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15 January 2014 [12:42] - TODAY.AZ
By AzerNews

Do you, by any chance, know the difference between a bicycle and scissor kick? Well, you would, if you had practiced football, or if I were American, soccer, though I don't get why is it called soccer when it is really football. But that is just me, never mind. Practicing sport not only improves your vocabulary as in this case, but moreover, not surprisingly, has positive effects on your body and spirit.

When your fat belly gives you a hard time and your conscience can no longer let you consume that last sweet chocolate bar, it is the very time to move your body and not your jaw. As your body is your temple, your mood likewise depends on what you eat and do, and if you only eat, stop it, backpedal for a second, and start a new life with today's sporty inspiration.

There are plenty of reason why getting off that couch you are lying in is a good thing to do. Our bodies are like cars, and even if you don't have one which is surprising in this town, your car and your body needs to move to function well. Whatever sport suits you, it certainly involves answers like I am walking, running, jumping and any other activity in the present continuous tense. You could, of course, say that you are four times chess champion and you do practice sport, but I am talking about real motion emotion here.

Firstly, sports help you to lose weight, an everlasting problem of all human species without exception, unless you are not one of those models from my last post with anorectic appetite. Losing weight or maintaining it at reasonable level is good for your heart, mood, and lifestyle. Your blood and oxygen is circulated through your fine body, your muscles are trained, fat is burned, your skin is cleaned, and toxins are out; is there anything else you would like to ask for?

There is, of course, little doubt that there are also risks involved in sport and those are injuries, hyper active competition transformed into hostility to others, undeserved glorification of overpaid athletes. Plus, if I were communist, the competition and unfair 'one winner - others lose' approach would be a buzz argument.

Nevertheless, with all the so called negative issues sport can bestow upon, its benefits certainly outweigh. No one, anyways, is asking you to become the next Tyson in the stardom or undisputed Jui Jutsi champion of the century and get some mental disorder thing. Practice makes perfect, but only if you are a pro. Most of you guys, are regular, not die hard people from Rocky Balboa movie, ergo, we all need to understand that too much of a good thing is hardly good. Do practice sport regularly but without too much stress on it, and it will help you to enjoy your stamina in life and in the sport pitch. It will also boost your self confidence, enhance agility and overall fitness.

I am not expert in sport, and I don't pretend to be one, neither I am planning to significantly contribute to the conceptual debate of what sport is and how it affects our daily lives, but above was some food for thought. Speaking about the food, there is very small chance you succeed in maintaining your life active and refrain from sedentary lifestyle without keeping an eye on nutrition. Whatever goes into your mouth will eventually affect your health and willingness to practice sport.

Everything is good at its time. If you are out of shape now, even walking up a couple of stairs, fifty for example, can make you short of breath. Add to it, lack of confidence and you are being dissuaded from engaging in more physical activity, and the vicious circle continues. Start slow, walk to speak to your colleague instead of calling or texting, have a stand up walking meeting and park your car far away from the office. You will enjoy a better and healthier life.

All in all, the benefits are obvious and it, really, does not take that much effort to reap the rewards. So, what are you waiting for? Get your jogging shoes, or if I were American, your sneakers and just do it.

Thank you for stopping by and if you enjoyed reading this, please do send an e-mail to, do that even if you didn't, I would still like to know how much you didn't.

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