16 December 2005 [19:40]

Ilham Aliyev is going to meet with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev is going to meet on December 22 with the President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at an official ceremony of commencement of the Iranian gas delivery to Nakhchivan.
16 December 2005 [19:19]

Interview with Israeli ambassador to Azerbaijan Artur Lenk

Israeli Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Artur Lenk in the interview told Trend about his country’s intentions and position on major directions of bilateral relationship with Azerbaijan.
16 December 2005 [19:13]

IFES and Azerbaijani CEC prolong term of cooperation memorandum

Michael Svetlik, the Regional Director of International Foundation for Elections Systems (IFES) on Europe and Asia, and Daniel Blessington, head of the Baku Office, met on Friday with Mazahir Panahov, the chairman of the Central Elections Commission.
16 December 2005 [18:34]

Ilham Aliyev signs approval of agreement between EBRD and Azerbaijan on Baku-Samur project

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has signed a decree adopting an agreement between Azerbaijan and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) under the Baku-Samur, inked on September 29, 2005.
16 December 2005 [18:22]

DPA will not participate in May 13 re-elections

While "Musavat" party and the rest of "Azadliq" bloc is still thinking whether to participate in the re-elections or not, the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan already made a decision. "Members of the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan participating in re-elections will be expelled from the party," stated Akif Shahbazov, head of the DPA Supreme Council.
16 December 2005 [11:11]

British ambassador meets with Ali Kerimli

The chairman of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA, reformists), Ali Kerimli met yesterday with the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Azerbaijan Lowrence Bristow.
16 December 2005 [11:00]

Herkel proposes to leave Azerbaijani delegation to PACE without mandate

"The PACE Monitoring Committee will continue the discussions on Azerbaijan within the winter session of the organization in January," said Asim Mollazade, an Azerbaijani delegate at PACE, who participated in the meeting of the Monitoring Committee on the results of the 6 November Parliamentary elections in Paris on Thursday.
16 December 2005 [10:40]

Akif Maharramov still waits for medical examination results

"Former head of Pharmacy and Medical Technical Supply Department of the Health Ministry Akif Maharramov who is in jail of the Ministry of National Security felt worse. Suffering from diabetes mellitus, the former department director needs to be treated immediately," stated Kamandar Nasibov, lawyer of A.Maharramov.
15 December 2005 [19:39]

Kaspershik admitted that number of cease-fire violations noticeably increased in 2005

Exchange of fire in the zone of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict in 2005 grew considerably, which causes alarm and regret, the OSCE acting chairman personal envoy Anzhei Kaspershik said on his arrival in Baku.
15 December 2005 [19:17]

Representatives of South Caucasus local & regional self-governance bodies gathered in Strasburg

The representatives of the South Caucasus local and regional self-governance bodies met in Strasburg on Thursday. "Azerbaijan was represented at the event by members of the European Congress of the Local and Regional Authorities (CLRA)," said Ilgar Ibrahimov, the head of the CE Information Office in Baku.
15 December 2005 [18:57]

CEC composition will stay untouched untill re-elections take place in May 2006

The existing staff of Central Election Commission (CEC) may remain unchanged till re-elections that will be held in 10 constituencies.
15 December 2005 [18:20]

Opposition will hold unsanctioned rally in case Baku Mayor Office proposes them "Motodrom" instead of Gelebe square

The leaders of "Azadlig" bloc, National Union Movement and National Independence Party held a sitting in the headquarters of Musavat Party yesterday.
15 December 2005 [11:21]

Ilham Aliyev dismisses Azeri ambassador to Georgia

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev dismissed Ramiz Ayvaz oglu Hasanov from the post of the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Georgia.
15 December 2005 [11:01]

NIPA's chairman promises tho punish party's council members if they continue to contradict his decision

National Independence Party of Azerbaijan stays devided by a crisis caused by its chairman Ali Aliyev dismissing Arzukhan Alizade from the post of the Secretary General of the party. Party members accused Aliyev of violation of the party's code of conduct.
15 December 2005 [10:40]

OSCE Baku Office hosted discussion on changes in pre-trial procedures in Azerbaijan

Thee second meeting of an expert group, formed on initiative of the Azerbaijani government to implement recommendations of Report from the Trial Monitoring Project was held yesterday in the OSCE Office in Baku.
15 December 2005 [10:18]

Baku Mayor Office will answer Azadliq's rally request on December 18

The Mayor’s Office of Baku will answer to "Azadliq" bloc requesting a permission to hold a rally on December 18.
14 December 2005 [16:40]

Iran takes initiative and proposes for countries of Caspian sea to meet in Tehran

Iran proposes to host Summit of Caspian Littoral Countries.
14 December 2005 [16:30]

UN General Committee rejected GUAM's request to include question of conflicts in the Black Sea-South Caucasus region on agenda of 60 session

The General Committee, responsible for organization of the work of UN General Assembly, rejected a request by member-states of GUAM, a regional organization uniting Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova, on bringing on agenda of 60th session a new item on interference-fit conflict in the Black Sea-South Caucasus region and their outcomes for the international world, security and development.
14 December 2005 [16:26]

Ilham Aliyev signs a law on preparations for mobilization

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on ensuring the implementation of the law "On preparations for mobilization and mobilization of the Azerbaijan Republic".
14 December 2005 [16:20]

Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan will invite international observers to parliamentary re-elections

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry will invite observers for monitoring the repeated parliamentary elections scheduled for May 13, 2006, Rovzat Gasimov, the head of the Foreign Relationships Department of the Central Elections Commission, told Trend.
14 December 2005 [11:01]

Azerbaijan and NATO will sign 6-month co-operation plan in March, 2006

The mini-plan on cooperation of Azerbaijan with NATO covering the 6-month period will be adopted in March, the Azerbaijan’s deputy Foreign Minister Araz Azimov told journalists.
14 December 2005 [10:54]

PACE discussions on Azerbaijan promise to be very tense

"Discussions of the parliamentary elections at the winter session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) will be very tense," stated a member of the Azerbaijani delegation to PACE Gyultekin Hadjiyeva.
14 December 2005 [10:49]

Ilham Aliyev appoints head of Saatli district

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on December 13, 2005 signed a decree appointing a head of Executive Power of the Saatli district .
14 December 2005 [10:45]

KLO activists are getting ready to "greet" OSCE Minsk Group co-chairmen arriving in Baku soon

The activists of the Karabakh Liberation Organization (KLO) preparing to meet the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairmen with protest.
14 December 2005 [10:41]

Azadliq plans to rally near Gelebe on December 17

"Azadliq" bloc appealed to the Executive Power of Baku on holding a rally on December 17.
14 December 2005 [10:24]

Mammadyarov meets Javier Solana in Brussels

Elmar Mammadyarov visiting Brussels held his first meeting with Heike Talvitie, special representative of European Union to the Southern Caucasian countries.
14 December 2005 [10:11]

Gross and Herkel are going to present their report on Azerbaijan to PACE on December 15

A sitting of the Monitoring Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) will be held on December 15 in Paris.
13 December 2005 [20:01]

Sweden and Azerbaijan discuss migration problems

The Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan hosted consultations between the Azerbaijani Vice Premier, the chairman of the State Committee on Refugees, Ali Hassanov, and the Swedish Minister for Migration and Sheltering, Barbiew Holmberg. They discussed co-operation possibilities between the Azerbaijani and Swedish state bodies, involved in the migration policy.
13 December 2005 [19:50]

Deputy foreign minister of Azerbaijan agrees with OSCE that 2006 can be decisive for Karabakh conflict

Specific moves need to be taken in 2006 for the Nagorno-Karabakh settlement, deputy Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Araz Azimov said in a statement during the briefing on 13 December.
13 December 2005 [19:39]

Candidates participating in re-elections will not have free broadcasting time

"Candidates that will participate in the re-elections will not have a free airtime," said Vidadi Mahmoudlu, secretary of Central Election Commission (CEC) told APA
13 December 2005 [19:06]

Musavat Party hesitates to give an answer on participation in re-elections

"The Musavat Party holds discussions on whether to participate in the repeated elections or not," said the deputy chairman of the Musavat Party Arif Hajili.
13 December 2005 [18:18]

Azersu Joint Stock Company has a new president now

Ilham Aliyev on December 13 signed a decree appointing new president of Azersu Joint Stock Company.
13 December 2005 [15:16]

Parliament amends Constitituion of Azerbaijan Republic

Few hours ago Milli Majlis reviewed legislative initiatives of the Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and voted for amendments to the Constitution of Azerbaijan Republic.
13 December 2005 [11:03]

Azerbaijani Minister of Economic Development will travel to Egypt to broaden co-operation and understanding between Baku and Cairo

Second meeting of the Azerbaijan-Egypt intergovernmental commission will be held in Cairo on December 25-26.
13 December 2005 [10:56]

"Azadliq" prepares final report on November 6 elections

The Central Election Headquarters of the "Azadliq" bloc prepares a final statement on the November 6 parliamentary elections.
13 December 2005 [10:40]

Azerbaijan is certain in his wish to enter WTO

Azerbaijan continues its efforts on admission of the country to the World Trade Organization.
13 December 2005 [10:23]

Azerbaijan continues active participation in NATO's events

Training course "Evaluation of operation opportunities and opinion program" is held in Gotzendorf (Austria) on 12-16 December in the framework of the NATO "Partnership for Peace" Program, initial planning conference of "Cooperative Mako-2006" will be held in Neapol (Italy) on 13-14 December.
13 December 2005 [10:12]

Azerbaijan and EU start dialogue on New Neighborhood program

Yesterday, building of the Foreign Affairs Ministry hosted the first stage of EU - Azerbaijan dialogue on European Policy of New Neighborhood program.
12 December 2005 [18:55]

Recently appointed minister Natik Aliyev announces that he will do some changes in the ministry

"Some changes will be applied in the Ministry of Industry and Energy and its Board," said Natik Aliyev, the Minister for Industry and Energy.
12 December 2005 [18:45]

Babayev prepares new changes in the Ministry of Economic Development

Minister for Economic Development, Heydar Babayev continues reforms in the ministry planning some deep structural reforms.
12 December 2005 [11:44]

Mammadyarov left for Brussels to start consultations with EU Council

The Council of EU and Azerbaijan cooperation will meet in Brussels on 13-14 December, the Foreign Ministry told Trend.
12 December 2005 [11:28]

EU and Azerbaijan start talks on European Neighborhood Policy today

Azerbaijan and the European Commission start discussions under the EU’s European Neighborhood Policy in Baku today.
12 December 2005 [10:51]

In the nearest future "Azadliq" may face a single oppositional party constituted out of those who did not join the bloc

"Azadliq [Freedom] election bloc did not accept the initiative of the National Survival Movement on consolidation of the opposition in a single center neither before nor after the elections," said Faraj Guliyev, the leader of NSM.
12 December 2005 [10:42]

Civil Solidarity Party decided to unite Azeri youth in "Democratic Revival" movement

On Friday, December 10 the Civil Solidarity Party announced creation of "Democratic Revival" youth movement.
10 December 2005 [19:48]

EU plans to exert pressure on Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia to improve human rights situation in the region

Human Rights Watch calls European Union to exert pressure on Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan for them to improve protection of human rights and condition of freedoms.
10 December 2005 [19:32]

"Azadliq" plans to take Baku Executive Power to court

"Azadliq" bloc decided to take Baku Executive Power to Court since it did not authorize the opposition's rally on December 3 and 10 that was planned to be held on the "Gelebe" square.
10 December 2005 [18:58]

President of Azerbaijan sets date for re-elections in constituencies where results were previously abolished

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on conduct of repeated parliamentary elections in some constituencies.
10 December 2005 [18:52]

Natig Aliyev appointed Minister of Industry and Energy

President Ilham Aliyev signed order discharging Majid Karimov from the post of Minister for Industry and Energy and signed another giving the minister's chair to Natig Aliyev.
10 December 2005 [18:44]

CEC is going to distribute mandates at the next session of Parliament

The Central Election Commission is going to distribute mandates to newly elected parliamentarians at the next sitting of the Parliament.
10 December 2005 [11:32]

USAID will implement three new projects in Azerbaijan having total budget of more than $26 million

US Ambassador to Azerbaijan Reno Harnish announced on Friday about the commencement of three projects of the USAID in Azerbaijan.
10 December 2005 [11:24]

Harnish gives opposition three arguments on why to participate at sessions of Parliament is good

"The oppositional "Azadliq" bloc must decide whether to participate in the work of the Milli Majlis [Parliament] of the third convocation, but presence in the Parliament has own positive factors," stated Rino Harnish, the U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan.
10 December 2005 [11:19]

Ilham Aliyev dismissed head of Garadagh district Executive Power

On Friday, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree dismissing Yagub Aliyev from the post of the head of the Garadagh district Executive Power.
10 December 2005 [11:07]

Some political parties decided to abandon "YeS" bloc

Central Election Headquarters of "Yeni Siyaset" bloc has stopped its activity.
10 December 2005 [10:27]

Azadliq accuses US of not fulfilling its promise to watch over fairness of November 6 elections

First deputy chairman of the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan Sardar Jalaloglu stated that, the US did not assist to conduct democratic elections in Azerbaijan: "America stated before the elections that it will support democracy. The post-election processes proved that America told a lie. The US has never participated in the parliamentary elections close enough for the elections to be democratic".
09 December 2005 [18:46]

Parliamentary sitting is re-scheduled for December 13

A parliamentary sitting, originally scheduled for Friday, has been adjourned, informed Parliament's press service, however, not pointing a reason for the delay.
09 December 2005 [18:32]

Harnish preaches that 2006 will provide unique opportunities for solution of Karabakh conflict

"2006 will be a window in the solution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and will provide unique opportunities for its settlement," said Reno Harnish, the US Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador to Azerbaijan at a meeting with students of the Khazar University on Friday.
09 December 2005 [18:19]

"Azadliq" postpones its rally scheduled for December 10

Baku Mayor Office responded positively to the appeal of "Azadliq" bloc and allowed to hold a rally, nevertheless changing its place, date and time. Opposition already decided to postpone the rally because it is not satisfied with the offer.
09 December 2005 [18:10]

UNESCO delegation will visit Azerbaijan next week

UNESCO delegation is going to visit Azerbaijan on December 13-17 to discuss implementation of procedures mentioned in the Memorandum of Mutual Understanding signed between the Education Ministry of Azerbaijan and UNESCO.
09 December 2005 [17:14]

Georgian Ombudsman visits Azerbaijan

Public defender of Georgia Sozar Subari is paying visit to Azerbaijan.
09 December 2005 [10:14]

Azerbaijan is crossed out from the list of CE member countries that possibly host CIA's secret prisons

"Special group was formed in the Council Europe (CE) to investigate whether there is any confidential prisons of the US Central Intelligence Agency in the Council of Europe member countries and the group checks this information at present," said special representative of Council of Europe Secretary General to Azerbaijan Mats Lindberg.
08 December 2005 [19:27]

Mandates of newly elected deputies of Azerbaijani Parliament are ready for distribution

The Central Election Commission completed the preparation of mandates of newly elected parliamentarians.
08 December 2005 [19:11]

OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs to visit region of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict on December 14-17

The OSCE Minsk Group co-chairmen will pay a visit to the region of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict from 14 to 17 of December," Yuriy Merzlyakov, the Russian co-chairman of the OSCE Minsk Group, told Trend exclusively.
08 December 2005 [19:01]

Baku police fights loud explosive toys sold in the city

Ministry of Internal Affairs informs that due to numerous concerns of population police removed a great number of highly loud explosive toys from the market.
08 December 2005 [11:21]

After two months of silence UPAF members decide to meet on December 14

"The Union of Pro-Azerbaijani Forces (UPAF) will discuss its further activities at a member meeting of the UPAF Council on December 14," said Rovshan Ahmadly, the deputy chairman of the Islamic Party, also co-constitutor of the UPAF.
08 December 2005 [11:14]

Ali Karimli called to Baku Prosecutor Office to testify on November 26 incidents

Ali Karimli, the chairman of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (reformist wing), also a co-constitutor of "Azadliq" [Freedom] election bloc, was called to the Baku city Prosecutor Office on Wednesday to testify on November 26 events.
08 December 2005 [11:09]

KLO states it will not let the Minsk Group co-chairmen to visit Azerbaijan

"The Karabakh Liberation Organization (KLO) will hinder the Minsk Group co-chairmen from the visits to Azerbaijan," Akif Nagi, the chairman of the organization, told Trend.
08 December 2005 [11:03]

"Movement for Azerbaijan" organizes several photo exhibitions to show Europeans Armenian brutality during Karabakh war

"Nagif Hamza, the representative of the Movement for Azerbaijan in Turkey, is on a visit to France to organize a photo exhibition revealing Armenian brutality in Nagorno-Krabakh," Asli Khalilgizi, the coordinator of the Movement, told Trend.
08 December 2005 [10:49]

Azerbaijani local authorities will meet in December in order to create association

The first meeting of the working group will be held from 8 to 9 December in Baku within the project on establishment of the National Association of Local Authorities (NALA), the CE Baku Information Office told Trend.
08 December 2005 [10:44]

Next meeting of Azerbaijani - Georgian Intergovernmental Commission will be held in early 2006

"The next meeting of the Azerbaijani-Georgian Intergovernmental Commission on Economic Cooperation will be held in early 2006," Ramiz Hassanov, the Azerbaijani Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador to Georgia, told Trend.
08 December 2005 [10:23]

US ambassador meets with oppositional "Azadliq" bloc leaders in Baku

On Wednesday the US Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Reno Harnish, met with the opposition leaders at the headquarters of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA). Attending the meeting were co-chairs of "Azadliq" elections bloc: Isa Gambar, Ali Karimli, Sardar Jalalogly, as well as the leader of the National Unity Movement, Lala Shovkat.
08 December 2005 [10:07]

Pavesi says that opposition and authorities should have political will to start dialogue

"I called on the authorities and the opposition to sit at the table of negations over 20 times. The sides will be able to continue serious dialogue with or without my participation, but there should be political will, as well as determination for issues to be discussed during the dialogue," said Mauricio Pavesi, the head of the OSCE Baku Office.
07 December 2005 [17:55]

Harnish expresses dissatisfaction with Platvoet's statement on US applying double standarts for Azeri democracy

"It is unpleasant to accuse America of applying double standards in attitude to democracy," told journalists the US extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador to Azerbaijan Reno Harnish.
07 December 2005 [17:41]

Foreign Ministers of GUAM countries decided to meet in December to sign constituent documents of GUAM

The meeting of the GUAM (Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova) national coordinators is planned in late December.
07 December 2005 [17:34]

Mammadyarov warns that Azerbaijan's patience is running thin

"The state of status-quo in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict zone will lead to tension," Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyraov, stated while addressing to the 13th meeting of the OSCE Council of Foreign Ministers in Ljubljana.
07 December 2005 [17:30]

Three Azerbaijani drivers missing in Iraq

"There is no detailed information about the location of the wounded Azerbaijanis in Iraq," said Arshad Omar Ismayil, the Iraqi Ambassador to Azerbaijan.