scrutinize the direction of investments, we observe significant disparities. Conversely, countries experiencing resource poverty and those that have long benefited economically from exploiting other regions' resources are now attempting to disadvantage resource-rich nations through new agendas, ultimately seeking competitive advantages."The expert underscored the necessity of forming an international coalition to address these issues comprehensively."Therefore, it is crucial to adopt a fundamental approach to these challenges. I am convinced that establishing an international coalition involving multiple states and economic and political groups is essential. This coalition should aim to prevent the exploitation of global economic, technological, humanitarian, and social issues under the guise of the green agenda."Furthermore, the expert emphasized the importance of prioritizing informed perspectives on these matters."I believe that many countries and business circles are using the green agenda and green economy to assert their political influence over other nations and peoples. This approach, viewed globally and regionally, does not bode well for the world."Azerbaijan's emphasis on renewable energy development, highlighted by plans to operationalize numerous solar and wind power stations, reflects its strategic vision for achieving energy independence while reducing environmental impact.As preparations for COP29 intensify, Azerbaijan stands poised to collaborate with international partners in pursuing innovative solutions to climate challenges. President Ilham Aliyev's call to support developing countries in their climate initiatives underscores Azerbaijan's commitment to equitable global climate action.However, as noted by economic expert Elshad Mammadov, the implementation of green energy policies often intersects with political and economic interests, potentially detracting from genuine environmental progress. This highlights the importance of a balanced approach and international cooperation to ensure that the green agenda truly serves global environmental goals. Azerbaijan's Defence Ministry: Armenian UAV neutralised in Azerbaijani territories Politics Thu, 25 Jul 2024 16:42:00 +0400 Fatima Latifova On July 25, at around 10:55, a quadcopter of the Armenian armed forces attempted to conduct reconnaissance flights over the Azerbaijan Army positions in the direction of Aghdam settlement of Tovuz region, Azernews reports.Thanks to the vigilance of the Azerbaijan Army Units, the activity of the UAV was interfered with special technical means and it had to leave the area. Minister Selakovic: Azerbaijan, Serbia can cooperate in numerous fields Business Thu, 25 Jul 2024 16:34:00 +0400 "The main goal of the Intergovernmental Commission on trade and economic cooperation between Azerbaijan and Serbia is the demonstration of our mutual ideas and values. Our countries are not only strategic partners."Azernews reports that these views were expressed by the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Serbia and the Serbian co-chairman of the Intergovernmental Commission, Nikola Selakovic, in a briefing.N. Selakovich noted that the presidents of the two countries have a great role in deepening mutual relations."The organisation of direct flights is also an important issue, the development of business opportunities is important. I believe that we can cooperate in many areas." Azerbaijan invites Serbia to actively participate in COP29 Politics Thu, 25 Jul 2024 16:13:00 +0400 Ulviyya Shahin During the 8th meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission on trade and economic cooperation between Azerbaijan and Serbia held in Baku, Deputy Minister of Economy Sahib Mammadov announced that Azerbaijan had invited Serbia to actively participate in the 29th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP29), scheduled to be held in Baku this November."Taking this opportunity, we invite Serbia to actively participate in the conference's proceedings," he emphasized.Mammadov also highlighted that the liberation of Azerbaijani territories from occupation following the Patriotic War has opened up significant opportunities: "This development creates new prospects for regional cooperation. The Azerbaijani government is committed to revitalizing these areas, transforming them into zones of peace and cooperation with a strong focus on environmental protection. We invite Serbian businessmen to engage in these initiatives."The deputy minister further underscored that the economic potential and shared interests would foster favorable conditions for expanding cooperation between the two countries. Hotel sector reports significant revenue growth, increased occupancy rates Business Thu, 25 Jul 2024 15:50:00 +0400 Nazrin Abdul In January-June 2024, the income of hotels and similar establishments surged by 26.9% compared to the same period in 2023, totaling 265.7 million manats, Azernews reports citing the State Statistics Committee.60.7% of this revenue came from room rentals, 27.1% from catering services, 3.3% from health services, and 8.9% from other services.During this period, hotels and similar establishments operated at 21.1% capacity on average, marking a significant increase from 16.6% in January-June 2023.Notably, Shabran led with 49.1% occupancy, followed by Naftalan at 39.1%, Baku at 37.3%, and Gusar at 28.0%. Other cities and regions reported lower occupancy rates compared to the national average. Farid Gayibov participates in Change Games Conference of Sports Ministers Sports Thu, 25 Jul 2024 15:31:00 +0400 Laman Ismayilova Paris has hosted the Change the Games International Forum of Sports ministers under the organization of UNESCO, Azernews reports.The Azerbaijan Minister of Youth and Sports Farid Gayibov addressed the forum and participated in the panel discussions.Speaking at the forum, the minister spoke about the cooperation with UNESCO and the relevant institutions of different countries and provided insight into projects implemented by Azerbaijan.Within the framework of the forum, Farid Gayibov hold a series of meetings with UNESCO Director-General Gabriela Ramos, Deputy Director General of UNESCO for Social and Human Sciences Jaime Pizarro Herrera, as well as ministers from Chile, Angola, Madagascar, Tanzania, South Africa, Samoa, and Costa Rica.Azerbaijani and Gambian ministers also signed a memorandum of cooperation at the UNESCO office.The document was signed by Minister Farid Gayibov and Gambia's Minister of Sports and Youth Bakar Bodji.The Conference "Change the Game" gathered together ministers, sports organizations, high-level athletes, private sector actors, investors, social entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders to discuss the transformative power of sport for sustainable development.The discussions of the Ministerial Forum were underpinned by Fit for Life knowledge products and resources, including The "Global State of Play - Report and Recommendations on Quality Physical Education", The Sport and Gender Equality Game Plan. Azerbaijan-Serbia economic cooperation sees steady growth in investments and trade Business Thu, 25 Jul 2024 15:13:00 +0400 Nazrin Abdul During the 8th meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission on trade and economic cooperation between Azerbaijan and Serbia in Baku, Deputy Minister of Economy Sahib Mammadov reported that from 1995 through the first quarter of 2024, Serbia's direct investments in Azerbaijan's non-oil and gas sector totaled $3.6 million, Azernews reports.Mammadov highlighted the presence of 6 Serbian companies registered in Azerbaijan, with 4 actively operating in agriculture, infrastructure, and services.He noted that Azerbaijan, in turn, has invested $2.8 million in Serbia's economy.Furthermore, Mammadov mentioned a significant increase in trade turnover between Azerbaijan and Serbia, which rose over fivefold in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year, reaching $30.9 million. Kazakhstan to transfer CACEM chairmanship to Azerbaijan during COP29 Business Thu, 25 Jul 2024 14:54:00 +0400 Nazrin Abdul During the Azerbaijan-Kazakhstan Agricultural Forum, Ambassador Alim Bayel announced Kazakhstan's handover of the chairmanship of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CACEM) to Azerbaijan during COP29, Azernews reports."Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, both peace-loving nations, have a history of successful cooperation within international organizations, exemplified by our collaboration within the CACEM framework. Kazakhstan will pass the CACEM chairmanship to Azerbaijan during COP29 in Baku," emphasized Ambassador Bayel.He also highlighted the robust economic cooperation and various large-scale projects between the two countries.The Azerbaijan-Kazakhstan Agricultural Forum is currently underway at the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Baku.It should be noted that CACEM stands for the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia. It is a multilateral forum aimed at promoting security and cooperation among its member states in Asia. CACEM focuses on enhancing trust, reducing tensions, and fostering dialogue on various regional security issues through confidence-building measures. The organization provides a platform for member states to discuss political, military, economic, and environmental cooperation, with the goal of maintaining peace and stability in the region. Azerbaijan's State Committee holds meeting with Italian architect Politics Thu, 25 Jul 2024 14:36:00 +0400 Fatima LatifovaA meeting was held at the State Committee for Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons of the Republic of Azerbaijan with Francesco Delogu, head of the Italian architecture firm “Delogu Architecture," Azernews reports.Rovshan Rzayev, the committee chairman, provided the Italian guest with information about the reconstruction and development work carried out in Garabagh and Eastern Zangazur under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev, as well as the implementation of measures outlined in the First State Program on the Great Return to the liberated territories. Rzayev noted that compatriots who have been displaced for nearly thirty years due to the Armenian occupation are eager to return to their homeland. He highlighted that new residential settlements are being built in the liberated areas, and restoration and construction work is underway in Shusha and Lachin, utilizing modern architectural methods.The Italian architect emphasized his familiarity with the rapid and extensive reconstruction efforts in Azerbaijan's liberated territories and noted that all these efforts will facilitate the return of displaced populations. He mentioned that the purpose of his visit was to support the Azerbaijani government's efforts to revive and develop the liberated areas.The chairman of the State Committee appreciated the guest's interest in this priority issue for the country and his intention to support the Great Return, answered his questions, and wished him success in his creative endeavors.It should be noted that “Delogu Architecture” has extensive experience in urban and regional planning, as well as the design of residential buildings and hotels. Art project in Shirvan calls for environmental protection Arts & Entertainment Thu, 25 Jul 2024 14:17:00 +0400 Laman Ismayilova Shirvan Museum of History and Local Studies has organized an art exhibition "Nature is crying: Save me!", Azernews reports.The main purpose of the art project is to draw attention to environmental issues and to emphasize the importance of taking adequate steps to solve these problems.The works of young artist Aynur Mammadzade were displayed at the exhibition organized in Shirvan city Recreation Park.The exhibition included 12 works in thematic, landscape and portrait genres. The art works are in watercolor, gouache, batik and stained glass techniques of decorative and applied art.Note that Aynur Mammadzade works as a designer of the Shirvan Museum of History and Local Studies. She is a graduate of the Art Faculty of Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts. UN resident ?oordinator hails Azerbaijan's embrace of the "Holistic Health" approach Politics Thu, 25 Jul 2024 14:00:00 +0400 Nazrin Abdul "The COVID-19 pandemic serves as a stark reminder of the interconnectedness of human health, animal health, and ecosystems. This year alone, Brazil has faced devastating floods, Mexico experienced record-breaking heat waves, and millions across Asia, Europe, and Africa endured extreme heat events. These challenges underscore how human activities and stressed ecosystems can foster the emergence and spread of diseases. Factors such as animal trade, agriculture, urbanization, climate change, and habitat loss all contribute to this complex dynamic."Addressing these interconnected health issues requires close cooperation, communication, and coordination across sectors. Vladanka Andreeva, Resident Coordinator of the UN in Azerbaijan, emphasized this during her speech at the WHO Country Office symposium on "Holistic Health: Preparing for COP29 through Intersectoral Dialogue," Azernews reports.She highlighted the importance of the Holistic Health approach, which integrates efforts to optimize the health of people, animals, and ecosystems. By combining these areas rather than treating them separately, we can more effectively prevent and manage health risks.Andreeva welcomed Azerbaijan's commitment to the Holistic Health approach, expressing hope that the symposium would initiate a cross-sector dialogue. She stressed that collaboration and partnership among governments, international organizations, academia, and civil society are essential for holistic health initiatives.Reflecting on previous efforts, Andreeva noted the success of Health Day at COP28 in Dubai, where discussions focused on scaling up adaptation measures to address climate change impacts on human health, leveraging the principles of Holistic Health.Looking ahead to COP29 in Baku this November, she highlighted the thematic day dedicated to health, human capital, work, education, children, and youth announced by the COP29 Presidency. This upcoming event presents a significant opportunity to advance these critical discussions. Global oil prices decline Business Thu, 25 Jul 2024 13:39:00 +0400 Nazrin Abdul Oil prices are declining in global markets, Azernews reports.During trading on the ICE London Intercontinental Exchange, the September 2024 contract for Brent crude oil fell by 0.83% to $81.03 per barrel.Similarly, on the New York NYMEX commodity exchange, the price of WTI crude oil for September delivery dropped by 0.89% to $76.90 per barrel.These price movements are influenced by various factors including global supply dynamics, economic conditions, geopolitical events, and market sentiment.Analysts continue to monitor these developments closely as they assess their potential impacts on the energy markets and broader economy. Shahdag Mountain Resort holds social event for martyrs' families Society Thu, 25 Jul 2024 13:18:00 +0400 Laman IsmayilovaShahdag Mountain Resort has hosted an event for 100 martyrs' families of the 44-day Patriotic War from Guba, Gusar and Khachmaz, Azernews reports.The event was co-organized by the State Tourism Agency and Shahdag Mountain Resort.As part of the social event, an excursion to the area of ??the complex was organized for the families of the martyrs.The opportunity to use various attractions and cableways was created as well. Various entertainment programs and interactive games were also organized as part of the event.Shahdag Mountain Resort is ideal for tourists of all ages. Well-known as the country's first ski resort, the resort is located in Shahdag National Park, 32 km off Gusar District, 2,350 metres above sea level.The resort plays an important role in the development of winter tourism in the country. Local and foreign tourists are showing great interest in winter tourism. All conditions for this have been created in Shahdag.In 2023, Russia's TurStat analytical agency listed the Shahdag Mountain Resort among the top 5 ski resorts in the CIS. President Ilham Aliyev advocates for Azerbaijan's crucial role in European energy security ... Politics Thu, 25 Jul 2024 13:00:00 +0400 By AzernewsUlviyya Shahin President Ilham Aliyev, in his extensive speech at the 2nd Shusha Global Forum, themed "Unmasking False Narratives: Confronting Disinformation," confirmed ongoing discussions with Ukraine, the EU, and Russia to continue gas supply. These discussions, crucial for European energy security, could provide a reliable alternative to the current gas supply dynamics. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy aims to secure Azerbaijani gas to maintain Ukraine's role in gas transit and support Western energy security. The five-year deal on Russian gas transit to Europe between Moscow and Kyiv expires after Dec. 31, 2024. Aliyev reiterated that the European Union and Ukraine have asked Azerbaijan to help facilitate the deal, underscoring the strategic importance of Azerbaijan's gas supply in maintaining European energy security.Speaking to Azernews, Dr. Frank Musmar reminded that Azerbaijan, in response to the global energy crisis sparked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in early 2022 and the subsequent Western sanctions, has adjusted its plans to export gas to Europe to as much as 20 Bcm by this year.“Azerbaijan’s gas exports to the EU have risen significantly since 2021. However, the country’s pledge to double gas flows to the bloc by 2027 is expected to face constraints due to infrastructure capacity and rising domestic consumption. These challenges could potentially slow down the increasing gas flow to the EU. Accordingly, Investment will be necessary to upgrade Azerbaijan’s gas infrastructure and increase production, which could prove difficult as the EU favors renewables and higher volumes of liquefied natural gas (LNG).”He added that Europe faces a natural gas crisis due to the weaning off of Russia's supplies due to the war in Ukraine.“The bloc countries sought new suppliers to diversify their energy resources. These searches raised interest in Azerbaijan as an alternative source, as it is one of the stakeholders in the 3,500-kilometer-long Southern Gas Corridor that extends from Baku to Europe via Georgia and Türkiye.”Dr. Musmar highlighted that the EU and Azerbaijan signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a strategic partnership in energy on July 18, 2022.“The MoU outlines various aspects of the partnership, including the volume of gas supplied, the timeline for expanding the export base, and the mutual commitments for infrastructure development. Azerbaijan, which has historically exported natural gas only to Georgia and Türkiye, extended its export base to seven countries with the addition of five European nations. This expansion diversifies Azerbaijan's market and strengthens its position as a critical player in the European gas market. EU leaders describe Azerbaijan, which exports 50% of its natural gas to Europe, as a “reliable partner” and “pan-European gas supplier.”International expert also pointed out Azerbaijan currently exports natural gas to Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary.“However, the potential for future sales to Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovakia, and North Macedonia is not just promising, it's a beacon of hope for Azerbaijan's role in the European gas market. This expansion offers a hopeful outlook and instills optimism in the audience about the country's expanding influence.Since Dec. 31, 2020, Azerbaijan has demonstrated its stability and dependability as a natural gas supplier in the European market. The EU's confidence in Azerbaijan as a supplier is gradually growing due to its significant gas reserves, strategic location for gas transit, and commitment to investing in pipeline infrastructure. The country's natural gas exports will only increase further with the start of operations at the Absheron, Babek, and Garabagh deposits and increased production from the Umid deposit. The country has pivoted from oil to natural gas in production and exports. Based on its sufficient natural gas reserves, experts believe the 21st century will be the century of natural gas for Azerbaijan. Thanks to Azerbaijan’s timely investments in building oil and gas pipelines, oil and natural gas from other Caspian countries can be transited via Azerbaijan.”“Oil transit revenues from other Caspian countries, such as Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, would cover the country’s fall in oil production. In the future, Turkmenistan's abundant natural gas resources will be extracted and transported to Europe via Azerbaijan and Türkiye,” Dr.Frank Musmar concluded. WHO representative commends Azerbaijan's efforts in ensuring health and food safety Society Thu, 25 Jul 2024 12:47:00 +0400 Nazrin AbdulHande Harmanci, the World Health Organization (WHO) Representative in Azerbaijan and Head of the Country Office, informed reporters that Azerbaijan's Food Safety Agency and other relevant institutions are proactive in addressing food safety concerns and consistently enact measures to safeguard the population, Azernews reports.Harmanci highlighted recent outbreaks of diseases among children in some U.S. states linked to meat products, resulting in fatalities:"These illnesses can be caused by various bacterial or viral infections typically associated with foodborne diseases from improperly cooked or stored meat. Azerbaijan is taking specific measures in response to protect public health. The efforts undertaken to ensure food safety and safeguard the health of Azerbaijan's population are commendable." Armenia becomes number one state for India World news Thu, 25 Jul 2024 12:40:00 +0400 By Leyla Tarverdiyeva, Day.Az Armenia has become the largest buyer of weapons from India. This was reported by the Indian news agency IADN. Contracts worth $600 million have been signed for the 2024-2025 financial year. Apparently, Indian weapons are not in great demand if Armenia is the main importer of them and the volume of transactions is not so large.It should be noted that India itself is the world's largest importer of weapons.Over the past five years, it has increased arms imports by almost 5 percent and spent more than $60 billion on all this. Further plans include the purchase of $100 billion worth of weapons. Previously, Russia was the main source of purchases, now, after the imposition of sanctions against the latter, India has decided to reorient exports to the United States. Meanwhile, as you can learn from the Russian media, India is in search of 2 billion that it owes Russia for the ordered weapons. It can be said that she will be able to pay 600 million of this amount through Armenian transactions. In turn, purchases of Indian weapons will make up a third of Armenia's defense budget.Meanwhile, the Indian military-industrial complex does not produce anything particularly effective and, according to experts, Armenia should spend money more thoughtfully. As Russian military expert Ruslan Pukhov told Armenian media, Armenia's purchases "resemble a snake whose head has been torn off, and it makes meaningless zigzags, trying to grab something in France, something in India." According to the expert, "Indian weapons are a terrible hell: they are helicopter crashes in Latin America and so on. The Indians were even ready to "sell" their weapons for free. And Armenia was the first to buy it."According to the Indian Defense Ministry, Pinaka missile launchers and Akash anti-aircraft systems are in the greatest demand in Yerevan. Starting in 2021, Armenia acquires missiles, artillery systems, air defense systems and other weapons from India. In September 2022, India signed a contract with Armenia for the supply of its Pinaka multi-barrel missile launchers, as well as anti-tank missiles and ammunition worth 260 million dollars. Pinaka was exported for the first time and Armenia became a kind of testing ground for these weapons. However, she had nowhere to try it out in the absence of hostilities. And the military advantages of the Pinaka in Armenia are spoken about only on the principle of a damaged phone.This was the second arms deal with Armenia - before that, Yerevan bought 4 Swati radar installations from the Indians, paying $ 40 million for them. India is also not averse to selling its helicopters and airplanes (while it buys them from France itself) - the very ones that the Russian expert called a terrible hell. In the opinion of experts, the weapons already purchased by Armenia - the Akash air defense complex, ATAGS howitzers, MArG 155 self-propelled howitzers - also raise questions. It is unlikely that Armenia will be able to find out how these untested products of the Indian military-industrial complex will work in combat conditions, since Azerbaijan does not plan to provide it with such an opportunity.Why, with all this, did Armenia conclude a deal with India? There can be many reasons. 1. The relative cheapness of Indian weapons. 2. India's willingness to sell anything to the Armenians. 3. The unwillingness of other sellers of inexpensive weapons to conclude deals with Yerevan due to their good relations with Baku. 4. Armenia's desire to make friends with a new partner, as well as to please Western patrons who demand the rejection of deals with Moscow. 5. It is high time for Armenia to start filling the gaps in the arsenal that have formed after the war, and serious manufacturers do not have the opportunity to purchase serious weapons.Now Armenia will have many, many howitzers and Indian missiles. What you can't do for a "friend". "What a crazy start to trip!" - Australian Olympic cycling team robbed in Paris Politics Thu, 25 Jul 2024 12:34:00 +0400 Fatima Latifova The Australian Olympic cycling team was robbed in Paris, Azernews reports.The team's van was robbed, according to the cyclist himself on social media.According to Martin, the criminals broke the passenger seat window of the van. As a result, not only a wallet was stolen from the vehicle, but also equipment, including the physiotherapist’s massage table. Using luggage tag tracking devices, Martin and his team were able to find some of their items from the van, which were scattered around a local park."What a crazy start to the trip," concluded Logan Martin about the incident. Italy to host European University Games 2026 Sports Thu, 25 Jul 2024 12:13:00 +0400 Laman Ismayilova Italy will host the European University Games among students in 2026, Azernews reports.The decision was announced at the closing ceremony of the European University Games held in Hungary. The signing of the attribution agreement was held as part of the event.The European Universities Games 2026 are expected to involve student athletes from around 500 European Universities.Planned Sport Disciplines include 3X3 Basketball, Badminton, Basketball, Beach Handball, Beach Volleyball, Football, Futsal, Handball, Inclusive Show Dance, Rugby 7s, Sitting Volleyball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball and Padel.The European Universities Games (EUG) is an international multi-sport event, organized every two years for university athletes by the European University Sports Association (EUSA). The first edition was held in 2012 in Cordoba, Spain.The Hungarian cities of Debrecen and Miskolc hosted the 6th edition of European Universities Games on July 12-24.This is the biggest University sport event organized in Hungary after the 1965 Summer Universiade. More than 4500 athletes competed at EUG 2024. COP29 to feature conference on "Holistic Health" approach Politics Thu, 25 Jul 2024 12:00:00 +0400 Nazrin Abdul During COP29, a conference focused on the "Holistic Health" approach is scheduled to take place, Azernews reports.Balarahim Guliyev, Deputy Chairman of the Food Safety Agency of Azerbaijan (AFSA), announced this during his address at the symposium titled "Holistic Health: Preparing for COP29 through Intersectoral Dialogue."Guliyev emphasized the importance of global cooperation in the era of globalization. He stressed that all countries need to collaborate to adopt a unified health concept, address health-related challenges, ensure global population health, promote food safety, and protect environmental balance.Highlighting its significance, Guliyev stated that this issue will be a top priority at COP29, set to be held in Azerbaijan. He mentioned plans for the Agency to organize sessions under the theme of "unity" in both the blue and green zones during the Food, Agriculture, and Water Day on November 19 as part of the COP29 program.Additionally, he proposed hosting a dedicated conference on the "Holistic Health" approach, with relevant official communications already initiated for this purpose. Azerbaijan and Israel discuss cooperation and regional issues Politics Thu, 25 Jul 2024 11:49:00 +0400 Nazrin Abdul On July 24, a meeting was held between the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jeyhun Bayramov, and the Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel, Yaakov Blitzstein, Azernews reports.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that during the meeting, various aspects of bilateral and multilateral relations, including the current state and prospects of cooperation between the two countries in areas such as economy, security, high technology, education, tourism, energy, transportation, and others, as well as the situation in Gaza, were extensively discussed.Minister Jeyhun Bayramov informed the counterpart about the current situation in the region in the post-conflict period and the Azerbaijan-Armenia normalization process.It was noted that additional opportunities for cooperation between the two countries have arisen within the framework of our country's chairmanship of the 29th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP29) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.During the meeting, there was also an exchange of views on other international and regional issues. Azerbaijani oil price increases Business Thu, 25 Jul 2024 11:27:00 +0400 Fatima Latifova The price of one barrel of Azerbaijan's "Azeri Light" oil has increased by $0.77 or 0.91%, reaching $85.75 on the world market, Azernews reports.The price of Brent oil for September futures was $81.10.In Azerbaijan's current state budget, the average price of one barrel of oil is calculated at $75.It should be noted that the lowest price of "Azeri Light" oil was recorded on April 21, 2020, at $15.81, and the highest price was recorded in July 2008, at $149.66. In Azerbaijan, oil is mainly produced under the contract for the development of the "Azeri-Chirag-Gunashli" (ACG) block of fields. The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) holds a 25% share in the contract. World travellers from 13 countries visit Garabagh and Eastern Zangazur Society Thu, 25 Jul 2024 11:09:00 +0400 Fatima Latifova A large delegation of 35 people, including the head of the MTP (Most Travelled People) travel club, which is one of the 4 giant travel clubs of the world, started their visit to Garabagh today, Azernews reports.The team is led by Charles Veley, whose name is in the top 10 on the list of the world's greatest travellers. International travellers from 13 countries participated in the trip. These countries include the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, the Philippines, Poland, Hungary, and others.Before that, MTP (Most Travelled People) visited Garabagh and Eastern Zangazur 3 times; this is the 4th visit of that club to the territories freed from occupation.During the past 4 years since the Patriotic War, about 400 international travellers from about 50 countries visited Garabagh and Eastern Zangazur 10 times in large groups. Today's visit is the 11th such visit. These visits are of exceptional importance for showing the realities to the world and allowing to get acquainted with the huge destruction and huge construction and restoration works in the liberated areas. International travellers have a large army of followers on social media from the most diverse regions of the world.American traveller Charles Veley, founder and head of the MTP (Most Travelled People) travel club, participated in the 2nd Shusha Global Media Forum on "Exposure of False Information: Combating Disinformation" a few days ago. He emphasised the role of international travellers in exposing "fake news" at that forum and explained the sharp difference between the fake information presented about Garabagh in a number of foreign media outlets and what he saw on the spot.This visit of MTP will last 3 days. The delegation's visit to Garabagh started in Fuzuli. Today, international travellers will be in Khojavand, Shusha, Khankendi, and Aghdam. Tomorrow, they will visit East Zangazur. On the last day of the trip, the delegation will be in Zangilan and Jabrayil. Azerbaijani team to kick off their participation in Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games Sports Thu, 25 Jul 2024 10:50:00 +0400 Laman Ismayilova Today, Azerbaijani team will kick off their participation in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Azernews reports.Yaylagul Ramazanova, a member of the archery team, will test her strength at the start on the second day of the Olympics. The women's competition starts at 11:30 (Baku time).At the Paris Olympics, Azerbaijan will be represented by 48 athletes in 17 programs in 15 sports.The 2024 Summer Olympics will take place in Paris from July 26 to August 11, 2024.Paris will become the second city after London to host the Summer Olympics three times.The Games will feature football, tennis, boxing, cycling, gymnastics, volleyball, weightlifting, basketball, fencing, taekwondo, athletics, wrestling, and other sports, as well as the debut of breakdancing as an Olympic event. Over billion barrels of oil produced from "Central Azeri" platform Business Thu, 25 Jul 2024 10:37:00 +0400 Fatima LatifovaAs of July 1, 2024, 1.11 billion barrels of oil and 85.95 billion cubic meters of associated gas have been produced from the "Central Azeri" platform, which was commissioned in 2005 as part of the full-scale development of the "Azeri-Chirag-Gunashli" (ACG) field, Azernews reports, citing SOCAR.The "Central Azeri," commissioned in 2005 as part of the full-scale development of the ACG field, is an offshore production, drilling, and living platform located approximately 100 km east of Baku in the Caspian Sea, where the water depth is around 128 meters.As of July 1, 2024, 25.22% of the oil and 38.56% of the associated gas produced from the ACG field have been accounted for by the 'Central Azeri' platform. Turkiye's Security Council to discuss Azerbaijan-Armenia normalization process Politics Thu, 25 Jul 2024 10:19:00 +0400 Fatima Latifova Today, a meeting of the National Security Council of Turkiye will be held, Azernews reports.One of the main topics of the meeting, chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, will be the normalization of relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia.Additionally, discussions will cover relations with Greece, ongoing wars in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and the fight against terrorism.The agenda will also include the issue of normalizing relations with Syria.It was noted that during the meeting, the President will be informed about the latest situation in the fight against terrorist organizations such as the PKK and ISIS. Azerbaijan's Supreme Court hosts meeting with Chairman of Turkiye's Constitutional Court Politics Thu, 25 Jul 2024 10:00:00 +0400 Fatima Latifova The President of the Constitutional Court of Turkiye, Kadir Özkaya, visited the Supreme Court, Azernews reports.The President of the Supreme Court, Inam Karimov, stated that today the unbreakable brotherly relations between Azerbaijan and Turkiye are developing in all directions.It was noted that recently the cooperation between Azerbaijan and Turkiye in the judicial and legal fields has entered a qualitatively new stage. It was also emphasized that one of the main priorities for Azerbaijan is to further strengthen the mutual exchange of experience with Turkic-speaking states, and that close cooperation contributes to increasing the efficiency of justice.Expressing his gratitude for the warm reception, the head of the delegation, Kadir Özkaya, highly appreciated the bilateral relations and noted that special attention is being paid to the development of these relations. The importance of strengthening cooperation in the judicial and legal fields for the entire Turkic world was discussed.Afterwards, the guests were acquainted with the administrative building of the Supreme Court. European University Games holds closing ceremony Sports Thu, 25 Jul 2024 09:00:00 +0400 The closing ceremony of the 5th European University Games among students, hosted by the Hungarian cities of Debrecen and Miskolc, was held.According to Azernews, Debrecen University Rector Zoltan Szilvassiy, Hungarian Minister of Culture and Innovation Balazs Hanko, and European University Sports Association President Adam Rokzek spoke at the event.After the official speeches, a solemn concert program was organized, and colorful shows were shown.It should be noted that about 3800 students from 428 universities from 36 countries showed their skills in 18 sports. Azerbaijani athletes were represented in only 5 sports in the tournament that lasted from July 12 to 24. Students of the Sports Academy won a total of 5 medals, 2 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze. Israeli PM calls for creation of another alliance like NATO in Middle East World news Thu, 25 Jul 2024 08:00:00 +0400 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for the creation of a security alliance in the Middle East similar to NATO in Europe at a joint meeting of the US Senate and the House of Representatives, Azernews reports, citing foreign media."After the Second World War, the United States created a security alliance in Europe to counter the growing Soviet threat, and today America and Israel can create a security alliance in the Middle East to counter the growing Iranian threat.All countries that have peace with Israel should be invited to this alliance," the PM added. New cargo flight launches from Georgia to Turkmenistan via China World news Wed, 24 Jul 2024 23:30:00 +0400 By Alimat AliyevaSince July, Georgian Airways has started cargo flights on the route Tbilisi (Georgia) - Meilan (China) - Turkmenabat (Turkmenistan) - Tbilisi (Georgia), Azernews reports.It is noted that the new international freight service will be another important step in strengthening trade and economic cooperation between Turkmenistan and Georgia.Recall that since October 2023, the Georgian airline Geosky Georgian International Airlines has been operating regular cargo flights on the route Tbilisi (Georgia) - Zhengzhou (China) - Turkmenabat (Turkmenistan) - Zaragoza (Spain) - Tbilisi (Georgia). Gas production in Uzbekistan continues to decline World news Wed, 24 Jul 2024 22:35:00 +0400 By Alimat AliyevaIn the first half of 2024, Uzbekistan reduced natural gas production by 1.2 billion cubic meters, Azernews reports.22.3 billion cubic meters of natural fuel were produced in January-June, while in the first half of 2023, the volume of gas production in the country amounted to 23.5 billion cubic meters.According to the information service of Uzbekneftegaz JSC, 43 wells were drilled in the first six months of this year. In order to study the gas prospects of deep Jurassic deposits in the territory of Ustyurt, for the first time in the history of the Uzbek gas industry, the final stage of drilling is underway at a depth of 5500-6500 meters at the Nizhny Surgil, Sarizhol and Western Nizhny Surgil fields.Four gas pretreatment units have been built and put into operation. To ensure the stability of natural gas transportation, 56.4 km of gas pipeline has been built.In January-June, 846.7 thousand tons of hydrocarbon raw materials were processed in the country, about 526 thousand tons of gasoline and 307.6 thousand tons of diesel fuel were produced. Over 333 thousand tons of liquefied natural gas were produced during this period, which is 9.7 percent higher than the projected volume, the report says. Astronomers discuss Mars exploration in California World news Wed, 24 Jul 2024 21:46:00 +0400 By Alimat AliyevaAstronomers from all over the world gathered in California this week to assess the state of Mars science and discuss the goals of the next steps in exploring the Red Planet, Azernews reports.The first issue is the creation of an International Scientific Fleet on Mars. Currently, nine spacecraft are operating on the Red Planet, two of them are ground—based and seven are orbital. NASA's fleet includes the Perseverance and Curiosity rovers, MAVEN, the Mars Reconnaissance orbiter and the Mars Odyssey orbiter. ESA (European Space Agency) operates the Mars Express and ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter. Both China and the United Arab Emirates also have spacecraft exploring Mars from orbit.The second topic of discussion is the discovery of a mysterious methane wave on the Red Planet. In June 2019, NASA's Curiosity probe made an amazing discovery: the largest amount of methane ever measured during a mission. Astronomers continue to study this.The third problem is the flow of water and the earthquake that occurred on Mars last year. A team of astronomers is already expanding seismological research on the Red Planet. At the same time, the first images of the deep parts of the planet were obtained. Melting of the surface layers was also recorded here as part of NASA's InSight program.In October 2022, when cameras aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spotted a new crater from space surrounded by boulder-sized chunks of ice, NASA's InSight system felt the Earth shake during impact. Astronomers have also recorded this amazing meteorite impact on Mars.The California debate also marked the end of NASA's Opportunity rover mission, one of the most successful and longest-running interplanetary exploration attempts, after 15 years of exploring the surface of Mars and helping prepare the ground for NASA's return to the Red Planet. During these studies, powerful dust storms were detected on Mars and on Earth.Finally, NASA has mapped water ice on Mars for use by astronauts. This mapping product can help you decide where the first astronauts will land on the Red Planet. In addition, images of the Martian research orbiter used to create a massive interactive globe of Mars were also presented. These materials include a new mosaic of craters and impact craters on the Red Planet. Lockheed Martin work on laser weapons World news Wed, 24 Jul 2024 21:19:00 +0400 By Alimat AliyevaThe American company Lockheed Martin is working on a laser weapon that will repel attacks from the air, Azernews reports.According to him, in the future, the company will develop a weapon that will allow projecting a laser beam over a distance of more than 100 kilometers to repel attacks from the air. Noting that the demand for laser weapons is growing, Michael Williamson stressed that expensive air defense systems are not effective for destroying drones.It should be noted that on July 22, the British Ministry of Defense conducted the first tests of a laser weapon developed on the basis of the Wolfhound armored combat vehicle. During the tests conducted at the Porton Down training ground, the laser weapon was able to neutralize targets at a distance of up to one kilometer. It is planned that these weapons will be used primarily against drones.