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06 October 2010 [11:45]

California State University- Long Beach hosts workshop on Azerbaijan

California State University- Long Beach hosted a workshop dedicated to Azerbaijan.
01 October 2010 [14:25]

Azerbaijani history to be taught at Humboldt University

The biggest conference of Europe “Day of History” is underway in Berlin.
30 September 2010 [11:54]

Azerbaijan community rallies outside U.S. Congress to protest "NKR" anniversary

A group of members of the Azerbaijani community held a peaceful rally of protest outside the U.S. Congress building on Wednesday.
29 September 2010 [17:50]

NGO: Education rights of Azerbaijanis living in Georgia are restricted

Right of Georgian Azerbaijanis for getting education is limited, chairman of the Caucasus Research Center Kamran Ramazanli said at a press conference held today.
20 September 2010 [12:06]

US Azerbaijanis ask Senators to support Matthew Bryza’s candidacy for the post of US ambassador to Azerbaijan

American Azerbaijanis and other supporters of Ambassador-to-be Matthew Bryza appeal to the US Senators one day before the next discussion on Bryza's candidacy.
15 September 2010 [11:09]

Azerbaijani community holds Azerbaijani cultural night in USA

Azerbaijani community in the US will celebrate Azerbaijani cultural night on September 23.
15 September 2010 [10:10]

Congress of Georgian Azerbaijanis protests against Quran burning in the U.S.

The Congress of Georgian Azerbaijanis (CGA) protested against burning the holy book of Muslims - the quran in the U.S.
11 September 2010 [13:10]

European Azerbaijan Society takes serious step in promoting Azerbaijani sports

The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) demonstrated its role in promoting Azerbaijani sports.
04 September 2010 [12:09]

Armenian lobby starts meetings with senators to persuade them Matthew Bryza shouldn't become ambassador to Azerbaijan

American Armenians tried to persuade another US official that Mr. Matthew Bryza shouldn’t become a US Ambassador to Azerbaijan, APA's Washington DC correspondent reports.
26 August 2010 [10:35]

Ankara to host Azerbaijan night

As part of the 2nd International Ramadan Festival a night devoted to Azerbaijan will be held in Ankara.
24 August 2010 [09:10]

"Azerbaijan House" in Turkey presented

The organization "Azerbaijan House in Eskisehir" has been presented at the initiative of the Turkey-Azerbaijan Circles Federation.
18 August 2010 [11:33]

Azerbaijani citizen injured in Pyatigorsk blast in Russia

One of the people injured in blast in Pyatigorsk is an Azerbaijani citizen.
17 August 2010 [13:55]

"Armenian diaspora will continue to rob the future of Armenia to ensure its own prosperity"

Interview with Director General of Azerbaijani-American Council Javid Huseynov.
02 August 2010 [09:23]

Embassy clears the situation with possible Azerbaijani flood victims in Pakistan

No citizens of Azerbaijan are among the victims of floods in Pakistan, according to Azerbaijani embassy in Pakistan.
14 July 2010 [17:25]

Azerbaijani MPs meet with Azerbaijani youth in Norway

Azerbaijani MPs have met with Azerbaijani youth in Norway, the State Committee for Work with the Diaspora said.
08 July 2010 [14:10]

Azerbaijan' Consulate General in Aktau presents book "Kazakhstan-OSCE 2010"

Azerbaijan's consulate general in Aktau held a presentation of book “Kazakhstan-OSCE 2010”.
07 July 2010 [16:55]

Congress of Azerbaijanis of Georgia proposes to set up joint Azerbaijani-Georgian working group

The Congress of Azerbaijanis of Georgia (CAG) proposed to establish a joint working group to examine the situation of Azerbaijanis living in Georgia and Georgians living in Azerbaijan.
07 July 2010 [14:23]

U.S. Azeris Network Executive Director: Armenian lobby seeks to undermine Matthew Bryza's appointment as ambassador to Azerbaijan

Day.Az interview with Adil Bagirov, co-founder and Executive Director of US Azeris Network (USAN), candidate of political sciences.
05 July 2010 [15:55]

Azerbaijani post-graduate student receives a graduate degree in political science in Ukraine

Azerbaijani post-graduate student received a graduate degree in political science in Ukraine.
29 June 2010 [13:00]

Azerbaijani ambassador to France: We try to accurately inform France about Azerbaijan's realities

APA’s interview with Azerbaijani ambassador to France Elchin Amirbeyov.
25 June 2010 [10:29]

Results of monitoring in Azerbaijani villages of Georgia announced

Results of monitoring were carried out on the initiative of the Congress of Azerbaijanis of Georgia (CAG) and the "Monitoring Group on the Protection of National Minorities' Rights".
24 June 2010 [09:41]

"Azerbaijan, land of fire" program presented in Germany

A presentation of a program “Azerbaijan, a land of fire” was held June 23 as part of the international student week in Germany.
23 June 2010 [16:25]

Azerbaijani Diaspora in Berlin picketed outside Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan made a speech at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation during his official visit to Germany on June 21-23.
23 June 2010 [16:15]

Azerbaijani diaspora organizes event on World Refugees Day in Berlin

The Coordination Center of Azerbaijanis in Germany and Germany-Azerbaijan Solidarity Society organized an event on occasion of the World Refugees Day in Berlin, the committee said.
19 June 2010 [11:06]

Germany-Azerbaijan Forum holds its meeting

A meeting of the Germany-Azerbaijan forum was held at the Coordination Center of Azerbaijanis in Germany.
18 June 2010 [10:15]

Iceland hosts Day of Azerbaijani Culture

Azerbaijan's embassy accredited both to the United kingdom and Iceland organized a Day of Azerbaijani Culture in Reykjavik on June 16, according to the Embassy of Azerbaijan in London.
17 June 2010 [16:52]

Azerbaijan youth organization of Russia organizes blood donation drive

The Azerbaijani Youth Organization of Russia, AYOR led by Leyla Aliyeva, held Blood Has No Nation charitable event.
17 June 2010 [14:21]

Azerbaijani doctor to talk about "Occupation and conflict in Azerbaijan" in U.S.

On June 24th, in California, in San Jose' Peace and Justice Center, Azerbaijani doctor Parvin Ahanchi will talk about violent conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan that took place from February 1988 to May 1994 in Daghliq Garabagh, Sovereign Azerbaijani territory.
17 June 2010 [13:07]

Azerbaijani restaurant opens in Paris

Azerbaijanis living in France will now get a chance to enjoy a new “Caucasus” Azeri restaurant recently opened in Paris at the 7th district, 79 Bosquet Avenue.
17 June 2010 [11:10]

Meeting held with Azerbaijani scriptwriter in Coordination Center of Azerbaijanis in Germany

A meeting was held with Sabina Huseinli, scriptwriters of “Hesitation” film in the Coordination Center of Azerbaijanis in Germany (CCAG) on June 15.
16 June 2010 [13:31]

Azerbaijani diaspora in Sweden opens own TV channel

Azerbaijani diaspira in Sweden has opened its own ArazTV television channel and had it registered with the Taxes Agency and Radio TV association of the country.
16 June 2010 [10:54]

Azerbaijan's National Salvation Day celebrated in Ukraine

Azerbaiajan's National Salvation Day was celebrated in Ukraine.
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