World news

09 February 2010 [15:53]

Georgia's healthcare minister warns country's doctors

Georgia's healthcare minister has warned doctors.
09 February 2010 [15:22]

Turkey promotes Erzurum winter games in Germany

Turkish State Minister Nafiz Ozak visited Germany's biggest skiing center, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, as part of his official visit to Germany.
09 February 2010 [15:13]

Iran, Pakistan agree to increase parliamentary ties

Pakistani National Assembly Speaker Fahmida Mirza has returned to Islamabad after a six-day visit to Iran.
09 February 2010 [14:46]

Georgia's Speaker heads for Turkey

This morning delegation of the Georgian Parliament, headed by the Speaker, headed for Turkey with an official visit.
09 February 2010 [14:21]

Iran creates national fund for energy projects

Iran is to create a "national energy fund" to meet the need for capital for oil and gas projects, the Iranian Oil Minister says.
09 February 2010 [14:15]

Armenian President sends letter to Turkish counterpart Abdullah Gul

Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan has sent a formal letter to his Turkish counterpart Abdullah Gül.
09 February 2010 [13:58]

Georgian President: Georgia overtook Ukraine

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili believes that in many aspects Georgia overtook and surpassed Ukraine.
09 February 2010 [13:52]

Council of Europe head praises Turkey's global role

Turkey has made significant contributions to the Council of Europe and is now playing an increasingly crucial role on the international stage, according to the body’s secretary-general.
09 February 2010 [13:48]

AEOI chief: 20% enrichment starts in Natanz Site

Iran kicked off Tuesday the 20% of uranium enrichment process at its Natanz nuclear site in Isfahan province, Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Ali-Akbar Salehi said.
09 February 2010 [13:31]

Armenian President leaves for London

On Feb. 9, at 9:30 a.m. Yerevan time Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan left for London.
09 February 2010 [13:20]

Georgian Noghaideli's Party and Russia's ruling Edinaia Rossia Party to sign agreement tday

Agreement on cooperation between Movement for Fair Georgia and Russian ruling party ‘Edinaia Rosssia’ will be signed today on Feb. 9.
09 February 2010 [13:04]

Iran, Pakistan agree to increase parliamentary ties

Pakistani National Assembly Speaker Fahmida Mirza has returned to Islamabad after a six-day visit to Iran.
09 February 2010 [12:33]

Armenia to build up food security concept

Food security concept will be developed in Armenia in the frames of national security strategy.
09 February 2010 [12:13]

Turkish President meets Indian firms executives

Turkish President Abdullah Gul separately received the executives of two Indian companies in New Delhi on Monday.
09 February 2010 [11:16]

Paris arbitrage court fails to issue decision on First Caucasus TV channel

The Arbitrage of Paris has not yet voiced the sentence over the case of First Caucasian channel's being disconnected by Eutelsat [French operator].
09 February 2010 [11:07]

Turkish President decorated with Indian honorary doctorate

Turkish President Abdullah Gul was decorated with honorary doctorate by Amity University in New Delhi, India on Monday.
09 February 2010 [10:56]

Iranian MP: No need to acquiring others' permit for 20% enrichment

A Parliament Member said here Monday Iran produced its 3% enriched uranium without acquiring others’ permit and is needless of other countries, or IAEA permit for 20% enrichment.
09 February 2010 [10:15]

Georgia's Speaker congratulates Ukrainian people on successful elections

David Bakradze, speaker of the Parliament of Georgia, congratulated Ukrainian people on successful presidential run-off, which, in his view, were held past Sunday in a peaceful and stable atmosphere.
09 February 2010 [10:08]

Turkish President meets Indian opinion leaders

Turkish President Abdullah Gul met with Indian opinion leaders over a working meal in New Delhi on Monday.
08 February 2010 [22:09]

Turkish minister says Turkey's economy on accelerating recovery track

Turkish economy minister said Monday the country's economic recovery continued with a stronger pace after fallout from a global recession.
08 February 2010 [21:56]

Iraqi election officers in Turkey for training

A training program for Iraqi election officers has begun in Istanbul on Monday.
08 February 2010 [21:03]

Turkish FM to visit Kazakhstan

08 February 2010 [20:54]

Armenia, Turkey may resume direct trade

08 February 2010 [20:33]

Iraqi envoy satisfied with demarcation process of Iran-Iraq borders

Demarcation of land and water borderlines between Iran and Iraq are based on the international agreements inked by two sides, Iraqi ambassador to Tehran said on Monday.
08 February 2010 [20:22]

Turkish man accused of burying daughter alive faces life sentence

Prosecutors in Turkey are seeking life in jail for the father and grandfather of a girl who was buried alive for befriending boys, local judicial sources said Monday.
08 February 2010 [20:01]

Ukrainian citizens in Armenia vote for Viktor Yanukovych

On Feb. 7, Ukrainian citizens voted in their country’s presidential run-off in the Ukrainian Embassy in Armenia.
08 February 2010 [19:57]

Georgia's opposition leader asks political asulym for son and brother

One of the leaders of the Movement for United Georgia, led by the fugitive political leader, Irakli Okruashvili, summed up her recent visit to France, where Okruashvili has been given political asylum.
08 February 2010 [19:42]

Iran's Bushehr N plant running after 1 more test

Iran's atomic chief says the long awaited launch of the Bushehr nuclear power plant in the South of the country will be complete after one more test.
08 February 2010 [19:34]

Turks smoke less after ban

Many tobacco addicts have quit smoking or smoked less after Turkey banned smoking in public indoor areas.
08 February 2010 [19:13]

Deputy Head of Armenian Presidential Staff to visit U.S.

Deputy Head of Armenian Presidential Staff Vigen Sargsyan will visit U.S. to participate in public discussions on prospects of Armenia-Turkey reconciliation.
08 February 2010 [19:05]

Turkey's president sees chance for new constitution "missed"

Turkish President Abdullah Gul said Sunday there was a consensus that Turkey needed a better constitution, however that an opportunity had been missed for it.
08 February 2010 [18:56]

Georgia's opposition leader holds meetings in Munich

Irakli Alasania, leader of the opposition Alliance for Georgia, held several more meetings on the last day of the 46th security conference in Munich.
08 February 2010 [18:12]

German FM reaffirms commitment to negotiated solution with Iran

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle reiterated the need for a negotiated settlement of the impasse over Iran's nuclear program.
08 February 2010 [17:52]

Georgian President opens chocolate factory in Natakhtari

Georgian president opened a Candy Factory Barambo in Natakhtari today.
08 February 2010 [17:34]

Turkey says ready to assist Saudi investors

Turkish industry minister said on Monday Turkey and Saudi Arabia should boost trade volume.
08 February 2010 [17:25]

Pakistan’s Parliament speaker pays tribute to late Imam

Visiting Speaker of the Pakistani National Assembly Fahmida Mirza paid tribute Monday to the Father of the Islamic Revolution late Imam Khomeini.
08 February 2010 [16:36]

Turkish industrial output increases in February

Turkish industrial production increased in December from a month earlier, the third consecutive month that it has risen.
08 February 2010 [16:30]

Quake hits Iran's Fars province

08 February 2010 [16:23]

Armenia set to cut internet rates

Internet rates in Armenia will start to go down in about a month, director of “Apaga Technologies” Michel Davudyan said.
08 February 2010 [15:55]

Georgian president: Ukraine is our strategic partner

President Saakashvili said after polling stations in Ukrainian presidential runoff were closed, that “the Ukrainian democracy has won.”
08 February 2010 [15:24]

Turkey set to host three-way talks on Balkans

The fifth round of three-way talks involving the foreign ministers of Turkey, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina will take place Tuesday in Ankara during which the latest Balkan developments will be discussed.
08 February 2010 [15:09]

Georgia welcomes choice of Ukrainian people

Georgia welcomes the choice of Ukrainian people, Deputy Foreign Minister of Georgia Nino Kalandadze announced at today's briefing.
08 February 2010 [14:33]

Government reshuffle expected in Armenia

Rumors about a planned government reshuffle are getting stronger in Armenia.
08 February 2010 [14:22]

Turkey's FM sees Palestinian state to draw "final" Mideast borders

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Saturday there was a need for a new vision in the Middle East.
08 February 2010 [14:08]

Iran says CIA agents arrested ahead of Feb. 11 rally

Iran said Saturday it arrested seven people, including two Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operatives, who planned to stoke unrest and violence on a march scheduled for February 11.
08 February 2010 [13:38]

Georgia to hold local elections in May

Local elections in Georgia and direct elections of Tbilisi Mayor will take place on May 30, said Manana Manjgaladze, Spokesperson for the Georgian president.
08 February 2010 [13:22]

Parliament has missed opportunity for new constitution, says Turkish president

Turkish President Abdullah Gül said Sunday there was a consensus that Turkey needed a better constitution, however that the opportunity for it had been missed.
08 February 2010 [12:46]

Iran says home-made stealth drone tested

Iran has successfully tested the prototype of its first domestically-built stealth drone, a senior Air Force commander said Sunday.
08 February 2010 [12:23]

Foreign Minister of Georgia to visit Italy

Foreign Minister of Georgia Grigol Vashadze will pay a working visit to the Republic of Italy today.
08 February 2010 [11:42]

Iranian leader: Israel moving in downward spiral

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says Israel is moving in a downward spiral that will lead to its collapse.
08 February 2010 [11:35]

Armenian Deputy FM to visit Syria

08 February 2010 [11:15]

Georgian parliament to start discussions over new amnesty bill

The Georgian Parliament will start discussion of a new amnesty bill today.
08 February 2010 [10:44]

Turkey's PM opens private hospital in Istanbul

Turkish Prime Minister said institutions like the IMF, World Bank and OECD, have all affirmed that Turkey would be among countries of the world that will grow the fastest in 2010 and 2011.
08 February 2010 [10:30]

Pakistan extradites Jundallah terrorists to Iran

Pakistani security forces have captured several members of the Jundallah terrorist group and handed them over to Iranian authorities.
08 February 2010 [09:58]

President Gul underlines importance of CoE for human rights and democracy

Turkish President Abdullah Gul said on Sunday that mission of Council of Europe in rooting common values like human rights and democracy was very important.
08 February 2010 [07:40]

Turkish President Gul arrived in India