16 April 2005 [12:27]

Musavat leader meets President of Marshal Fund

Opposition leaders - Isa Gambar of Musavat Party and Rasul Guliev, the Azerbaijan Democratic Party (ADP) continue meetings in the United States, Musavat party told Trend.
16 April 2005 [12:26]

Representative of OSCE on the freedom of Mass Media Miklos Harashti held press conference

Representative of OSCE on the freedom of Mass Media Miklos Harashti as a result of the meetings held with the state officials and Mass Media representatives in Baku classified the problems existing in Azerbaijan in the field of Mass Media in 5 groups.
16 April 2005 [12:23]

US ambassador regard detention of Azeri soldiers by Armenian side as mistake

"The detention of captives by Armenian side, as well as the absence of talks, is a big mistake, Trend reports quoting Reno Harnish, the US Ambassador to Azerbaijan.
16 April 2005 [12:18]

Armenian army violated the ceasefire in several directions

The enemy violated the ceasefire for several times during last two days.
16 April 2005 [12:15]

US ambassador lacks information on tour of US secretary

Reno Harnish, the US Ambassador to Azerbaijan, do not have information on the forthcoming visit of the US Secretary of State Condoleza Rice to the South Caucasus.
16 April 2005 [12:11]

Seminar dedicated to press, broadcasting issues complete

A 3-day workshop dedicated to public television, press and broadcasting concluded its work on Friday.
16 April 2005 [12:04]

Public TV should not depend on government, OSCE envoy

Accession of 50-51% of stock of the Public Television by the state contradicts the requirements of the OSCE and the Council of Europe, which support the independent television, Miklosh Harazsti, the OSCE representative on freedom of media, told a news conference held on Friday on the results of his visit.
15 April 2005 [16:42]

Condoleezza Rice to come to Azerbaijan

State secretary of USA Condoleezza Rise will pay a visit to Azerbaijan early in May.
15 April 2005 [16:41]

Norwegian parliamentary Trun Yiske will come to Baku

On 26 April member of Norwegian parliament Trun Yiske will be on a visit to Baku.
15 April 2005 [16:29]

Elmar Mammadyarov left for London

Yesterday Minister of Foreign Affairs Elmar Mammadyarov left for London. MFA leader will have talks with his partner Vardan Oskanyan in the frames of Prague process.
15 April 2005 [16:20]

Public TV to be on air in June

A seminar dedicated to public and private television in Azerbaijan was held in Baku on Thursday.
15 April 2005 [16:19]

Seminar on "Place and role of Public TV in Azerbaijan information sphere" started

Yesterday in International Press center seminar on "Place and role of Public TV in Azerbaijan information sphere" by the organization of Council of Europe and President's office started.
15 April 2005 [16:00]

Our soldiers in Armenian captivity is expected to be returned back this week

3 Azerbaijan soldiers being in Armenian captivity currently are expected to be returned back this week.
15 April 2005 [15:58]

Azerbaijan and Armenia too far from resolution of Karabakh conflict

Azerbaijan and Armenia are so far from achieving an agreement that Armenian Foreign Minister Vardan Oskanian considered immature to speaker about by-stage or packet resolution of the conflict, Tofik Zulfugarov, the ex-Azerbaijani Foreign Minister, an independent politician, told Trend.
15 April 2005 [15:56]

Ali Hasanov:"We will try to achieve PTV transmission on July"

"The Public TV will be formed on the basis of 1st channel of state Radio and AzTV-2. Preparation is held in these buildings for organizing PTV."
15 April 2005 [08:00]

US Ambassador will attend opening regional TV network

Reno Harrnish, the US Ambassador to Azerbaijan, an head of the Public Political Department of the President's Apparat, will participate in the opening of the Azerbaijani Regional Television Network (ARTN) in Sumgayit on Friday, Trend reports.
14 April 2005 [14:08]

Ali Hassanov: "Criticizing of US Ambassador is quite normal"

"We established democratic society in Azerbaijan to enable the people to express their opinion."
14 April 2005 [13:59]

Visit of President Ilham Aliyev to Pakistan is over

On the first day of his visit to Pakistan President Ilham Aliyev after being met in Chaklala military air base had a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of this country Khurshid Mahmud Kasurini and speaker of the Chamber of National Assembly of the parliament Choudri Amir Huseyn.
14 April 2005 [13:58]

US too far from organizing 'color' revolution in Azerbaijan

Washington does not have any plans to carry out 'color' revolution in Azerbaijan, Reno Harnish, US Ambassador to Azerbaijan, told journalists on Wednesday.
14 April 2005 [13:49]

US have no plans on assistance to Azerbaijan in security of BTC

The United States do not have necessity assisting Azerbaijan in ensuring the security of the Baku- Tbilisi-Ceyhan (???) main export oil pipeline and other regional projects.
14 April 2005 [13:44]

Tofig Zulfugarov: "Serious results from the last meeting of Pentagon leader shouldn't be expected"

"The visit of Donald Rumsfeld to Azerbaijan shouldn't be stated as the placing the troops of USA in this country. In any case, this matter should have been discussed with the state leader as it is of great importance. But the president of Azerbaijan is currently on an official visit".
14 April 2005 [13:40]

CE studying opportunities for government - media dialogue in Azerbaijan

"Unfortunately, the press is politicized in Azerbaijan..."
14 April 2005 [13:37]

If the war starts, 7 percent of the citizens of Armenia will leave the country

Armenian Center of Strategic and National Researches held a poll to study the reaction of the population to the possibility of war to break out.
14 April 2005 [13:32]

General director of PTV to be elected this week

"The election of the General Secretary of the Public Television (PTV) will be complete this week," Fuad Muradov, the coordinator of elections competition, the chairman of the Azerbaijani National Council of Youth Organizations, told Trend.
14 April 2005 [13:26]

Elmar Mammedyarov and Vardan Oskanyan are not considered to meet in private in London

Elmar Mammadyarov and Vardan Oskanyan are not considered to meet in private in London on 15 April. Foreign Minister of Armenia Vardan Oskanyan said about it to the journalists.
13 April 2005 [15:27]

Armenians refused to release Azeri soldiers due to wrong media reports

Three Azerbaijani soldiers, who were taken prisoners by Armenian on 15 February and maintained in Nagorno-Karabakh, were not released as it scheduled earlier on 7 April due to publication of wrong media reports in the Azerbaijani media in this connection, Avaz Hassanov, the coordinator of the International working group on search of missing people and release of POWs and captives on Azerbaijan, told Trend on Tuesday.
13 April 2005 [15:12]

Commander of the USA European Command confirmed the news of placing the USA military bases in Azerbaijan

The USA is working actively in the direction of establishing specially appointed and military bases for restoration of security in the Caspian Sea region.
13 April 2005 [15:10]

Report by PACE rapporteur on Nagorno Karabakh to be discussed at PA OSCE

A meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly (PA) of the OSCE will be held in Kopenhagen on 24-25 April, Trend reports quoting Sattar Safarov, head of the Azerbaijani parliamentary delegation at the PA OSCE, also the chairman of the standing parliamentary commission on economic policy.
13 April 2005 [14:59]

Azeri Deputies accuse the USA ambassador in the act of sabotage

The national deputies made speech in yesterday's meeting of Milli Majlis (parliament) expressing their dissatisfaction of the USA ambassador Reno Harnish's meetings held with some representatives of opposition while visiting the regions recently.
13 April 2005 [14:52]

OSCE Office in Baku held a round table on "Licensing and Issuing of Frequencies for TV and Radio in Azerbaijan"

OSCE Office in Baku held a round table on"Licensing and Issuing of Frequencies for TV and Radio in Azerbaijan" in the hotel "Europe" yesterday.
13 April 2005 [14:51]

Azeri authorities expect nothing extraordinary from PACE rapporteurs

The Azerbaijani authorities do not expect anything extraordinary from the forthcoming visit of the papporteurs of the PACE Monitoring Committee, Andreas Gross and Andreas Herkel, scheduled for 17-20 April, Ali Hassanov, the head of the Public-Political Department of the President's Apparat, told journalists.
13 April 2005 [14:48]

Asim Mollazadeh resigned from APFP

"I am leaving Azerbaijan Popular Front Party. That is due to the existence of some diversity of opinions between me and the party members. I don't want to cause damage to the work of the party; I have come through a long way in this party. There are my friends in the party."
13 April 2005 [14:43]

Agenda of the meeting of Azerbaijan and Armenia presidents determined

The agenda of the meeting of the presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia has been determined. According to the information given to APA from diplomatic sources, state leaders will have talks in Moscow and Warsaw first of all for eliminating the results of the war.
12 April 2005 [14:37]

Opposition misunderstands proposals of US ambassador

The official has given interpretation for US Ambassadors statement.
12 April 2005 [14:33]

Georgian President expected

"Georgian President Mikhael Saakashvili is scheduled to visit Azerbaijan on 25 May 2005," Zurab Gumberidze, the Georgian Ambassador to Azerbaijan, told Trend.
12 April 2005 [14:23]

Bulgaria simplified visa regime with Azerbaijan

Bulgarian Council of Ministers approved the intergovernmental treaty signed with Azerbaijan about simplifying the visa regime.
12 April 2005 [14:14]

OSCE co-chairs will require responds to some questions from Mammadyarov and Oskanyan

On 15 April, the next meeting of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan and Armenia is expected to take place in London, the capital of London.
12 April 2005 [14:04]

Opposition will be allowed to arrange rallies

Following the official start of parliamentary elections the opposition will allowed to hold electioneering, Trend reports quoting Ali Hassanov, the head of the Public and Political Department of the President's Executive Power as saying to journalists.
12 April 2005 [13:56]

Donald Rumsfeld comes to Baku today

Minister of Defense of the USA Donald Rumsfeld will come to Baku today.
12 April 2005 [13:54]

Ilham Aliyev left for Pakistan

On April 12-13 President Ilham Aliyev will be on an official visit to Pakistan.
12 April 2005 [13:41]

Gross and Herkel's visit programme announced

Co-speakers of Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe (PACE) on Azerbaijan Andreas Gross and Andres Herkel will come to Baku on 17 April.
12 April 2005 [13:36]

Changes proposed to election legislation to be discussed within a months

Proposals put forward by the opposition parties to the Elections Code, will be discussed in the parliament within a month, MP Zahid Oruj, the deputy chairman of Ana Veten Party.
12 April 2005 [13:25]

President Ilham Aliyev received delegation headed by OSCE representative on freedom of mass media Niklos Harashti

President Ilham Aliyev received delegation headed by OSCE representative on freedom of mass media Niclos Harashti.
09 April 2005 [17:17]

Round table on "The situation of human rights in Azerbaijan within the responsibilities taken at the Council of Europe" will be held

On 19 April, Round table on "The situation of human rights in Azerbaijan within the obligation taken in front of Council of Europe" organized commonly by Henri Boll Fund and the Federation of the Human Rights Watch Organization will be held in International Press Club.
09 April 2005 [17:12]

Asim Mollazade: “There is nothing reprehensible on trips of US Ambassador to regions of Azerbaijan”

There is nothing reprehensible in acquaintance of the US Ambassador with a social and political life of regions of the country.
09 April 2005 [16:53]

Russia and Azerbaijan coordinate 90 percent of borderline

Russia and Azerbaijan have agreed to continue consultations on delimitating the Russian-Azerbaijani state border, sources at the Russian Foreign Ministry said after a session of the two countries' border commissions.
09 April 2005 [16:39]

Azeri Deputies vs. US Ambassador Reno Harnish

The Azerbaijan parties do not consist only of opposition parties.
09 April 2005 [16:37]

Anthonious W.de Vries: "Azerbaijan has almost fulfilled obligations taken in front of Council of Europe"

Yesterday special representative of Committee of Europe to Azerbaijan Anthonious W.de Vries has held press conference dedicated to the report on Azerbaijan.
09 April 2005 [16:22]

Armenians violated ceasefire

The divisions of Armed Forces of Armenia violated ceasefire again.
09 April 2005 [16:20]

Ambassador of Israel to Azerbaijan wants the embassy of Azerbaijan to be opened in Israel

"There is no problem in the relations between Israel and Azerbaijan. I highly appreciate these relations."
09 April 2005 [16:14]

Ilham Aliyev met with Secretary General of “Reporters Without Borders”

On April 8, President of the Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev has received at the International Airport after Heydar Aliyev the Secretary General of the International Organization “Reporters Without Borders” Mr. Robert Menard.
09 April 2005 [12:07]

Anar Mamedkhanov: "Vladimir Kazimirov is lying again"

Deputy of Azeri Parliament Anar Mamedkhanov has commented on the statement of the former Russian co-chairman of the Minsk Group of OSCE Vladimir Kazimirov, concerning incompetence of the rapporteur of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on Nagorno Karabakh David Atkinson.
08 April 2005 [16:05]

6 people stopped on suspicion of death of Elmar Huseynov

6 people were stopped as the ones suspected in the death of the editor in chief of "Monitor" magazine Elmar Huseynov.
08 April 2005 [16:04]

Area of 14 million square meters has been freed from mines in the last seven years

Yesterday Azerbaijan Republic National Agency on Freeing Territories from Mines (ARNAFTM) held a briefing in Baku Yacht Club for donors about the progress of the struggle against mine dangers in Azerbaijan.
08 April 2005 [15:34]

Two members of Karabakh Freedom Organization imprisoned for attempt to colour monument of English soldier

Yesterday two members of Garabagh Freedom Organization imprisoned (GFO) who were trying to dye black colour the monument put to the memory of English soldier in Martyrs' Alley, as protest to the insulting of Azerbaijan flag the associate of Great Britain company Alan French.
08 April 2005 [15:33]

Araz Azimov: "Armenia tries to gain extra time by creating tension in borderline"

"I am sure that the meeting between the leaders of foreign policy offices of Armenia and Azerbaijan planned to be held on April 14-15 will be realized".
08 April 2005 [15:31]

Negotiations about participation of social-political forces at forthcoming parliament elections held

The working group, established on the eve of parliament elections for uniting of political parties, social structures, non-governmental organizations and intelligentsia, continues its activity.
08 April 2005 [15:29]

Azerbaijan-Russia delimitation commission didn't came into an agreement on the debated territories

Delegation at the head of deputy Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Khalaf Khalafov who took part in the meeting of joint commission on delimitation of Azerbaijan-Russia frontiers in Derbend, returned to Baku.
08 April 2005 [15:07]

Union of Pro-Azerbaijan forces demands bringing criminal action against those persons, who insulted Azerbaijan flag

The Union of Pro-Azerbaijan forces (UPF) consider participation of the Armenian community of Karabakh at negotiation process, as non-relevant.
08 April 2005 [15:05]

Herman De Kroon met with representatives of opposition parties represented in the Parliament

Delegation headed by the chairman of the Chamber of Representatives in the Parliament of Belgium Kingdom Herman De Kroon being on a visit to Azerbaijan, today met with representatives of opposition parties represented in the parliament.
08 April 2005 [15:04]

Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev received chairman of house of representatives of Belgium

Belgium pays great significance to relations with states of the Southern Caucasus, including Azerbaijan.
08 April 2005 [14:57]

Boris Yeltsin came to Baku

Yesterday the first president of Russia Boris Yeltsin came on a visit of four days to Baku on the invitation of President Ilham Aliyev.
08 April 2005 [14:53]

Armenian violated ceasefire in three directions

Divisions of Armed Forces of Armenia fired from submachine and machine-gun at the positions of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan in the village Chiragly from their positions in the occupied village Bash Garavand of Aghdam region at 23.15 till 23.40 the day before yesterday.
07 April 2005 [15:52]

Boris Yeltsin arrived to Azerbaijan

Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin came to Azerbaijan on Thursday, an Interfax correspondent reported from the Baku Airport.
07 April 2005 [15:51]

Delegation of Belgium Parliament to come to Baku for an official visit

Delegation at the head of Speaker of the House of Representatives of the parliament of Belgium Herman de Croo will come to Azerbaijan for a two-day official visit this evening.
07 April 2005 [15:44]

Reno Harnish: "USA is interested in quickest peaceful settlement of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict"

US government is interested in quickest peaceful settlement of Nagorno- Karabakh conflict, which stems the tide of social and political development of the Southern Caucasus.
07 April 2005 [15:39]

EC is for free, democratic and just parliament elections

European Union (EU) expects from Azerbaijan leadership, free, democratic and just parliament elections, which serve to strengthening of ?U-Azerbaijan relations.
07 April 2005 [15:38]

Ziyafet Asgarov: "Violation of ceasefire is related with critical position of Armenian leadership"

"Violation of ceasefire is related with the situation created in Armenia." Deputy Chairman of Milly Mejlis (parliament) Ziyafet Asgarov said these words while expressing his attitude to ceasefire violations in borderline regularly.
07 April 2005 [14:55]

Armenians fired at our positions in the direction of Goranboy and Aghdam

Divisions of Armed Forces of Armenia from their positions in 3.2 km to the east of the occupied part of the village Tapgaragoyunlu of Goranboy region machine-gunned at the opposite positions of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan located in the that territory at 20.30 till 21.25 yesterday.
07 April 2005 [14:48]

Arrival of French parliament delegation to Baku

The French Senate delegation (of the parliament) with the head of inter- parliamentary group of friendship France-Azerbaijan Ambruaz Dupon is to arrive to Baku, 11 April.
06 April 2005 [15:24]

Yuri Merzlyakov: "The package of the regulation of Karabakh conflict is already ready"

"Current stage of talk processes within the regulation of Nagorno Karabakh problem may be appreciated positively, the sides are close to the regulation of the conflict".
06 April 2005 [15:20]

Meeting of commemorating Elmar Huseynov to be held on April 9

A group of Mass Media leaders had a meeting in Ayna-Zerkalo press house.
06 April 2005 [15:07]

Protest action held in front of Baku office of OSCE

Yesterday a group of citizens being plaintiff of law-enforcement bodies held a protest action in front of Baku office of OSCE.
06 April 2005 [15:05]

Ombudsman of Hungary to participate at hearing of trial of Azerbaijan officer Ramil Safarov

Ombudsman of Hungary is to participate at hearing of court trial of Azerbaijan officer R.Safarov, charged with killing of Armenian colleague, agency Trend reports.