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Structural horoscope

28 February 2014 [12:07] - TODAY.AZ
By AzerNews

Western horoscope, consisting of a dozen signs of the zodiac, determines man's personalities and life aspirations. Eastern horoscope, in which an animal protects each month of the twelve-year cycle, helps us understand how man realizes himself in the world. Analyzing yourself on these parameters you will know your strengths and weaknesses, and how to win sympathy.

So who are you, dear reader? It's easy to figure out; find your protector in a vertical column (year of birth), and your zodiac sign in a horizontal column. Your sign will be in the intersection of these two columns.


King's motto is "everything or nothing". The key to success for the representatives of this sign is to immediately appear in their entire splendor. If you still feel unconfident, it is better to postpone "appearing in the society" and find an activity that will reduce communications to a minimum. Cope with the five roles: learn to be generous and be ready for great deeds like the Aristocrat and the Knight, utter wise words like the Professor, guide people like the Leader, and subvert authority like the Jester. The universal composition of these five characters, called royal grandeur, is what people expect from you.


This sign symbolizes energy and you should show it to others from the beginning! As the Professor, the Leader tends to pose himself as the teacher of life, but it is not based on intelligence; it is based on the power of persuasion. The main task of the Leader is to encourage everyone. And do not be shy; you should devote yourself to large projects and great accomplishments!


As the Aristocrat, he must be crystal clear, but Knight does not require the admiration of others; the awareness that he is doing his duty is enough. So do not expect applause, even if you protect the orphans and the needy in front of a crowd. The Knight's image does not entail strict requirements for appearance and clothing; you can stick to the classic style, or shock everyone with extravagant outfits. The main thing is to avoid vamp style, because your trump card is kindness!


His main goal is to bring beauty to the world. Of course, he must follow fashion trends, but flexibility and elegance are no less important. People of this type are generally very beautiful. People around the Aristocrat expect spotless purity and morality from him. So, you should take care of your reputation; it should be flawless. Of course, Aristocrats remains aristocrats at home, but to live a full life, they need to be the center of attention. This means you have to work in large collectives, where you will always have an opportunity to shine.


This sign embodies sanity and stability, so the best course of action for them is consistency and following the law. Avoid extravagance in attitude, actions and clothing. Do not hesitate to express your opinion, but keep one thing in mind: it must be justified. Never panic; it will ruin the image of the Professor.


The Jester's task is to make people laugh, including at themselves. Do not be afraid to look ridiculous: Jester is the one who is allowed to make fun. In general, it is clear that you need brightness in everything: clothes, behavior, and actions. Your trump card is extravagance and complete disregard for conventions, so drop false shame, and forget about modesty.


The important thing to do is to realize your exclusivity. Your purpose is to excite people and do not let the world turn into a swamp. The distinctive feature of the Vector is his provocative adventurism, so keep this in mind in your behavior and wardrobe selection. You are absolutely forbidden to look corny, remain silent, and pretend to be like everyone else. A bit of "demonic" will only benefit the people of this sign, but remember that this is just an image, a mask behind which your true face is hiding; a very kind face.

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