06 April 2005 [15:24]

Yuri Merzlyakov: "The package of the regulation of Karabakh conflict is already ready"

"Current stage of talk processes within the regulation of Nagorno Karabakh problem may be appreciated positively, the sides are close to the regulation of the conflict".
06 April 2005 [15:20]

Meeting of commemorating Elmar Huseynov to be held on April 9

A group of Mass Media leaders had a meeting in Ayna-Zerkalo press house.
06 April 2005 [15:07]

Protest action held in front of Baku office of OSCE

Yesterday a group of citizens being plaintiff of law-enforcement bodies held a protest action in front of Baku office of OSCE.
06 April 2005 [15:05]

Ombudsman of Hungary to participate at hearing of trial of Azerbaijan officer Ramil Safarov

Ombudsman of Hungary is to participate at hearing of court trial of Azerbaijan officer R.Safarov, charged with killing of Armenian colleague, agency Trend reports.
06 April 2005 [15:01]

Ilham Aliyev met with Vladimir Rushaylo

Yesterday President Ilham Aliyev received the executive secretary of CIS Vladimir Rushaylo.
06 April 2005 [14:46]

Armenians violated ceasefire in two directions

Divisions of Armed Forces of Armenia from their positions in the occupied south part of the village Gazakhli of Goranboy region fired at the opposite positions of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan located in that territory at 2.15 p.m till 3.00p.m on 4 April.
05 April 2005 [22:00]

Opposition activist prevented from leaving Azerbaijan

An Azeri rights activist says that authorities prevented him from leaving Azerbaijan to deliver a report on religious prosecution to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.
05 April 2005 [09:45]

Gross and Herkel will come to Baku on April 17

Co-rapporteurs of Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe (PA CE) over Azerbaijan Andreas Gross and Andres Herkel will pay the next visit to Baku on 17April.
05 April 2005 [09:43]

Vice-minister of National Security, deputy of executive director and the chief of the department dismissed

Vice-minister of National Security, general-major Tofig Babayev, deputy of executive director, Colonel Seyfulla Gasimov and department chief colonel-lieutenant Sahib Naghiyev were dismissed from their duties.
05 April 2005 [09:40]

Saida Gojamanli: 45 political prisoners are still imprisoned

"45 not released persons are left in the list of political prisoners.
05 April 2005 [09:38]

Azerbaijan is ranked among the states with "hegemonic electoral authoritarianism" reports freedom house

According to the last report of international human right organization Freedom House, indicator of freedom in Azerbaijan is 5,44.
05 April 2005 [09:22]

Juridical and political committees' meeting of PACE will be held today

On April 5-6 meetings of political and juridical committee of Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe will be held.
05 April 2005 [09:12]

Boris Yeltsin comes to Baku

The first president of Russia Boris Yeltsin will pay an unofficial visit to Baku on 7 April.
04 April 2005 [09:04]

30% of Azeri parliament members are to be women

Political parties, nominating their candidatures, are to allocate quota for women.
04 April 2005 [09:03]

Elmar Mammadyarov:"Nagorno Karabagh regime will join talks process sooner or later"

"Azerbaijan and Armenia take part in the talks but Armenian community of the Nagorno Karabagh has to join the talks sooner or later".
04 April 2005 [09:01]

Dmitri Rupel: "Azerbaijan has a strong authority, but weak opposition"

Current chairman of OSCE being on a visit to Baku, Slovenian Foreign Minister Dmitrij Rupel had separate meetings with the head of foreign policy department of Azerbaijan Elmar Mammadyarov and head of Azerbaijan community of Nagorno Karabagh Nizami Bahmanov.
02 April 2005 [17:17]

Azar Hasret: Independent on consent of mayoral, meeting of journalists to be held

Independent on consent of mayoral, the meeting of journalists is to be held 9 April. The Agency Trend reports, the chairman of Confederation of journalists of Azerbaijan Azar Hasret informed about this.
02 April 2005 [17:10]

18 soldiers died at the result of ceasefire breaking for 48 times in March

According to the monitoring of Journalists Movement "For Karabakh" in mass media, last month Armenians violated ceasefire for 48 times on the border line.
02 April 2005 [17:09]

Karabakh Freedom Organization protests against OSCE chairman

Yesterday Karabakh Freedom organization spread declaration within the last statements of OSCE chairman Dmitri Rupel and Russian co-chairman of Minsk group Yuri Merzlyakov.
02 April 2005 [17:07]

Action demanding Ombudsman Elmira Suleymanova's resignation to be held

The complainants of the law enforcement bodies are going to hold protest action on April 4.
02 April 2005 [17:05]

General Charles Wild has no doubt that, Armenia pursues a settlement policy in the occupied territories

Defense Minister general-colonel Safar Abiyev has received the delegation at the head of the second-in - command of Armed Forces of the USA in Europe general Charles Wild.
02 April 2005 [16:37]

Ilham Aliyev met with second-in-command of Armed Forces of the USA in Europe

President Ilham Aliyev has received the delegation at the head of the second-in -command of Armed Forces of the USA in Europe Charles Wild.
02 April 2005 [16:08]

Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan to fight together against the underworld

Vice-Minister of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan Anatoly Vyborov and Azerbaijan Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Kazakhstan Lyatif Gandilov discussed the development perspectives of bilateral cooperation in the fight against criminality, our correspondent was told the MIF press service.
02 April 2005 [16:04]

Election alliances take shape in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani opposition parties have formed two alliances in hopes of closing in on President Ilham Aliev.
01 April 2005 [15:01]

OSCE chairman-in-office called Nagorno Karabakh as "disputable territory"

The OSCE chairman-in-office, the head of Slovenian MFA Dimitrij Rupel stated in Yerevan, "Nagorno-Karabakh problem is a special case, this conflict may not be compared with other frozen conflicts".
01 April 2005 [14:54]

Venice Commission offered the Azeri CEC to be formed again

Venice Commission of Council of Europe and Azerbaijan government are having work on the changes and additions to Election Code.
01 April 2005 [14:41]

21 persons' candidacy registered to chief director post of Public Television

The time for candidacy nomination to the chief director post of the Public Television (PTV) is over.
01 April 2005 [14:27]

OSCE chairman stated separatist regime will be involved to talk process in late summer

Current chairman of OSCE, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmiri Rupel was on a visit to Armenia. In the frames of the visit he met with President Robert Kocharyan.
01 April 2005 [14:24]

Yuri Merzlyakov: "Participation of Nagorno Karabakh in the process of talks might be needed"

"OSCE Minsk Group has already determined some components of the regulation of Nagorno Karabakh conflict. In the last talks this is being looked into and the sides generally do not object the suggested plan. But enough difference is seen in the positions of the sides of conflict within various details".
01 April 2005 [14:22]

Meeting of heads of MFA of Azerbaijan and Armenia to be in London

Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan and Armenia Elmar Mammedyarov and Vardan Oskanayan will meet in London, capital of Great Britain.
01 April 2005 [14:21]

Alexander Kvasnevski: "Projects between Azerbaijan and Poland in the field of transportation of natural gas and oil to Europe is being prepared"

In the frames of the visit of President Ilham Aliyev to Poland state leaders of both states made declarations in front of the media.
31 March 2005 [16:09]

Ilham Aliyev: "Armenia shouldn't lose reality sense"

The Azerbaijan leadership strives for fair settlement of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict on base of norms of international law.
31 March 2005 [16:07]

OSCE chairman-in-office to visit Azerbaijan

In the frame of his visit to the South Caucasus on April 2, OSCE Chairman-in-office, foreign minister of Slovenia Dimitrij Rupel will visit Azerbaijan.
31 March 2005 [16:04]

Azerbaijan foreign ministry registered about 100 thousand visas in 2004

The Consulate department of the Azerbaijan Foreign Ministry registered about 100 thousand visas in 2004. Agency Trend reports, the chief of consulate department of Azerbaijan MFA Nadir Huseynov informed 30 March.
31 March 2005 [16:00]

Steynar Gil welcomed the release of prisoners imprisoned during the October 15-16 riots

The policy of Azerbaijan government directed to the solution of socio-economical problems should be large-scaled.
31 March 2005 [15:56]

D.Rupel: "Conflict settlement is possible only if both parties are sure in benefit of peaceful agreement"

"The Ministers of foreign affairs of Armenia and Azerbaijan are involved into constructive dialogue, which may provide significant progress at negotiations".
31 March 2005 [15:55]

Polish President: Nagorno-Karabakh is inseparable part of Azerbaijan

Poland supports territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.
31 March 2005 [15:45]

3 Azerbaijan-Polish intergovernmental agreements signed in Warsaw

3 Azerbaijan-Polish bilateral intergovernmental agreements has been signed in Warsaw, 30 March in Warsaw during the first day of the Azerbaijan president Ilham Aliyev's official visit.
31 March 2005 [15:41]

Armenians violated ceasefire again

Divisions of Armed Forces of Armenia in the positions located in north-west of the occupied village Sarijali of Aghdam region fired at the positions of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan in the direction of Evoghlu village of that region at 8.30-8.45p.m on 29 March.
30 March 2005 [14:25]

Supreme court of Azerbaijan declined appeals of 7 opposition leaders

The Supreme Court of Azerbaijan declined appeals of pardoned 7 opposition leaders about their acquittal and reverse of decision of Appellation court.
30 March 2005 [14:07]

Elmar Huseynov Foundation established

Constituent Assembly of the editor in chief of "Monitor" magazine, late journalist Elmar Huseynov Foundation was held in International Press Club.
30 March 2005 [14:03]

Armenians violated ceasefire in three directions

On March 28, at 15.00-15.20 the divisions of Armenian Armed Forces from their positions located 1.5 km in north-east from Kheyrimli village of Gazakh region fired at Mezemli village of that region.
30 March 2005 [14:02]

Vardan Oskanyan: "In present situation interference of Russia to regulation process of the conflict is undesirable"

"Nagorno Karabakh is not able to solve the problem in military way. War happened once and Armenia won, but the matter has not been solved yet.
30 March 2005 [14:00]

Commander of Turkish Military Navy Forces, Admiral Ozden Ornek: "Turkey will not open its borders with Armenia"

The meeting of the commander of Turkish Military Navy Forces, Admiral Ozden Ornek paying an official visit to Azerbaijan had a meeting with the Minister of Defense, general-colonel Safar Abiyev on March 28.
30 March 2005 [13:48]

President Ilham Aliyev is paying an official visit to Poland tomorrow

President Ilham Aliyev is paying for two days official visit to Poland by the invitation of President of Poland Alexander Kvasnevski.
29 March 2005 [15:50]

American Jewish Distribution Committee delegation met with Azeri president

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev received the delegation of the American Jewish Distribution Committee led by its Chair Mrs. Ellen Heller, March 28.
29 March 2005 [15:46]

Ilham Aliyev will participate at GUUAM Summit

"The official Baku has always paid significant attention to organization GUUAM, which unites Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Moldova.
29 March 2005 [15:38]

The Washington Times - "Armeina - warehouse of evil"

The recent arrest of 18 people planning to smuggle Soviet-made grenade launchers, shoulder-fired missiles and other Russian military weapons into the United States is a disturbing national-security problem connecting unresolved conflicts in the former Soviet Union to our homeland security.
29 March 2005 [15:28]

Azeri opposition patries meeting will take place on April 10

Three right-wing opposition parties, Musavat, the Azerbaijan National Front Party and the Democratic Party have announced that they will meet in Baku April 10.
29 March 2005 [15:12]

There are 6 candidates to the post of director general of Public Television

Yesterday the next meeting of transmission Commission of Public TV (PTV) was held.
29 March 2005 [15:01]

About 50 Azeri citizens held action in front of the Ombudsman’s Office

About 50 citizens complaining of law enforcement bodies started holding action in front of the Ombudsman’s Office beginning from yesterday.
26 March 2005 [16:48]

Special forces of Iran and Azerbaijan will struggle against criminality together

President Ilham Aliyev signed an order within approving the documents signed between the Ministry of National Security (MNS) and Ministry of Security of Iran Islam Republic (MSIIR).
26 March 2005 [16:36]

Malcolm Bruce's report on Azerbaijan to be made out by April session

PACE rapporteur on political prisoners in Azerbaijan Malcolm Bruce will have made out his report on his visit to Azerbaijan on March 14-16 by April session of that organization.
26 March 2005 [16:35]

Azerbaijan President will pay an official visit to Pakistan in April

The official visit of the Azerbaijan president Ilham Aliyev to Pakistan is scheduled for mid of April. Reliable sources informed agency Trend.
26 March 2005 [16:23]

The Kazakhstan President to pay visit to Azerbaijan

The Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbayev is to pay official visit to Azerbaijan in the nearest weeks.
26 March 2005 [16:14]

President issued a decree on abolishing Azerbaijan State Television and Radio Company

President Ilham Aliyev has issued a decree on organizing "Azerbaijan Television and Radio Programmes " Closed Stock Company (CSC).
26 March 2005 [16:13]

Monitoring held in the contact line of forces

According to mandate of personal representative of current chairman of OSCE, yesterday monitoring was held in contact line of forces in the territory of Borsunlu village of Goranboy region.
25 March 2005 [17:10]

OSCE monitoring to be held in the contact line of forces

According to mandate of personal representative of current chairman of OSCE, today monitoring is planned to be held in contact line of forces in the territory of Borsunlu village of Goranboy region.
25 March 2005 [17:05]

Meeting of the Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan is expected in nearest future

The Meeting of the Armenian president Robert Kocharian with the Azerbaijan president Ilham Aliyev is expected in the nearest future.
25 March 2005 [16:50]

Turkish naval forces commander to visit Azerbaijan

The delegation, with the commander of naval forces of Turkey, or-admiral Ozdan Ornak at the head, is to pay visit 28 March, to Baku. The Turkish Embassy to Azerbaijan informed Trend agency about this.
25 March 2005 [16:47]

Chairman-in-Office of OSCE to pay visit to Azerbaijan 1-2 april

Within frames of visit to states of the Southern Caucasus the chairman-in- office of OSCE and the minister of foreign affairs of Slovenia Dimitri Rupel is to pay visit to Azerbaijan 1-2 April.
24 March 2005 [15:05]

Yuri Merzlyakov: "As the occupation continues, the regulation of settlement problem will not be possible"

"Nagorno Karakbakh authority let the fact investigating group of OSCE know that they support the settlement in Lachin".
24 March 2005 [14:56]

Armenians intends to hold a chess tournament in Karabakh

Administration of Azerbaijan Chess Federation (ACF) sent a letter to the President of International Chess Federation (ICF) Kirsan Ilyumjinov , inviting to prevent Armeninas' attempt of holding a chess tournament again in Upper Garabagh occupied by them.
24 March 2005 [14:32]

Cochairmen ascertaining the date and place of Mammadyarov-Oskanyan meeting

"The visit of the chairs of OSCE Minsk group to the region in the nearest time is not expected".
24 March 2005 [14:27]

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan made a statement on the report made out by fact-finding mission of OSCE

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan made statement on the report made out by Fact-finding Mission of Minsk Group of OSCE, about settling facts in the occupied territories.
24 March 2005 [14:26]

Asim Mollazade: "President decree about pardon removed issue about inclusion of Azerbaijan into agenda at pace spring session"

"Signing of the decree about pardon by the president Ilham Aliyev 20 March, prevented inclusion of issue connected with Azerbaijan into agenda of the spring session of parliament Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)".
24 March 2005 [14:22]

Armenia and Azerbaijan plan not to exchange prisoners hence, but to release them

The state commission of Azerbaijan and Armenia on issues of military prisoners and lost persons plans running regular direct contacts.
23 March 2005 [05:22]

Azeri-Armenian war can start any day

An Azeri-Armenian war may start any day, President Ilkham Aliev of Azerbaijan said to newsmen.
23 March 2005 [01:06]

U.S. Department welcomes pardoning 114 people

The United States welcomes the decision by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on pardoning 114 people, among that a prisoners sentenced after the accomponied by violence protests following a 2003 presidential vote.
22 March 2005 [03:46]

OSCE Baku welcomes decision of Azeri President

The OSCE Office in Baku welcomed the decision of the Azerbaijani authorities to pardon people imprisoned for criminal offences in connection with public disturbances in the aftermath of 2003 Presidential Election.
21 March 2005 [03:44]

Ilham Aliyev frees political prisoners

Azerbaijan freed dozens of people considered political prisoners by European human rights bodies.
19 March 2005 [16:07]

13 Azerbaijan-Chinese documents signed in Beijing - UPDATED

Agency Trend re?orts, within official visit of the ?resident of AR Ilham Aliyev to China 13 Azerbaijan-Chinese documents were signed in Beijing 17 March.
19 March 2005 [14:43]

Coalition of PPFA-Musavat-DPA is to be serious competitor of government at parliament elections

"The main fight at forthcoming ?arliament elections in November will ?roceed between three leading o??osition ?arties and government".
19 March 2005 [14:41]

Armenians killed one more Azeri soldier

One more military man of ours died as a result of sniper shoot made by Armed Forces of Armenia.
19 March 2005 [14:39]

Araz Azimov: "The figures shown in the report of Fact Finding Mission are much closer to the ones, presented by Azerbaijan"

Yesterday deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Araz Azimov, has held a press conference dedicated to the deliver of report drown out by Fact Finding Mission on illegal settling in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan to Permanent Commission of OSCE in Vienna yesterday.