22 January 2007 [23:39]

EBRD 2008-10 strategy for Azerbaijan discussed

Chairman of the Management Board of the National Bank of Azerbaijan, Elman Rustamov, has received Aygen Yayikoglu, Head of the EBRD Baku office.
22 January 2007 [23:39]

Intellectual Property Info and Standardization Centers to be set up in Azerbaijan

Experts of the World Intellectual Property Organization will pay a visit to Azerbaijan.
22 January 2007 [23:38]

Bakielectricshebeke starts night raids

Bakielectricshebeke Company (Baku Electricity Network) has started night raids so as to prevent waste of electricity.
22 January 2007 [22:02]

Shah-Deniz gas field's 2nd well to be commissioned in late Jan.

A second well is likely to be commissioned at Azerbaijan's largest natural gas and condensate field in late January, a spokesman for country's energy ministry said Monday.
22 January 2007 [19:29]

Swiss organization to work with WB in corporate and public sector accountability project

The Switzerland's State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) is going to take part in World Bank Corporative & Public Sector Accountability Project (CAPSAP), Baku-based SECO office said.
22 January 2007 [19:27]

UK becomes major investor in Azerbaijan

In 2006, Great Britain remained the leading foreign investor in the economy of Azerbaijan.
22 January 2007 [19:20]

President Aliyev supports Tariff Council's decision

President Ilham Aliyev convenes meeting of government on Monday.
22 January 2007 [13:12]

Azerbaijan to probe medicine import producers

Azerbaijan will probe foreign medicine-producing companies of which it will import products.
21 January 2007 [03:24]

Kazakhstan outlines tougher laws for oil investors

Kazakhstan outlined tougher laws for investors in its growing oil sector on Thursday and forecast that 2007 oil output would stay at last year's 1.35 million barrels per day level while new capacity is developed.
21 January 2007 [02:28]

SASMP studies to apply new standards to economic spheres

The State Agency for Standardization, Metrology and Patents are studying to apply new standards to all spheres of the economy.
21 January 2007 [02:26]

Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railroad to initially carry 5m tons of freight

"Although the EU called Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railroad a political project, many European States show great interest in this project," said TRACECA Azerbaijan National Secretariat Chief Akif Mustafayev.
20 January 2007 [14:20]

Azercell suspends Pay Cell service

Azercell Telecom has suspended Pay Cell service due to improvement repair.
20 January 2007 [14:18]

Oil price fall poses no problem for Azerbaijan

"It is not forecasted to what level the oil prices are going to plunge," the Executive Director of the State Oil Fund, Shahmar Movsumov said.
20 January 2007 [14:17]

National Bank: "Inflation outlooks not to be reconsidered"

"Government and the National Bank don't plan to reconsider the forecasts for inflation rate in 2007," Chairman of the Management Board of the Bank Elman Rustamov said.
20 January 2007 [14:15]

Mortgage terms to be mitigated

A decree will be issued soon to mitigate terms of mortgage lending.
20 January 2007 [14:03]

Azerbaijan still negotiates on Russian and Iranian gas

Azerbaijan is continuing talks with Iran on gas import and doing market research, said SOCAR's President Rovnag Abdullayev.
20 January 2007 [14:01]

Garib Mammadov: "Municipal and Executive Authorities illegally sell public lands"

"Municipal and Executive Authorities give illegal permission for selling of public lands and lands under neighboring municipal offices," said Garib Mammadov, Chairman of State Land and Cartography Committee.
20 January 2007 [13:59]

Khalg Bank goes with a deficit of $1m

As of January 1, the assets of Khalg Bank doubled 4.3 times to AZN 75,146,400.
20 January 2007 [13:59]

February crude dips $0.36

NYMEX February crude fell $0.36, or 0.7 percent, to settle at $50.12 a barrel on Jan. 19. Brent crude oil for March settlement rose 1.03 dollars to $51.75 a barrel on the ICE Futures exchange in London.
20 January 2007 [13:58]

UniBank increase plastic card issue 83%

Azerbaijan's UniBank increased plastic card issue 83% in 2006.
20 January 2007 [13:57]

Agabey Asgarov: "Financial situation of publishing houses should be taken into consideration"

"We take into account the financial situation of newspapers, but the situation of publishing houses should also be considered. As we are commercial organization, we live on our earnings," the director of 'Azerbaijan' publishing house Agabey Asgarov when expressing his attitude to the discussions on hike of prices for publishing and rental.
20 January 2007 [13:48]

Baku Refinery's oil export rises 67%

The Heydar Aliyev Oil Refinery completed crude oil processing on December 14, ahead of the schedule.
20 January 2007 [13:47]

Baku Metro development program approved

Government has passed the 2007-2010 Development Program for Baku Metro.
20 January 2007 [13:45]

Gunay Bank's aggregate capital rises 36%

As of January 1, the aggregate capital of Azerbaijan's Gunay Bank constituted AZN 8,240,890, up 36.12% from last year.
20 January 2007 [13:45]

AtaSighorta's insurance fees collection increases 71.5%

During 2006 AtaSighorta Insurance Company collected insurance fees AZN 3,076,581, up 71.5% from last year.
20 January 2007 [13:41]

Metro to purchase 25 transit vehicles

Baku Metro is going to purchase 25 transit vehicles this year.
20 January 2007 [13:04]

'Karasu' Operation Company workers hold protest action

On Friday at about 17.00, nearly 100 'Karasu' Operation company held protest action outside of head office of the company situated in Ali Bayramli.
19 January 2007 [22:59]

Trades at BICEX, Jan. 19

The weighted average exchange prices made up 0,8712 AZN for 1 US dollar in the Baku Interbank Currency Exchange on January 19.
19 January 2007 [22:53]

Asia Telecom announces results of operating subsidiary

Asia Telecom Ltd. announced Q4-2006 results for its operating subsidiary in Azerbaijan.
19 January 2007 [00:50]

Tariff Council receives no proposal on price rise

The Tariff Council, State Price Regulator, has not received any proposals from government agencies since the prices of utilities and fuel were increased two weeks ago.
19 January 2007 [00:49]

Azerbaijan and IMF to discuss recent hike in prices

Government of Azerbaijan and the International Monetary Fund will have discussion on the hike in energy prices and its influence on the economy.
19 January 2007 [00:48]

Agrarian sector's share falls to 7% in Azeri GDP

In 2006 the share of agrarian sector fell to 7% in the gross domestic product of Azerbaijan, compared to 11% previous year.
19 January 2007 [00:47]

Subsidies for energy system make up 9% of national budget in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan allocated subsidies worth US $ 1.5bn to energy system of the country during the past five years.
19 January 2007 [00:34]

Gunay bank to join Western Union

Azerbaijan's Gunay Bank intends to join Western Union International Money Transfer System.
19 January 2007 [00:34]

AtaLeasing increases leasing portfolio to $1.5m

As of December 31, the leasing portfolio of Azerbaijan's AtaLeasing Company amounted to US $1,484,505 in 2006.
19 January 2007 [00:32]

Azerbaijan's GDP grew by 34.5% in 2006

GDP grew by 34.5%, year on year, in 2006, to AZN 17.7 billion.
19 January 2007 [00:31]

Azercell concludes GPRS/MMS deal with Telefonica

Azercell Telecom Joint Venture has concluded a GPRS/MMS roaming agreement with Spain's Telefonica.
19 January 2007 [00:29]

Nominal incomes grow 23.4% in Azerbaijan

During 2006 Azerbaijani population's total nominal incomes rose 23.4%, or AZN 1.9bn year-over-year.
19 January 2007 [00:27]

Azal Insurance increases its nominal capital

Azerbaijan's Azal Insurance Company increased its authorized capital by 33.3%, year-over-year, to AZN 800,000.
19 January 2007 [00:25]

Electricity supply cut off in some residential areas in Balaken

Electricity supply has been cut off in some residential areas in Balaken from January 16.
19 January 2007 [00:04]

Nymex crude hits $52.24

Crude oil is going to recover on the market.
19 January 2007 [00:03]

Dow Jones, S&P500, Nasdaq go down

The Dow Jones industrial average slipped 5.44 points, or 0.04 percent, to end at 12,577.15, the Standard & Poor's 500 Index dipped 1.28 points, or 0.09 percent, to close at 1,430.62, the Nasdaq Composite Index fell 18.36 points, or 0.74 percent, to finish at 2,479.42.
18 January 2007 [23:52]

Gold plant to be opened in Azerbaijan

In April gold-producing plant will be opened in Gadabey, Azerbaijan.
18 January 2007 [23:45]

President Aliyev to attend Davos Forum

Annual economic forum will be held on January 24-28 in the city Davos in Switzerland and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev will participate in the World Economic Forum. The main theme of discussions will be "the shifting power of equation."
18 January 2007 [22:47]

Trades at BICEX, Jan. 18

The weighted average exchange prices made up 0.8713 AZN for 1 US dollar in the Baku Interbank Currency Exchange on January 18.
18 January 2007 [21:52]

IMF says price hike likely to accelerate inflation in Azerbaijan

The International Monetary Fund said the recent hike in utilities and energy on domestic market has caused the rice in consumer price inflation in the country.
18 January 2007 [21:49]

Indonesia, Azerbaijan explore cooperation in oil and gas sector

In a sign of a more concrete relations between Azerbaijan and Indonesia, ministries and companies from both countries have explored possible cooperation in education, transportation and energy.
18 January 2007 [17:31]

Perspectives and advantages of new oil refinery in Ceyhan Port

Early December, 2006 the President of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), Rovnag Abdullayev, and the Chairman of the Management Board of Turkey's Turcas, Erdal Aksoy, signed an agreement on establishment of SOCAR & Turcas Energy Joint Venture to ensure investment-making in oil processing in Ceyhan Port, gas import and wholesale selling of gas and Turcas' participation in the exploration activities on the Caspian.
18 January 2007 [16:11]

Government discusses rise of basic pension and minimum salary

The rise of basic pension and minimum salary was discussed in the conference held on the rise of energy deliveries in the Cabinet.
18 January 2007 [16:04]

Construction of ring road starts in Baku

Construction of Baku ring road project has commenced. The preliminary cost of the 21.5km road is estimated at US$49.5m.
18 January 2007 [01:55]

Azerbaijan to get more gas from BP-led consortium, official says

A consortium led by Western oil giant BP PLC will help Azerbaijan do without Russian natural gas by providing the former Soviet republic with about 3 billion cubic meters of gas this year, the head of the nation's state petroleum company said Wednesday.
18 January 2007 [01:38]

Tex terminal to be set in Azerbaijan

From the second quarter of this year project on establishment of tax terminals in Azerbaijan will start.
18 January 2007 [01:38]

Nika Giluari: "Azerbaijan to have 1.2bn and Georgia 0.8bn of Turkish quota"

Georgia continues to discuss details with Turkey on redistribution of Turkey's quota in Shah Deniz project.
18 January 2007 [01:36]

Hyundai to open three regional service departments and salons

Hyundai Auto Azerbaijan intends to open services and salons in regions of Guba, Ganja and Lenkeran.
18 January 2007 [01:35]

Azerbaijan seeks solution to price hike

Government of Azerbaijan has begun to discuss proposals submitted by the government agencies so as to find a solution to the plight resulting from the sharp increase of prices.
18 January 2007 [01:33]

Ukraine wants to join Nabucco project

Ukraine Premier who paid official visit to Turkey stated that his country wants to join the construction of Nabucco project.
18 January 2007 [01:27]

Charges for communication services not to rise

"Hike of charges for energy supplies will not influence the prices of communication services," Communication and Information Technologies Minister Ali Abbasov told the journalists.
18 January 2007 [01:24]

New buses to be brought to Ganja

New buses are planned to be brought to Ganja beginning from 2008.
18 January 2007 [01:23]

Printing prices in Azerbaijan Publishing house to depend on paper editions

"Azerbaijan Publishing House hesitates in increasing printing prices. Therefore the rise of prices may delay," said Besti Ismayilova, Deputy Director of Azerbaijan Publishing House.
18 January 2007 [01:18]

Bank of Baku achieves 34%-rise of assets

Azerbaijan's Bank of Baku increased by 34% or AZN18.39 to AZN 72.99m, as of early January 2007.
18 January 2007 [01:14]

Oil prices falls 3.4 percent on NYMEX

Oil slumped $1.78 to $51.21 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, the lowest it's traded since May 2005. Brent futures shed 86 cents to $52.26.
18 January 2007 [01:12]

Alan Waddams: "No negotiations on granting market-economy status to Armenia carry out"

Armenian Diasporas spread the information on the negotiations on granting market-economy status to Armenia.
18 January 2007 [00:53]

Industry grows by 36.6% in Azerbaijan

Industrial production grew by 36.6%, year-over-year, to AZN 14.4bn in Azerbaijan during 2006.
18 January 2007 [00:52]

Georgia's foreign debt hits 1.697bn

As of early January, 2007 Georgia's foreign debt and government loan liabilities totaled to $1.697484 billion, including $498.044 million owed to 15 creditor nations.
18 January 2007 [00:51]

Bank Respublika increases interest rates on euro deals

Azerbaijan's Bank Respublika has increased interest rates on euro transactions to 12%.
17 January 2007 [22:59]

Agriculture Minister to visit Germany

A delegation led by Ismat Abbasov, Azerbaijan's Minister for Agriculture, has left for the Federal Republic of Germany to take part in the international Green Week exhibition on food, agriculture and gardening industry to be held in Berlin on January 18-28.
17 January 2007 [22:58]

Trades at BICEX, Jan. 17

The weighted average exchange prices made up 0,8714 AZN for 1 US dollar in the Baku Interbank Currency Exchange on January 17.
17 January 2007 [22:37]

Shah Deniz gas buttressing Georgia, Azerbaijan economically and politically

At 10 pm local time on January 14, commercial production and the delivery flow of gas started at the first well of Azerbaijan's giant offshore field Shah Deniz, a BP-led project.
17 January 2007 [17:05]

Cherkizov market owned by Azeri businessmen to be closed

One of the most famous markets in Moscow Cherkizov market will be closed.
17 January 2007 [14:48]

Agreement on Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway ready to be signed

The agreements on Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway between Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey governments, as well as the agreement on the construction and rehabilitation terms of the railway in Georgia within the frame work of the implementation of this project between Azerbaijan and Georgia governments have been coordinated on January 13 in Tbilisi.
17 January 2007 [14:43]

Azerbaijan-UNDP agree on two renewable energy projects

UNDP Resident Representative Marco Borsotti and Azerbaijan's Industry and Energy Minister Natig Aliyev signed two projects on renewable energy development.
17 January 2007 [11:46]

Azeri State Budget not to be amended amid hike in energy prices

The State Budget blueprint is not expected to be amended amid hike in energy prices.
17 January 2007 [11:45]

Imishli-Parsabad power line to be in use in May

330 KV Imishli-Parsabad power line will be put in use on May 28.
17 January 2007 [11:30]

Water supply and sewerage system of Ganja and Sheki to be reconstructed

The water supply and sewerage system of Ganja and Sheki will be reconstructed beginning from May on the joint project to be realized with Azerbaijan, German and Switzerland governments.
17 January 2007 [11:28]

64.1% of housing stock privatized in Azerbaijan

In Azerbaijan 389,500 flats (21m square meters in total) have to date been privatized by people and this figure makes up 64.1 percent of total housing stock, as of January 1, 2007.