08 February 2010 [13:13]

Armenia shatters peacekeeping initiatives: 'Witch hunt' in Yerevan

Armenia is facing a new series of "witch hunts."
03 February 2010 [17:00]

10 geopolitical & economic predictions for 2010

A great - and still growing - divergence appeared in 2009 between public statements by leaders and their public performance. The politicized, romanticized theater of increasingly populist "democratic" leaders and media seemed to be of a different planet from activities taking place in the real world.
18 January 2010 [12:23]

Armenia, Russia’s naughty child

15 January 2010 [15:07]

Armenia's defense minister fails to accomplish intelligence mission to Russia

What is happening in the minds and the hearts of Armenian officials is known only to God.
13 January 2010 [15:00]

Yerevan sketch show: By-election in the best tradition of Hollywood actions films

Armenian opposition figures, human right activists and other more or less independent analysts and experts will remember Sunday for a long time.
12 January 2010 [12:22]

Political blindness: Bargaining under Armenian Constitutional Court's codes

Armenia's domestic political temperature is once again approaching the boiling point.
09 January 2010 [13:15]

A Nonstarter on arms control

09 January 2010 [12:59]

Inevitable process: Armenia set to withdraw from Azerbaijan’s lands

New trenches are being dug in Azerbaijan’s Armenian-occupied lands to build a new restrictive line.
09 January 2010 [12:09]

Whole generations of Armenians are taught to hate Azerbaijan

There is a new political fashion in Yerevan.
06 January 2010 [13:51]

No new swine flu cases in Armenia

06 January 2010 [12:04]

Christmas tale by Serzh Sargsyan

14 December 2009 [14:06]

Armenia’s transport expectations shattered again

Russia and Iran are deepening cooperation, including in the transport sector.
09 December 2009 [11:39]

Armenians learn to fly!

07 December 2009 [15:44]

Armenia is dead-end in South Caucasus

Armenia will remain a dead-end in the region without resolving the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.
13 November 2009 [13:34]

Armenia lost on a way to Turkish border

11 November 2009 [13:17]

Nalbandyan misleads Japanese, or frustrated efforts…

Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandyan keeps on surprising and does it in a more and more sophisticated manner each time.
29 October 2009 [16:53]

Funny stories about Armenian Foreign Ministry: Dont drive if you cant!

The Armenian Foreign Ministry convened a regular morning meeting.
24 October 2009 [11:36]

Not the very border Armenia tries to open

Yerevan’s joy in connection with Zurich protocols might be too premature.