25 January 2007 [15:07]

Traffic Police calls on fastening seat belts

Interior Ministry State Traffic Police Department called on drivers and passengers to fasten seat belts.
25 January 2007 [15:06]

Stable weather within three days

Unusual heat is observed in the territory of Azerbaijan.
25 January 2007 [14:06]

3197 car accidents killed 1027, injured 3606

3197 car accidents were recorded in the republic last year, Interior Ministry State Traffic Police Department of Baku informs.
25 January 2007 [13:45]

Nearly 30 traffic policemen dismissed in 2006

Last year, nearly 30 traffic policemen were dismissed because of irregularities.
25 January 2007 [12:45]

ICRC officials visit captured Azerbaijani soldier

On Wednesday the officials of International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) Armenian Office visited captured Azerbaijani soldier Samir Mammadov.
25 January 2007 [00:52]

Fire kills one in Sabunchu district

Fire occurred in Sabunchu district on Tuesday night.
25 January 2007 [00:50]

Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society received 218 appeals in 2006

Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) received 218 appeals on searching documents lost during conflict and family members.
25 January 2007 [00:49]

24 died in car accidents within first 20 days of this year in Baku

70 car accidents happened in Baku on January 1-20, as a result of which 24 died and 89 were injured.
25 January 2007 [00:16]

Neftchi FC appeals to Youths and Sport Ministry

Neftchi football club appealed to Youths and Sport Ministry on leasing of Tofig Behramov stadium.
24 January 2007 [21:52]

5 people charged in Turkey with killing of ethnic Armenian journalist

Turkish prosecutors on Wednesday charged five people, including a teenaged gunman, in the killing of ethnic Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, prosecutor Aykut Cengiz Engin said.
24 January 2007 [21:13]

Preserving Azerbaijan's culture through enterprise

Partnership for a better life.
24 January 2007 [18:37]

Investigation on death of Alihuseyn Shaliyev over

The criminal case launched on the death of the former chief of Development of Entrepreneurship Department of Economic Development Ministry Alihuseyn Shaliyev on article 125 of the Criminal Code (drive to suicide) is over.
24 January 2007 [14:57]

Tender on ANS frequency to be announced

"As only one organization participated in the tender announced on ANS TV and ANS ChM radio, it is supposed that the results of the tender will be abolished and the tender will be announced again," said National Radio and Television Council chief Nushiravan Maharramli.
24 January 2007 [12:22]

Amnesty International report reveals crackdown on free expression in Azerbaijan

Journalists striving to expose the misuse of government power are increasingly living under the threat of politically motivated arrests, physical assault and even death, Amnesty International said on Tuesday.
24 January 2007 [01:12]

Azerbaijan experts doubt of Armenian secret services participation in breaking country's public TV online site

A statement presented as an announcement of the secret services of Armenia was placed on the online site of the Azerbaijan Public TV last weekend.
24 January 2007 [00:46]

Azerbaijan-Scandinavian Cooperation registered in Ministry of Justice

"Azerbaijan-Scandinavian Cooperation" Public Union operating in Azerbaijan was registered in the Ministry of Justice.
24 January 2007 [00:26]

National U-19 team to play Georgians

Azerbaijani national football team under 19 will meet with Georgian team in the second stage of European Championship.
24 January 2007 [00:04]

FIFA president supports AFFA's decision on legionnaire limit

Azerbaijani Football Federations Association President Ramiz Mirzeyev met with Joseph Blatter, president of International Football Federations Association in Moscow.
24 January 2007 [00:02]

Education Department presented list of 33 racket newspapers to Media Council

Baku Education Department and Media Council held a roundtable on Ways to improve cooperation between educational institutions and media.
23 January 2007 [23:58]

SVS officials visits Barda due to mass death of poultries

The officials of the State Veterinary Service have been sent to Berde to investigate the fact of mass death of poultries in village of Gilinjli.
23 January 2007 [23:54]

Trial of serviceman accused of killing of soldier to begin

Azerbaijan's Court of Grave Crimes presided over judge Mursel Aliyev will begin on Wednesday the trial of the soldier of Military Unit N Ruslan Mayilov.
23 January 2007 [23:52]

Chinese citizens engaged in trading quarreled

Chinese citizens engaged in trading in Baku had a quarrel.
23 January 2007 [23:50]

Seoul-Baku (SEBA) Azerbaijan-Korean Cultural Exchange Association holds free medical examination

A group of 45 local and Korean doctors held free medical examination in Gabala by the support of Seoul-Baku (SEBA) Azerbaijan-Korean Cultural Exchange Association and Azerbaijan Taekwondo Federation.
23 January 2007 [21:17]

Members of Haji Mammadov's gang transferred to Investigation ward #1

Most members of Haji Mammadov's gang that were kept in the detention ward of National Security ministry were transferred to Bayil Investigation ward.
23 January 2007 [21:14]

President Aliyev increases salaries of National Science Academy members

President Ilham Aliyev issued a decree on 50% increase of salaries of members of National Science Academy institutes and research centers.
23 January 2007 [17:09]

Temperature to be +1 above climate norm in Azerbaijan

The heat will be above the average climate norm in summer in Azerbaijan.
23 January 2007 [13:41]

Penitentiary Service Medical Institution gives certificate on Muradveriyev's health

Penitentiary Service Medical Institution diagnosed the health problems of Akif Muradverdiyev, President's Office ex-Administrative Office chief.
23 January 2007 [12:44]

19,045 criminal cases recorded in 2006

19,045 criminal cases were recorded in Azerbaijan in 2006, 1,711 or 9% of which are grievous crimes.
23 January 2007 [12:18]

15 000 earthquakes registered in Azerbaijan, 2006

Last year 15 000 earthquake shocks recorded by seismographs in far and near territories of Azerbaijan.
23 January 2007 [00:26]

Azerbaijan's ecological problems to be discussed at economic and environmental forum

Azerbaijan's ecological problems will be discussed at the 15th economic and environmental forum of OSCE member states.
23 January 2007 [00:23]

Health Minister to visit Geneva

On Monday, 120th meeting of World Health Organization (WHO) Executive Committee (EC) commenced.
23 January 2007 [00:15]

Hungary Bar Association chief Janosa Banati expected to visit Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani Bar Association chief Azer Tagiyev and member of the presidium Ikram Shirinov was on official visit to Hungary at the invitation of Hungarian Bar Association.
23 January 2007 [00:14]

Rafael Huseynov's report discussed at the PACE Committee

The meeting of Culture, Science and Education Committee was held within the winter session of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.
22 January 2007 [23:59]

SCSA to hold test examinations on new model in Jalilabad, Ismailli and Tovuz

State Commission for Students' Admission (SCSA) will hold test examinations on new entrance models on January 28 in Jalilabad, Ismailli and Tovuz.
22 January 2007 [23:59]

New fire-engines presented to Ganja Fire Fighting Service

Ganja Fire Fighting Service got new equipment recently.
22 January 2007 [23:36]

Health Ministry closed 44 drugstores last year

Health Minister Innovation and Supply Center gave license to over 100 drugstores.
22 January 2007 [23:35]

8 cameras installed to prevent traffic accidents

8 cameras have been installed in Baku to prevent traffic accidents and violence of traffic rules.
22 January 2007 [23:31]

Azeri reporter arrested in Georgia to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights

Gadjar Huseynov, reporter of Yeni Dushunje newspaper published in Tblilisi till 2004, is going to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.
22 January 2007 [22:12]

Poland fear Euro 2008 axe over row with FIFA

Polish soccer officials fear the national side will be axed from Euro 2008 after FIFA and UEFA warned on Monday they would take action over a row with the government.
22 January 2007 [19:22]

Law enforcement bodies find over 200 banned religious books

Law enforcement bodies searched the house of a religious man in Khachmaz.
22 January 2007 [17:13]

Nushirvan Meherremli: "Teleradio Council members cannot reach unanimous decision on ANS license"

The meeting on the results of tender of ANS TV and ANS CM radio frequency will be held in late January, National Television and Radio Council Chairman Nushirvan Meherremli told.
22 January 2007 [16:17]

Deputy Shamkir Prosecutor's mother killed

Deputy Shamkir Prosecutor's mother was killed, law enforcement bodies told the APA. According to the information, in the evening at about 19.00 Deputy Prosecutor of Shamkir region Fuad Mammadov's mother Ferida Mammadova's body was found in her house situated in 8, R. Aliyev St, Ganja.
22 January 2007 [16:14]

Temperature to be above climate norm in Azerbaijan

The temperature in Azerbaijan will be above the climate norm in three days.
22 January 2007 [16:06]

Advocate Ikram Shirinov: "We hope that the Appeals Court will consider the case objectively"

The Azerbaijani advocates of Ramil Safarov, officer of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, life sentenced by April 13 2006 order of the Budapest Court, are officially permitted to participate in the trial from February 22, advocate of the officer returned from Hungary Ikram Shirinov told.
22 January 2007 [15:41]

Another Azeri boy hangs himself after Saddam's execution

Natig Oujov, a resident of Kohne Emenkend village, the region of Bilesuvar, born in 1989, hanged himself.
22 January 2007 [15:37]

Irada Aliyeva considers judgment on Haji Mammadov's case just

"I am satisfied with the court's decision on the case of Haji Mammadov," Irada Aliyeva, wife of Rovshen Aliyev, former high ranking official of the Interior Ministry, killed in March 2002.
22 January 2007 [15:35]

Trial of nurse set on January 31

Azerbaijan's Court of Grave Crimes presided over by Nushabe Agayeva held the preliminary hearing of Criminal case launched against Nurse Ofeliya Safarova and head doctor of Zibakhanim Clinic.
22 January 2007 [01:39]

Armenian origin school pupil killed in Moscow

A school pupil of Armenian origin was killed in Moscow, a source in the law-enforcement bodies of the Russian capital said Sunday.
21 January 2007 [23:16]

Radja lost to Aronian

Azerbaijan's grandmaster Teymur Rajabov suffered his first defeat at the Corus Chess Tournament 2007 in Wijk aan Zee by losing to Armenia's Levon Aronian.
21 January 2007 [16:46]

Moderate earthquake shakes eastern Turkey, damaging homes in 7 villages

A moderate earthquake shook eastern Turkey on Sunday, causing damage to homes in at least seven villages in the eastern Turkish province of Agri, Governor Halil Ibrahim Akpinar said. Two people were slightly injured.
21 January 2007 [16:40]

3 Azeri trucks set ablaze at Iranian borders

Three lorries belonging to the Republic of Azerbaijan burnt on fire in Astara at the joint border with the Islamic Republic of Iran Sunday morning.
21 January 2007 [02:34]

Sergey Pavlyukovich left Khazar-Lenkeran FC

Belarusian Sergey Pavlyukovich has gone to the native country in connection with personal affairs.
21 January 2007 [02:30]

Sport facilities not to be reconstructed in 2007

"Sport facilities and stadiums in Azerbaijan will not be reconstructed in 2007," stated Azad Rehimov, minister of youth and sports.
21 January 2007 [02:23]

Fire in Berde Statistics Office building

Fire took place in the building of Statistics Office, the region of Berde at 10.00 on Saturday morning.
21 January 2007 [02:22]

Voters' list to be specified by May 30

Voters' lists specification process will be finished by May 30 in Azerbaijan.
21 January 2007 [02:19]

Military crimes decreased in Azerbaijan

"The number of deaths remained the same as previous year in 2006," said Azerbaijan's Military Prosecutor Khanlar Valiyev.
21 January 2007 [02:17]

Military Prosecutor: "Elkhan Huseynov arrested as a his soldier tried to commit a suicide"

"Unfortunately, Appeals Court canceled arrest verdict against Elkhan Huseynov. He is still be interrogated," said Azerbaijan's Military Prosecutor, Khanlar Huseynov while commenting on the arrest of commander of a military unit, Elkhan Huseynov.
20 January 2007 [22:57]

Radja makes a draw against Anand

Azerbaijan's grandmaster Teymur Rajabov consolidated his position at the top of the Corus Chess Tournament 2007 in Wijk aan Zee with a draw against World No. 2 India's Viswanathan Anand.
20 January 2007 [14:25]

Gorbachev Foundation's site hacked

The official website of the Mikhail Gorbachev Foundation, who is believed to be the head culprit of 20 January Tragedy in Baku, has been hacked by unknown attackers.
20 January 2007 [14:20]

Test Labs to be set up to check quality of foodstuffs

"Test laboratories will be set up to examine the quality of foodstuffs," Director of the State Agency for Standardization, Metrology and Patents, Ramiz Hasanov said.
20 January 2007 [14:10]

2 injured of fire in Ganja placed in Republic Burn Center

The reason of the fire in flat 55, Agamalioglu Street, Ganja, has been found out.
20 January 2007 [14:05]

President Aliyev visits Martyrs Avenue

President Ilham Aliyev visited Martyrs Avenue on occasion of the 17th anniversary of 20 Yanvar tragedy.
20 January 2007 [13:56]

Order of Red Banner of Labour of Soviet Azerbaijan sold at auction in NYC

Order of Red Banner of Labour of Soviet Azerbaijan was sold by $18 000 in the auction held in New York.
20 January 2007 [13:50]

Rafael Huseynov's report "European criterion of journalism education and experience" to be discussed at the PACE meeting

The meeting of Culture, Science and Education Committee will be held on the first day of winter session of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.
20 January 2007 [13:43]

Fire kills one in Keshle

Fire took place in flat 29, Zakir Street in Keshle settlement.
20 January 2007 [13:43]

Hajibaba Bagirov's performances not to be staged

The performances in which the late actor Hajibaba Bagirov acted starring role will not be staged in Azerbaijan State Musical Comedy Theater.
20 January 2007 [13:38]

Four injured in blast

On Friday, at about 07.40 explosion occurred in 55, Agamali St, Ganja.
20 January 2007 [13:14]

Irada Ashumova: "Doctors do not guarantee I can shoot after surgery"

"Doctors consider it is necessary to operate me. But they do not guarantee that I can shoot after the operation. Because, I am 49," said bronze medal winner of Athens Summer Olympics Irade Ashumova.
20 January 2007 [13:08]

Preparation meeting of trial on case of Elchin Babayev held

Preparation meeting of the trial on case of Elchin Babayev, member of the armed group leaded by the former Prime Minister Suret Huseynov in 1994-1995, and will be held at Grievous Crimes Court presided over by Mammedbagir Zeynalov.
20 January 2007 [00:39]

Radja maintains full point lead

Azerbaijan's grandmaster Teymur Rajabov consolidated his position at the top of the Corus Chess Tournament 2007 in Wijk aan Zee with a relaxed draw against Ukraine's Ruslan Ponomariov.
19 January 2007 [17:37]

Haji Mammadov gets life sentence

A court sentenced 10 people, including several former top police officials, to life in prison Friday, after convicting them of involvement a gang that prosecutors said was responsible for killings and kidnappings in Azerbaijan.
19 January 2007 [17:32]

Pardon decree expected

"Next pardon decree may be issued in March," MP Elmira Akhundova told reporters.
19 January 2007 [16:04]

Order of Red Banner of Labour of Soviet Azerbaijan sold

Order of Red Banner of Labour of Soviet Azerbaijan was sold by $18 000 in the auction held in New York.
19 January 2007 [16:02]

The number of passengers from Russia to Azerbaijan not increased

The number of passengers from Russia to Azerbaijan has not been increased after the application of the law on Migration in Russia, Azerbaijan Airlines representative Meherrem Seferli informs.
19 January 2007 [15:04]

Unstable weather in Europe not to influence Azerbaijan

Unstable weather caused deaths in European countries will not influence on Azerbaijan, Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry National Hydrometeorology Department bureau chief Umayra Tagiyeva stated.