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Georgia in tumults as West destabilizes country through clandestine networks

05 May 2024 [08:30] - TODAY.AZ

Distant Relative or Close Neighbor? The protests that have been going on in Georgia for several weeks have caused serious upheavals in the country. The only reason for this is the strengthening of the influence of the West on the country.

In fact, the Georgian government is right in its position. Because it would not be wrong to say that, the scenario applied by the West in Georgia, today intends to turn the country into Ukraine.

So, it is enough to look back 20 years ago; the same scenario was already applied in 2004 in Georgia. Saakashvili, who was brought to power, was given false promises, the country was drawn into a conflict with Russia in 2008, and as a result, South Ossetia and Abkhazia were lost. The Russian troops arrived a few kilometers from Tbilisi. The West, which dragged Saakashvili to this adventure, did not stand behind him, and as a result, Georgian society faced a great loss.

What happened was the provocation of the West, led by the United States, against the Georgian people. It is clear that now they are trying to repeat this provocation. However, unlike the situation in 2004, the Georgian people see the danger and do not want to be a victim of the next adventure.

Nevertheless, what should Georgia have done to prevent all this from happening? What are the political mistakes behind the Westernization policy, which is leading to the domestic shackles of the country today?

The answer to the question is very simple: Georgia is suffering today from the mistake made many years ago. It would be good if the Georgian authorities had seen the true intention of the West many years ago and would not have allowed the new adventure to get so far. Because over the past years, it has built a very strong network in Western Georgia. It finances most of the nearly 25,000 NGOs operating in the country and manages them according to its own will.

Very serious changes took place in Georgian society. Drug addiction, the erosion of national moral values, the expansion of the movement of homosexuals, and other tendencies that undermine national moral values have affected not only the people, but also the foundations of the country's political structure.

Over 700,000 Georgians went to Europe and worked in menial jobs because of liberalization of the visa regime within the framework of integration into the European Union. A similar process was observed in Ukraine. Every time terrible concessions are demanded from Georgia in exchange for some preferences, the foundations of Georgian society are undermined.

Such a development of events will result in Georgia becoming a new Ukraine in the worst case. In the best case, the Georgian people will become a society without national identity.

Currently, the resistance of the Georgian community is a manifestation of the process of expelling America and the West from the region. This process first started in Azerbaijan.

Starting from 2010, the activities of the American network in Azerbaijan were restricted. The attempts of provocateurs like Alex Grigorevs, the head of the Baku office of the NED organization, to incite society and young people to revolt, were thwarted, laws were passed to make the financial activities of NGOs transparent, and the process of foreign financing was taken under control.

It is interesting that today America, which strongly opposes the adoption of the law of foreign agents, adopted this law before everyone else, and relevant legal acts are active in the EU as well.

The United States, as well as the West as a whole, understand that it is impossible to achieve any success in the region without Azerbaijan's position and interests. That is, neither the West nor USA have any authority to act in the region unless Azerbaijan wills. Now, they understand that pressures on Baku today do not and will not bring any results. As for the sanctions, they will withdraw from this step, realizing that it will have no consequences.

Today, Georgia, inspired by Azerbaijan, has started to show a decisive position.

But, unfortunately, Armenia is following the path of Georgia in 2004, and therefore estimates show that Pashinyan may also face Saakashvili's fate. In addition, Moldova's activity does not bode well for it.

It is no coincidence that the West is trying to preserve the remnants of its network in Azerbaijan through Georgia. Therefore, with a serious effort, the Western forces defend projects such as "Abzas media" Toplum TV", and try to achieve the release of persons arrested for violating the law.

Today, the persons involved in the investigation confess all their deeds. They provide detailed information about the names, organizations, finances associated with the processes. The tasks imposed on them by Western organizations are truly amazing and mind-blowing. All of these activities through clandestine networks are already known and will further be exposed and announced soon.

One issue remains interesting: How will the ambassadors of the USA and Western countries continue their activities in Azerbaijan?


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