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11 June 2010 [11:07]

Silk Way Azerbaijan festival to be held in U.S. next year

Silk Way Azerbaijan festival will be held in Houston next year, according to Irada Akhundva, president of the Houston-Baku Sister Cities Association.
10 June 2010 [13:07]

Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy holds two-day workshop in Washington - PHOTOS

The Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA) held two-day PhD Development and Support Program in Washington.
07 June 2010 [15:16]

First congress of Azerbaijanis Congress of Sweden convenes

The first congress of the Azerbaijanis Congress of Sweden has been convened in Stockholm, which brought together 18 Azerbaijani Diaspora organizations of this country, the Congress said.
05 June 2010 [11:40]

European Azerbaijan Society organizes meeting of Azerbaijanis living in Germany

The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) will organize a meeting of Azerbaijanis living in Germany.
04 June 2010 [15:25]

Anglo-Azerbaijani Society holds charity event

Anglo–Azerbaijani Society held its annual charity event in Baku. The event brought together statesmen and political figures of Azerbaijan, MPs, heads of the local and foreign companies.
04 June 2010 [10:07]

Deputy Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan delivered a speech at the Oxford Union - PHOTOS

On the 25th of May, 2010, the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr Vagif Sadigov visited Oxford and delivered speech at the Oxford Union.
04 June 2010 [09:15]

Azerbaijan's national flag raised in Toronto

On the occasion of May 28th - Republic Day, Azerbaijan`s national flag was raised in front of the building of provincial parliament of Ontario, Toronto, Canada.
02 June 2010 [16:55]

Ambassador: Relations between Azerbaijan and India develop at fast pace

Interview with Azerbaijan's ambassador to India Tamerlan Garayev.
02 June 2010 [15:45]

Azerbaijani diaspora in Arkhangelsk sets up primary organization of Russia's ruling party

The Azerbaijani Diaspora in Russia's Arkhangelsk Province, Ustyansk Region, have set up primary party organization of the “Yedinaya Rossiya” Party, the Azerbaijan State Committee on Diaspora said.
01 June 2010 [16:38]

Days of Azerbaijani culture held in Astrakhan - PHOTOS

Days of Azerbaijani Culture were held in Astrakhan, Russia on May 28 to mark 92ng anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.
01 June 2010 [08:39]

Azerbaijan Democratic Republic's 92nd anniversary marked in Tajikistan

Azerbaijan's embassy in Tajikistan has organized an event to celebrate 28 May – Day of Republic.
31 May 2010 [11:53]

Azerbaijan's Republic Day marked in Los Angeles - PHOTOS

Azerbaijan's Republic Day was solemnly marked in prestigious Regency club in Los Angeles.
31 May 2010 [09:35]

Flags of Azerbaijan and U.S. raised in Manhattan - PHOTOS

New York–The 92nd anniversary of the establishment of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic of 1918 was celebrated in New York City by the raising of the Azerbaijan national flag on Broadway in lower Manhattan on Friday May 29, 2010.
29 May 2010 [09:44]

Azerbaijan's Republic Day marked in Netherlands

Azerbaijan's embassy in the Netherlands has hosted a reception in Hague to mark May 28th - Republic Day.
29 May 2010 [09:07]

Azerbaijani community in Germany marks Republic Day

Azerbaijan's diaspora organizations in Germany have arranged a series of celebrative events marking the Republic Day.
29 May 2010 [08:54]

Azerbaijani-Americans celebrated the 92nd Anniversary of the 1st secular Democracy in the Muslim Wold

Azerbaijani-American Council (AAC) and Azerbaijan Society of America (ASA) join all Azerbaijani people in celebration of the 92nd anniversary of the establishment of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR), the first secular parliamentary democracy in the Muslim world.
28 May 2010 [12:39]

Azerbaijani Diaspora organizations in Germany to mark Republic Day

Azerbaijani Diaspora organizations in Germany will hold events dedicated May 28 - Republic Day, the State Committee for Work with the Diaspora said.
27 May 2010 [16:54]

Azerbaijan embassy in London holds reception on Republic Day

Azerbaijani embassy in London organized a reception at the Royal Garden Hotel in London to mark the Republic Day on May 26, the embassy said in a press release.
27 May 2010 [15:07]

Azerbaijan's Independence Day celebrated in Georgia

Union of Azerbaijani Youth of Georgia held an event devoted to the Independence Day of Georgia and Azerbaijan.
27 May 2010 [12:18]

Riga hosts conference on role of Azerbaijani diaspora

Riga has hosted a conference on the role of diaspora in Azerbaijanis` integration into the Latvian society.
26 May 2010 [19:07]

"Azerbaijan" society in Dubai holds an evening edicated to the Day of the Republic on May 28

In Dubai, the local society "Azerbaijan" held a gala evening dedicated to the forthcoming Day of the Republic on May 28.
26 May 2010 [15:30]

First Lithuanian-Azerbaijani intergovernmental cooperation commission started in Lithuania

According to the information from the Embassy of Lithuania, today the first Lithuanian-Azerbaijani Intergovernmental Cooperation Commission has started its work in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.
26 May 2010 [11:25]

Santa Fe Mayor announces May 28 the Day of Azerbaijan Republic

Santa Fe Mayor David Coss announced May 28 the Day of Azerbaijan Republic, Azerbaijani Consul General to Los Angelos Elin Suleymanov said.
25 May 2010 [16:03]

The Embassy of Azerbaijan to Russia hosted the presentation of Ulyanovsk region

The Embassy of Azerbaijan to Russia hosted the presentation of Ulyanovsk region.
24 May 2010 [18:28]

Azerbaijani classical music to be performed in Iceland

The evening of Azerbaijani music will be held in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, June 16, the State Committee for Work with the Diaspora said.
24 May 2010 [16:22]

California hosts presentation of documentary film "Genocide: Guba" - PHOTOS

California hosted a presentation of the documentary film "Genocide: Guba" prepared by the Eurasian Institute of International Studies with financial support of the Council of State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) under the Azerbaijani President.
24 May 2010 [09:42]

Azerbaijani youth in Georgia wins over Armenian football team, gains Caucasus Cup-2010

A football team of Georgia's Azerbaijani youth 'Garayazi' defeated Armenian team scoring 3:0 and gained Caucasus Cup-2010 on May 23.
24 May 2010 [09:10]

Moscow hosts 2nd conference of Azerbaijani youth organization of Russia

The Azerbaijani Youth Organization of Russia, AYOR, has arranged its 2nd conference in Moscow to sum up last year activities.
22 May 2010 [12:15]

Event dedicated to Azerbaijan's national anthem held in Berlin

An action under the name of “The Hour of the National Anthem of the Azerbaijan Republic” dedicated to the Day of Republic, will be carried out on May 22 in German capital.
22 May 2010 [09:30]

Azerbaijan Cultural Society of Northern California to host Azerbaijani Culture Night

According to the Azerbaijani-American Council (AAC), Azerbaijan Cultural Society of Northern California (ACSNC) is to host a conference with Fulbright scholar Dr. Parvin Ahanchi titled 'Baku as a Twentieth-Century Hub: Oil, Migration, Diversity and Ethnicity in the South Caucasus in the early 1900s'. The event is set to take place on June 4th.
20 May 2010 [09:29]

Azerbaijani music to be heard in Canada

A concert of classic and folk music of Azerbaijan will be held at the national gallery of Ottawa, Canada, on 25th of May.
17 May 2010 [09:24]

First Congress of Georgian Azerbaijanis held in Georgia

The first congress of Georgian Azerbaijanis Youth Union took place here on Saturday.
13 May 2010 [14:30]

Ceremonial opening of Azerbaijani Consulate General held in Yekaterinburg

Ceremonial opening of Azerbaijani Consulate General was held today in Yekaterinburg.
07 May 2010 [16:20]

May 10th announced as "Heydar Aliyev Day" in Santa Fe

Heydar Aliyev Day will be celebrated May 10 in New Mexico's capital of Santa Fe.
04 May 2010 [17:12]

Azeri woman appointed the director of London school

Vesti.Az interview with the director of Azerbaijani school "Caspian Khazri" (London) Simuzer Balaoglanova.
30 April 2010 [11:25]

Network of Azerbaijani students studying abroad to be launched

Network of Azerbaijani students studying abroad will operate in the country.
22 April 2010 [16:54]

Over 41 Azerbaijani students to study in Russian universities

The State Student Admission Commission announced the planned places for Azerbaijani citizens wishing to study in Russian universities.
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