29 March 2008 [16:29]

EU assigns EUR 1,450,000 for social protection system in Azerbaijan

The project of AI TACIS program entitled "Reformation of the social protection system in Azerbaijan" will complete by the end of March of 2008.
29 March 2008 [16:12]

WB and SOCAR implementing grant ecological program

The WB Baku representation and the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan have initiated admission of applications of potential candidates on a joint program of small grants for 2008.
28 March 2008 [13:20]

Second Caspian Oil and Gas Trading and Transportation Conference to be held in Baku in April

The Second Caspian Oil and Gas Trading and Transportation Conference will run on 23-25 April, 2008 in Baku, Azerbaijan, at the Park Hyatt Hotel.
25 March 2008 [13:48]

U.S. - Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce to organize first Azerbaijani Pavilion at the largest food show in the U.S.

Azerbaijan pavilion to showcase unique Azerbaijani food products in the United States.
21 March 2008 [16:18]

Nar Mobile congratulated its subscribers on 1-year Anniversary

Azerfon LLC (Nar Mobile trademark congratulated all of its subscribers on the First Year Anniversary of its commercial activities.
19 March 2008 [16:47]

Transparency International holds anti-corruption seminars for officials of Azerbaijan's Taxes Ministry

Transparency International has held anti-corruption seminars for officials of the Departments of special tax service and preliminary investigation of tax crimes under Azerbaijan's Ministry of Taxes.
19 March 2008 [14:52]

Azerbaijan to start power debt repayment to Iran

Azerbaijan will start repayment of power debt to Iran in late April.
19 March 2008 [11:56]

Azerbaijan's industrial production makes up AZN 4,100,000,000 in January-February 2008

Azerbaijan's industrial production made up AZN 4,100,000,000 in January-February of this year, which is 13.3% higher as compared to the same period of the last year.
19 March 2008 [10:14]

WB to allocate $54,000,000 for cleaning oil polluted lands of Absheron

The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan has reached an agreement with the World Bank regarding raising a credit in the amount of $54,000,000 for cleaning the oil polluted lands of Absheron.
18 March 2008 [11:11]

Heydar Babayev: "It is not correct to calculate inflation rate on the basis of several products and goods"

There will be a fair rise in food prices in Azerbaijan on the eve of Novruz Holiday, said the country’s minister of economic development.
17 March 2008 [18:47]

Natiq Aliyev: "The route via Georgia and Turkey is the most real for transportation of energy sources from the Caspian region to Europe"

Azerbaijan considers that the most real thing is to create a new energy route Azerbaijan Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey-Greece for supply of energy sources from the Caspian region.
17 March 2008 [18:26]

Azerbaijan selects Twinning partners

17 March 2008 [14:23]

Greece interested in importing natural gas from Azerbaijan

Natig Aliyev, Azerbaijani Minister of Industry and Energy, has today met with a delegation led by Christos Folias, Minister of Development of the Hellenic Republic.
17 March 2008 [12:46]

Azerbaijan partakes at international tourism exhibition Inturmarket-2008

International tourism exhibition Inturmarket-2008 which will also feature the tourism potential of Azerbaijan is held in Moscow.
17 March 2008 [11:58]

Rabitabank signs credit agreement of $5,000,000 with US investment company

Rabitabank has signed a credit agreement with the US WorldBusiness Capital Inc (WBA) for a credit line in the amount of $5,000,000 for 10 years.
14 March 2008 [17:50]

Turkey's ambassador to Azerbaijan visits office of Azerbaijan-Turkey Businessmen Association

Turkey's ambassador to Azerbaijan Khulusi Kilich has visited the office of the Azerbaijan-Turkey businessmen association.
14 March 2008 [16:55]

Real estate market in Azerbaijan twice as profitable as in Moscow

Profitability of real estate market in Azerbaijan is 1.5-2 times higher as compared to Moscow and profitability of successfully implemented projects makes up 30%.
14 March 2008 [12:59]

All-the-year-round resort estimated at $2,000,000,000 to be built in Azerbaijan

"Yesterday we met with Austrians to discuss construction of an all-the-year-round resort in Gusary, Azerbaijan at the foothill of Shahdagh mountain".
13 March 2008 [18:27]

Monetary reserves of Azerbaijan National Bank hit $4,015,500,000

As of March 1 the monetary reserves of the National Bank of Azerbaijan made up $4,015,500,000.
13 March 2008 [14:36]

International Autoshow-2008 starts in Baku

The fifth international Autoshow-2008 has started in Baku today.
13 March 2008 [11:56]

Ilham Aliyev: "Boeing-787 will be brought to Azerbaijan among all the CIS states"

"A new large seaport will be built in Azerbaijan".
13 March 2008 [10:42]

IMF proposes recommendations in the sphere of tax policy to Azerbaijan

The International Monetary Fund has proposed recommendations on conduction of further reforms in the sphere of tax policy to the government of Azerbaijan.
13 March 2008 [10:28]

Inflation rate to hit 20% in Azerbaijan this year

The International Monetary Fund has offered recommendations to the Government of Azerbaijan on how to curb inflation this year.
13 March 2008 [10:07]

IMF considering privatization of Azerbaijan International Bank necessary

The International Monetary Fund considers privatization of the International Bank of Azerbaijan necessary.
12 March 2008 [18:22]

Azerbaijan ranks 79th in World Tourism Competitiveness

The World Economic Forum has released Travel&Tourism Competitiveness Report 2008.
12 March 2008 [15:07]

1,349 foreigners permitted to work in Azerbaijan within two months of 2008

1,349 foreigners received individual permissions for work in Azerbaijan.
12 March 2008 [11:28]

WB to allocate loan for Azerbaijan's internally displaced persons

The World Bank decided to allocate an additional loan in the amount of $15,000,000 to Azerbaijan to meet the needs of internally displaced persons.
12 March 2008 [11:11]

Asim Mollazade: "I doubt the awareness of Brooking's Institution research center"

"I doubt the awareness of Brooking's Institution research center, which has released the weakness rating.
11 March 2008 [17:20]

Mubariz Gurbanly: "Some research centers adhere to Christian solidarity while developing reports"

We have announced more than once that some international organizations try to prove Armenia's and Georgia's supremacy over Azerbaijan while developing their reports.
11 March 2008 [15:21]

Azerbaijan ranking 80th in the world by performance in critical areas

Azerbaijan lags behind Georgia and Armenia by performance in critical areas.
11 March 2008 [14:41]

President of Azerbaijan receives vice president of ABN Amro

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has received Mark Holzman, vice president of ABN Amro financial corporation.
11 March 2008 [13:27]

More than 90 companies to join international automotive show in Azerbaijan

Iteca Caspian (Azerbaijan) and ITE Group Plc (UK) will hold the 5th Annual Azerbaijan International Automotive Exhibition (Autoshow-2008) on March 13-16.
11 March 2008 [12:31]

Bulgaria ready to buy one billion steres natural gas from Azerbaijan

Bulgaria is ready to buy about one billion steres of natural gas from Azerbaijan very soon, President Georgi Parvanov said during meeting with his Azerbaijan counterpart Ilham Aliyev, BTA reported Monday.
07 March 2008 [17:52]

Lower Saxony’s two business missions to visit Azerbaijan

Two business missions of Germany’s Lower Saxony is to travel to Azerbaijan in late April.
07 March 2008 [10:36]

AZN 9,000,000 to be allocated for socioeconomic development of four Azerbaijani regions

President of Azerbaijan has signed a resolution on additional measures on acceleration of socioeconomic development of Ganja, Naftalan, Khanlar and Samukh.
06 March 2008 [18:22]

Turkey's new ambassador holds meeting in Azerbaijan-Turkey Businessmen Association

Khulusi Kylyj, newly appointed ambassador of Turkey to Azerbaijan, receives members of the Board of the Azerbaijan-Turkey Businessmen Association (ATIB).
06 March 2008 [12:56]

Azerbaijan ranking second by industrial growth rates among CIS countries

Azerbaijan took the second place among the CIS countries by industrial growth rates by results of January 2008.
06 March 2008 [10:58]

Agreements on construction of first private electric station in Azerbaijan to be worked out this week

The final variants of agreements on energy conversion and lending land for construction of the first private electric station in Azerbaijan will be coordinated by the end of the week.
06 March 2008 [10:32]

Azerbaijan, Turkey to sign memorandum of cooperation in securities

Azerbaijan and Turkey plan to sign a memorandum of cooperation in the sphere of securities.
06 March 2008 [10:15]

Heydar Babayev discusses supplies of Azerbaijani gas to Europe with Matthew Bryza

Azerbaijan's Economic Development Minister Heydar Babayev and US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Bryza discussed supplies of Azerbaijani gas to Europe in Baku.
05 March 2008 [18:52]

Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan sign intergovernmental agreement

Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan signed an intergovernmental agreement during the visit of the vice premier of Turkmen government Khydyr Saparliyev to Baku on Wednesday.
05 March 2008 [17:30]

Heydar Babayev: "Inflation rate will be less than 12% in Azerbaijan in 2008"

Inflation rate will not exceed 12%.
05 March 2008 [11:25]

Matthew Bryza: "There are differences between Azerbaijan and Turkey on Nabucco project"

There are differences regarding transportation of Azerbaijani gas by Nabucco project between Azerbaijan and Turkey.
05 March 2008 [09:57]

SOCAR president receives Matthew Bryza

Rovnag Abdullayev, president of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan, received US deputy assistant secretary of state Matthew Bryza.
04 March 2008 [10:17]

Azerbaijan to be represented in IT exhibition in Germany

Azerbaijan will be represented in CeBIT 2008 international exhibition, devoted to high technologies and computers, to open in Hanover (Germany) on March 4.
04 March 2008 [09:57]

Italy Danieli wins $330 million contract in Azerbaijan

Italian foundry equipment maker Danieli has won a EUR 220 million ($334 million) contract in Azerbaijan, the company said on Monday.
03 March 2008 [10:22]

Trans-Caspian pipeline discussed in Baku, Azerbaijan

Kazakh experts are visiting Baku to discuss an agreement on the Trans-Caspian pipeline.
03 March 2008 [10:17]

Oil and oil products make up 88% of Azerbaijan's export

Crude oil and oil products made up 87.79% of the overall export of Azerbaijan in January of 2006.
03 March 2008 [09:57]

International Monetary Fund satisfied with Azerbaijan's last year economic growth

Azerbaijan’s Minister of Economic Development Heydar Babayev met with the mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) visiting Baku.
01 March 2008 [10:06]

Kellogg Brown & Root to construct Trans-Caspian pipeline

KBR, Inc. (Kellogg Brown & Root) has won a tender from the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) for the Trans-Caspian Project.
29 February 2008 [16:45]

Internet tariffs to fall significantly in Azerbaijan next month

Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies is exploring ways of trimming down prices of internet services in the country.
29 February 2008 [12:34]

Azerbaijan's January external trade turnover makes up $1,120,000,000

Azerbaijan's external trade turnover made up $1,120,000,000 in January of this year.
29 February 2008 [11:14]

1,300,000 tourists per year=148 tourists per hour every day

The number of foreign tourists, visiting Azerbaijan, is rising by 11% every year.
28 February 2008 [16:46]

Program "Corporate social investments" to be presented in Azerbaijan

Confederation of Azerbaijani entrepreneurs in cooperation with the Eurasian Cooperation Fund will hold a presentation on corporate social investments on February 29.
28 February 2008 [15:54]

New State Program for ICT development to be worked out in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan's Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies started the development of a draft new State program on the development of the information-communication technologies.
28 February 2008 [11:02]

EBRD proposing Azerbaijan to attract foreign banks to market

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development considers credit interest rates to be too high in Azerbaijan.
27 February 2008 [18:14]

Microsoft announces new General Manager of Microsoft Azerbaijan

Microsoft Corporation has appointed Teymur Akhundov a new General Manager of Microsoft Azerbaijan.
27 February 2008 [16:24]

Azerbaijan set to raise oil output 27%, gas production 64% in 2008

Azerbaijan plans to increase oil production by 27% and natural gas output by 64%, year-on-year, in 2008, the country's president said on Wednesday.
27 February 2008 [15:13]

Azerbaijan to approve Railway Development Program

After discussing with the relevant bodies, the Government of Azerbaijan has submitted the Railway Development Program to head of state for approval.
27 February 2008 [10:37]

EBRD: "Azerbaijan still depends on energy sources"

"Azerbaijan still strongly depends on energy sources".
27 February 2008 [10:28]

EBRD to finance 18 projects in private sector of Azerbaijan in 2008

The European Bank for reconstruction and development is ready to allocate $140,000,000-180,000,000 for 18 projects in the private sector of Azerbaijan in 2008.
26 February 2008 [15:47]

Azerbaijan will launch DVB-T standard digital transmission in late 2008

Teleradio Director Aflatun Sharifov told APA-Economics that new equipment and transmitters will be installed in Baku and Gandja to support digital transmission.
26 February 2008 [13:37]

Rovnag Abdullayev: "Tariffs on gas sold by Azerbaijan will be regulated in line with world standards"

Azerbaijan will review tariffs on gas sold to neighbor countries.
26 February 2008 [11:53]

USA leading on export transactions with Azerbaijan

The United States became Azerbaijan's first partner on export in January of 2008.
26 February 2008 [11:19]

SOCAR President receives representative of US Department of State

SOCAR president Rovnag Abdullayev received Steven Mann, coordinator of US Department of State on Eurasian energy issues, on Monday.
25 February 2008 [18:27]

Azerbaijan's monetary reserves go down

The volume of official monetary reserves of the National Bank of Azerbaijan made up $3,923,600,000 as of February 1 of 2008 which is a 98.9% rise as compared to February 1 of 2007.