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Eldar & Nigar: We want to see best Eurovision contest of its 57-year history in Azerbaijan

10 June 2011 [16:18] - TODAY.AZ
"We are happy to see sunshine of victory over our people’s faces and to continue this atmosphere. Azerbaijani people are ahead of everyone for us. Thanks to Azerbaijan and our people", said Eldar Gasimov and Nigar Jamal, duo bringing Eurovision victory to Azerbaijan this year and becoming the center of attention of whole Europe, in their interview to APA.

We experienced good feelings to meet the Eurovision winners and to share their ideas. An interview was turned into the talk of friends, who had no opportunity to meet before.

"We don’t feel the victory yet. We know only that we are happy. This is like a festivity celebrated by everyone. Everything is changed, renovated in our country. There are many novelties in our city. The people are also changed. All people were happy to welcome us when we returned home as the winners. Everyone thanked us, but we also thank our people!"

The singers said they were welcomed in Düsseldorf and such welcoming encouraged them to win in the contest.

"It was interesting that the journalists told us "See you in Baku" at the press conference in Düsseldorf and such thoughts made us sure". Nigar Jamal, mother of two little girls, says that she feels like takes examination of her life. "After the contest, I feel like I take examination of my life. We supported each other during the contest and support now. We are good friends with Eldar and it encourages us. We are Azerbaijanis. Our desire was accomplished. Thank Allah! We are enjoying performing as a winner on behalf of Azerbaijan!"

Eldar Gasimov noted that they worked hard during the Eurovision 2011 that not to have rivals and others to see them as rivals. "Indeed we don’t think to leave anyone behind us. Our only goal was to show best performance. But we could leave all of the competitors behind and we are happy for that". The Eurovision winners receive many proposals now and their managers assess these proposals. Gasimov said new songs are being composed for them now by both Isa Malikov and Stephan Orn.

"Our album will be released in Europe. We look forward to record something together with Safura in a few months. We have many joint plans. We are also planning to organize Eurovision concerts. It will be very good to organize the concert of Eurovision participants. This is issue is negotiated now. We will give concerts in the capital city and regions as well. We know that people love us and if there was no their love we wouldn’t be here now. We will perform for our people and then for others".

Speaking about her private life, Nigar Jamal said that her husband was living in London, but the daughters are with her. The singer noted that one of her daughters wanted to be singer, another one a model. Performing with a slogan "A feature which I mainly consider in people is responsibility and honesty", Eldar chose his father an ideal because he had these features.

The duo, which brought the great victory to Azerbaijan do not consider being satisfied with this victory: "We don’t think to be satisfied. We have set a goal to represent our Azerbaijan in the greater stages. I would like to popularize Azerbaijan in entire world, in Hollywood, music and cinema industry, because my grandparents were actors, I want to continue their way. I will certainly continue their work. It is very responsible work. I have brought the Eurovision victory to Azerbaijan, as well as I am son of such family and it is a very great responsibility. I am proud of it, it is impossible otherwise."

The winners called in the foreign visits as Ell&Nikki doesn’t refuse to take a photo and give autograph to the numerous persons who approach to them: "If people show us this attention, we return affection. What can be more wonderful than it? We are not tired of contacting with people, because we learn something every moment". Nigar said that the citizens of the United Kingdom speak about this victory and say "one of the winners lives here" and were pleased with this victory.

Nigar says that the United Kingdom rejoices over Azerbaijan’s victory: "Such is said in London – "we are not considered lost, because one of the winners is British citizen". But wordless, the victory is just Azerbaijan’s. But seeing rejoice of other countries over this victory is a very pleasant sensation". We have also learned that duo companions think to sing duo with world’s stars. Nigar wants to get acquainted and perform in joint projects with JLo and Rihanna, but Eldar with Celine Dion, Robert Williams as well as Lady Gaga.

22-year-old Eldar Gasimov also revealed a secret. Our winner said he remembers the girl he loves when he sings Running Scared. I am 22. For now my goal is to move forward in my career. Love may come at any time. There is no need to seek it. Nigar loves her husband. I was also in love and I tried to revive this love. I have some relations with this girl now, we talk, but only as an acquaintance. She is not the girl who will come running. That’s why I love and will love her… I love and respect her very much maybe only for her character. We are not friends, we simply have good relations. Of course, sometimes my feelings return, but this is life. Maybe the feelings will pass off, maybe remain forever. She came with me to the national selections. When you love you do not pay attention to her beauty, or anything else. All this is pushed into the background. Sometimes you love for the points that you can not determine even yourself. Yes, I still love her… Everything will be and must be OK. As the saying goes, Everything will be ok in the end. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end. After the victory Eldar and Nigar found out that they are relatives. Eldar’s great grandfather Abbas Mirza Sharifzadeh and uncles of Nigar’s grandfather Sarabski were close friends. Moreover, both our winners are relatives of Mir Mohsun Agha. Eldar Gasimov is a diplomat, but wants more to be a singer. Eldar thinks about living in Germany.

In the end the winners said: "We would like our city to become nicer and many people come and see that Baku – is indeed playing the role of intercultural bridge between Europe and Asia. We always say that we want the best Eurovision to be held in Azerbaijan. We want Azerbaijan to go down in history of Eurovision with the most perfect arrangement. It will be so and we believe it."


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