25 June 2005 [08:39]

There are 311 thousand refugees and 700 thousand internally displaced persons in Azerbaijan

The chairman of the State Committee on Work with Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons, the deputy of the prime-minister Ali Hasanov held a press-conference in headquarters of YAP.
25 June 2005 [08:36]

Baku to host world championship in rhytmic gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics federations of 48 countries have applied for participation in the world championship tournament, to be hosted in Baku this autumn.
25 June 2005 [08:19]

Azeri culture days held in Russia

The Azerbaijani culture days will be held in Sverdlovsk Province of Russia from 23 to 29 June under the Azerbaijani Year in Russia, the Azerbaijani Culture Minister announced.
22 June 2005 [08:55]

Document admission to high schools starts tomorrow

Document admission to the high schools for the 2005-2006 academic years is starting since today.
21 June 2005 [08:37]

There are 947.586 refugees and internally displaced persons in Azerbaijan

There are 17.1 million refugees and 4.4 million internally displaced persons in the world at the moment.
19 June 2005 [08:28]

20 foreign citizens achieved refuge status in Azerbaijan

The government of Azerbaijan is preparing the plan of additional measures for solving the social problems of foreign citizens wanting to get refuge status.
17 June 2005 [09:26]

57 citizens of Azerbaijan got rights for education in Germany

The right for study in Germany in 2005 received 57 citizens of Azerbaijan, the German Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Detlef Lingemann and the head of the DAAD information center in Baku, Ulrike Mitter stated during the ceremony at the German-Azerbaijan cultural center Kapellhaus” on 16 June.
15 June 2005 [09:24]

UNICEF in Azerbaijan moves on child care project

UNICEF is launching the second phase of the project, Taking care of all children in Azerbaijan, to cover 2005 through 2006.
15 June 2005 [08:56]

ASA says that new club in New York is not affiliated with 48-year-old Azerbaijani-American organization

New Jersey The Azerbaijan Society of America, which has been serving the Azerbaijani-American community for 48 years, declared today that the venerable, long established organization has no connection, affiliation or common interest with an upstart Brooklyn, NY club using a very similar name.
14 June 2005 [09:38]

Resident of Fizuli region injured in mine explosion

On 12 June a resident of the Arayatli village of Fizuli region, Gabil Safarov, 1968, was blown up by the anti tank mine, the Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) told Trend.
11 June 2005 [08:37]

Four injured from Baku metro accident remain in intensive care unit

For the moment in the intensive care unit of the Musa Nagiyev clinical hospital, 4 persons, injured on 8 June at the result of break down of an escalator at the Baksovet Metro station, remain, the registration office of this medical institution told Trend.
10 June 2005 [08:58]

Vagif Sadigov to run Azeri national football team

The administration of AFFA sent the head-coach of the national team Carlos Alberto Torres to retirement after the national team lost the match against Poland in its own play-ground in the frame of the selecting group stage of the world championship will use services of the coach of the Olympic team Vagif Sadigov till the end of the season.
10 June 2005 [08:25]

132 school buildings to be build by autumn

132 school buildings will be build in Azerbaijan by autumn on the initiative of Heydar Aliyev Foundation.
09 June 2005 [09:20]

?zerbaijani grandmasters to participate in European chess championship in Warsaw

241 chess players will take part in the 6-th individual European championship to open on 17 June 2005 in the Polish Capital city, Warsaw.
09 June 2005 [09:12]

Baku Metropolitan reports 8 persons injured in the accident in the station “Baku Soveti”

Tragic accident happened in the metro station “Baku Soveti” at about 13.41 yesterday.
09 June 2005 [08:48]

Baku - St. Petersburg flight opened today

Flights from Baku to St. Petersburg are organized.
08 June 2005 [10:04]

Brazilian coach Carlos Alberto Torres dismissed from Azeri national team

A meeting was held in headquarter of AFFA with the participation of the administration of the federation yesterday.
08 June 2005 [09:55]

The person attacked the Turkish ambassador detained

One suspect regarding the attack made to Turkish ambassador in our country Turan Morali has been detained.
07 June 2005 [08:56]

Embassy of Great Britain supports publication of the book in Azerbaijan

The embassy of Great Britain to Azerbaijan and the society of youth of Azerbaijan and Great Britain prepared and published the book “Great Britain: answers on 100 questions».
07 June 2005 [08:51]

Azerbaijani businessman murdered in Moscow

The Azerbaijanis being the citizen of Russia 26 year old Teymur Naibov was murdered in Moscow.
07 June 2005 [08:33]

Turkish ambassador in Azerbaijan Turan Morali was attacked

Turkish ambassador in Azerbaijan Turan Morali suffered from attack.
06 June 2005 [08:50]

126.184 students study in high schools of Azerbaijan

27 state and 15 private high schools acted in Azerbaijan for the 2004-2005 academic year.
04 June 2005 [09:39]

Azerbaijani citizen trying to burn himself and his son in Sweden expected to be sentenced for 4 years

Forty four year old Azerbaijani citizen, resident of Baku who wanted to burn himself and his son in Karlkrona hospital of Sweden was arrested the day before yesterday but was set free later on.
04 June 2005 [07:33]

Azeri culture minister awarded ‘Peace Roze’

Polad Bulbuloglu, the Azerbaijani Culture Minister, has been awarded ‘Peace Rose’ Gold Medal.
03 June 2005 [10:15]

Direct air route Tebriz-Baku and Baku-Tebriz launced

The Iranian air company «Iran-?IR » launched a direct air route Baku-Tebriz and Tebriz-Baku, the Iranian Embassy to Azerbaijan told Trend.
02 June 2005 [14:36]

“Icherisheher festival” to be held in Baku

“Icherisheher festival” will be held in Baku with participation of local residents.
02 June 2005 [14:13]

Two-day seminar on application of distant education started in Azerbaijan

Two-day seminar on application of distant education in Azerbaijan started in Azerbaijan State Economical University.
01 June 2005 [12:51]

Distance learning to be applied in Azerbaijan

A seminar on application of the distance learning in Azerbaijan will be held at the Azerbaijan State Economic University on 1-2 June 2005.
31 May 2005 [13:34]

Criminal group attempting to organize armed attack to money collecting vehicle is arrested

As a result of operation-searching measures implemented by the National Security Ministry (NSM), Criminal group attempting to organize armed attack to collector car of Defense Ministry taking cash to the military unit # N of Defense Ministry was rendered harmless.
28 May 2005 [15:57]

International Donor Day to be held in Azerbaijan

The International Donor Day will be celebrated in Azerbaijan on June 14.
28 May 2005 [15:44]

Setting up of Federation of Azerbaijan underway in Canada

A new Azerbaijani organization - Federation Canada-Azerbaijan is being set up.
27 May 2005 [14:44]

Month of smoking fighting in Azerbaijan to be held

As of 31 May 2005, the month of smoking fighting will be held in Azerbaijan.
27 May 2005 [14:18]

ISESCO week started in Baku

The week of the Islamic ISESCO organization on education, science and culture started in on 26 May in Baku.
26 May 2005 [16:44]

Well-known American jazzman to give a concert in Baku

Well-known American jazzman Big Hibilly Legrabe will give a concert in Baku Jazz Center on 2 June.
25 May 2005 [08:36]

Azerbaijan joined Bologna process

Azerbaijan became the member of Bologna process.
21 May 2005 [09:44]

The World Azerbaijanis Congress launched its work in Stockholm

The VIII World Azerbaijanis Congress (WAC) started its work in the capital of Sweden Stockholm today.
21 May 2005 [09:21]

Nearly 57,000 unemployed registered in Azerbaijan

About 57,000 unemployed registered in Azerbaijan for today, Minister of labour and social security of Azerbaijan, Ali Nagiyev said on 20 May 2005 at the press-conference on results of works, carried out during the year, Trend reports.
19 May 2005 [14:19]

61 crimes per 1000 people registered in Jan-Apr in Azerbaijan

In January to April 2005 71 crimes per 100,000 people have been registered in Azerbaijan, According to the Interior Ministry. 2325 people suffered as a result of crimes, while 292 people died.
17 May 2005 [11:06]

Level of the Caspian Sea to rise 10-11cm this year

The level of the Caspian Sea rose 8 centimeters last year. The level is expected to rise more 10-11 cms within this year.
17 May 2005 [10:58]

The famous poetess of Israel Mikhal Snunit arrived in Baku

The famous poetess of Israel Mikhal Snunit visited Baku with her husband, the honorary Council of Turkey in Israel Svi Elpeleg yesterday.
17 May 2005 [10:48]

AGF Cup first contest on rythmic gymnastics completed

The first contest of the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation (AGF) cup on rhythmic gymnastics took place on 13-15 May, 2005 in Baku in Heydar Aliyev Sports and Concerts complex.
17 May 2005 [10:46]

UEFA gave 26 places for AFFA in the final game of the Champions League

The winner of the Champions League which is the most influential competition of Europe will be determined on May 25.
14 May 2005 [14:37]

13 year old girl hanged herself in Masalli

The inhabitant of the Kalbahuseynli village of the Masalli region 13 years old Samadova Shahla hanged herself in the stable situated in their yard at about 21:30 yesterday.
14 May 2005 [13:58]

International organizations rendered $640m aid to Azeri refugees

During the last 12 years international organizations rendered aid to refugees and internally displaced people (IDP) of Azerbaijan in the amount of $640 million, the State Committee on Refugees and IDP of Azerbaijan told Trend.
14 May 2005 [13:41]

UNICEF to allocate about $10 million for realization of 5-year program in Azerbaijan

UNICEF allocated $9,725 thousand for realization of the five-year (2005- 2009) program in Azerbaijan, the UNICEF office representative in Azerbaijan, Ayna Mollazade told Trend.
12 May 2005 [18:25]

National migration program to be adopted in Azerbaijan till year end

The National Migration Program will be adopted in Azerbaijan till the end of the year, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Labor and Social protection told Trend.
12 May 2005 [18:22]

51% of Azerbaijanis trust Putin, 32% of them to Bush

The "Gelap International" International Sociological Investigations Center held an inquiry for the purpose of familiarizing with attitudes of Azerbaijanis, Georgians, and Armenians to some countries and theirs first persons on April.
11 May 2005 [18:57]

165,000 Russians live in Azerbaijan

Russians in Azerbaijan have never undergone discrimination on national or religious ground; retaining their ethnical customs, language and culture they actively participated in socio- political, economic and cultural life of the country.
07 May 2005 [18:09]

Azeri population's average weight is 68,7 kg, the average height is 168,3 cm

The 93% of the population at the age of 16-39 and 80% of among 40-49, and 70% among 50-59, and 46% among 60-69 feel themselves healthy.
07 May 2005 [17:56]

World Bank plans to hold Icherisheher Festival in Baku

2 projects about Azerbaijan will be looked on in World Bank Directors' Office on May 17.
06 May 2005 [15:45]

Demining machines to be supplied to Azerbaijan

A new demining machine will be supplied to Azerbaijan late this May. The Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) told Trend a relevant agreement was reached during the recent of Hazim Ismayilov, Director of ANAMA, to Slovakia on 27-29 April.
06 May 2005 [15:36]

The World Bank to hold new project in health system of Azerbaijan

The World Bank (WB) is intending to hold new project in the health field in the country.
06 May 2005 [14:39]

Azerbaijan National Day to be celebrated in Japan on May 17

Azerbaijan National Day to be held in Ekspo-2005 World Exhibition in Aichi, Japan on May 17. APA was informed of it from the Embassy of Japan in Azerbaijan.
06 May 2005 [14:25]

Five Azerbaijani war veterans to leave for Moscow to attend May 9 ceremonies tomorrow

Five Azerbaijani war veterans will leave for Moscow to attend the ceremonies on the occasion 60th anniversary of the victory over fascism on May 6.
06 May 2005 [14:18]

The Kholokosta Day of Jewish Nation celebrated in Baku

Kholokosta Day - the day of destroying the European Jews was celebrated in the Cinematographs' Hall the day before yesterday.
05 May 2005 [19:13]

Heydar Aliyev monument to be rected in Moscow

The monument to the former Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev is supposed to be erected, the Azerbaijani Embassy in Russia reported Trend.
05 May 2005 [19:11]

Data on demographic situation in Azerbaijan

According to State Statistics Committee, the population of Azerbaijan came to 8 mln.367 thousands, as of April 1, 2005, having increased during last 3 months by 19,7 thousands.
03 May 2005 [14:09]

The Azeri migrant murdered in Israel

The son of family migrated from Azerbaijan to Israel last year, aged 16 Fuad Melikov Rishon le-Chion was murdered during hand-to-hand combat in night bar.
02 May 2005 [12:20]

Azerbaijani chess player won silver medal in world championship

The first world championship held among the chess player of school pupils in Halkidiki of Greece ended.
02 May 2005 [12:19]

About 55 thousand of people in Azerbaijan are sick with diabetes

About 55,000 people in Azerbaijan have been registered as struck by diabetes, the Health Ministry told Trend.
30 April 2005 [15:52]

Beggars are prohibited to enter Baku subway

Beggars were prohibited to enter Baku Metropolitan. It is already for several days that, polices of subway prohibited beggars to enter there.
30 April 2005 [15:34]

ICESCO week to be held in Azerbaijan

The ICESCO (the Organization for Education, Science and Culture of the Islamic countries) week will be held in Azerbaijan from 23 till 28 May, 2005, head of the foreign relations and coordination department under the Ministry of Education Mahir Aliyev told Trend.
30 April 2005 [15:33]

Police in Khachmaz region of Azerbaijan cut the beards of several muslims

Four days ago the beards of the religious men of the regions whose names are Alimat Muslumov, Azad and Raset were cut by using force in the police station of Khachmaz region of Azerbaijan.
29 April 2005 [16:17]

Unstable weather in Azerbaijan is expected in May

In May the average monthly temperature in Baku and the Apsheron peninsular is expected to be 16-17 degrees above zero that is lower by 1 degree than the climatic norm, the National Hydrometeorological department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan told Trend.
29 April 2005 [15:09]

It is hard for woman in Azerbaijan to find a job

Ruhiya returned home late and was pretty tired. She had been looking for work all day.
28 April 2005 [19:47]

320 religious congregations registered in Azerbaijan

To date 320 religious congregations have been registered in Azerbaijan, the State Committee on religious structures told to Trend.
26 April 2005 [13:47]

Festival of Indian films due in Baku

Festival of Indian films, organized by the Indian Embassy in Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Culture will be held in Baku in autumn, the Indian Embassy told Trend.
26 April 2005 [13:19]

Azerbaijani patients to be cured free of charge in Moscow by 2009

Baku City Head Health Office (BCHHO) holds talks for Azerbaijani patients to be cured in sanatorium - resorts of different countries free of charge.
23 April 2005 [09:12]

Census of population planned in 2009 in Azerbaijan

It is planned to start census of population in 2009 in Azerbaijan.
23 April 2005 [08:53]

Poverty level in Azerbaijan is 33,1%

The agency Trend reports, the chairman of the state committee on statistics Arif Veliyev informed 22 April.
23 April 2005 [08:04]

Participants of Great Patriotic War to receive cars in gift

The participants in the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) will receive OKA automobiles in gift, Hadi Rajabli, the chairman of the permanent parliamentary commission on social policy, told Trend.
22 April 2005 [19:09]

Resident of Towuz loses her leg in mine blast

On 20 April, the resident of Agbulag village of Towuz district Tagiyeva Gguylbakh lost her right leg as result of antipersonnel mine blast, the Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Actions (ANAMA) told Trend.
22 April 2005 [18:45]

Number of cancer patients in Azerbaijan is increasing

The number of the ones developing cancer in Baku increases.
22 April 2005 [18:01]

Beach season will start on 1 June

Beach season will be started on June 1. Director of propaganda and organization sector of State Center of Rescue from Waters Rafig Aghayev in his information to APA stated that, renovation works at the beaches began in April and 200.000 manat was shared for renovation works.
21 April 2005 [16:57]

Azeri national team of basketball became the winner of Solidarity Games

I Solidarity Games of Islamic countries held in four cities of Saudi Arabia will finish yesterday.