09 February 2006 [10:10]

Azerbaijanis in Georgia protested against publication of caricatures of Prophet Muhammad

Azerbaijanis living in Marneuli region of Georgia staged a demonstration protesting against publication of caricatures of Prophet Muhammad.
09 February 2006 [10:05]

Fire claims a life in Yeni Guneshli

The fire broke out in Yeni Guneshli settlement claimed a life last night.
09 February 2006 [09:40]

Health Ministry to ban illegal advertisement

Mass media that wish to advertise medicines will have to get permission from Health Ministry in written form.
09 February 2006 [09:35]

Police to intensify regime on the Ashura

The police will work with intensified regime on the day of Ashura (holy day of Muslims).
09 February 2006 [09:30]

Azerbaijani killed in operation conducted by Dagestan law enforcement bodies

List with the names of city's authorities and a sketch for striking planes were found on the gunmen killed in the operation conducted by Dagestan law enforcement bodies in Kaspiysk city yesterday.
09 February 2006 [09:05]

Wild birds are still dying in Ganja

Wild birds, especially crows are still dying out in Ganja.
08 February 2006 [22:29]

Azeri artist's exhibition in the United Nations

Exhibition of the Azeri artist titled "Where East meets West" will open at the Nations Palace in Geneva, February 13.
08 February 2006 [21:22]

President Aliyev issues a decree on holding the II Congress of World Azerbaijanis

According to the decree, the II Congress of World Azerbaijanis will be held in Baku on March 16
08 February 2006 [20:04]

PA CIS plans to hold a meeting on diabetes in Azerbaijan

"The Parliamentary Assembly of the Commonwealth of Independence States (PA CIS) plans to hold an international meeting on diabetes in Azerbaijan from October to November," said Aydin Jafarov, the Azerbaijani delegate to PA CIS.
08 February 2006 [19:50]

Delegation of Milli Majlis to grant 2 ambulances to Georgian Azerbaijanis

"The Azerbaijani parliamentary delegation led by Ziyafat Abbasov, the 1st vice-speaker, will grant 2 ambulances to the medical institutions in the the regions Marneuli and Bolnisi, densely populated by Azerbaijanis, during the visit to Georgia," said Elkhan Polukhov, the spokesman of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Georgia.
08 February 2006 [16:49]

Trade Unions to set up in 30 local and foreign companies

"Trade Union organization will be established at the Azfen company, where over 2800 people are engaged," said chairman of the Azerbaijan Trade Unions Confederation Sattar Mehbaliyev.
08 February 2006 [15:31]

Sozar Subari: "Armenians' acts are aimed to strain the relations between Azerbaijan and Georgia"

"The facts stated in the article "Dashnaks and Armenian separatists are grateful to Sozar Subari" published in the newspaper Akhali taoba on January 17, 2006 are explicitly wrong and aimed at instigating ethnic hostility," said public defender of Georgia Sozar Subari.
08 February 2006 [10:40]

Ilham Aliyev signed decree on establishment of Heraldic Council

The head of the state Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on establishment of the Heraldic Council under the auspices of the President.
08 February 2006 [10:25]

Protest against publication of cartoons of Prophet Muhammad staged in Nardaran

A demonstration was held in Nardaran as a protest to publication of caricatures of Prophet Muhammad in western press.
08 February 2006 [09:55]

Cornerstone laying of Heydar Aliyev's museum held in Balaken

Ceremony of cornerstone laying of Heydar Aliyev's museum was held in Balaken region yesterday.
08 February 2006 [09:50]

Workers of Baku Deep Foundations Plant appealed to President, Prime Minister and law-enforcement authorities

Over 100 workers of the Baku Deep Foundations Plant (BDFP) named after Heydar Aliyev appealed to the President Ilham Aliyev, Prime Minister, law-enforcement authorities and mass media.
08 February 2006 [09:45]

Ganja Mayor signs special decrees on maintenance of historical monuments

Next meeting of Town-Building Council was held in Ganja Executive Power.
08 February 2006 [09:40]

Azerbaijani woman is also among the suspected killers of a Catholic priest in Trabzon

Police detained a 16-year-old high school student early on Tuesday morning who was suspected to shoot dead 61-year old Father Andrea Santoro-the priest of Santa Maria Catholic Church.
08 February 2006 [09:35]

Polluted territories to be cleared in the second term of the year

New projects are carried out to clear the oil-polluted territories in Baku and around it.
08 February 2006 [09:30]

Next meeting with BP Company on restoration of rights of Azerbaijani workers working in McDermott to be held today

It is expected that discussions on the situation of workers working in the Deep Sea Foundations Plant named after Heydar Aliyev will be held in the meeting.
08 February 2006 [09:25]

Oktay Kaynarca: "My friendship with Janpolad ended with the film"

Turkish actor visitied Azerbaian.
08 February 2006 [09:20]

State Frontier Service detained 34 wanted persons

The associates of the State Frontier Service (SFS) detained 34 wanted persons last month.
08 February 2006 [09:10]

6 policemen injured, 7 local residents detained in the operation in Nardaran

8 more persons suspected of the murder of policemen in Nardaran on 25 January have been detained.
08 February 2006 [09:05]

Working Group set up in Brandenburg province in Germany to highlight Nagorno Karabakh problem

A Working Group was set up in Brandenburg province in Germany with participation of Professor of Potsdam State University to cover Nagorno Karabakh problem and Truth of Azerbaijan in the history books used in schools.
08 February 2006 [09:00]

Archeology and Ethnography Institute submits 30-page statement to Foreign Ministry on our historical monuments remain in the occupied lands

Statement is being worked out about our historical monuments in the Nagorno Karabakh and Western Azerbaijan.
07 February 2006 [21:38]

Grand opening of Russia's Year in Azerbaijan to take place in Baku on 21 February

With a large concert of the Russian artists on 21 February the grand opening of Russia's Year in Azerbaijan will be held, a new Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Russian Federation Polad Bul-Bul oglu told the news conference at the ITAR-TASS today.
07 February 2006 [21:22]

Representative of US Embassy participate in Eurasian Media Forum

Jonathan Henick, the head of the Public Relations Department of the US Embassy in Azerbaijan, participated in the International Eurasian Media Forum.
07 February 2006 [21:18]

New McDonalds restaurant to be opened in Baku

McDonalds fast-food chain is ready to open its third restaurant in Baku
07 February 2006 [21:10]

Foreign Ministry comments issues by some European media, touched feelings of Muslims

"Azerbaijan always supported and stimulated dialogue between religions, regarding it as necessary for strengthening of mutual respect and understanding between religions," said Tahir Taghizade, the head of the Media and Information Policy Division of the Azerbaijani Foreign Affairs Ministry.
07 February 2006 [15:05]

Checking of ?N-140-100 "black boxes" in progress

Checking of the flight recorders of AN-140-100 airliner, which crashed near Baku on 23 December, continues.
07 February 2006 [14:54]

Azerbaijan Government spent $153 million in 2005 for needs of refugees and IDPs

Meeting with participation of international humanitarian organizations and donors was held today.
07 February 2006 [14:50]

Around 100 Muslims hold a protest action in front of Foreign Ministry building

On Tuesday a group of Muslims held a protest action.
07 February 2006 [13:09]

Specialists of Veterinary Service dispatch to regions

On Monday the specialists of the State Veterinary Service (SVS) under the Azerbaijani Agriculture Ministry were dispatched to the regions of the country within epizootic measures aimed at struggle with infection diseases.
07 February 2006 [04:23]

Doctors treating patients incorrectly to be held accountable

New bill on "Defense the patients' rights" is being worked out to defend the rights of patients going to the hospitals.
07 February 2006 [04:10]

Residents wounded in the incident in Nardaran were allowed to meet with their parents

Nardaran residents believe that their request to the president will be answered positively.
07 February 2006 [03:52]

UNICEF will allocate $10 mln to Azerbaijan by 2009

By 2009 UNICEF will allocate $10 mln for realization of its projects in Azerbaijan.
07 February 2006 [03:37]

Residents of Mukhakh village of Zagatala can't use potable water during 5 months

Residents of Mukhakh village of Zagatala can't use drinkable water for 5 months, since last September.
07 February 2006 [03:10]

Weather changes. Temperature to rise gradually

After unstable weather conditions the temperature will rise at the territory of the republic in a few days.
07 February 2006 [02:49]

Two teachers of Oil Academy arrested for bribes

Two teachers of Oil Academy were arrested for taking bribes from students.
07 February 2006 [02:26]

Firudin Allahverdiyev: "I presented "Sari Gelin" as Azerbaijani folk song in Yerevan"

Master of Baku Musical Academy, composer Firudin Allahverdiyev participated in Jazz master class and concert held by Caucasus Peace Initiatives Center in Yerevan, capital of Armenia, from January 28 to February 1.
06 February 2006 [20:49]

100th anniversaries of Samad Vurgun & Suleyman Rustam due

On Monday Ilham Aliyev, the Azerbaijani President, signed a decree on organization of the 100th anniversaries of representatives of the Azerbaijani literature Samad Vurgun and Suleyman Rustam.
06 February 2006 [20:41]

Delegation of US Jewish communities to visit Azerbaijan from 9 to 13 February

A delegation of top leaders of the American Jewish community, under the auspices of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations will visit Azerbaijan from February 9th to 13th for meetings in Baku with President Ilham Aliyev, Foreign Minister Mammadyarov, and other top governmental, business, and civic leaders of Azerbaijan.
06 February 2006 [20:30]

State Committee on problems of family, women and children established in Azerbaijan

By the decree of the Azerbaijan president Ilham Aliyev a State Committee on problems of family, women and children has been established.
06 February 2006 [20:12]

1,070 foreigners admitted to Azeri universities in 2005-2006 academic year

In 2005-2006 academic year 1,070 foreigners were admitted to the Azerbaijani universities, 1,026 Azerbaijanis - foreign universities.
06 February 2006 [19:49]

Non-Muslim religious communities in Azerbaijan condemn publication of cartoons of Prophet Muhammad

Non-Muslim religious communities in Azerbaijan condemn publication of the cartoons of Prophet Muhammad in Denmark and other European country press.
06 February 2006 [19:23]

Arrest measure on Loghman Zulfugarli substituted

The arrest measure on Loghman Zulfugarli, brother of Nureddin Zulfugarli-head of Managing Staff of "Bakuelektrostamp" and "Bakipoladtokma" Open Joint-Stock Companies has been substituted.
06 February 2006 [19:21]

Drivers of Baku-Sumgait route refused to work today

Today the drivers of busses #110, 111 and 45 working in the route of Baku-Sumgait refused to work protesting against not increasing of fares.
06 February 2006 [17:01]

UNICEF holds a conference dedicated to youth

"Creating happy future for the Azerbaijani youth" is the main topic of the conference started at Park Inn hotel on Monday, which was organized by the UNICEF representation in Azerbaijan in cooperation with the Azerbaijani Youth and Sport Ministry, Education Ministry and Economic Development Ministry.
06 February 2006 [16:03]

Protest meeting to be held in Baku to protest against the publication of cartoons of Prophet Muhammad

Publication of the caricatures of Prophet Muhammad in European newspapers caused serious outrage in Azerbaijan.
06 February 2006 [15:55]

Education Ministry proposes threefold increase of privileges of teachers working at rural village schools

Misir Mardanov, the Azerbaijani Education Minister submitted proposals on threefold increase of privileges of the teachers, working at rural village schools, to the government.
06 February 2006 [03:39]

Earthquake happened in Armenia

An earthquake happened in Armenia at about 19:31 the day before yesterday.
06 February 2006 [03:18]

Caucasus Muslim Board is protests spread of cartoons of Prophet Muhammad

Caucasus Muslim Board (CMB) issued a statement protesting the spread of the publication in Europe of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.
06 February 2006 [03:08]

Azerbaijani teenager detained in Nijni Novgorod suffers physical pressure

Azerbaijani teenager Rza Mammadov detained in the central temporary detention place for juvenile offenders in Nijni Novgorod.
06 February 2006 [02:56]

Illegal arms confiscated in Nakhchivan

A lot of ammunitions were confiscated in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic within last week.
06 February 2006 [02:52]

Last year 66 martyr's families and veterans of Karabakh war were granted flats in Sumgait

Last year 66 martyr's families and veterans of Karabakh war were granted a new flat in Sumgait.
06 February 2006 [02:30]

Cabinet of Ministers decides to restore five musical collectives to AzTV again

Five musical collectives removed from "AzTV" Closed Joint-Stock Company were restored by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers.
05 February 2006 [12:12]

Relocation of IDP families to new settlements will start in May

Though construction of settlements in Agdam region for internally displaced people temporarily living in Barda and Agjabadi regions according to President's disposal was finished, lack of electric power in these regions will delay resettlement process.
05 February 2006 [12:00]

Baku may become Microsoft's regional center

The idea to computerize schools and create an electron government was supported in the global forum organized by Microsoft in Lisbon, Portugal.
04 February 2006 [19:12]

First Lady visits schools in Astara and Lenkeran

In the frameworks of the President Aliyev's visit to Astara and Lankaran regions, First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva visited schoolhouses built in these regions under the Heydar Aliyev Foundation's "New school for reviving Azerbaijan" project.
04 February 2006 [15:54]

Fuad Asadov suggests that Aliyev and Kocharian discuss venue of football matches

AFFA's Secretary General talked to Armenian journalist.
04 February 2006 [15:42]

?flatun Amashov: "I hope President will take steps for resolving issue of newspapers’ debts to publishing house"

"I hope President Ilham Aliyev will take moves for solution the issue of debts to the publishing house aimed at assisting the country's press and freedom of expression development," said the chairman of the Press Council Aflatun Amashov.
04 February 2006 [15:40]

?isir Mardanov: "In case weather conditions get worse studies at schools may be suspended again"

In case weather conditions in Azerbaijan get worse studies at secondary schools may be suspended again, the Minister of Education Misir Mardanov said in a statement.
04 February 2006 [15:38]

Health Ministry to intensify control over medicine prices

The Innovation and Provision Center of the Azerbaijani Health Ministry will intensify control over medicine prices in the country.
04 February 2006 [15:26]

5-points earthquake recorded in Siyazan

Earthquake was recorded in 14 km to the west from Siyazan town on Saturday at 05.49 a.m.
04 February 2006 [15:22]

No citizens of Azerbaijan among passengers of Al Salam 98 ferry sunk in Red Sea

According to the information from the Egypt and Saudi Arabia official bodies, there are no citizens of Azerbaijan among the passengers of the Al Salam 98 ferry sunk in the Red Sea.
04 February 2006 [15:18]

Azeri national football team to hold 2 matches with Ukraine

AFFA agreed with the Ukrainian Football Federation (UFF) on holding of friendly matches between the national teams.
04 February 2006 [15:15]

Education Minister received invitation to visit Iran

Minister of Education Misir Mardanov received invitation to pay an official visit to Iran.
04 February 2006 [15:09]

Michel Danet: "There is no proper customs control on occupied territories of Nagorno Karabakh"

Secretary General of the World Customs Organizations held press conference.
04 February 2006 [10:36]

Nusrat Gasimov: "Fees for gas not paid by the population of the capital increase by 10% every year"

Deputy chief of the Baku city Head Office of Gas Production Nusrat Gasimov held a press-conference dedicated to gas supply of the capital and existing problems.
04 February 2006 [10:20]

Demonstration to be staged outside the embassies of the states in Azerbaijan over printing of cartoons of Prophet Muhammad

Azerbaijan Islamic Party will address the Foreign Ministry with regard to the printing of caricatures of Prophet Muhammad in foreign press.
04 February 2006 [10:10]

Deadly explosion occurred in Goytapa frontier group

Unidentified explosion killed one person in Goytapa frontier group yesterday.
04 February 2006 [10:05]

Protest action held in Nardaran

Yesterday protest action was organized in Nardaran settlement with regard to the recent incident which killed two policemen, one resident of Nardaran and injured two residents.
04 February 2006 [10:00]

AFFA addressed a letter to UEFA on Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan

The administration of AFFA addressed a letter to UEFA with regard to the meeting of Armenian team with our national team in the qualifying stage of European championship 2008 which is to be held in Austria and Switzerland.
04 February 2006 [09:45]

6 thousand year old household thing found in Jalilabad, exposed the next bogus invention of Armenians

Resident of Buravar village of Jalilabad district Maarif Seydaliyev came across an ancient household thing while plowing up his yard.
04 February 2006 [09:40]

Tariff Council of Azerbaijan declined appeal of Baku executive power to raise public transport fares

The Tariff Council of Azerbaijan made a decision today during its regular meeting to decline the appeal of the Baku executive power on raising fares at the city public transport.