28 April 2008 [17:41]

Azerbaijan joins Eurasian economic club of scientists

Azerbaijan has joined the Eurasian economic club of scientists, founded in Astana (Karabakhstan).
28 April 2008 [17:11]

Great Britain accounts for half of investments into Azerbaijan's economy

Great Britain keeps leading by volume of external investments into Azerbaijani economy.
28 April 2008 [16:04]

Lenkoran opposition calls on Azerbaijani authorities to provide aid to south region's citrus economies

The Lenkoran organizations of the Musavat, Popular Front and Open Society opposition parties have prepared an appeal in this connection.
28 April 2008 [13:02]

Azerbaijan, Germany sign memo of understanding on cooperation in labor and social protection of population

A delegation led by Franz Tunner, state secretary of the Parliamentary Federative Ministry of issues of labor and social protection of population is visiting Baku.
28 April 2008 [11:09]

Azerbaijan displays no interest in Trans-Afghan gas pipeline project

Azerbaijan displays no interest in the project of construction of Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline, as told Azerbaijan's Minister of Industry and Energy Natiq Aliyev.
26 April 2008 [13:59]

Internet prices to fall in Azerbaijan

Internet tariffs are not regulated by the Tariff Council, they are regulated by the market.
26 April 2008 [11:45]

Ukraine, Azerbaijan to discuss energy issues

A group of experts on energy complexes of Azerbaijan and Ukraine headed by Vice-President of State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) Elshad Nasirov will visit Kiev, Ukraine on May 5.
26 April 2008 [10:54]

State Secretary of German parliamentary federal ministry to arrive in Azerbaijan

A delegation led by Franz Tunner, German state secretary of the Federal ministry of labor and social protection of the population, will pay an official visit to Azerbaijani capital on April 27.
25 April 2008 [17:11]

SOCAR opens petrol station in Georgia

SOCAR opened a petrol station under SOCAR brand in Georgian Rustavi on April 25.
25 April 2008 [16:52]

Azerbaijan's insurance market to grow by 30% annually

Azerbaijan's insurance market will grow by 30% annually in the near future.
25 April 2008 [15:43]

Parliament of Azerbaijan discusses rise in prices and situation with grain

"Statistics of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Agriculture about grain crops is an open upward distortion".
25 April 2008 [14:05]

Azerbaijan to establish 134 taxi stands this year

More than 10 cabstands were established in Baku over the past month, Baku Transport LLC told APA.
25 April 2008 [08:59]

Azerbaijan restarts gas exportation to Georgia

Azerbaijan has restarted pumping natural gas to Georgia from April 23, said Rovnag Abdullayev, the President of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR).
24 April 2008 [17:36]

Baku to host second Jordan National Exhibition and Business forum

The second Jordan national exhibition will be held in Baku on May 6-9 under the steering support of the Jordan's Ministry of Industry and Trade, Azerbaijan's Ministry of Economic Development and AZPROMO.
24 April 2008 [16:30]

BP, SOCAR arguing about expansion of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan capacity expansion - UPDATED

BP and SOCAR have not yet reached an agreement on expansion of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline capacity.
24 April 2008 [14:57]

Azerbaijan works out concept of industrial city

Azerbaijan's Ministry of Economic Development has worked a concept of the project of creating an industrial city near Sumgayit (Yashma settlement).
24 April 2008 [12:05]

Azerbaijan-Turkey Businessmen Association and US Azeris Network sign protocol of cooperation

The Azerbaijan-Turkey Businessmen Association (ATIB) and US Azeris Network have signed a protocol of cooperation.
24 April 2008 [11:56]

Organizations of Azerbaijani and Spanish entrepreneurs sign agreement on cooperation

The Azerbaijan Confederation of Entrepreneurs and Barcelona Organization of Employers signed an agreement on cooperation during a Spain-Azerbaijan business-forum held in Barcelona (Spain) on April 6-11.
23 April 2008 [16:08]

Heydar Babayev: "I regard the Caspian basin as a region of wide opportunities and potential"

The fifth session of the Kazakhstan-Azerbaijan intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation is held in Astana.
23 April 2008 [15:23]

US likely to release some Azerbaijan-made goods from taxes

The office of the US trade representative will discuss preparation of appeal to US President about attaching a status of "the developing beneficiary country" to Azerbaijan.
23 April 2008 [14:43]

Shah Deniz gas prices to change

Prices on gas produced from Shah Deniz field in Azerbaijan will change beginning from April 15.
23 April 2008 [11:34]

Exploration launched in one more gold field in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan International Mining Operating Company has launched exploration work in Gosha Gold Field, located in Tovuz Region.
23 April 2008 [11:27]

Turkey's Minister of Labor and Social Protection arrives in Azerbaijan

A delegation led by Turkey's Minister of Labor and Social Protection Faruk Chelik has arrived to Azerbaijani capital.
23 April 2008 [10:25]

Azerbaijan likely to resume gas supplies to Georgia

Azerbaijan may resume gas supplies to Georgia in May.
22 April 2008 [16:53]

Azerbaijan Investment Company to consider project of knitwear manufacture in Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijan Investment Company hopes to start financing the project of knitwear manufacture construction in Azerbaijan by late May.
22 April 2008 [16:42]

Exhibition of Jordan-made goods to be held in Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku will host an exhibition of goods, produced by leading companies of Jordan, on May 6.
22 April 2008 [15:23]

Azerbaijan Investment Company: "We need a partner that would present a project of wind plants to us and become its operator"

The Azerbaijan investment company is ready to invest in the renewable energy sources.
22 April 2008 [15:04]

SOCAR president receives US deputy secretary of state

SOCAR president Rovnag Abdullayev received deputy US secretary of state Ruben Jeffrey.
22 April 2008 [14:50]

Caspian International Investment Company explores options of participating in 5 projects in Azerbaijan

A presentation of the Caspian International Investment Company will be held in summer, said Anar Akhundov, chief executive of Azerbaijan Investment Company.
22 April 2008 [14:25]

BP begins oil production from Azerbaijan's Gunashli project

BP begins oil production from Azerbaijan's Gunashli projectBP Plc said oil production has started from the deepwater Gunashli complex in Azerbaijan.
22 April 2008 [13:19]

Heydar Babayev: "Azerbaijani government will monitor grain prices"

"The talks about grain deficit in Azerbaijan do not meet the reality and the government of the country will not permit that".
22 April 2008 [12:46]

Heydar Babayev: "We will discuss problems of import of Kazakh grain to Azerbaijan in Astana"

A regular session of the Azerbaijani-Kazakh intergovernmental commission will be held in Astana tomorrow.
22 April 2008 [11:27]

Azerbaijan rises prices of air tickets on international flights

The air tickets to Russia, Turkey and Dubai have risen in prices by at least 3-6% through the last month.
21 April 2008 [16:14]

Extractive industries having highest share in Azerbaijan's industrial production

In the first quarter of 2008 Azerbaijan's industrial production and provided services in the amount of AZN 7,051,900,000 which is 12.9% higher as compared to the same period of the last year.
21 April 2008 [14:49]

Regular assembly of International Transporters' Union to be held in Baku

A regular assembly of the International Transporters' Union will be held in Baku on May 11-14.
21 April 2008 [14:31]

Day of Azerbaijani economy to be held in Hanover

A day of Azerbaijani economy will be held in Hanover (Germany) in the framework of international annual exhibition "Get new technology first".
21 April 2008 [12:13]

Investments in Azerbaijan to continue growing from 2009

The Black Sea Trade & Development Bank predicts the annual investments in total to gradually grow in Azerbaijan from 2009.
21 April 2008 [10:37]

Baku-Tbilisi-Erzirum pipeline transports 1,200,000,000 cubic meters of gas in Q1

In the first quarter the Baku-Tbilisi-Erzirum pipeline transported 1,200,000,000 cubic meters of gas.
21 April 2008 [10:07]

SOCAR to open 6 petrol stations in Georgia

The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan continues the development of its own network of petrol stations in Georgia via its daughter affiliate Socar Energy Georgia.
19 April 2008 [12:22]

Azerbaijani regions lack securities market

The Baku Stock Exchange in cooperation with the State Securities Committee held a conference with participation of entrepreneurs in Lenkoran.
19 April 2008 [12:05]

Cost of bread may rise to 50 qepicks (over 50 cents) in Azerbaijan

If the government takes correct steps, there will be no problems with supply of grain to the population in Azerbaijan.
18 April 2008 [14:56]

Lukoil company to start drilling second exploration well at Yalama structure

Russia Lukoil Overseas Ltd to start drilling the second exploration well at Yalama structure in November, a source from the company told Day.Az Friday.
18 April 2008 [13:32]

Azerbaijan for enhancing trade with Pakistan

Ambassador of Azerbaijan HE Dr Eynulla Madatli on Thursday called for strengthening the economic relations with Pakistan.
18 April 2008 [12:16]

Baku to host international conference "GUAM transit"

An international conference GUAM Transit will be held in Baku on April 29-30, said a press service for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry.
18 April 2008 [11:18]

Azerbaijan raises share in Azeri-Chyrag-Guneshli perspective structure development

The share of the Azerbaijani government in the project of the Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli perspective structure development has risen from 50 up to 75% since April 1.
18 April 2008 [10:57]

Azerbaijan's Economic Development Ministry discusses improvement of country's business climate

The delegation of the World Bank, visiting Baku, held discussions in the Ministry of Economic Development of Azerbaijan.
17 April 2008 [16:00]

Revenues of Azerbaijani Oil Fund likely to triple in 2008

The revenues of the Oil Fund of Azerbaijan may exceed the plan by three times in 2008.
17 April 2008 [15:07]

Oil pumping by Baku-Supsa pipeline to resume in May

The Baku-Supsa pipeline which transports Azerbaijani oil to the Black Sea shore of Georgia will resume oil pumping in May.
17 April 2008 [13:27]

Delegation of Turkey-Azerbaijan Business Council to visit Azerbaijan

A delegation of the Turkey-Azerbaijan Business Council will visit Azerbaijan on April 21-25.
17 April 2008 [13:05]

Azerbaijan-Lithuania business forum to be held in Baku

The Azerbaijan-Lithuania business forum will be held at Europe hotel in Baku on April 22.
17 April 2008 [10:28]

Azerbaijan's Economic Development Minister to attend annual session of Asian Development Bank

Azerbaijan's Minister of Economic Development Heydar Babayev received chief executive of the Asian Development Bank Patrick Pilon.
16 April 2008 [17:41]

Reza Vaziri gets 29.46% stake in Anglo Asian Mining Plc. tapping gold in Azerbaijan

Anglo Asian Mining Plc. said its directors have been issued with shares in lieu of salary or fees for the Nov-Jan quarter, in order to preserve cash for the company's Gedabek project in West Azerbaijan.
16 April 2008 [15:49]

Greece negotiating on Azerbaijani gas supplies

Greece has agreed to join the Kremlin-backed South Stream gas pipeline project, further boosting energy ties with Russia, Greece’s Development Minister Christos Folias was quoted by Reuters as saying.
16 April 2008 [13:43]

Azerbaijan International Tourism and Travel Exhibition kicks off in Azerbaijan

Iteca Caspian (Azerbaijan) and ITE Group Plc (UK) are holding the 7th International Tourism and Travel Exhibition (ATIF-2008) in Baku on April 16-18, 2008.
16 April 2008 [10:43]

Inglab Ahmedov: "The world is obviously preparing for conditions when oil reserves are exhausted"

The role of Azerbaijan in provision of energy safety of Europe is highly evaluated by the West, said famous economist Inglab Ahmedov.
15 April 2008 [17:39]

Azerbaijan may raise 2008 inflation outlook

Azerbaijan’s prediction for inflation in 2008 could only be achieved unless consumer prices keep growing on the world market, said the country’s minister of economic development.
15 April 2008 [14:25]

Azerbaijan-Greece business-forum held in Baku, Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijan-Greece business forum arranged by the Greek embassy to Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Export and Investments Encouragement Foundation (AZPROMO) and Confederation of Entrepreneurs was held in Baku on April 15.
15 April 2008 [11:10]

International Conference GUAM Development Strategy to take place in Baku

An international conference on "GUAM Development Strategy" will be held in Baku by the Azerbaijan Banks Association in cooperation with the Foreign Ministry in late May, said ABA executive manager Farhad Aliyev.
14 April 2008 [15:52]

Socioeconomic development of Azerbaijani regions to be discussed

The commission on regional development and the work group on development of the State Program for Socioeconomic development of Azerbaijani regions for 2008-2013 will be held in Baku tomorrow.
14 April 2008 [15:05]

Azerbaijan to take part in international Caspian Telecoms 2008

The 7th international conference on telecommunications, computer technologies, IT and investments for Turkey, Caspian and Black Sea regions, Caspian Telecoms 2008 will be held in Istanbul on April 17-18.
14 April 2008 [12:18]

German KfW bank to allocate financial aid to Azerbaijan's railway locomotive park

The German Development Bank is ready to allocate financial aid for modernization of the locomotive park of the Azerbaijan State Railroad, said a source from the KfW Baku representation.
14 April 2008 [11:06]

Italian ambassador to Azerbaijan: "Italian entrepreneurs are interested both in tourism and other business sectors of Azerbaijan"

"Azerbaijan should use Italy's potential for development of the tourism sector", said Italian ambassador to our country Gianluidji Masha.
12 April 2008 [11:58]

Azerbaijan accounts for 4,440,000 mobile customers

The number of mobile customers makes up 4,440,000 and internet users -1,000,000 in Azerbaijan.
12 April 2008 [11:48]

Azerbaijan to be represented at Second banking forum of CIS and Eastern European countries

The second banking forum of the CIS and Eastern European countries will be held in Vienna (Austria) on April 24-27.
12 April 2008 [10:19]

World Bank: "Poverty rate may rise in Azerbaijan"

Several post-Soviet and European countries may face the slowdown of economic growth rates, said Pradil Mitra, head economist of the World Bank on European and Middle Asian states.