03 February 2006 [16:06]

UNICEF to hold conference on youth

A two-day conference, where voices of young people and children would be heard by decision-makers, will convene young people, high-level government officials, MPs, media, district authorities and civil society representatives.
03 February 2006 [05:40]

4 persons wanted over the event took place in Nardaran on January 25

"The event happened in Nardaran on January 25 is a grave crime. Two police officers were murdered when they were executing their official duty", Prosecutor-General Zakir Garalov told.
03 February 2006 [05:27]

Meeting of Judiciary Council held

Meeting of Judiciary Council was held yesterday. Addressing the meeting, Justice Minister Fikret Mammadov informed about the reforms carried out in the judiciary system.
03 February 2006 [05:21]

Scientific-practical conference on the theme "History of genocides and Armenian claims to the West" to be held in Germany

Scientific-practical conference on the theme "History of genocides and Armenian claims to the West" will be held in Mainz, Germany on February 17.
03 February 2006 [05:04]

Constriction of new building of Supreme Court to be started in these days

"A place was allocated for a new building of the Supreme Court. A company to implement building was determined by means of a tender. Construction of the building will be started in these days".
03 February 2006 [04:59]

Primary investigation of Haji Mamamdov's case to be completed by the end of February

Nizami Abdullayev who's searched for the criminal case on Haji Mammadov has been arrested in Russia and taken to Azerbaijan.
03 February 2006 [04:55]

Investigation group for murder of Elmar Huseynov to leave for Georgia soon

"All the necessary measures are taken to reveal and arrest the murderers of Elmar Huseynov. After the arrest of the identified murderers other participants and organizers of the murder will be identified", Prosecutor General Zakir Garalov told.
03 February 2006 [04:46]

Secretary General of World Customs Organization Michel Danet rewarded "Shohrat" order

Today President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on conferring "Shohrat" order to the Secretary General of World Customs Organization (WCO) Michel Danet.
03 February 2006 [04:34]

Days of Egyptian Culture to be held in Baku

Days of Egyptian Culture will be held in Baku this spring.
03 February 2006 [04:07]

Officer and soldier of Azerbaijani Army died in avalanche

The officer of Azerbaijan Armed Forces Captain Khalid Valiyev conscripted to the military service by Agjabadi military registration office and soldier Jalil Babakishiev conscripted to the military service by Gusar Military Registration Office died in avalanche in the territory of Gadabey on January 27.
03 February 2006 [03:54]

WHO experts to visit Masalli, Barda and Nakhchivan to assess the situation on Bird flue

4-member mission of World Health Organization (WHO) which has been on a visit in Azerbaijan since 28 January leave for Massali to assess the situation on Bird flue for today.
03 February 2006 [03:45]

Michel Danet: "The territory of Azerbaijan is used for drugs traffic from Afghanistan to Europe"

"Azerbaijan still remains a transit country in drug-traffic. The territory of Azerbaijan is used for traffic of drugs produced in Afghanistan to Europe today".
03 February 2006 [03:05]

Nardaran residents to hold protest action tomorrow

Residents of Nardaran will hold meeting tomorrow as a protest again.
03 February 2006 [02:45]

Constitutional Court held meeting on the results of last year

Meeting of Constitutional Court (CC) dedicated to the activities of the last year was held.
02 February 2006 [22:39]

Health Ministry found irregularities in Riyad Farm's drugstores

Health Ministry found irregularities in drustores belonging to "Riyad Farm"
02 February 2006 [17:03]

Armenian national team wants to play in Baku, Azeri Football Federation objects

Secretary General of the Azeri Football Federation Fuad Asadov thinks it's not serious.
02 February 2006 [16:43]

Heads of European customs services gather in Baku

Regular meeting of the heads of the European customs services of the World Customs Organization (WCO) started in Baku on Thursday.
02 February 2006 [16:19]

Executive power and Transport Ministry to prepare Baku transport network development scheme till 2030

In the framework of the presidential decree "On improvement of the transport system in Baku for 2006-2007" the city executive power is charged with the task to perform planning of streets, roads and other transport infrastructure during implementation of measures on city–planning.
02 February 2006 [16:13]

Ministry of Ecology not to agree with report by Yale and California Universities

Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan does not agree with the reports made by the Yale and the California Universities.
02 February 2006 [13:00]

Armenian Football Federation denouncing Pyunik's behavior

Pyunik's act was discussed in the regular sitting of AFF executive committee.
02 February 2006 [12:08]

President signs decree to improve transport system of capital city

On Wednesday Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on the improvement of the transport system of Baku.
02 February 2006 [11:12]

Kentech local workers stage short strike

Local workers at BP Azerbaijan's oil field contractor Kentech staged a short strike on Tuesday.
02 February 2006 [10:50]

Participants of Conference of World Customs Organization European Region Customs Services Heads visited Heydar Aliyev Foundation

Participants of Conference of World Customs Organization (WCC) European Region Customs Services Heads which is to be held in Baku today visited Heydar Aliyev Foundation.
02 February 2006 [10:49]

Sabine Freizer: "Azerbaijan will be richer due to oil incomes and increase pressure on Armenia"

The director of the Caucasian project of the International Crisis Group (ICG) Sabine Freizer is on a visit in Baku.
02 February 2006 [10:37]

Heavy gas leakage in the pipe caused cut off in gas delivery to Ganja for 6 hours and a half

Gas supply of Ganja city was cut off at about 10.00 a.m. February 1.
02 February 2006 [10:33]

Georgian Public TV to broadcast "News" program in Azeri

Azerbaijanis living in Georgia can easily get information about the processes happening in the country in their mother tongue.
02 February 2006 [10:27]

Aslan Ismayilov: "No investigative action is taken about Zulfugarli brothers"

No investigative action is taken about Nureddin Zulfugarli, chief of Managing Staff of "Bakuelectrosshtamp" and "Bakupoladtokme" Open Joint-Stock Companies (OJSC) and his brother Loghman Zulfugarli.
02 February 2006 [10:16]

Displaced persons from Zangilan, settled in Sabirabad, protest building of a settlement for them in Rustamli village

Displaced persons from Zangilan, who have settled in Sabirabad, are protesting to building a settlement for them in Rustamli village by the State Committee for Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (SCRIDP).
02 February 2006 [10:09]

"Barmek" alloted time to its subscribers till February 10

"Barmek-Azerbaijan Electricity Distribution" LLC requests all its subscribers to pay the electricity bill by February 10, 2006.
02 February 2006 [09:54]

Council of Europe releases organized crime assessment

A Council of Europe report detailing trends in organized crime in 2005 is now open to the public.
02 February 2006 [09:35]

Vilayet Eyvazov: "A special operation won't be conducted in Nardaran"

"A special operation will not be conducted in Nardaran settlement," Deputy Interior Minister Vilayet Eyvazov told journalists.
02 February 2006 [09:22]

13 crimes on juveniles registered in Azerbaijan, 23 criminals arrested in the past two years

13 crimes on juveniles were registered in Azerbaijan in 2004-2005.
02 February 2006 [09:05]

Misir Mardanov: "Tuitions should be determined in accordance with quality of education"

The Ministry of Education will raise a question in the Tariff Council on re-determination of tuitions on the basis of new principles in universities and special secondary schools.
02 February 2006 [09:00]

Fire happened in Baku-Kharkov passenger train

Fire happened in one of the trains stopped in Baku railway station on Tuesday.
01 February 2006 [22:44]

RIA-Novosti to open office in Baku

In the framework of the Year of Russia Days in Azerbaijan RIA-Novosti information agency will establish its office in Baku.
01 February 2006 [22:42]

?bulfaz Garayev: "Regulations on Ministry of Culture and Tourism and its structure to be renewed"

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has been established based on two bodies and of course, restructuring will be held at the new department.
01 February 2006 [21:35]

Government to allocate about $7 million for implementation of school building program in Baku and Apsheron peninsular

The government of Azerbaijan is to allocate about $7 million for implementation of the Program of the school building in Baku and the Apsheron peninsular.
01 February 2006 [21:34]

Sitting of committee on SCAD program management due on 2-4 February

Sitting of the Committee on the SCAD program management will take place in Tbilisi on 2-4 February.
01 February 2006 [19:41]

Ceremony of handing over of about 2,000 books as gift from the Pushkin Library to Heydar Aliyev Foundation was held

The ceremony of handing over of about 2000 books as a gift from the Pushkin Library to the Heydar Aliyev Foundation took place on February 1, 2006 at the Foundation.
01 February 2006 [17:06]

Kalkan project of Interpol is great support in combating terror

Kalkan project implemented by the General Secretariat of Interpol is a great support in combating the terror, said Vilayat Eyvazov, the First Deputy Interior Minister of Azerbaijan.
01 February 2006 [17:00]

Youth forum held

The youth forum is held at Excelsior Hotel on 1 February - the Youth Day.
01 February 2006 [16:48]

2nd meeting of working group under Kalkan project of Interpol starts in Baku

The second two-day meeting of the working group on Kalkan project of Interpol started its work in Baku on Wednesday.
01 February 2006 [11:36]

Georgia suggests Armenian and Azeri football teams to meet in Tbilisi

The Football Federation of Georgia suggests that national football teams of Armenia and Azerbaijan meet in a neutral field in Tbilisi.
01 February 2006 [11:18]

Chairman of Supreme Court visits Germany

Exchange of opinions on expansion of the legal reforms in the South Caucasus was held within the visit of Ramiz Rzayev, the chairman of the Azerbaijani Supreme Court, to Germany.
01 February 2006 [11:16]

Damages in fiber-optic cable halts internet connection in Azerbaijan

It is not the first time that the cable problems occur, at the result of which Azerbaijan remains practically without Internet.
01 February 2006 [11:13]

Mehriban Aliyeva declared "Person of the Year"

"Person of the Year" award, founded by Chingiz Mustafayev foundation and ANS Group of Companies was presented to Mehriban Aliyeva, president of Heydar Aliyev foundation, the UNESCO Good-Will Ambassador and MP on January 31, 2006.
01 February 2006 [11:06]

Heads of Azerbaijan media took part in international conference in Tbilisi

Chairman of the Press Council Aflatun Amashov took part in the international conference in Tbilisi under the subject "South Caucasus: media today and tomorrow".
01 February 2006 [11:04]

Second sitting of working group on establishing National Association of local authorities of Azerbaijan due on 8-9 February in Baku

The second sitting of the working group on establishing the National Association of municipalities of Azerbaijan (NAMA) will start its work on 8 February in Baku.
01 February 2006 [03:25]

Detention period of Akif Maharramov elongated for 3 more months

An appeal submitted by the former Chief of the Pharmacology and Medical Technical Supply Department of the Ministry of Health Akif Maharramov currently being detained in the jail of the Ministry of National Security (MNS) was reviewed yesterday.
01 February 2006 [03:13]

Wounded residents of Nardaran detained in detention place #10 in Boyuk Shor

Nardaran residents Ilham Guliyev and Hasan Azimov who were wounded in the skirmish happened in the village on 25 January, are detained in the detention place #10 in Boyuk Shor.
01 February 2006 [02:53]

Construction of a mosque named after Heydar Aliyev to be launched tomorrow

The construction of a mosque to be named after the President Heydar Aliyev will be launched in the area of the machine-building plant "Sattarkhan" tomorrow.
01 February 2006 [02:35]

12-year old schoolboy hanged himself

Yesterday suicide was committed in boarding school in Mardakan.
01 February 2006 [02:30]

Georgian special forces beat and broke Azerbaijani journalist's arm in Rustavi prison

Azerbaijani journalist Gajar Huseynov who is detained in Rustavi prison faced physical pressure.
01 February 2006 [02:03]

Head of "Borchalibank" sentenced to 9 year in jail

The verdict was read to head of Control Council of "Borchalibank" Commercial Bank Novruz Ismayilov and Deputy Chief of Managing Staff Mazahir Ahmadov in the trial chaired by Judge Sadraddin Hajiyev in the Court on Grave Crimes.
01 February 2006 [01:51]

AFFA to send recommendation to UEFA for holding the match with Armenia in a neutral stadium

Meeting of Executive Committee (EC) has been held on the headquarters of AFFA today. EC members discussed the issue that our national team would play against Armenia in selection group stage of European Championship 2008.
01 February 2006 [01:20]

Iran sees no problem in simplification of visas for all Azerbaijani citizens

Citizens living 45 km far from Azerbaijan–Iran border go to Iran under simplified rules four times a year by getting visa, citizens of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in blockade are granted free three-month multi-entrance visas.
01 February 2006 [00:49]

Eighth monitoring on bird flu starts

Yesterday State Veterinary Service (SVS) at Ministry of Agriculture started the eighth monitoring on bird flue in the territories where birds nested in Azerbaijan.
01 February 2006 [00:29]

Accident happened in the house "Gafas" TV project's shot in, 2 people died, some injured

Yesterday, as a result of the accident happened in the house where "Gafas" TV project was shot, 2 people were died and some were injured.
31 January 2006 [14:28]

Azeri Fencing Federation doesn't determine new president

The election of new President of the Azerbaijani Fencing Federation still remains open.
31 January 2006 [13:33]

International publication's release covering Karabakh conflict presented

Another release of the Accord publication covering conflicts was presented on Monday.
31 January 2006 [13:28]

National football team makes up its draft calendar of selection tournament Euro-2008

The coach personnel of the Azerbaijani national football team drew up its draft calendar of the matches in the group A of the selection tournament Euro-2008.
31 January 2006 [13:23]

Constitutional law on changes and addendum to Constitution NAR approved by the President

Constitutional law of Azerbaijan Republic on changes and addendum to Constitution of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (NAR) was approved by the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
31 January 2006 [06:21]

Lawyer says Ali Insanov's pains get sharper

Appeal of the ex-Health Minister Ali Insanov held in investigation ward of Ministry of National Security will be considered in this week.
31 January 2006 [05:38]

Residents of Kalinin village of Gardabani in Georgia, Azerbaijanis live in, held protest action

Residents of Kalinin village of Gardabani in Georgia where Azerbaijanis live have held a protest action against land distribution.
31 January 2006 [05:19]

Saudi Arabia allocates $50.000 to mine resolving problem in Azerbaijan

Saudi Arabia allocates $50.000 to resolution of mine problem in Azerbaijan, this means will be diverted to the clearance of mines and unexploded ordnances (UXO) from houses and surroundings in Tartar and Aghstafa.
31 January 2006 [04:33]

Health Ministry banned import of medicines in 33 names

"Ministry of Health imposed a ban on import of medicines in 33 names last year", Innovation and Provision Center (IPC) of the Ministry told.
31 January 2006 [04:29]

25 traffic accidents occurred because of unstable weather condition last week, 1 died, 25 injured

25 traffic accidents happened in Baku last week because of unstable weather condition last week.
31 January 2006 [04:19]

Head of investigation group of Baku Prosecutor's Office: "Investigation on the grave crime committed in Nardaran will take up a long time"

"The happening event is not politically motivated. This is quite a crime. We are currently conducting investigation; we will make clear how the crime happened and who are the culprits. Initial testimonies have been given, but they are unilateral".
30 January 2006 [21:54]

Marshall Center to organize meeting of parliamentarians of South Caucasus and Baltic states in Tbilisi

The conference dedicated to the strategic approaches to reforming and cooperation in the South Caucasus and Baltic regions will take place on 7-9 February in Tbilisi.
30 January 2006 [21:25]

Ramil Usubov: "Police officers killed in Nardaran performed their official duties

There are citizens in Nardaran possessing arms and planting narcotics, therefore the police control over this area is undesirable for them, the Azerbaijan Interior Minister Ramil Usubov told journalists on January 30.
30 January 2006 [16:15]

Ganja hosted two-day seminar

Ganja hosted two-day seminar under the Cities Alliance Project.
30 January 2006 [15:30]

Earthquake hits Shemakha

An earthquake hit Pirkuli settlement of Shemakha on Monday at 11:30am.
30 January 2006 [13:21]

No tree cutting growth observed in Azerbaijan

No tree cutting growth is observed in Azerbaijan in connection with the fuel prices rise.
30 January 2006 [09:25]

Calf attacked people

A calf brought to a butcher near the "Bollug" market got out of hand and attacked people.