19 August 2005 [10:34]

1802 persons took signature cards, candidacy of 362 persons registered

1802 citizens took signature cards from the Constituency Election Commission up today for participating in the parliamentary elections.
19 August 2005 [10:32]

Refugees and internally displaced people to vote in 11 constituencies

Refugees and internally displaced people will vote in 11 constituencies in the parliamentary elections.
19 August 2005 [10:13]

Gyultekin Hadjiyeva: “I do not believe global changes to be introduced in report of international crisis group”

«The report of the International Crisis Group (ICG) was actually far from the reality, therefore I am not sure, the document will be entirely unbiased”.
19 August 2005 [10:11]

Visit of PACE president to Southern Caucasus countries started yesterday

The president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Rene Van Der Linden will be on a visit in the Southern Caucasus countries on August 18-23.
19 August 2005 [09:57]

Vidadi Mahmudlu: “Assistance of the international organizations will be used for obtaining elector’s lists from Khankendi”

“The process of forming the Khankendi election constituency # 122 was already completed. Probably, this question will be solved for the last time in the next meeting of CEC”.
19 August 2005 [09:43]

Embassies of countries of European Union in Baku call on all parties to conduct calm election campaign

The embassies of the countries being the members of the European Union (EU) in Baku, declared their positions in connection with the upcoming parliamentary election.
19 August 2005 [08:38]

USA ambassador received heads of organizations of opposition parties in regions in Guba Olympic Complex

The USA ambassador Reno Harnish received the heads of the organizations of the opposition parties in the regions in the Guba Olympic Complex yesterday.
19 August 2005 [08:36]

Ilham Aliyev: “Parliamentary elections will be democratic, transparent”

The parliamentary elections scheduled for 6 November 2005 will be held in democratic and transparent conditions, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said in a meeting with public of Gabala district on Thursday in the central part named after Heydar Aliyev.
19 August 2005 [08:29]

Agreement on military partnership signed between Azerbaijan and Latvia

The visit of the minister of defense of Azerbaijan, general-colonel Safar Abiyev to Latvia finished. The visit was realized on invitation of the minister of defense of Latvia Eynars Repsher.
19 August 2005 [08:14]

Special observation mission of European Union not to participate in the elections

“As the countries included in the European Union are also members of OSCE and the Council of Europe, they will be represented in observation missions of these international organizations.
19 August 2005 [08:10]

First candidate from Khankendi election constituency # 122 was member of Musavat Party Isi Baghirov

After the Khankendi election constituency # 122 started its activity, the first candidate from this constituency was the representative of the “Azadlig” bloc, member of the Musavat Party Isi Baghirov.
19 August 2005 [08:02]

Reno Harnish: “I hope some advancement to be achieved in Kazan”

Extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of the USA to Azerbaijan who is on a visit in the north region of Azerbaijan has met with 18 NGO leaders and representatives operating in Guba and Khachmaz region in Guba Olympic complex.
13 August 2005 [11:52]

Traitors should be held accountable to the law

Below-shown is a text of the special Azerbaijani TV cast titled “Matters of Topical Interest”.
09 August 2005 [10:12]

“Yeni Siyaset” bloc defined 10 more candidates

“Yeni Siyaset” bloc defined more 10 candidates to participate in the parliamentary elections.
09 August 2005 [10:07]

Have Tahir Khubanov and Teymuraz Aliyev who are accused of murdering Elmar Huseynov been arrested in Austria?

There is information that Georgian citizens Tahir Khubanov and Teymuraz Aliyev who are accused in the murder of Elmar Huseynov were arrested in Vienna, capital of Austria 10 days ago.
09 August 2005 [10:03]

Rally of “Azadlig” block to take place in late August in Baku

The march-rally of “Azadlig” block will take place in late August or in early September in Baku, the press service of the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan (DPA).
09 August 2005 [09:53]

List of NAP candidates to be published this week

The list of candidates from he New Azerbaijan Party (NAP) will be published this week.
09 August 2005 [09:51]

New ambassador of Italy to arrive in Baku on 1 September

The ambassador of Italy in Azerbaijan Margarita Costa whose diplomatic plenary powers ends will leave Baku on August 20.
09 August 2005 [09:38]

Authority-opposition dialogue planned to be held in CSP headquarters can be delayed

Next meeting between the authority and opposition parties will be conducted in the headquarters of the Civil Solidarity Party on August 10.
09 August 2005 [09:36]

Members of committee for defense of Ruslan Bashirli’s rights held a news-conference

The committee for defense of rights of Ruslan Bashirli, the chairman of New Thought youth organization held a news-conference on 8 August. Seyid Nuriyev, the deputy chairman of the New Thought, said that there were new facts in regard to the issue.
09 August 2005 [09:34]

Viktor Yushchenko not to visit Baku until September

President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko will not visit Baku until September.
09 August 2005 [09:26]

Assistant of Steven Mann Elizabeth Rut: “We see Kazan meeting of Presidents as a real opportunity”

“We are strongly confident that, there is a real opportunity for achieving pace treaty regarding the Nagorno Karabakh conflict and we see Kazan meeting of Presidents as a real opportunity”-Elizabeth Rut-assistant of OSCE Minsk Group American co-chair Steven Mann told the radio “Liberty”.
09 August 2005 [09:16]

Arrested activists of ‘Azadlig’ bloc in Goychay released

The activists of the ‘Azadlig’ elections bloc, arrested during the unsanctioned rally in the Goychay region on August 6, were released, Samid Mammadov.
09 August 2005 [09:09]

Iran calls to solve the Caspian Sea problem by peaceful way

“Iran supports using all opportunities of the coastal countries to accelerate the process of solution of the Caspian Sea problem by peaceful way”.
09 August 2005 [08:38]

Yaap de Hoop Scheffer: “Conflict situation among the neighboring countries makes regional cooperation in the South Caucasus difficult”

“NATO realizes that, the regional cooperation in the south Caucasus is getting difficult due to the conflict situation among the neighboring countries”- NATO Secretary General Yaap de Hoop Scheffer told about it.
08 August 2005 [09:04]

Protest action held in front of PFAP (reformers) building

Around 600 refugees gathered in front of the building of the Popular Front of Azerbaijan Party (reformers - PFAP) at 11:00 am on 6 August and subjected it to the egg casting against the cooperation of Ruslan Bashirli, the chairman of the Youth Organization of New Thought close to PFAP, with the Armenian special service bodies, Trend reports.
08 August 2005 [09:00]

IREX: Law on mass media of Azerbaijan assessed 3,5 points from 4

The Bureau of International Information Programs of the US State Department disseminated text of the fourth annual report of the International Council on Researches and Exchanges (IREX) under the title “Media Sustainability Index 2004: Development of Sustainable Media in Europe and Asia”.
08 August 2005 [08:47]

Agshin Mehdiyev: “Azerbaijan’s authority at council of europe steadily grew”

The position of Azerbaijan at the Council of Europe constantly strengthens, while the authority of the Azerbaijani delegation steadily grows.
06 August 2005 [11:59]

Ali Kerimli: “Actions of Ruslan Bashirli cannot be justified from moral point of view”

Chairman of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA), of the reformists wing Ali Kerimli, held a news conference. The ground for his meeting with journalists was the arrest of the Yeni Fikir (New Idea) Youth Organization chairman Ruslan Bashirli.
06 August 2005 [11:57]

Institute of National Democracy denied the allegations made by Ruslan Bashirli

“Institute of National Democracy trains democratic political organizations, supports and contributes to having free and fair election in 50 countries of the world, including Azerbaijan”.
06 August 2005 [11:43]

Next round of authority-opposition dialogue did not take place

The authority parties did not join the next round table of the authority and oppositionist parties planned to be held in the headquarters of the Musavat Party yesterday.
06 August 2005 [11:13]

933 citizens took signature cards from constituency election commissions

933 citizens took signature cards from the constituency election commissions up today for participation in the parliamentary elections.
06 August 2005 [11:09]

Reno Harnish: “USA does not intend to place military bases in Azerbaijan”

“USA does not intend to place military bases in Azerbaijan”.
06 August 2005 [10:09]

Members of Yeni Fikir (New Idea) youth union held news conference

Members of the “New Idea” (Yeni Fikir) Youth Union held a news conference on 5 August at the office of the Azadlig newspaper.
06 August 2005 [10:07]

Azerbaijan-Finland business forum to be held

Business forum will be held with the participation of Azerbaijan-Finland businessmen on 30 September.
06 August 2005 [09:36]

Azerbaijani politicians about actions of Ruslan Bashirli

“Others should also take a lesson from this event being contrary to the national interests of Azerbaijan”.
06 August 2005 [09:27]

Azerbaijan Society of America Applauds Bob Lawrence's letter to the editor of the Washington Post

The Azerbaijan Society of America™ was pleased to note the inclusion of a letter to the editor of The Washington Post newspaper which gave a clear picture of the progress Azerbaijan has made in its election process and in other important areas.
06 August 2005 [09:04]

Steven Mann: “Agreements reached during the talks are not enough for concluding a peace treaty”

“The main subject of the meetings conducted by the foreign affairs minister of Azerbaijan Elmar Mammadyarov in USA was regulation of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict”.
06 August 2005 [08:30]

Elmar Mamedyarov: “Azerbaijan’s foreign policy based on aspiration for integration into European, Euro-Atlantic organizations”

(ITAR-TASS) – The foreign policy of Azerbaijan is based on aspiration for deep integration into the European and Euro-Atlantic organizations, Elmar Mammadyarov, the Azerbaijani Minister of Foreign Affairs, stated to a meeting at the Carnegie Fund.
06 August 2005 [08:28]

Michael Baranik: “Negotiations on dislocation of military bases in Azerbaijan should be started”

“Military operations are on in Afghanistan and Iraq, the USA militants cannot be withdrawn from the region in order to succeed. In this respect, Azerbaijan turns out to be a very important country for the USA. The USA officials should think about it”.
06 August 2005 [08:17]

Isa Gambar: “The incident investigated by the special service organs of Georgia”

“I do not want to say something definite as the investigation is not completed. The authority also does not have right to call someone an offender till the investigation ends”.
05 August 2005 [09:47]

CEC held workshop-consultation in Lenkeran

Zone workshop-consultation was held in Lenkeran City Culture palace through Central Election Commission (CEC) yesterday.
05 August 2005 [09:45]

Ruslan Bashirli was trying to establish cooperation with Armenians and prepare diversion against Azerbaijan arrested

The chairman of the “New Opinion” Youth Movement was collared as the suspicious person.
05 August 2005 [09:43]

Artur Leng appointed new Ambassador of Israel to Azerbaijan

A diplomat Artur Leng is appointed a new Ambassador of Israel to Azerbaijan, the Israeli Ambassador to Azerbaijan Eytan Naye accomplishing his diplomatic mission in Azerbaijan told a news conference on 4 August in Baku.
05 August 2005 [09:41]

32 persons being in search arrested along Azeri frontier posts last month

32 persons being in search were arrested in the frontier posts last month.
05 August 2005 [09:38]

?arco Barsotti: “For further development of Azerbaijan’s economy removal of problems is needed”

For the further development of economy of Azerbaijan elimination of a number of problems is needed, this was stated by the UNO Development Program (UNDP) resident-coordinator Marco Barsotti in his speech at the conference, dedicated to the support of the national entrepreneurship.
05 August 2005 [09:36]

Zagatala region organizations of parties included in “Azadlig” bloc to hold rally on August 13

Zagatala region organizations of the parties included in the “Azadlig” bloc are going to hold a rally on August 13.
05 August 2005 [08:53]

Monitoring held in front line

A monitoring was held in the front line of the armies in the territory of Ashaghi Veysalli village of Khojavend region today in accordance with the mandate of the personal representative of the OSCE chairman-in-office.
05 August 2005 [08:43]

Executive power of Baku did not authorise action of National Democratic Party

The executive power of Baku refused to authorize the action of protest of the National Democratic Party of Azerbaijan (NDP) on 10 August.
05 August 2005 [08:41]

Israeli ambassador Eytan Na’eh: “Anti-Semitism existing in the whole world is not observed in Azerbaijan”

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary ambassador of Israel in Azerbaijan Eytan Na’eh held a press conference in the International Press Center.
05 August 2005 [08:21]

Sardar Jalaloghlu: “Rasul Guliyev will return to Baku and take part in the election campaign”

“Not only the party of Rasul Guliyev, but also all international organizations, Council of Europe, OSCE and USA State Department are engaged in his returning to Azerbaijan.
05 August 2005 [08:18]

Elmar Mammadyarov held several business meetings in USA

“The Gars-Akhalkalaki-Tbilisi-Baku railway project has strategic significance for the Southern Caucasus and will stimulate the economic development of this region”.
05 August 2005 [08:17]

Azerbaijan’s consulate in Istanbul operates in special security regime

Yesterday’s explosions (August 4) in Istanbul are the next attempt of the PKK terrorist organization to undermine the image of Turkey, especially in the tourism sphere.
05 August 2005 [08:14]

President asserted measures plan on accelerating social-economic development of regions

President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on assertion of the measures plan on speeding up the social-economic development of the regions including Guba, Gusar, Khachmaz, Siyazan and Devechi regions.
04 August 2005 [11:07]

809 citizens took signature cards from constituency election commissions

809 persons intending to participate as candidates in the parliamentary elections took signature cards from the constituency election commission up today.
04 August 2005 [11:03]

“Azadlig” bloc determined candidates on election constituencies in Baku by casting lots

“There were enough pretenders for being candidates from the “Azadlig” bloc on the election constituencies organized in Baku.
04 August 2005 [11:02]

Azerbaijan Communist Party to hold congress in October

Azerbaijan Communist Party (ACP) plans to hold congress in October.
04 August 2005 [10:50]

Criminal case on “genocide” clause started against Armenians related to the tragedy committed in Khojali and Garadaghli

Investigation-operation group has been established by the joint order of Prosecutor-General Office, Interior and National Security Ministers on 18 December, 2003 in order to investigate the crimes against Azerbaijani people committed by Armenian Armed Forces and asserting them juridical.
04 August 2005 [10:43]

Asim Mollazade met with Rino Harnish

The chairman of the Democratic Reforms Party Asim Mollazade met with the USA ambassador in our country Rino Harnish yesterday.
04 August 2005 [10:39]

Authority-opposition dialogue organized by Musavat not to be realized

Though Musavat Party has sent invitations to the meeting participants regarding the next meeting of authority - opposition parties authority forces are not going to attend this meeting.
04 August 2005 [09:51]

United States opens information centers on democracy in Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan

The United States opens information centers on democracy in Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzistan, and implements projects on support of independent mass media in Kazakhstan and five independent radio stations in Tajikistan.
04 August 2005 [09:46]

Azerbaijan and Oman to sign agreement on cooperation in tourism

?zerbaijan and Oman will sign an agreement on cooperation in the field of tourism.
04 August 2005 [09:16]

Azerbaijani military men attend “Shield of Peace-2005” trainings in Crimea

Sea phase “Shield of Peace-2005” international trainings started in the military polygon of Crimea peninsula.
04 August 2005 [09:10]

Monitoring to be held in the contact line of troops

In accordance with the mandate of personal representative of OSCE Chairman-in-office, monitoring is planned to be held in the village Ashagi Veysalli village of Khojavend region, in the contact line of troops on 4 August.
04 August 2005 [09:00]

Program of cooperation between Party of Democratic Reforms and National Democratic Institute adopted

Sitting of a political council of the Party of Democratic Reforms (PDR) took place on 3 August.
04 August 2005 [08:58]

Russia creates artificial tension on the borderline with Azerbaijan

The tension appeared in Russia -Azerbaijan borderline has not been getting slower for a long time.
04 August 2005 [08:41]

Consensus might be reached on the Nagorno Karabakh conflict in August

“It is possible to reach a consensus on the Nagorno Karabakh conflict in the next meeting of Azerbaijani and Armenian Presidents in Kazan on 26 August. The negotiations conducted in the past one year make it possible to guess it”.
04 August 2005 [08:39]

Ilham Aliyev received ambassador of Israel Eytan Na’eh in connection with ending of his diplomatic activity

The president Ilham Aliyev received the ambassador of Israel in our country Eytan Na’eh today in connection with ending of his diplomatic activity in Baku.
04 August 2005 [08:36]

Ilham Aliyev returned to Baku

The visit of the president Ilham Aliyev to Saudi Arabia is over.
03 August 2005 [10:46]

Polad Bulbuohlu: “Our measure against the destroy of our monuments by Armenians does not achieve satisfactory results”

Uzeyir Hajibayov’s memorial house is repaired very rapidly. The memorial house will be opened for Uzeyir-lovers on 18 September”.
03 August 2005 [10:44]

CEC started seminar-conferences for commission members

The Central Election Commission (CEC) started seminar-conferences with the commission members.
03 August 2005 [10:43]

Republic Prosecutor's Office preparing documents for extradition of Mehdi Khalilov

The Republic Prosecutor's Office (RPO) is preparing documents for extradition of Mehdi Khalilov to Azerbaijan who is accused of participating in the confrontations happened on 15-16 October, 2003 and beating the associate of the “Lider” TV Sahil Karimli.
03 August 2005 [10:30]

President Ilham Aliyev attended the funeral of Saudi King

Head of state Ilham Aliyev yesterday left for Riyadh to attend the funeral of the passing King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.
03 August 2005 [10:21]

“Azadlig” bloc to hold primary elections in 7 constituencies

The next meeting of the Chairmen Council of the “Azadlig” bloc was held in the headquarters of the Musavat Party yesterday.
03 August 2005 [10:19]

Investments in Azerbaijani economy to grow by 30% in 2006

Total investment in the Azerbaijani economy will comprise $6 billion in 2006.