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Capitulation of junta: next is either reintegration or one way out

22 September 2023 [13:30] - TODAY.AZ

By Azernews

Abbas Ganbay

This would not be wrong if we said that September 21 is the last day of separatism and Armenian provocations. The separatist forces, who blocked the road of trucks carrying food a few weeks ago, are now meeting the next trucks full of food and daily needs in Azerbaijan's Khankendi. The meeting held in Azerbaijan's town of Yevlakh between the representatives of the Armenian community and the representatives of the local central government was already one of the first successful steps taken for reintegration.

Azerbaijan has always demonstrated a humane position towards the Armenian minority in Garabaghh. Even at the last moment, while sending flour products to Khankendi, the Armenian resident of Asgaran addressed expressions in a manner that demonstrated a special hostile position to the Azerbaijani side based on the special propaganda of the separatists. During these 34 years, the miatsum, a rotten and poisonous ideology was injected into their brains, which Azerbaijan's determination shattered after the Patriotic War.

Yevlakh meeting took place under the flag of Azerbaijan - separatism is over. The meeting discussed issues of reintegration on the basis of the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan as well as basic needs of Azerbaijani citizens in the Garabagh area.

According to Azerbaijani expert and political scientist Anar Hasanov, who commented for AZERNEWS, an important fact and a serious reason for the separatists to agree to the meeting with Azerbaijani representatives in Yevlakh is fear, as the military junta is clear that in case of further resistance, death will befall all those who raised arms against Azerbaijan.

"Resistance was futile, as Azerbaijan controlled the entire territory. Except for the fact that the meeting took place as a result of any pressure from the North or the West, I exclude this option. The military junta was fed up that Azerbaijan would be under pressure from the international community and would not use force, but as history has shown Azerbaijan is not guided by any recommendations or advice from the West in relation to the military junta. That is, the military junta needed time to understand this, and fear became the reason for the military junta to agree to the meeting," the political analyst said.

A new history is being written in front of our eyes. Justice has triumphed. The pressure that the West wanted to exert on Azerbaijan throughout the conflict has failed and shattered. There are many murderers and terrorists of Armenian origin among the inhabitants of Azerbaijan's Garabagh, who were involved in many crimes against the humanity during the First Garabagh War, which the separatist junta was behind. What to expect from the process of the meeting, the political analyst said that the representative of the military junta is a man from the parliament, and he is very lucky, as Azerbaijan will not negotiate with everyone.

"Azerbaijan refused to meet with the executive power of the so-called military junta, as there can be no power in Azerbaijan's sovereign territory. The Azerbaijani side accepted the person who represents the people's power, expresses the needs of the community in Garabagh," Hasanov said.

The expert stressed that it is possible that Armenians will start guerrillas, as most of them were involved in brutal killings and are accused of terror.

"I don't think they will give up, they will resist and I think this is not the end. In Russia, the anti-terrorist operation started on 23 September 1999 and lasted for 10 years. For a decade, the territory of the North Caucasus was considered as ATO (counter-terrorist operation) territory, curfew regime, passport checks, etc. And in this sense, there is no expectation that everything will be over in Garabagh in one month. The reintegration process will start and there will be those who will sometimes violate the laws of Azerbaijan, and anti-terrorist or police operations will be applied to them in the villages, mountains, and forests of Garabagh, I expect this, because the Russian Federation has similar experience," the expert opined.

As regards the criminals who resist to surrender and have been involved in the crimes, during the First Garabagh War and after the signing of the 10 November 2020 capitulation Act, will be duly punished according to the law of Azerbaijan.

Next on the agenda is the reintegration of the Armenian minority living in Azerbaijan's Garabagh, and what will be the process of reintegration in the future, according to the Azerbaijani analyst, the process will begin with the historical and administrative buildings that came under the control of Azerbaijan, then there will be a census of the population and the restoration of every institution of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the territory of the Garabagh economic region, which will take time, as the process is not fast.

"First of all, the census will start and many people will want to leave. I think Azerbaijan will be fair to those who leave Garabagh. Perhaps they will offer their property, sell it, or perhaps Azerbaijan will compensate those people who are not accused of crimes to leave the territory, and it will not be a compulsion, it will be a decision of the residents of the Garabagh territory of Azerbaijan. If a person wants to leave the territory, he has a tractor and a combine harvester, he has land, and there is a cadastral value of this land. Azerbaijan will compensate for the person to leave this land." the expert added.

A survey by the Social Research Center showed that more than half of the respondents support dialogue with representatives of the Armenian residents of Garabagh. According to the results of the poll, 63.3% of respondents stated that they support the dialogue process, 27.4% of respondents did not support it, and 9.2% of poll participants found it difficult to answer this question. The poll was conducted in 12 economic regions of Azerbaijan.

Further, the political scientist told that there will be a fair approach towards the people who were not involved in the murder and atrocity. In the case of the military junta, the political scientist noted that there are very serious crimes, and in this case, there will be police raids, and passport control and if a person is wanted, he will be convicted by Azerbaijani justice.

"Reintegration is a long process, I think Azerbaijan can restore all its institutions in the region within a year. On the topic of the meeting to be held in Yevlakh, reintegration issues will be discussed on the basis of the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan," Anar Hasanov concluded.


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