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Your Corner: A "theory of human inefficiency"

29 August 2010 [15:15] - TODAY.AZ
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What we have for you is an interesting article, that one of Today.Az staff members wrote on his blog, and decided to share with our readers. He thought of, and written down a so-called "theory of human inefficiency", which is similar to CAP in some ways, but in fact would have been much more complicated. Would it fit into modern society? Would our people accept it? Scroll down to read how it would all have looked like.


Most of you know, of course, what CAP is. The system of human’s efficiency estimation has long proven itself, yet as of now, there’s no such system, that would estimate the so-called “human inefficiency”. Or, “human worthlessness” for that matter. The discussion on this would take hours, if not days, and there are lots of examples to think of. To me, the “Theory of Human Inefficiency” looks a little more complicated, and in order to understand how it would have worked in a modern society, first we have to “dig in deeper” into the theory itself. Let’s see what is a system of estimating “thinking inefficiency”, and “action inefficiency”.


- Theory of Human Inefficiency (THI) is unique. It is created to stabilize the overall level of society, and to boost its development. For each country the system is to be tweaked, yet all the basic principles remain unchanged. The mechanism works the same.

- Both systems are being updated all the time, new additions are being released to the public. One system cannot exist without another, they complement each other, so the theory turned into practice, can bring results, and make society evolve more rapidly.

- A definition for 1 unit of human inefficiency is “ACOON”. - Both systems are different from one another, and they are being developed differently. Each of them is divided into their own sub-groups for easier and more advanced option of choosing future for each person.

- According to the local laws, a man goes through a number of “tests”, for revealing his level of unefficiency. The first test is being undergone at 10 years of age, second at 20, third at 45, forth at 60. If necessary, the 5th test is also being carried out. The number of tests taken by a single human being is also based on the criminal records, and criminal liability of rach person.

- 99 times of 100, only 2 systems of revealing human inefficiency are being accepted. They are: “System of thinking inefficiency”, and “System of action inefficiency”. When taking the test at 20 years of age, a person has the right to chose the system he/she wants according to his/her life plans and future goals. As far as the first test (taken at 10 years of age) goes, the parents are allowed to make the choice for their child or children.

- Each company/firm legally working in the country has its own standard for “inefficiency”. Companies/firms of higher caliber have a lower rating (example: 7-10 acoons), the smaller companies have a higher one (up to 30-35-40 acoons).

- If a person fails his test, or his results turn out to be too high (the number of acoons is too high), then he can udertake the test again, in 3-5 years. During this period, a person has the right to either prepare himself for the next test, or try to find work in so-called “dark companies”, which do not require his/her “inefficiency level”. Naturally, “dark companies” take such person on, at their own risk. If a person undergoes his second test (after failing the first one), and succeeds, then he has a chance to get noticed by other companies. However, his “dark work” will be considered, before he is offered a good job.

- Special catalogues on both systems are available throughout the whole country for free. Catalogues are being updated monthly, even weekly sometimes. Most companies (along with their requirements) are included into these catalogues, as well as special contact phones of the “Human Inefficiency Central Control Station” (H.I.C.C.S.). The dates of future tests are being listed as well.

- In the future, Theory of Inefficiency can be tested on artificial intelligence. And as it is expected, AI will get a lot better results than human beings. Although, a lot of time is to pass, before this is even possible.


Let’s concentrate on one particular example. There’s Anna, and there’s Jamal. Both are uproaching 20, and need to undergo a test, to get a job. Both chose to go for “inefficiency of thinking” test. So, the test is finished, the results are revealed. Anna has 14 acoons, Jamal has 44. So, according to the law, Anna, for example has a road open to about 80% of the companies, seeking people for work. For Jamal, its not so good, he is to be considered for work by only 10-15 companies, if not less. He, however, can wait up, and prepare himself for another testing, and while he’s at it, find a job in a “dark company”. Yet, if he does, in the future this can lead to more work-related complications.


In the modern society, the “thinking” system is considered more prestigeous than the “action” system. The “action” system is more affordable to those, who believe they will not be able to stick to “thinking” system. A person, who fails the “action” system test, is able to find a work in “dark companies”, and in the future not undergo any tests at all. But the fact is, that there are less and less of “dark companies” remaining in the country. They are similar to parasites, which prevent society from fast, productive evolution. And the government, from time to time, reveals them, and they go out of business. Still, as much affective as the system is, there are always “holes” in it, and presently, there are nearly 500 “dark companies” still operating in the country. They, of course, do not reveal themselves, yet for someone who is screaming for work, they are “right behind the corner”.


It’s interesting, how would our society develop, if this kind of theory was real, and not fictional as written above. Not all would agree with its principles for sure. This theory put into action could really solve some problems we’re facing today, and maybe even influence our lives for the better, bring order and discipline. One question would still remain however…would we need this kind of order and discipline?

T. Teymur

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