15 February 2006 [09:40]

USAID announces Community Connections Program

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is sponsoring the Community Connections program in Baku and selected regions of Azerbaijan.
15 February 2006 [09:35]

Seminar on international postal dispatch to be held in Belarus

An international seminar on "Final expenses on international postal dispatch" will be held in Belarus on May 15-16.
15 February 2006 [09:20]

Food prices sharply rise in Zagatala

After diesel fuel rose twice in price, food products continue going up in price in Zagatala everyday.
15 February 2006 [09:15]

Rerun of municipality elections will be held this autumn

"Rerun of the municipality elections will be held this autumn," said spokesman of Central Election Commission Azer Sariyev.
14 February 2006 [22:15]

Bird Flu samples collected in Azerbaijan to be analysed additionally in Germany and the UK

Samples collected during monitoring in Azerbaijan in regard to the bird flue after researches in Azerbaijan will be additionally analysed in Germany and the United Kingdom, the head of the State Veterinary Service Ismail Hasanov said.
14 February 2006 [22:00]

State Veterinary Service recommends to require quality certificate at purchase of poultry

The State Veterinary Service under the Azerbaijani Agriculture Ministry advices to require quality certificate at purchase of poultry. The same time this products must be registered by the Veterinary Service.
14 February 2006 [18:36]

Azeri newspaper published caricatures of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary - UPDATED

The Community of "Juma" Mosque intends to bring an action against the "Yeni haber" newspaper, if they don't offer an official apology to the believers for this insulting caricatures.
14 February 2006 [16:49]

Fire in the Baku port

Fire broke out in Iran's ship which had stopped for repair in the Caspian Sea early Tuesday morning.
14 February 2006 [15:01]

Control on measures against Bird flu virus enhanced in Azerbaijan

The State Veterinary Service under the Azerbaijan Agriculture Ministry strengthened control on the fight against the Bird flu virus, the head of the Veterinary Service Ismail Hasanov told today.
14 February 2006 [12:35]

Hebrew language class opened at Baku State University

On Monday a Hebrew language class was opened at the Baku State University.
14 February 2006 [09:55]

President signs decree to confer "Glory" order on Alabas Gadirov

Yesterday President Ilham Aliyev has signed a decree to confer "Glory" order on art director of Azerbaijan State Academic National Drama Theater Alabbas Gadirov for his activities in development of theater work.
14 February 2006 [09:45]

43,000 birds die out in Makhachgala

43,000 of 275,000 birds kept in broiler factory in North settlement of Makhachgala died out.
14 February 2006 [09:45]

International peace rally will be held on inauguration of BTC

Azerbaijani, Georgian and Turkish women will realize common international peaceful rally on occasion of inauguration of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan main export pipeline.
14 February 2006 [09:40]

33 children committed suicide last year

Yesterday League for Defense of Child Rights has held a conference named "Situation in prison is better than in boarding schools."
14 February 2006 [09:35]

Hunting of wild birds prohibited in Khanlar

Some measures are taken in Khanlar under worked out measures plan for minimizing spread probability of Bird Flu.
14 February 2006 [09:30]

Crows and pigeons die out in Tovuz

Crows and pigeons die out in Tovuz region and the villages around it.
14 February 2006 [09:05]

People cull out domestic birds in Fuzuli

Crows, wild geese and other waterfowls die out in liberated territories of Fuzuli.
14 February 2006 [08:22]

New Deputies of Culture and Tourism Minister were appointed

New deputies of Culture and Tourism Minister Abulfaz Garayev have been appointed.
14 February 2006 [08:20]

Anniversary of the Khojali genocide will be commemorated in several world countries

The anniversary of the Khojali genocide will be commemorated in several world countries, the State Committee for Azerbaijanis Living Abroad tells.
14 February 2006 [08:00]

Birds die out in Khachmaz

A lot of dead birds have been found in the seashore in Khachmaz region.
14 February 2006 [07:40]

Criminal gang of Georgians arrested in Baku

As a result of the operation jointly conducted by Main Office for Fighting Organized Crimes and Sabunchu district Police Office, members of the criminal gang of Georgian citizens have been detained.
14 February 2006 [07:30]

Imprisonment term of Rafig Aliyev, ex-president of Azpetrol Group of Companies, prolonged for 2 months more

The term of imprisonment of Rafig Aliyev, ex-president of Azpetrol Group of Companies has been prolonged, his lawyer Rafig Guliyev told.
13 February 2006 [17:39]

International Skating Union removed Azeri judge from the Olympics

Our an ice dancing judge was removed from the Olympics panel for poor performance in previous competitions.
13 February 2006 [16:16]

Azeris number 50 mln worldwide

13 February 2006 [15:23]

Seminar on European neighborhood policy in Baku

On February 15, Europa House, which provides technical assistance to the European Union's programs and projects in Azerbaijan, is to hold a seminar "European Union and Azerbaijan" for local journalists.
13 February 2006 [13:47]

Azerbaijan Veterinary Service develops action plan on fight against Bird Flu

The State Veterinary Service under the Azerbaijan Ministry of Agriculture is preparing an action plan on the fight against the Bird Flu virus in the country.
13 February 2006 [13:40]

Azerbaijan Education Minister signed decree on organizing instructive work in regard to Bird Blu

The Minister of Education of Azerbaijan Misir Mardanov signed a decree on organizing the work on raising awareness at schools in respect of the bird flu.
13 February 2006 [13:37]

Caroline Martin: "National Association of municipalities may be established in early 2007"

"The National Association of municipalities of Azerbaijan (NAMA) may be established in early 2007," said Caroline Martin, project director on NAMA establishing program, representing the Secretariat of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe.
13 February 2006 [03:14]

Chief of Binagadi district Police Department Nazim Naghiyev denies information about his dismissal

"News spread in the press about my dismissal or retirement are groundless".
13 February 2006 [02:43]

Not enough proof to launch a criminal case on "Khayal Holding" president's death

No criminal case has been launched about the president of "Khayal Holding" Fikret Rajabov, who had committed with suicide in his summer cottage in Nardaran.
13 February 2006 [02:36]

Resident of Khachmaz hanged himself after his wife's decease

Resident of Khachmaz region Baygishlag village Mubariz Mammadov, born in 1971, hanged himself yesterday in the house of his brother Gabil Mammadov, living in Russia.
13 February 2006 [02:29]

Operative headquarters established in Marneuli due to confirmation of Bird flu in Azerbaijan

On February 11 the Director of Veterinary Department of Agriculture Ministry of Georgia Jambul Marlakelidze held monitoring in Georgia-Azerbaijan border with regard to the confirmation of Bird flu in Azerbaijan.
13 February 2006 [02:26]

One more school building opened in Lerik

A new school building with capacity of 300 students has been opened in Hamarat village of Lerik region.
13 February 2006 [02:10]

No Bird flu in Aghdam and Aghjabedi

After the official information about Bird flu in the republic, relevant organizations started intensified working regime in the regions too.
12 February 2006 [22:05]

No Bird flu-infected persons registered in Azerbaijan - UPDATED

"No bird flu-infected people were registered in Azerbaijan", Leila Seyidbayova, the head of the Baku Central Health Department, stated.
12 February 2006 [15:32]

"Religion and Human Rights" seminar in Kazan

Commissioner for human rights of the Azerbaijan Republic Elmira Suleymanova is due to participate in the seminar entitled "Religion and Human Rights" to be held on February 22-23 in Kazan, Russia.
11 February 2006 [15:53]

Minimal risk of infection with Bird flu

"The risk of infection of the Azerbaijani population with Bird flu is minimal," Ibadulla Agayev, the Chief Epidemiologist of the Azerbaijani Health Ministry, told.
11 February 2006 [10:40]

One more school principal dismissed in Ganja

Serious inspections are conducted in the secondary schools in Ganja from February 1 by the order of Ministry of Education.
11 February 2006 [10:35]

Meeting held in Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources on preventing spread of Bird Flu

A meeting was held in the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources on preventing spread of Bird Flu.
11 February 2006 [10:20]

10 wild bird died in the forest surrounding Jeyranbatan Water Reservoir

The information came from the press service of Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.
11 February 2006 [10:10]

New stands will be set up, traffic signs be established, additional traffic-lights be arranged in the capital

In accord with the Measures Plan signed by the President on 2 February for improving the transport system in Baku in 2006-2007, Ministry of Internal Affairs Main State Traffic Police will realize series of projects in this field.
11 February 2006 [09:40]

Five musical collectives restored to AzTV look forward to the decision of Cabinet of Ministers

Five musical collectives restored to "Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting" Closed Joint-Stock Company (AzTV) are looking forward to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers.
11 February 2006 [09:30]

Head of Ganja Health Department replaced again

Head of Ganja Health Department Rizvan Asgarov was removed, Mehman Rzayev was appointed to this post.
11 February 2006 [09:25]

Persons contracting Bird Flu to be treated in child hospital #7

People contracting Bird Flu will be treated in the wards set up on the basis of child hospital #7 in Narimanov discrict.
11 February 2006 [09:20]

Police Department of Gusar:"Anvar Valiyev who was killed in Dagestan as terrorist is not Azerbaijani citizen"

Anvar Valiyev, one of the leaders of Kaspiysk "Jamaat" organization, who was killed by militiamen during the counter-terror operations in Kaspiysk, Dagestan on 7 February turns out to be resident of Yukhari Tahirjal village of Gusar region.
11 February 2006 [09:10]

Weather temperature will rise gradually

The weather is forecasted to be stable and not rainy within a few days.
11 February 2006 [09:05]

About 80 Azerbaijani workers went on strike in "Rigblast" - UPDATED

About 80 Azerbaijani workers who started a strike in Rigblast Company located in Sangachal at 08.00 yesterday morning finished it at midday.
11 February 2006 [01:00]

Commission on Subscriber Complaints of Barmek signs protocols with 521 subscribers

The Commission on Subscriber Complaints of Barmek Energy Distribution Company of Baku considered complaints by 1,777 subscribers in January 2006. The Company signed protocols with 521 subscribers.
11 February 2006 [00:50]

Savings of Azerbaijani citezens to be repaid in July

The government may begin repayment of savings of Azerbaijani citizens put in banks during soviet times in July.
11 February 2006 [00:37]

Azeri Omb to take part in international workshop in Kazan

The ombudsman of Azerbaijan Elmira Suleymanova will take part in the international workshop on the subject "Religion and Human Rights" to be held from 22 to 23 February in Kazan.
11 February 2006 [00:19]

Mirkamil Rahimov carried Azerbaijan's national flag in Torino

Mirkamil Rahimov, the head of the delegation of the Azerbaijani national team, carried our national flag during the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Torino.
11 February 2006 [00:13]

Nazim Ibragimov: "About 800 participants will be invited for Second Congress of World Azerbaijanis"

For the Second Congress of the World Azerbaijanis scheduled for 16 March 2006 about 800 participants will be invited, the chairman of the State Committee for work with Azerbaijanis living abroad, Nazim Ibragimov said in a statement today during the news conference.
10 February 2006 [11:14]

"Khayal Holding" President found dead in garden - UPDATED

Firkrat Rajabov, president of "Khayal Holding" passed away.
10 February 2006 [10:57]

Bird flu detected in wild fowl in Azerbaijan - UPDATED

H5N1 bird flu virus confirmed in Azerbaijan
10 February 2006 [10:53]

Mayor's Office of Baku didn't allow the protest of "Juma mosque" Religious Community

Mayor's Office of Baku didn't allow "Juma mosque" Religious Community to stage a demonstration outside "Galaba" cinema.
10 February 2006 [10:49]

Bird Flu was not revealed in the analyses conducted in Nakhchivan

"Laboratory of Veterinary Service was organized within world standards," said Chief of the Laboratory of Veterinary Service in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (NAR) Sahib Hasanov.
10 February 2006 [10:44]

The Day of Ashura celebrated in Azerbaijan

A religious procession dedicated to the day of Ashura was held in "Taza pir" mosque yesterday.
10 February 2006 [10:42]

Mayor of Baku city signed decree on restricting traffic of vehicles with more than 5 tons of tonnage

Pursuant to the plan of measures on improvement of the transport system in Baku for 2006-2007 of the president of Azerbaijan, the head of the Baku city Executive Power (BCEP) signed a decree.
10 February 2006 [10:41]

Transnational network involved in human trafficking in Azerbaijan rendered harmless

"The State Frontier Service has achieved great successes in fighting against illegal migration."
10 February 2006 [10:38]

Azerbaijani businessman was shot dead in Penza

Azerbaijani businessman was murdered in Penza (Russia).
10 February 2006 [10:10]

Our compatriot is candidate for Eurovision 2006 contest from Belarus

Our compatriot Gunash Abbasova living in Belarus is a candidate for Eurovision 2006.
10 February 2006 [09:05]

Heads of Azeri municipalities are invited to Strasburg

Caroline Martin attended second sitting of the working group of NAAM.
09 February 2006 [17:37]

CMB, Heydar Aliyev Foundation organize giving of donor blood on Ashura Day

On Thursday Azerbaijan as an Islamic country marks Ashura Day, the anniversary of the main event of Maharram month.
09 February 2006 [17:35]

Heads of working group on establishment of NAAM elected

Tahir Guliyev, the head of the Kapaz municipality of Ganja town, was elected the head of the working group on establishment of the National Association of Azerbaijani Municipalities (NAAM).
09 February 2006 [17:25]

Delegation AFFA to visit Brussels

On Thursday the delegation of AFFA led by Ramiz Mirzayev, the President of the Association, left for Brussels to discuss the calendar of the selection tournament of Europe-2008 in the group A.
09 February 2006 [17:21]

President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation visits Azizbayov district of Baku

President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and MP Mehriban Aliyeva visited on February 8 the settlements of Azizbeyov district of Baku to get familiar with the construction work she promised during her election campaign.
09 February 2006 [12:09]

Azerbaijani Flag hoisted in Olympic Village in Torino

The official ceremony of hoisting of the State Flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan took place in Torino on February 8.
09 February 2006 [11:26]

First Lady named Turkic world's "Envoy of Love and Friendship"

Azerbaijan's First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva has been awarded the title of the "Envoy of Love and Friendship" in the Turkic World in a recent public opinion poll.
09 February 2006 [11:10]

Shostakovich Music Festival to be held in Baku

The Dmitri Shostakovich Music Festival will be held in the Muslum Magomayev Azerbaijan State Philharmony.
09 February 2006 [10:30]

Still no information about arrested teachers of Oil Academy

Bribes were the reasons of the arrest.
09 February 2006 [10:25]

Debt of papers to publishing house to be paid on account of state budget under presidential decree

President Ilham Aliyev issued a decree on payment the debts of the papers to the publishing house "Azerbaijan".
09 February 2006 [10:15]

Seminar on "European Union and Azerbaijan" for journalists to be held

"European House" will hold seminar on "European Union and Azerbaijan" for journalists.