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Eldar & Nigar talk about upcoming Euro-2012, love, contest bribery and new songs - UPDATE

02 June 2011 [10:40] - TODAY.AZ
A while after the "Eurovision" triumph duo Eldar & Nigar headed to Kiev where they visited editorial office of "Komsomolskaya pravda".
A while after the "Eurovision" triumph duo Eldar & Nigar headed to Kiev where they visited editorial office of "Komsomolskaya pravda". While there, the star duo answered the questions of the "Komsomolskaya pravda". The questions from readers are in bold, the answers are in simple text. Read on below.

Hello dear Eldar & Nigar! Congrats on your Eurovision victory. Please tell, are you registered in any social networks?

Yes, we are in fact. On Facebook, Twitter, and a few others as well.

Thank you for bringing this victory to Azerbaijan. The question is, what feelings did you go through, after the victory? What went on in the backstage so to speak?

We werent having any problems. Ever since the beginning, the whole contest was more of a festival, as we were friends with all the other participants. We can say, it was a big holiday, we just went up the stage, performed our song, and of course we were very happy when it was announced that Azerbaijan won. The whole team, us included, didnt sleep the whole night, we were celebrating. Then we came back to Baku, where thousands of fans met us. Lots of emotions and positiveness, you know. We celebrated at home as well.

What was the first thought when it was announced that you will be singing as a duo? Is it harder to perform together than separately?

We, in fact did not give it much thought. The jury chose us, and we are thankful to them. As a duo, we performed good, besides we were very honored to represent our country. The jury made the right choice.

Thanks a lot for representing Azerbaijan! I live in Moscow, and most people here claim that you bought the 1st spot in the contest. Is this even possible?

The results of the contest were published online. You can track it down, as far as the voting goes were 2nd, and 1st by the sms voting.  We are thankful to the jury of "Eurovision", which divides 50/50.  We believe that with this kind of system functioning, there are no chances of bribery for anyone. There is a jury in every country, add to that - millions of tv-viewers, you cant bribe everyone.

Do you believe that there should be a European oriented (without national motives) song from Azerbaijan, represented at Eurovision, or there should be something national in the song? What's your opinion?

Next year, at "Eurovision-2012", there will be a lot of national oriented songs represented. The whole show itself would be presented in our national style. We were asked once, why we do not have any national motives in our song, and we replied that if we win, the whole Europe will come to Azerbaijan to see what our culture and traditions are all about, and also hear some motives of our national music.

Whom of the world stars would you want to meet in person?

Nigar would want to meet Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, and Eldar would not mind not sing alongside Lady Gaga, she is an idol for him.

Question for Nigar - Isnt your husband jealous? Eldar is younger than you, and is quite good looking...

No, my husband knows Eldar, and he treats him very well. In fact, my husband knows that I treat Eldar as my own son (laughs).

Question for Eldar - What musical instruments can you play on?

I play piano, whenever i feel like it.

Do you believe that Armenian delegation will participate in Eurovision-2012 in Baku?

We invite all participants to come, doesnt matter what country they're from. We would be happy see everyone. Since this is not a nationality contest, our country is open to everyone.

Did you really believe you would win? Were you nervous?

There was some of course, but not on stage. It usually is felt before the grand performance, in the backstage. When you do step on the stage, you see all the glory, thousands of people standing,looking at you, you feel all the energy and the emotions that are just busting out of you. Lots of adrenalin.

Salam, again would like to congratulate you! As far as I know, you signed a contract with "Universal Music", is this true? If so, are there any new songs ready?  Do you keep in touch with other participants of "Euro-2011"?

The contract with "Universal Music" was signed, it is true. The new songs are being searched for, we discuss these issues. There is a tight schedule we have to follow, but we try to find new songs as well. We believe there is no need to hurry. Soon, new songs will be presented. As far as staying in touch goes, we do keep contacts with Maltese participants, the "Blue" group, and a few other participants.

Question to Nigar: How did your children react to your victory? Question to Eldar: Did you get yourself a girlfriend after you were done with the contest?

(Nigar) - I had a dream of participating in Eurovision contest. I remember envisioning myself on the stage. I got married, i had to take care of my children, and didnt think of the contest too much. However, when my girls went to school i changed my mind, and when the moment came up, i've decided to participate.

(Eldar) - No, in fact I dont even have time for girls right now. Too much work needs to be done. (Nigar) - my daughter wont accept it, she is in love with Eldar (laughs).

Would you want to become the hosts for the "Eurovision-2012" in Azerbaijan?


Would you want to represent Azerbaijan at the Eurovision again?

We did our best at the contest, and we achieved a common goal, we brought the victory home. If there will be an invitation for us to participate again, we will be glad for sure. Besides, you will get to see us perform again, as we will open the "Eurovision-2012", since last year's winners do that in the next upcoming contest.


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