10 November 2005 [12:33]

Putin congratulated Ilham Aliyev with successful elections

President of Russia Vladimir Putin made a called to the head of the state Ilham Aliyev and congratulated Ilham Aliyev with successful democratic parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan.
09 November 2005 [21:09]

CEC annuled results of several polling stations in eights Binagadi precinct

Today the CEC adopted a decision to annul election results of some polling stations of eights Binagadi precinct.
09 November 2005 [20:44]

Official Norway thinks that November 6 Elections were far from satisfying international standards

Yesterday the Ambassador of Norway to Azerbaijan held a press conference on the results of the elections.
09 November 2005 [20:05]

NATO Secretary General makes statement on November 6 Elections

NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer made a statement on the parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan.
09 November 2005 [17:45]

"Azadliq" will hold another rally on November 12

Hasan Karimov, the deputy of PFPA chairman informed APA news agency that "Azadliq" bloc has made a decision on holding a rally-meeting on November 12 together with National Unity Movement.
09 November 2005 [17:11]

YAP sets rally on November 10

Yeni Azerbaijan Party (YAP) plans to hold a rally on November 20.
09 November 2005 [16:25]

Opposition started its rally in Baku - UPDATED

The oppositional block "Azadliq" along with "Yeni Siyaset" [New Politics] block and the Liberal Party of Azerbaijan have started their promised rally at the "20 January" subway station and are moving towards "Gelebe" movie theater were they will hold a meeting that was sanctioned by the city authorities.
09 November 2005 [14:36]

Even close relatives do not know where Rasul Guliev is

The whereabouts of ex-speaker, the head of Democratic Party of Azerbaijan, Rasul Guliyev are unknown even to his relatives.
09 November 2005 [14:29]

OSCE Long-term Observation Mission stays in Azerbaijan while other observers start to leave

"OSCE Long-term Observation Mission will stay in Baku until they make final statement on November 6 Elections held in Azerbaijan," said the Mission's coordinator on media Urdur Gunnadukhter.
09 November 2005 [14:08]

US Department of State released press statement on November 6 Elections

The statement of the US Department of State by Adam Ereli, Deputy Spokesman of the Department.
09 November 2005 [13:55]

EU releases statement on November 6 Elections

Statement of the Presidency of the European Union on the Parliamentary Elections in Azerbaijan.
09 November 2005 [13:48]

Term of the first session of newly elected Parliament will be known within 20 days

New Parliament is expected to hold its first sitting in the late November or early December.
08 November 2005 [20:44]

YAP is ready for a dialogue with opposition

"The authorities are ready for a dialogue with the opposition representatives, protesting against the results of the elections," said the executive secreatary of the ruling Yeni Azerbaijan Party (YAP) Ali Ahmedov.
08 November 2005 [19:57]

CEC cancels results in three constituencies

The the Central Election Committee (CEC) held a meeting on Tuesday. The meeting considered some complaints on the results of the voting and adopted appropriate decisions.
08 November 2005 [17:02]

YAP celebrates victory at 2005 parliamentary elections

"The ruling Yeni Azerbaijan party (YAP) won the 2005 parliamentary elections," the YAP executive secretary Ali Ahmedov told the news conference on 8 November, Trend reports.
08 November 2005 [15:34]

Bulgarian observers confirm elections validity

Member of the elections observation mission of Bulgaria held a news conference on Tuesday to sumerize the result of the monitoring of poll on 6 November, Trend reports.
08 November 2005 [15:25]

US State Department: We share the preliminary assessment of the OSCE observation mission

The US State Department called on the citizens of Azerbaijan to avoid violence while clearing out the issues of violations during the November 6 parliamentary elections, Trend reports citing "RIA Novosti".
08 November 2005 [14:53]

"Yeni Siyaset" block does not recognize the results of the elections

Yesterday "Yeni Siyaset"[New Politics] bloc held a press conference dedicated to the initial results of the parliamentary elections.
08 November 2005 [14:35]

Iranian observation mission confirms validity of elections

21-member delegation of Islamic Republic of Iran observed the parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan (APA).
08 November 2005 [13:42]

Press secretary of Ilham Aliyev: OSCE/ODIHR's statement on elections was distorted due to a bad translation

"An interpreter of the international observation mission with a number of gross linguistic and lexical mistakes distorted the words uttered by the PA OSCE chairman during the news conference," said Azer Gasimov, the press-secretary of the Azerbaijani President.
08 November 2005 [13:24]

Ilham Aliyev's expresses his evaluation of the elections

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev valued the results of the parliamentary elections as positive in an interview to the Azerbaijan state television AzTV on Tuesday.
08 November 2005 [13:08]

International Election Observation Mission (IEOM) releases a preliminary statement on Elections

"The voting was generally calm. The observers assessed the voting process positively in 87 percent of the stations they have visited and negatively in 13 percent of polling stations" - concluded the International Election Observation Mission (IEOM) in a preliminary statement released yesterday.
08 November 2005 [12:57]

Mazahir Panahov: Results of voting might be changed or abolished in about ten constituencies

Head of the Central Election Commission Mazahir Panahov held a final press conference on the results of the parliamentary elections yesterday. He said that the "Elections" Information Center received the initial results: 46.8% of voters over the republic participated in the voting.
07 November 2005 [21:58]

US Embassy in Azerbaijan states that exit-poll by PA Consulting was flawless

The USAID ensured overhaul monitoring of the results of the exit poll conducted by the PA Government Services on the voting day in Azerbaijan to prevent undesirable impact on the results in favor of any candidate to deputies," reads a press release spread by the U.S. embassy to Azerbaijan.
07 November 2005 [21:17]

Andres Herkel: Government must not hinder political freedoms of opposition

"Freedom of assembly is one of the main political freedoms and if the Azerbaijani opposition expresses will to hold peaceful actions, the government must not hinder it," Andres Herkel, the PACE co-rapourteur on Azerbaijan, stated at a meeting with journalists on Monday.
07 November 2005 [21:09]

Azerbaijani Ombudsman thinks elections passed successfully

"The parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan can be regarded as successful. They were democratic, transparent and fair guaranteed by the improved elections legislation system," Elmira Suleymanova, the Azerbaijani Ombudsman told Trend news agency.
07 November 2005 [19:26]

Russian and Ukrainian observers satisfied with efficiency of the inking process

On Monday representatives of the Central Elections Commissions (CEC) and Russia and Ukraine, Igor Kachur and Mikhael Okhendovskiy (Ukraine) and Siyabshakh Shapiyev (Russia), who participated in the parliamentary elections, held a press conference.
07 November 2005 [18:58]

Anar Mamedkhanov: That were not exit-polls but rather inside-polls

Anar Mamedkhanov who was re-elected to the new Parliament, says that principles of exit-polling were violated at his precinct.
07 November 2005 [18:54]

"New Politics" block is going to join "Azadliq" political block

A "New Politics" alliance’s chairmen announced today that the bloc plans protest actions against falsifications of the voting results.
07 November 2005 [18:27]

List of Parties and number of chairs they have acquired

For this moment 95, 74 percent of ballots were processed. The processed data allows drawing preliminary results of elections by parties.
07 November 2005 [18:24]

"Azadliq" block does not recognize the results of the elections

Political block Azadliq does not recognize the results of the elections and starts constitutional fight for their cancellation and new elections to the parliament,” said leader of Musavat party Isa Gambar.
07 November 2005 [18:09]

OSCE/ODIHR: Parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan do not meet international standards

"The parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan do not meet the commitments of Azerbaijan to international institutions and do not meet the democratic standards," said the president of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly (PA) Elsy Gastings at a news conference on November 7 in Baku.
07 November 2005 [18:05]

Turkish observers confirm the elections to be transparent

"The victory of 33% of independent candidates testifies the democratic organization of the parliamentary elections," Akkan Suver, the head of the Turkish observation mission, also chairman of Marmara Fund, said at a news conference in Baku.
07 November 2005 [18:02]

International observers confirm transparency of elections

A group of international observers for the parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan held on 6 November noted their high level. It has been told at the news conference on 7 November held by the analysts of the American Democratic Centre and the London Democratic Institute, Trend reports.
07 November 2005 [17:49]

The CIS observation mission confirms the process of elections to be transparent and democratic

The CIS observation mission recognizes the elections to Milli Mejlis (the Parliament) of Azerbaijan. The head of the CIS observation mission Vladimir Rushaylo stated today at a news conference in Baku that the elections were in conformity with the local legislation and the norms of democracy.
07 November 2005 [14:48]

Baku Mayor office has authorized "Azadliq" to hold a rally on November 9

The Baku executive power sent a reply letter to the application of the "Azadliq" block regarding the rallies on 8, 9 and 10 of November.
07 November 2005 [14:00]

Parliamentary Elections in Azerbaijan

The Central Election Commission published preliminary results of the elections to the Parliament.
07 November 2005 [13:23]

Latvian observers say there were no serious violations during the elections

"Observers from Latvia did not noticed any serious violations during the parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan that could jeopardize validity of the results of the voting," stated the chairman of the Latvian Central Election Committee (CEC) Arnis Tsimdars.
07 November 2005 [12:30]

In Ganja 41.9 percent of population cast their ballots in parliamentary elections

The latest data from Ganja states that 59,930 inhabitants, or 41.85% participated in the elections. 143,190 electors were registered at four existing constituencies in Ganja.
07 November 2005 [12:02]

Andreas Gross did not observe any falsifications during elections

Andreas Gross and Andreas Herkel, the European parliamentarians involved in the monitoring process in Ganja, held a news conference on November 6 at 11:00 p.m.
07 November 2005 [11:35]

YAP is sure of its victory

"The parliamentary elections held on Sunday succeeded," Ali Ahmadov, the Executive Secretary of the Yeni Azerbaijan (New Azerbaijan) Party said at a news conference on Sunday.
06 November 2005 [22:28]

Etibar Mammadov did not face any serious violations

"No serious violations were revealed in the elections," stated Etibar Mammadov, the leader of the Azerbaijan National Independence Party (ANIP).
06 November 2005 [22:17]

Five members of CEC think elections had mass violations - UPDATED

At 9:00 p.m. the CEC held an exceptional session called on the demand of five members of the CEC with Vidadi Makhmudov heading them.
06 November 2005 [21:44]

"Azadliq" block: Elections were totally falsified

"Azadliq" bloc is going to demand cancellation of the election results.
06 November 2005 [18:48]

Kerimli states that PFPA observers witnessed mass violations at polling stations

"We have registered mass violations during today elections" stated the leader of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan Ali Kerimli.
06 November 2005 [17:11]

Sardar Jalalogly: Even if Guliev is elected a deputy he will not return to the country

The Democratic Party of Azerbaijan decided to leave on Rasul Guliev to decide whether he wants to come back.
06 November 2005 [16:51]

US embassy closely monitors voting process at Rasul Guliev's voting precinct

The embassy of the United States is closely observing the voting process at the voting precinct where ex-speaker Rasul Guliev is running.
06 November 2005 [12:31]

Ilham Aliyev: We believe that the elections will be transparent and democratic

The president gave a small interview while visiting polling station at the school #6 at Sabayil precinct 29.
06 November 2005 [12:21]

Vladimir Rushaylo: There are some shortcomings in Elections

The CIS Executive Secretary, head of the CIS Observation Mission Vladimir Rushaylo commented on the Elections' process.
06 November 2005 [10:12]

Faramaz Javadov - Head of Guliev's elections headquarters was released on Saturday night

Faramaz Javadov, arrested during the Friday search at the election headquarters of Rasul Guliyev was released yesterday night.
05 November 2005 [14:48]

GUAM: Russian military presence hinders regulation of conflicts in Georgia and Moldova

"The Russian military presence hinders regulation of the conflicts in Georgia and Moldova," says a joint statement spread by the delegations of the GUAM countries (Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova) adopted at the meeting of the OSCE Standing Council in Vienna on Thursday.
05 November 2005 [14:22]

Azerbaijan adopts a joint communiquewith Turkey

The law "On adoption of a joint communique between Azerbaijan and Turkey" became effective on Saturday, November 5. The communique was signed by the sides in Baku on 30 June and adopted by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on 30 September 2005.
05 November 2005 [14:06]

Russian delegation visited the Alley of Martyrs in Baku

On November 4, representatives of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of Russia, who came to Azerbaijan to observe the forthcoming elections to Milli Majlis, visited the Alley of Honors.
05 November 2005 [14:04]

CEC holds routine session

Regular session of the Central Election Commission under presidency of Mazahir Panahov took place on November 4.
05 November 2005 [14:00]

US Department of State calls Azerbaijan to implement decrees relating to Elections

The US Department of State called for implementation of the important decrees of President Ilham Aliyev connected to the parliamentary elections in the country, the Washington-based correspondent of AzerTAc said. This was announced in the statement disseminated on November 4 by the Department of State’s press secretary Shon McKormak.
05 November 2005 [13:37]

Inhabitants of Nagorno-Karabakh are willing to vote at the Khankendi Constituency #122

The Central Election Commission has received letters from citizens of Azerbaijan living currently on the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh and registered at Khankendi Constituency #122.
04 November 2005 [18:45]

President of Azerbaijan comments arrests of high ranking officials

"All attempts for upheaval will be prevented hence," said the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in an interview to the Russian First TV channel.
04 November 2005 [18:33]

"Azadliq" block will hold demonstrations on November 8-10

The "Azadliq" bloc made a decision on holding mass demonstrations on November 8, 9 and 10," informs the head of the Musavat Party Isa Gambar.
04 November 2005 [17:21]

CEC informs that it will post all results at its web page

The "Elections" Information Center of the Central Election Commission (CEC) will post information on activity of voters and initial results of the elections in 24 hours. It was announced that the "Elections" Information Center will work without a break from 8:00 a.m. November 6 to 7:00 p.m. November 7.
04 November 2005 [17:14]

CEC registered 1291 international observers

The number of registered by CEC international observers that will monitor the parliamentary elections has reached 1291.
04 November 2005 [17:08]

Vladimir Rushaylo arrived in Azerbaijan to monitor elections

The CIS Executive Secretary, head of the CIS Observation Mission to observe the elections to Milli Majlis (parliament) Vladimir Rushaylo arrived in Baku yesterday.
04 November 2005 [16:20]

Candidate Asadov accuses his rival - Ibadov of unfair campaigning

Edimad Asadov who is a registered candidate at the Nizami constituency #24 complained to District Electoral Committee about his rival Rza Ibadov.
04 November 2005 [15:37]

Rasul Guliev's headquarters being searched for unknown reasons by MNS

A search was performed by representatives of the Ministry of National Security at the headquarters of Rasul Guliev on Thursday.
04 November 2005 [14:59]

Azerbaijan does not mind US to help citizens of Azerbaijan living in Nagorno-Karabakh

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic considers decision of the US to allocate $3 billions for Nagorno-Karabakh to be an aid for the citizens of Azerbaijan.
04 November 2005 [14:16]

Khankendi precincts announce readyness for elections

The chairman of Khankendi Constituency Election Commission (ConEC) #122 Allahveri Dolukhanov infomed APA news agency that the commission has completed all preparation works under relevant instructions.
04 November 2005 [13:34]

1561 candidates to contest for 125 chairs of Milli Majlis

The Independent Press Center (IPC) informs that already 502 registered candidates left the election marathon due to different reasons.
04 November 2005 [13:29]

Purges in YAP continue

More than 400 Yeni Azerbaijan Party members who nominated their candidacies not complying with the YAP's grand election list have been dismissed from the party.
04 November 2005 [13:12]

PFPA Nakhchivan branch rejects to recognize results of the Elections beforehand

The Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan's Nakhchivan branch informed beforehand that it will not recognize results of elections to Milli Majlis and Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan AR.
04 November 2005 [13:07]

"Azadliq" bloc will not rally on November 7

Board of chairmen of "Azadliq" bloc held its next sitting on Thursday, November 3.
04 November 2005 [12:45]

21 observers and 11 journalists from Norway will follow parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan

11 Journalists from various Norway TV channels and papers have already arrived in Baku to observe November 6 Parliamentary elections.
03 November 2005 [17:02]

Oppositionists arrested on October 17 were released today

Persons, detained by police on October 17 in Baku have been released," informed deputy head of the Baku City Chief Poilice Department Yashar Aliyev.
03 November 2005 [15:57]

Defense minister discusses with German diplomats prospects of Azerbaijani-German military cooperation

Defense Minister, colonel-general Safar Abiyev received German ambassador to Azerbaijan Detlev Lingeman and military attach?, brigade General Peter Shafranken.
03 November 2005 [15:40]

US embassy in Baku denies that PA Consulting was specifically choosing precincts for exit-poll

"Constituencies where the US Company PA Consulting Group will conduct the exit-poll were determined by means of a special computer program and accidental selection method," explained a representative of the US embassy to Azerbaijan.
03 November 2005 [14:39]

The US Department of State closely watches the Elections in Azerbaijan

The spokesman of the US State Department Sean McCormack: "We put out a statement on October 26 concerning our hopes for the elections. We are watching the elections in Azerbaijan closely. It is something that our Embassy monitors on a daily basis".
03 November 2005 [14:16]

Ali Kerimli: "In case of unfair elections in Azerbaijan opposition will struggle against the results"

The Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan leader Ali Kerimli in his Thursday press conference shared with journalists his vision of actions of "Azadliq" block in case of unfair elections.