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End of separatism: Azerbaijan declares its absolute victory

21 September 2023 [13:00] - TODAY.AZ

By Azernews

Finally, on September 19, the next provocation launched by the separatist regime was successfully prevented. The separatist elements in Azerbaijan’s Garabagh economic region, who did not want to surrender, tried to make the process more complicated by deceiving themselves with empty dreams - but their attempts, like the previous ones, were in vain. As a result of the anti-terrorist measures initiated by Azerbaijan a couple of days ago, the separatists' secret dens were rendered useless. Surrender was their destiny, but fate cannot be avoided. Today’s event should have happened a long time ago.

The President of Azerbaijan, the victorious Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev addressed the people after the successful operation of the Azerbaijani Army and the unequivocal surrender of the other side. This was Azerbaijan's repeated warning that after the 44-day war, the Armenian separatists did not fully implement the capitulation document signed by the Yerevan leadership.

Azerbaijan does not see any work unfinished, the separatist regime has simply forgotten the sharp impact of the iron fist. President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev wanted to say exactly this:

“They had probably forgotten my words. When the Second Karabakh War ended, and Armenia threw in the towel, was brought to its knees, and signed the act of capitulation, I said that the status went to hell. For some time after the war, we did not hear any nonsense about the status. But as this fear slowly dissipated, revengeful forces started emerging again. Therefore, all these factors are further evidence that the regime of the illegal criminal junta has become depraved, impertinent, and impudent. They forgot that they were living in the territory of Azerbaijan,” the President said while addressing the Azerbaijani nation.

By resorting to such provocations, the separatist forces and Armenia, which supports them, seemed to want to test the strength of the Azerbaijani army. Armenia and a handful of separatist groups, which were confident in the arms collected from outside as donations, were deceived in their assumptions this time. They thought that the military bases they had built in the territories of Garabagh for a long time would protect them from the targets of the Azerbaijani Army. However, they did not even imagine that they would raise a white flag and surrender in just 23 hours 43 minutes.

The Azerbaijani army is brave, powerful and invincible. Its principles of justice are unambiguous. During the anti-terrorist measures, the mighty army took into account the safety of the civilian population first. Because from the very beginning, Azerbaijan considered the Armenian minority living in Garabagh as its citizens and considered their security a priority. During the only one-day military operation, the entire illegal strategic space of the separatist groups was destroyed with precise weapons that hit the exact target. Given the landscape that it was quite difficult to move in the mountainous area, nevertheless, the invincible soldier of the Azerbaijan Army repelled the attack attempts of the other side at once.

Thus, the "status" issue, which the separatist regime wanted to bring back to the agenda in Garabagh, was buried under the ground again as a result of the decisive measures of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.

“After Armenia has recognized Garabagh as an integral part of Azerbaijan, what status can the criminal regime that has been calling the shots in Garabagh for 30 years have? What state attributes can there be? What elections can there be? Despite all the trilateral verbal agreements reached after the Second Garabagh War, fake "elections" were held in Garabagh on September 9, and a fake "president" was elected. That person immediately declared that they would pursue the status issue,” the President said.

This victory was not only Azerbaijan's struggle against the separatist regime, but also a decisive step against the hypocritical Western forces supporting terrorism and separatism in Garabagh while ‘recognizing’ Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity. Azerbaijan overcame all obstacles and ensured the supremacy of its laws. The separatists who had already surrendered were disarmed and brought to the negotiation table. The meeting held in Yevlakh district is the first step for future prosperity, peace and security in Garabagh.

“I am sure that the Armenian population living in Karabakh will soon see a change for the better. We intend to build a life together based on peace, mutual understanding, and mutual respect. We have no problems with the Armenian people. We have no enmity,” the President emphasizes as he addressed the nation as well as Armenian minority living in Garabagh.

Thus, it is clear from recent processes that Azerbaijan does not support or encourage hatred against any nation or ethnic minority. On the contrary, it concentrates all its efforts to restore territorial integrity and improve the security and well-being of all nations and ethnic minorities living in its territory. Garabagh is a historical and ancient place of Azerbaijan, and the people living here cannot be allowed to become a tool of separatism.


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