19 January 2006 [23:30]

Safar Abiyev: "?rmenia does not give up its aggressor's claims by pursuing destructive policy"

"?rmenia does not give up its agressor’s claims by pursuing the destructive policy," the Azerbaijan Defense Minister Safar Abiyev said in a statement on 19 January 2006 during the meeting with the Deputy Commander of the Headquarters of the U.S. European Command General Charles F. "Chuck" Wald.
19 January 2006 [23:14]

President of Azerbaijan received Deputy Commander of the Headquarters of the U.S. European Command

President Aliyev and General Wald discussed ANAMA activities
19 January 2006 [13:47]

Promising milestones appear in Nagorno Karabakh resolution process, Russian FM assures

Sergey Lavrov welcomes the OSCE Minsk Group proposal for the Azerbaijan and Armenia Presidents early meeting.
19 January 2006 [04:49]

Huseyn Mammadov: "Rumors that Azerbaijan has trade links with Armenia are nonsense"

"A statement of the chair of the Customs Committee of Armenia about existence of trade links between Azerbaijan and Armenia is nothing but nonsense".
19 January 2006 [04:10]

International Crisis Group: "War might break out in Karabakh at any time"

"The International Crisis Group expects Azerbaijani and Armenian Presidents to achieve concrete results in their meeting due to in February" - Vise-president of the International Crisis Group Alain Deletroz issued this statement.
19 January 2006 [02:48]

Armenian serviceman repatriated

One Armenian prisoner of war previously detained in Azerbaijan was repatriated under the auspices of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).
19 January 2006 [02:19]

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: "We should be anxious for the nuclear arsenal that some western countries possess"

Press service of Iranian embassy in Azerbaijan spread the statement concerning peaceful nuclear program of the country issued by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at press conference on January 14.
19 January 2006 [02:13]

Defense Minister of Russia Sergey Ivanov to visit Armenia

Defense Minister of Russia Sergey Ivanov will pay an official visit to Armenia on January 25.
18 January 2006 [22:02]

Head of Federal Security Service of Russian Federation satisfied with cooperation with special services of foreign states

The head of Russian Federal Security Service (FSS) Nikolay Patrushev in the interview to the "Russian", has expressed satisfaction with cooperation of special services of the foreign states, including Azerbaijan's.
18 January 2006 [21:24]

Samed Seyidov: "Members of the Azeri panel to participate in PACE winter session have been determined"

The members of the Azeri Panel to participate in the winter Session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) have been determined.
18 January 2006 [18:03]

"The United States allocated $17m for program on mine clearing of Azerbaijani territories over last 7 years," Jonathan Henick

"The U.S. government allocated $17m for the program on mine clearing of the Azerbaijani territories over the last 7 years," Jonathan Henick, the spokesman of the U.S. embassy in Azerbaijan, told.
18 January 2006 [14:47]

Deputy FM represents Azerbaijan in burial ceremony of Emir of Kuwait

Vagif Sadikhov, the Azerbaijani Deputy Foreign Minister, is representing Azerbaijan in a burial ceremony of the Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Jaber al-Ahmad al-Sabah.
18 January 2006 [14:26]

Deputy commander of U.S. European command visits Azerbaijan

General Charles F. "Chuck" Wald, the Deputy Commander of the Headquarters of the U.S. European Command in Stuttgart, Germany, arrived in Azerbaijan on Wednesday for meetings and discussions at the Ministry of Defense.
18 January 2006 [14:24]

Ceasefire breach fixed in frontline

Ceasefire breach was fixed in the Armenian-Azerbaijani frontline on Tuesday.
18 January 2006 [14:15]

Turkish premier receives a delegation of ruling party of Azerbaijan

On Tuesday the Turkish prime minister Rejep Tayyub Erdogan received a delegation of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party headed by Ali Ahmadov, the Executive Secretary of the party, who is currently visiting Ankara at the invitation of the ruling party of Turkey – the Party of Justice and Development.
18 January 2006 [04:26]

Representations of Ministry of Economic Development to be opened in our embassies in foreign states

Works concerning establishment of the representations of the Ministry of Economic Development in embassies of Azerbaijan in the foreign states have been started.
18 January 2006 [04:05]

Lala Shovkhat appeals to the CEC on refusing her deputy mandate

Leader of Azerbaijan National Union Movement (ANUM), elected candidate from Yasamal ConEC 3 #17 Lala Shovkhat Hajiyeva made her step on refusing the deputy mandate official.
18 January 2006 [03:50]

OSCE not to complete its report on the parliamentary elections until winter session of PACE

The report on the 6 November parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan drawn up by OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) located in Warsaw, capital of Poland will be announced in several weeks.
18 January 2006 [03:15]

Igor Kizima: "Ukraine wants Yushchenko to visit Azerbaijan in the first quarter of this year"

"Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko is going to pay an official visit to Azerbaijan. This visit is of great importance for both Ukraine and Azerbaijan" Ukrainian charge d'affaires in Azerbaijan Igor Kizima told.
18 January 2006 [02:52]

Arkadi Gukasyan: "Our main goal is the independence and liberty of Karabakh"

"Everybody should try for quick resolution of Nagorno Karabakh Conflict. Because martial law continues on the frontline and young people are killed".
18 January 2006 [02:16]

Azerbaijani delegation not to meet until winter session of PACE

The newly formed delegation of Milli Majlis will attend the winter session of the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe due on 23 January.
18 January 2006 [02:12]

Elmar Mammadyarov leaves for London to participate in talks on solution of Nagorno Karabakh conflict tonight

Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov, deputy minister, special representative of the president on regulation of Nagorno Karabakh conflict Araz Azimov are leaving for London, the capital of Great Britain, tonight.
18 January 2006 [01:58]

President to end his leave by 20 January

President Ilham Aliyev who started his leave in early days of the New Year will end it by 20 January.
17 January 2006 [22:17]

Ambassador calls Azeri, Iranian media to avoid issues "sowing seed of discord"

Azeri Ambassador to Tehran Abbasali Hassanov said here Tuesday that the media of both countries should make effort to develop close bonds between the two nations by not giving coverage to issues likely to sow the seed of discord.
17 January 2006 [22:11]

Azerbaijan Foreign Ministry announces start of recruiting season

Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan announced competition for new job positions.
17 January 2006 [21:57]

Minister of Finance visits India

Delegation led by Avaz Alakbarov held fruitful meetings in New Dehli.
17 January 2006 [21:48]

Ramil Safarov's trial starts in Hungury

First trial in Ramil Safarov's second case held in Budapest.
17 January 2006 [18:01]

Redjeb Tayyib Erdogan: "Ankara deeply interested in territorial integrity of neighboring countries"

The Turkish foreign policy is aimed at "acquiring friends among adjacent states. Ankara is deeply interested in the territorial integrity of the neighboring countries," the Turkish Prime Minister Redjep Tayyib Erdogan said in a statement on 17 January 2006.
17 January 2006 [15:07]

Azeri vice speaker to take part in celebration of 10th anniversary of Kazakh Parliament

Valeh Alaskarov, the Deputy Chairman of Milli Majlis will participate in the celebration of 10th anniversary of the Kazakh parliament.
17 January 2006 [13:53]

Novruz Mammadov: "OSCE hopes for the peaceful settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict"

OSCE chairman-in-office Karel de Gucht to hold exchange of opinions on Nagorno Karabakh conflict in Baku.
17 January 2006 [11:43]

Opposition party to mull participation in Parliament sessions

The opposition Musavat Party executives next month will discuss the participation of the party members, who gained deputy mandates at the November 6 parliament poll, in the work of the Milli Majlis.
17 January 2006 [06:13]

Iran not to fear economic embargo

European countries offer imposing of economic sanctions on Iran for its conducting nuclear researches.
17 January 2006 [05:14]

YAP delegation visits Turkey on the invitation of JDP

Delegation of Yeni Azerbaijan Party led by executive secretary Ali Ahmadov left for Turkey on the invitation of incumbent Justice and Development Party of Turkey (JDP).
17 January 2006 [04:54]

300 candidates gained less than 3% were taken to court

300 candidates gained less than 3% in recent parliamentary elections have been taken to court because of not having repaid the money they got from the state budget.
17 January 2006 [04:38]

24 citizens take signature sheets to join re-elections

24 citizens have taken signature sheets from Constituency Election Commissions in order to join reelections yet.
17 January 2006 [04:30]

European Union: “New opportunities have appeared for a successful outcome over Nagorno Karabakh and Southern Osetiya conflicts”

European Union (EU) supports the statement of the new OSCE Chairman-in-Office, Belgian Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht on attempts will continue for solving the conflicts.
16 January 2006 [21:33]

Russia, Azerbaijan: Parliaments to expand relations

Vice-chairman of Milli Majlis Valeh Alaskarov on January 10-15 has visited Moscow and held working meetings at the Federation Council of Federal Assembly of Russia and the State Duma.
16 January 2006 [21:14]

Official visit of Iranian speaker to Azerbaijan under determination

"Azerbaijani-Iranian diplomatic channels determine new date of the official visit of Gulamali Haddad Adil, the chairman of the Iranian Parliament, to Azerbaijan," said Iranian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Afshar Suleymani.
16 January 2006 [21:08]

Siyavush Novruzov: "Armenians has eased their radical approach to NK problem"

"Yet the Armenian side also perceives inevitableness of Nagorno Karabakh problem’s resolution", said Siyavush Novruzov, who returned back from the meeting of the Parliament Initiative Group of the Southern Caucasus, held in Georgia.
16 January 2006 [21:01]

President Aliyev declared politician of year in CIS & Baltic countries

Ilham Aliyev, the Azerbaijani President, was declared the laureate of the international elite platinum Grand Prix "Caspian Energy Integration Award-2006" in the main nomination "The Politician of Year in CIS And Baltic Countries".
16 January 2006 [20:55]

Sabina Freizer: "ICG is preparing a report on EU’s involvement in conflicts around Southern Caucasus"

There is changes in the policy of the official Yerevan after Prague Process on regulation of Nagorno Karabakh conflict launched, said Sabina Fraizer, special representative of the International Crisis Group on the Southern Caucasus.
16 January 2006 [20:47]

Yuri Merzlyakov: "Draft Agreement on Nagorno Karabakh conflict will not be discussed at London meeting"

As Trend reports, the draft agreement on the Nagorno Karabakh conflict will not be discussed at the London meeting of the Azerbaijan and Armenia Foreign Ministries heads, as well as the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs, the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairman from Russia Yuri Merzlyakov told.
16 January 2006 [18:37]

Conference on Azerbaijan-NATO relations held in Baku

“NATO accepts the occupation fact of Azerbaijani lands.” said the Conference organized by the Press Club for Friends of Army on “Azerbaijan-NATO Relations: Realities and Perspectives” held in Baku with participation of PMs, representatives of the Defense Ministry, and the Embassy of Turkey to Azerbaijan.
16 January 2006 [18:22]

Milli Mejlis speaker of Azerbaijan met with Greek Ambassador

The Milli Mejlis chairman Ogtay Asadov met on 16 January 2006 with the Ambassador of Greece to Azerbaijan Temistokles Dimidis.
16 January 2006 [16:09]

Military Workshop started in Baku

A military workshop on the subject “Command and staff exercises” started in Baku on 16 January.
16 January 2006 [13:39]

Relationships with Russia remain priority in Azerbaijan’s foreign policy – Azeri FM

“The relationships with Russia remain priority in Azerbaijan’s foreign policy. I’d even call them the strategic partnership,” the Azerbaijani Foreign Minister, Elmar Mammadyarov said.
16 January 2006 [12:00]

Turkish President to visit Azerbaijan

Turkish president Ahmet Necdet Sezer will pay an official visit to Azerbaijan till the end of January.
15 January 2006 [16:58]

Parliament Initiative Group of Southern Caucasus meets in Tbilisi

Two-day gathering of Parliament Initiative Group of Southern Caucasus countries started in Tbilisi yesterday.
15 January 2006 [16:36]

20th gathering of working group on the status of Caspian Sea to be held in first term of this year in Moscow

20th gathering of working group on preparation of convention concerning the status of Caspian Sea will be held in first term of this year in Moscow.
14 January 2006 [21:17]

Discussion of two reports by Azerbaijan government to be held on 19 January within 41st session of UNO Committee

Discussions of the 2-nd and 3-d periodic reports of the Azerbaijan government on the UNO “Convention on Children’ Rights” will take place on 19 January 2006 in the framework of the 41st session of the UNO Committee on children’s rights.
14 January 2006 [20:44]

Leo Platfoet: "No secret prisons of U.S. CIA exist in Azerbaijan"

"No secret prisons of US CIA exist in Azerbaijan." Said Leo Platfoet, rapporteur of PACE Monitoring Group.
14 January 2006 [13:50]

Spanish king meets with diplomatic corps

Spanish King Juan Carlos I received the diplomatic corps accredited in Madrid.
14 January 2006 [03:16]

Congress of World Azerbaijanis will appeal to Council of Europe, UNO, France, Germany and Great Britain

Congress of World Azerbaijani (CWA) will appeal to Council of Europe, UNO, France, Germany and Great Britain on repressions against Southern Azerbaijani Turks by Iranian Government.
14 January 2006 [03:13]

Arrest time of Farhad Aliyev and Ali Insanov elongated for four more months

Nasimi District court has elongated arrest time of ex-ministers Farhad Aliyev and Ali Insanov for four more months.
14 January 2006 [02:52]

Opposition MPs not going to call colleagues boycotting MM to join sessions

Opposition MPs say they aren’t going call like-minded colleagues to join the Parliament sessions. They say it’s personal position.
14 January 2006 [02:47]

Gross and Herkel not completed their reports on the parliamentary elections yet

The results of the 6 November parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan might be discussed in winter session of the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe (PACE) due on 23 January.
14 January 2006 [02:35]

Agenda of PACE winter session announced, no issue on Azerbaijan is included into it

The agenda of the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe (PACE) winter session was announced.
14 January 2006 [02:06]

The parties, except PFPA go on selecting their candidates to CEC

Musavat Party has not selected its representative to the Central Election Commission yet.
13 January 2006 [16:35]

Azeri amb gives grounded answer to pro-Armenian congressmen

Hafiz Pashayev, the Azerbaijani Ambassador to the United States, gave a written answer to ill-natured statements by the co-chairmen of a working group of the Congress on Armenian issues, John Nolenberg and Frank Pollone.
13 January 2006 [11:16]

Staff changes in executive bodies to continue – official

“The reshuffle in executive bodies will continue,” head of the President’s Office socio-political department Ali Hasanov said.
13 January 2006 [10:30]

Deployment of peacekeepers in Nagorno Karabakh may happen after the conflict settled, Milli Majlis vice chairman

Stance of official Baku regarding deployment any peace-keeping forces in Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno Karabakh conflict zone is clear, says Ziyafet Asgerov, vice-speaker of Milli Majlis.
13 January 2006 [05:36]

Chirac: Garabagh conflict will be settled soon

“The Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict over Nagorno Karabakh will be settled in the near future,” French President Jacques Chirac has said.
13 January 2006 [05:21]

Yuri Merzlyakov: “It is early to speak about the placing of peacekeeping forces in Karabakh”

“Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia are to discus uncoordinated issues in the process of the resolution of the Nagorno Karabakh in the meeting to be held in London on 17-18 January” - Russian co-chair of OSCE Minsk Group Yuri Merzlyakov told in Yerevan, APA reports.
13 January 2006 [05:16]

Turkish leader is expected in Azerbaijan late January

Turkish President Ahmed Necdet Sezer is expected to pay an official visit to Azerbaijan in late January, said Turkish ambassador to Azerbaijan Turan Morali.
13 January 2006 [05:02]

New chairman of OSCE: “Azerbaijani and Armenian Presidents might reach a consensus in the meeting due in February”

“The regulation of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict is one of the priorities of OSCE for 2006” - OSCE new chairman-in-office, Belgium Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht told in his first press conference.
13 January 2006 [04:56]

House of Lords not to consider ‘grave destruction’ claim: British official

The British parliament will not reply to Armenians’ claims concerning the alleged destruction of tombstone crosses in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, the country’s official said in an interview with local ANS TV channel.
13 January 2006 [04:54]

Azeri, Armenian foreign ministers to meet in London

Foreign ministers of Azerbaijan Elmar Mammadyarov and Armenia Vardan Oskanian will hold their next meeting in London January 18-19 to discuss ways of settling the long-standing dispute over Nagorno Karabakh.
13 January 2006 [04:50]

Ali Kerimli met with US deputy ambassador to Azerbaijan John Polashki

PFPA chief Ali Kerimli has met with US deputy ambassador to Azerbaijan John Polashki.
13 January 2006 [04:46]

Some high-ranking police officers fired

12 January 2006 [22:30]

Thomas Holts: “There is no threat of Islamic fundamentalism in Azerbaijan”

The expert on Caucasus, renowned journalist Thomas Holts has delivered a report in the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute of John Hopkins University, Washington, on theme “Islamic fundamentalism in Azerbaijan: threat or a myth”, the Washington-based correspondent of AzerTAc said.
12 January 2006 [21:30]

6 November and re-election in Azerbaijan to be discussed at the winter session of PACE

“Venice Commission doesn’t work on its own initiative. We are sent inquiry by either upper bodies of the Council of Europe or the countries to prepare recommendations on any issue or establishing cooperation”- said Sergei Kuznetsov, associate of the department for elections and referendums of the Council of Europe Venice Commission.