03 May 2005 [14:05]

Only 413.00 Armenians moved from Ottoman territory in 1915-1918 years

Archive documents have been published in collection which proves the claims as if 1.5 million Armenians were moved from Anatolia lands and killed in 1915-1918 to be false.
03 May 2005 [13:45]

No amnesty act expected in Azerbaijan on 60th anniversary of victory

The Azerbaijani President is not expected to issue an amnesty act on the occasions of the 60th anniversary of the victory over fascism, Azay Guliyev, member of the state commission on pardon, told Trend.
03 May 2005 [13:23]

National NGO Forum to start protest actions demanding freeing of three Azeri soldiers in captive

"If Armenians don't release the three Azerbaijan soldiers until May 7, Working Group in National Non-Governmental Organizations Forum will start holding protest actions" - APA was told of it by president of NNGOF Azay Guliyev.
03 May 2005 [13:19]

Azeri Foreign Minister Elmar Mammedyarov met with Condoleezza Rice

Foreign Minister Elmar Mammedyarov attended the meeting of American States' Organization on Democratic Societies member states and observer countries in Chile.
02 May 2005 [11:59]

Russia stopped Azerbaijan ships carrying material for the construction of BTC

Ships of Russian Military Navigation don't let "Maestro Niyazi" and "Natevan" ships belonging to Caspian Sea Navigation Office from Volga-Don channel to Caspian Sea.
02 May 2005 [11:57]

The oppositionists attempted to hold protest action in Masalli

The members of AXCP(i), Musavat and ADP in Masalli region organizations attempted to hold protest action yesterday.
30 April 2005 [16:32]

Azerbaijani President met with US Ambassador at OSCE

President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev received on April 29 the US Ambassador at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Stefan Minikes.
30 April 2005 [16:08]

"Freedom House" considers Azerbaijan to be a country without freedom of speech

"Freedom House" International Organization announced annual report on freedom of press in world countries. According to the report only 75 countries have freedom of press and information.
30 April 2005 [15:23]

Norway will observe over ensuring democracy and transparency of elections in Azerbaijan

Norway intends to observe over ensuring democracy and transparency in the forthcoming elections to be held in November in Azerbaijan, Steinar Gil, the Norwegian Ambassador to Azerbaijan, told Trend.
30 April 2005 [15:22]

Greek deputies to come to Baku in September

Greek parliamentarians visit to Baku planned to be in May will not realize. The date of visit was shifted to September.
30 April 2005 [15:21]

Results of PACE spring session successful for Azerbaijan

Results of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) spring session are successful for Azerbaijan, a member of the Azerbaijani delegation at the PACE, Rafael Husseynov told Trend, commenting completion of the spring session in Strassburg on April 29,2005.
30 April 2005 [15:18]

One more members of Haji Mammadov's group arrested

One more member of Haji Mammadov's group, born in Siyazan in 1969, citizen of Baku Fariz Hamidov Babir oghlu was arrested because of his criminal deeds.
30 April 2005 [15:10]

Ilham Aliyev received chief director of UNO Food and Agriculture Organization

President Ilham Aliyev today received the delegation headed by Jak Diuf- chief director of UNO Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
29 April 2005 [16:19]

Independence Day of Israel to be celebrated in Baku

May 12 is the Independence Day of Israel.
29 April 2005 [16:09]

Ilham Aliyev received the delegation of International Rescue Committee

Yesterday President Ilham Aliyev received the delegation of International Rescue Committee (IRC).
29 April 2005 [15:55]

Azerbaijani parliamentarians to visit Iran

Members of inter-parliamentary group of the Azerbaijani-Iranian friendship society are due to visit Tehran in May.
29 April 2005 [15:39]

Armed forces of Armenia violated the ceasefire along the front line

The enemy keeps on violating the ceasefire.
29 April 2005 [15:34]

T.Davis: "We do not try to change the structure and working principle of co-rapporteurs of Minsk group"

"Council of Europe does not try to change the structure of OSCE Minsk Group and working principle of the co-rapporteurs. We try to assist the co-chairmen in the solution of the problem".
29 April 2005 [15:29]

Steynar Gil and Norwegian deputy met authority representatives and Ombudsman

Ambassador of Norway in Azerbaijan Steynar Gil and deputy of Norwegian parliament Trond Giske met deputy chairman of NAP, executive secretary of the party Ali Ahmadov.
29 April 2005 [15:27]

Ilham Aliyev awarded with "Heydar Aliyev" order

Yesterday President Ilham Aliyev was awarded with the highest award of the country, "Heydar Aliyev" order founded in the honor of the late president Heydar Aliyev and number 1 certificate of the order.
29 April 2005 [15:16]

Embassy of Bulgaria will celebrate its day of Army in Baku

The embassy of Bulgaria to our country will organize a party on the occasion of Day of army on 6 May.
29 April 2005 [15:07]

Azerbaijan elected as the member of Human Rights Commission of UNO

Yesterday the meeting of Human Rights Commission of Economical and Social Council of UNO was held.
29 April 2005 [15:04]

US state department report marks Azerbaijan's role in fighting international terrorism

After the 11 September, 2001 events Azerbaijan set to immediate cooperation with the USA in fighting international terrorism, the next US State Department report on fighting terrorism says, according to Trend.
28 April 2005 [19:54]

70 days passed since 3 Azeri soldiers were captured by Armenian army

Forum of National Non-Governmental Organizations (FNNGO) held measure concerning three Azerbaijani soldiers captivated by Army of Armenia on February 15.
28 April 2005 [19:53]

Court of Ramil Safarov will take place on May 3

Advocate Adil Ismayilov will go to Budapest on 3 May to participate in the court process of lieutenant general of Azerbaijan Army Ramil Safarov accused in the murder of Armenian officer in Hungary that will be held on May 10.
28 April 2005 [19:51]

Greek parliamentarians will come to Baku

Four members of the parliament of Greece will come to Baku in the middle of May.
28 April 2005 [19:44]

Talish national movement established in Netherlands

Europe Union of Azerbaijani Political Migrants (EUAPM) established by a group of Azerbaijanis in Netherlands refutes the information spread about the cooperation of this organization with Alekram Hummetov.
28 April 2005 [18:54]

Minister of Italy on regional affairs will come to Baku

In the middle of may minister of Italy on regional affairs Enrico La Loggia will come to Baku.
28 April 2005 [18:43]

Ceasefire violated in three directions

Armenians violated the ceasefire again.
27 April 2005 [18:30]

Azeri politicians do not expect break in a meeting of Armenian and Azeri foreign ministers

Elmar Namazov, the co-founder of the 'New Policy' bloc, a political scientist, considers the forthcoming meeting of the Armenian and Azerbaijani FMs, Vardan Oskanian and Elmar Mammadyarov, to be held in Frankfurt on Wednesday as senseless.
27 April 2005 [18:11]

The next stage of Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan talks had no results

The next stage of talks on the debated "Kapaz" Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan talks had no results.
27 April 2005 [18:00]

OSCE monitoring in Armenian-Azerbaijani frontline without causalities

The next OSCE monitoring held in the contact lime of the Armenian and Azerbaijani armed forces in Mezemli village of Gazakh District on Tuesday was held without casualties, the Defense Ministry announced.
27 April 2005 [17:58]

Parliament approved the authorities of general prosecutor Zakir Garalov for the next term

In the first part of today's meeting of the Parliament the presentation of the president within appointing Zakir Garalov to the post of prosecutor general was discussed.
27 April 2005 [17:33]

Interior Minister Ramil Usubov:"There are professional criminal groups plundering apartments in the capital"

"The number of robbery in Baku has increased recently. There are professional criminal groups plundering apartments in the capital" Interior Minister Ramil Usubov told about it in his talk to journalists.
27 April 2005 [17:25]

Armenian troops violate the ceasefire regime in Agdam, Fuzuli, Goranboy districts

On Tuesday the armed divisions of Armenia fired with sub-machine guns and machine-guns from 00.00 to 00.15, from 02.00 to 02.20 and from 03.30 to 03.50 from their positions in 0.5km west of Ashagi Abdurrahmanly village of Fuzuli District the Azerbaijani positions, the Defense ministry announced.
27 April 2005 [17:19]

Ilham Aliyev participated in the opening of Shamakhi Olympic Center

Yesterday President Ilham Aliyev paid a visit to Shamakhi.
27 April 2005 [17:07]

PACE Monitoring Committee deeply concerned by political climate in Azerbaijan ahead of November 2005 parliamentary elections

The Monitoring Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), meeting during the plenary session of the Assembly, today adopted the following declaration:
27 April 2005 [16:54]

State committee officials meet with representatives of diaspora in London

Officials of the state committee on work with the Azerbaijanis living abroad, had a business trip to the UK and held exchange of opinions with representatives of the Azerbaijani Diaspora societies, functioning there, Azerbaijanis, studying and residing in London.
26 April 2005 [14:17]

President of Azerbaijan to visit Shamakhi

The Azerbaijan President of Azerbaijan will make a one-day trip to Shamakhi district on 26 April. The executive office of the Azerbaijani President told to Trend.
26 April 2005 [14:16]

Opposition leader does not believe in revolution in Azerbaijan

"I do not believe revolution to happen in oil country like Azerbaijan, the leader of the Adalet party, Ilyas Ismaylov, told Trend.
26 April 2005 [14:03]

4841 Azerbaijani citizens registered as lost persons in the conflict zone

According to the statistics for January 1 this year, 4841 Azerbaijani citizens have been registered as lost persons in the conflict zone. 54 of them are children, 321 are women, 409 are old ones.
26 April 2005 [13:49]

Armenians violated the ceasefire in two directions

Armenians violated the ceasefire in two directions.
26 April 2005 [13:21]

Ilham Aliyev received co-chairman of Minsk Group of OSCE Steven Mann

Yesterday Head of the state Ilham Aliyev received Senior Advisor for Eurasia at the USA Department of State, co-chairman of Minsk Group of OSCE Steven Mann.
26 April 2005 [13:17]

Norway state secretary will come to Baku on May 25

State Secretary of Norway, deputy Minister of power engineering Oluf Ulset will also attend the opening ceremony of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline on May 25.
26 April 2005 [13:05]

Azeris in Brussels held protest action against the fake "Armenian genocide" campaign

Protest action was held against the fake "Armenian genocide" campaign in Brussels on Saturday.
26 April 2005 [13:04]

Azeri military to attend NATO events

Under the NATO Individual Cooperation Program with Azerbaijan the representatives of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry will participate in a meeting of the High Committee on Extraordinary Civil Planning to be held in Helsinki and a final conference on planning 'Peace Shield-05' in Kiev from 25 to 26 April.
26 April 2005 [13:02]

GUUAM declaration: unsettlement of conflicts damage sovereignty, territorial integrity of member-states

Unsettlement of conflicts in the GUUAM member-states damage the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of these states, complicate the implementation of large-scale democratic reforms and economic development of the region, negatively affects on the European integration processes and throws down a challenge to the international community, according to a declaration on "For Democracy, stability and development" recently signed in a summit of the GUUAM heads of state in Kishinev, Moldova.
26 April 2005 [12:58]

Andreas Gross: "I cannot imagine what can happen to Azerbaijan if the falsifications will take place again during elections"

Day.Az News Agency interviewed the rapporteur of the Council of Europe's monitoring committee on Azerbaijan, Andreas Gross.
26 April 2005 [12:51]

Leaders of NGO coalition might run for parliament representation

Parliamentary elections of 2005 considered to be a vital turning point for Azerbaijan’s democratic future.
23 April 2005 [08:51]

Next meeting on the status of the Caspian Sea to be held in Iran next month

The next meeting of working groups of 5 Caspian Sea countries on the status of the Caspian will be held in Iran in the second half of May. Ambassador of Iran in Azerbaijan Afshar Suleymani informed of it.
23 April 2005 [08:34]

Musavat leader completes visits to US

The visit of the Head of the 'Musvat' party, Isa Gambar, to Great Britain and the USA has completed.
23 April 2005 [08:31]

Karabakh Freedom Organization made protest statement within fake "Armenian genocide"

Yesterday Freedom for Karabakh Organization (FKO) made protest statement within fake "Armenian genocide".
23 April 2005 [08:29]

Chair of Russian Federation Council sees no threats of velvet revolution for Russia, Azerbaijan

"I don't know where and why US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice wants to drive. I support the case when only the nation resolves all in the sovereign state and it is the source of power and sovereignty," Sergey Mironov, the chairman of the Russian Council of Federation, told Trend on Friday.
23 April 2005 [08:24]

Ambassador of Iran in Azerbaijan Afshar Suleymani held press conference

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary ambassador of Iran in Azerbaijan Afshar Suleymani held press conference yesterday.
23 April 2005 [08:15]

Milli Majlis adopted law "About Heydar Aliyev order"

Law "About Heydar Aliyev order" was discussed in the 1st and 2nd reading in yesterday's meeting of Milli Majlis (parliament) and adopted.
23 April 2005 [08:13]

Meeting of speakers of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Armenia due in Moscow

Meeting of the speakers of the Parliaments of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Armenia will take place on 24-25 May 2005 in Moscow, the head of International Relations Division of the Milli Mejlis, Namik Aliyev, told Trend.
23 April 2005 [08:06]

Russia to send new ambassador to Azerbaijan by the end of this year

Advocate for charge d'affaires Pyotr Burdkin has been the head of Russian Embassy in Azerbaijan for nearly a year.
23 April 2005 [08:03]

Strengthening of GUUAM does not bother Russia

GUUAM summit which launched its work in Kishinev today does not bother Russia.
23 April 2005 [07:53]

GUUAM countries should exchange positive experience in establishment of autonomies in conflict territory

GUUAM countries should exchange positive experience n the establishment of autonomies in the conflict territory, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev stated to a summit of GUUAM, a regional organization among Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Moldova, held in Kishinev on Friday.
22 April 2005 [19:08]

Azerbaijani authorities correctly accepts US policy

The Azerbaijani authorities correctly accept the US policy in Azerbaijan and there are no concerns in this respect, Novruz Mammadov, the head of the Foreign Relationships Department of the President's Executive Power, told Trend.
22 April 2005 [18:43]

Azerbaijan-Moldova documents signed

Azerbaijani and Moldova Presidents - Ilham Aliyev and Vladimir Voronin - signed a joint declaration in Kishinev on Thursday, Trend reports. The document was inked after the talks on the top under the Azerbaijani President's official visit to Moldova.
22 April 2005 [17:56]

Russian Federation Council Chairman Sergei Mironov came to Baku

Yesterday delegation headed by Chairman of Russian Federation Council Sergei Mironov has come to Baku for two-day visit.
22 April 2005 [17:54]

Andreas Herkel: "We are mostly concerned over lack of the dialogue between authorities and opposition"

We are mostly concerned over the lack of the dialogue between the authorities and the opposition, Andreas Herkel, the co-rapporteur of the Monitoring Committee of the PACE, told a news conference on Wednesday on the results of his visit to Baku, Trend reports.
22 April 2005 [17:53]

Andreas Gross: "Winner of election is not owner of Azerbaijan"

The Azerbaijani authorities should organize the elections in the way to achieve the failed side to acknowledge the results, Andreas Gross, the co-rapporteur of the PACE Monitoring Committee, told at news conference held in Baku on the results of the visit on Wednesday.
22 April 2005 [17:49]

The Economist: "The Nagorno Karabakh problem won't be solved soon"

"It won't be possible to regulate the Nagorno Karabakh conflict soon."
22 April 2005 [17:37]

Report of Goran Lenmarker is not yet ready

In the meeting of Parliamentary Assembly (PA) bureau of OSCE to be held in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark the report of rapporteur of the organization over Upper Garabagh Goran Lenmarker will not be discussed.
21 April 2005 [17:25]

Reno Harnish: "Washington supports democratization process in Azerbaijan"

"As in the other countries Washington supports democratization process in Azerbaijan, too".
21 April 2005 [17:23]

USA ambassador met with founders of "YeS" block

Yesterday ambassador of USA to Azerbaijan Reno Harnish has met with founders of "Yeni Siyaset" (YeS) block in headquarter of National Unity Movement leader Lale Shovket.
21 April 2005 [17:21]

Armed Forces of Armenia fired at Azeri positions again

The divisions of Armed Forces of Armenia from their positions in 2km south-east of the village Tapgaragoyunlu of Goranboy region fired at the opposite positions of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan in the east of that village, from their positions in 1km south-east of the village Tapargoyunlu fired at the opposite positions of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan in the territory of the village Borsunlu of that region at 20.00 till 20.30 yesterday.
21 April 2005 [17:08]

Anna Maria Ishler Biguin: "Azerbaijan needs peace, stability for successful implementation of new neighborhood policy"

Azerbaijan needs peace and stability in the region for the successful implementation of the European Union's New Neighborhood Policy in the South Caucasus, Azerbaijani Ombudsman Elmira Suleymanova said in a meeting on Wednesday with a EU-Azerbaijan interpliamentary cooperation committee headed by the co-chair, member of the European Parliament from France, Anna Maria Ishler Biguin.
21 April 2005 [16:56]

Azeri President left for Moldova

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev left for Kishinev on Thursday with a two-day official visit, the Azerbaijani President's Apparat.
21 April 2005 [16:54]

Azerbaijani ambassador in Russia Ramiz Rizayev: "Baku won't object if the USA intends to be engaged in security matters of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline"

"The positions of Baku and Moscow coincide concerning the existence of cooperation relations between our countries.
21 April 2005 [16:47]

Azerbaijan plans obtaining of new loans from the World Bank in amount $80 mln

Azerbaijan plans obtaining of new loans from the World Bank.
21 April 2005 [16:44]

Crime case opened within the insult of Azerbaijan flag on the ship "GULF BACKER-1"

Crime case opened within the insult of Azerbaijan flag in ship "GULF BACKER-1" of the USA Company "Tide water".
20 April 2005 [17:01]

Ilham Aliyev dismissed the head of Appeal Court

Yesterday President Ilham Aliyev dismissed Gulzar Rzayeva from the duty of the chairman of Appeal Court.