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22 February 2010 [15:16]

Turkish PM: Everyone in Turkey expects judicial reform

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Sunday that everyone is expecting judicial reform.
22 February 2010 [14:44]

Piquet held in front of Iran's embassy in Azerbaijan - PHOTOS

On February 22 World Azerbaijanis Congress and the Civil Solidarity Party of Azerbaijan held a protest action in front of Iran's embassy in Azerbaijan.
22 February 2010 [14:23]

Iran says terror team in northwest disbanded

Iranian security forces disbanded an armed terrorist group on Sunday in West Azerbaijan province, the Intelligence Ministry said.
22 February 2010 [13:12]

Iran expels foreign steward over Persian Gulf row

A Greek steward working for an Iranian airliner has been dismissed over insistence on the use of a forged term instead of Persian Gulf and threatening passengers during a flight.
22 February 2010 [13:05]

Israeli president targeted in Turkish poster

A huge poster showing Israel's president bowing to the Turkish prime minister was hung from an Istanbul crane Sunday in the latest round of sniping between the two nations.
22 February 2010 [12:06]

Traffic accident kills 3 people in Georgia

A traffic accident killed three people on the Tbilisi-Senaki-Leselidze highway last night.
22 February 2010 [11:15]

Iran Parliament introduces bill to review UK ties

The Iranian Parliament (Majlis) is working on a bill that calls on the government to reconsider Iran's relations with Britain, says a top Iranian lawmaker.
22 February 2010 [11:07]

Turkey's Prime Minister in Madrid for Spain summit

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived in Madrid, Spain on a state visit.
22 February 2010 [10:53]

Turkey's Foreign Minister meets Spanish FM in Madrid

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu had a meeting with Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos in Madrid on Sunday.
22 February 2010 [10:28]

Iran Jamaran destroyer completes first mission

Two days after its launch, Iran's domestically-manufactured Jamaran destroyer has completed its first mission in the waters of the Persian Gulf.
22 February 2010 [09:56]

Turkish parents fear children at risk of harm on the Internet

A group gathered for Safer Internet Day on Feb. 9. In Turkey the first ever Safer Internet Day event will be celebrated on Feb. 23.
22 February 2010 [09:47]

Iraian envoy: IAEA raising unnecessary suspicions about Iran

Iran's envoy to the IAEA has objected to the fact that suspicions have been raised about Tehran's nuclear activities only because it is not implementing voluntary protocols.
21 February 2010 [19:10]

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: There's no factor, that can affect the good relations between Azerbaijan and Iran

Azerbaijan's Parliament Speaker Ogtay Asadov met Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Sunday in Tehran.
21 February 2010 [18:55]

Four Kurdish rebels killed by Iranian forces

Four Kurdish rebels belonging to the outlawed Komole group were killed on Sunday by Iranian security forces in north-western Iran.
21 February 2010 [18:45]

Turkey, Croatia granted for best ship travel awards

Turkey and Croatia were presented with the "Excellence Cruise Award" in a special ceremony held in Spain's City of Malaga.
21 February 2010 [18:17]

Iranian Parliament Speaker: Obama should address Clinton problem

Iran's parliament speaker has advised the US president to "do something about" his secretary of state because she is jeopardizing US interests.
21 February 2010 [18:10]

Erdogan to join second Turkey-Spain summit

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will participate in the Madrid summit with 10 Turkish ministers.
21 February 2010 [13:50]

Georgian Luger laid to rest

Throngs of mourners turned out on Saturday for a funeral of 21-year-old Georgian luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili, who died in a crash during practice run hours before the Vancouver Olympics on February 12.
21 February 2010 [11:27]

Iran sends condolences to Morocco over minaret collapse

Iran has expressed condolences to the North African nation of Morocco over the collapse of a minaret at a 400-year-old mosque which left dozens of civilians dead.
21 February 2010 [11:10]

Turkish FM says Cyprus issue delay can't be legitimated

Turkish FM Ahmet Davutoglu said any delay could not be legitimated regarding the negotiations aiming to find a solution to the Cyprus issue.
20 February 2010 [18:15]

Iran expects increase of prices and demand for oil

World oil demand will increase by 1.25 million barrel per day in the second half of 2010. It will lead to higher prices for raw materials, Iran's representative to OPEC Mohammad Ali Khatibi forecasts.
20 February 2010 [15:33]

Georgia, Brazil hold political consultations

Political consultations with Brazilian delegation held in Georgian Foreign Ministry.
20 February 2010 [15:12]

Iran's deputy FM: Sound of Islam should be heard at Security Council

Iran’s deputy foreign minister for European affairs said the sound of the Islamic world should be echoed at the UN Security Council.
20 February 2010 [14:25]

Russia stands by S-300 delivery to Iran

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister says his country has every intention of delivering the advanced S-300 air defense missile systems to the Islamic Republic.
20 February 2010 [14:13]

U.S. special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan to visit Georgia

Richard Holbrooke, U.S. special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, will visit Georgia on Feb. 21-22, the U.S. embassy in Georgia said.
20 February 2010 [14:07]

Turkey, Albania discuss tourism cooperation

Turkish State Minister Selma Aliye Kavaf met with the Albanian Minister of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports, Ferdinand Xhaferri, in Tirana on Friday.
20 February 2010 [13:42]

Lebanese FM meets with Armenian ambassador

Lebanese Foreign Minister Ali Shami met with Armenian Ambassador Ashot Kocharyan on Feb. 19.
20 February 2010 [13:16]

Iran's Navy commander: Iran is able to provide security in region

Iran's Navy Commander Rear-Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said here on Friday evening that manufacturing Jamaran Destroyer is a message of peace and friendship for regional countries.
20 February 2010 [12:48]

Georgia, Poland sign cooperation agreement on security

Georgia's State Security Council has signed a cooperation agreement with the Poland's Security Council.
20 February 2010 [12:05]

Turkey favors gas deal extension, Russia hopes nuclear inter-government deal

The Turkish energy minister said on Friday that Turkey favored extension of a 6 billion cubicmeters natural gas purchase contract with Russia.
20 February 2010 [11:57]

Russia accuses Iran of nuclear non-cooperation

Russia on Friday accused Iran of refusing to cooperate with the UN nuclear agency, demanding "clear explanations" from the country on its nuclear program.
20 February 2010 [11:45]

Armenian to head Patriarchate in Turkey for first time

For the first time Armenian citizen claims for tenure in Armenian Patriarchate of Turkey of the Armenian Apostolic Church.
20 February 2010 [11:07]

Standard & Poor's raises Turkey's rating

Standard & Poor's Ratings Services said on Friday that it raised its long-term foreign currency and local currency sovereign credit ratings on the Republic of Turkey to 'BB' and 'BB+', respectively.
20 February 2010 [11:00]

Russia rebuffs Israel over tougher sanctions on Iran

Russia's Foreign Ministry has announced that Moscow is against imposing "crippling sanctions" on Iran over its nuclear energy program.
20 February 2010 [10:52]

Five protesters arrested in Armenian opposition rally - PHOTOS

The rally launched by youth wing of the opposition Armenian National Congress in Yerevan ended in 5 protesters' arrest.
20 February 2010 [10:26]

Armenian Parliament fails to discuss Armenian-Turkish protocols

The Foreign Relations Committee of the Armenian Parliament was to discuss the Armenian-Turkish protocols on Feb. 19.
20 February 2010 [10:08]

Turkey starts study to review EU Customs Union deal

The Turkish chief EU negotiator said on Friday that Turkey's Customs Union agreement with EU should be reviewed.
20 February 2010 [09:47]

No common Iran stance between Russia, US

Russia has rejected claims by US officials that Moscow and Washington have a common policy regarding Iran's nuclear program.
19 February 2010 [19:57]

Turkish Minister meets leading Syrian businessmen

Turkish State Minister for foreign trade Zafer Caglayan met with leading businessmen of Syria in Istanbul on Friday.
19 February 2010 [18:54]

Turkey's Foreign Minister to travel to Spain on Feb. 21

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu will travel to Spain on February 21 upon invitation by Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos.
19 February 2010 [18:47]

Leader says Iran will never seek atom bomb

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said Friday that the country neither believes in atomic bombs nor is it seeking to develop such weapons.
19 February 2010 [18:32]

Georgia, Japan held political consultations

Political consultations between Georgia and Japan were held in the Foreign Ministry of Georgia o Feb. 19.
19 February 2010 [18:17]

Serbia's FM to meet leaders in Turkey

Serbia's Minister of Foreign Affairs Vuk Jeremic will arrive in Turkey on Friday upon an invitation from his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu.
19 February 2010 [18:08]

Quake hits Iranian Khuzistan province

An earthquake measuring 4.6 on the Richter scale jolted the Behbahan town in the Khuzistan province of Iran today.
19 February 2010 [17:48]

Turkey-Spain governmental meeting to discuss several issues

Spanish Foreign Minister said ten ministers from Turkey and six ministers from Spain would attend the summit.
19 February 2010 [17:15]

Turkish Airlines makes emergency landing in Johannesbourg

A Turkish Airlines (THY) passenger plane, on a flight from Johannesbourg to Istanbul, had to make an emergency landing because of a technical failure shortly after it took off.
19 February 2010 [16:34]

Turkish goverment says lifting Youtube ban at discretion of judicial powers

Turkish Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin said on Friday that it was at the discretion of the judicial authorities to remove the ban on access to "YouTube".
19 February 2010 [16:28]

Georgia, Poland to cooperate in security sphere

Alexander Szczyglo, head of the National Security Bureau of Poland, has arrived in Georgia.
19 February 2010 [16:15]

Iranian envoy: Iran backs Armenia-Turkey reconciliation

"Iran always backed and will further support any initiative promoting regional stability and peace," Iranian Ambassador to Armenia Seyed Ali Saghaeyan told media.
19 February 2010 [15:55]

Iran launches advanced Jamaran destroyer

19 February 2010 [15:48]

Turkey's FM in contacts over Iran nuclear talks

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu met with U.S. Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs William Burns.
19 February 2010 [15:17]

EBRD to finance dump construction in Georgia's Ajaria Autonomous Republic

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will finance construction of a new dump in Chakvi, Ajaria Autonomous Republic of Georgia.
19 February 2010 [14:43]

Turkish president calls on Turkish businessmen to invest in Tanzania

Turkish President Abdullah Gul hosted a dinner in honor of Tanzania's President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete in Cankaya Presidential Palace in Ankara on Thursday.
19 February 2010 [14:13]

Mass pardoning expected in Georgia prior to Easter

According to tentative information, Georgia's Commission for Pardoning, headed by Elena Tevdoradze, plans to convene in March.
19 February 2010 [13:56]

IAEA's Iran report raises concern in US

After the UN nuclear watchdog head Yukiya Amano issued a two-sided report about Iran's nuclear program, the US renews criticism over Tehran's pursuit of its nuclear activities.
19 February 2010 [13:44]

Turkish Airlines signs sponsorship deal with Greek basketball club

Turkish Airlines (THY) became sponsor of Greek basketball club Maroussi.
19 February 2010 [13:08]

Georgia's National Olympic Committee voices own version of death of luger who died after Vancouver crash

Flaws of track in Whistler and mistake of organizers can be reasons of death of Nodar Kumaritashvili's, killed in accident while training, only several hours before the Olympics.
19 February 2010 [12:53]

Soltanieh: IAEA Chief admits Iran's N-activities are peaceful

Iran's IAEA envoy Ali-Asghar Soltanieh said here Thursday that the IAEA Chief Yukiya Amano has confirmed peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear activities.
19 February 2010 [12:45]

PACE calls on Turkey, Russia to reduce rights cases

Turkey ranked the top in ECHR's violation decisions, with 356 convictions followed by Russia against which 219 decisions were given by the court.
19 February 2010 [12:28]

Georgia says Russian leader's remarks on Saakashvili 'boring'

Statements like the one made by Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, saying that President Saakashvili was “persona non grata” for Russia, are becoming “boring,” the Georgian president’s spokesperson said.