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08 January 2011 [13:50]

Azerbaijan's opera singer to perform Carmen part on Turkish scene

On January 8, the premiere of "Carmen" opera by George Bizet will take place at the Samsun State Opera Theater of Turkey.
05 January 2011 [18:47]

Azerbaijan's pop band to start European tour

Azerbaijan’s boy’s music band "NEXT" will present its new album in the first month of the year.
30 December 2010 [14:07]

World famous opera singer to give concert in Baku

World-famous opera singer Robertino Loretti will give a concert in Heydar Aliyev Palace in Baku on February 13, 2011.
30 December 2010 [13:25]

Baku to host rock festival

23 December 2010 [12:48]

Oleg Lundstrem Band to perform in Baku

Today State Jazz Music Chamber Orchestra of Oleg Lundstrem, famous Russian jazz big band, will perform at UNS theatre in Baku.
22 December 2010 [13:55]

Baku to host African club show

17 December 2010 [14:24]

Days of Azerbaijani films in Washington

Days of Azerbaijani films with support of the “Karabakh Foundation” in USA took place in Washington.
14 December 2010 [15:21]

Exhibition of Azerbaijani painter opens in Warsaw

A solo exhibition of Hamid Ibadullayev, an Azerbaijani artist, has opened in Warsaw.
13 December 2010 [17:15]

Azerbaijani film awarded special diploma at international film festival

Azerbaijani film “Precinct” (“Sahə”) received a special jury diploma at the 11th Prometheus International Film Festival in Tbilisi.
13 December 2010 [14:48]

BBC embraces magical mugham

11 December 2010 [10:24]

Azerbaijani jazzmen perform in Malaysia with success

The new edition of the Penang Island Jazz Festival was held from the 2nd to the 5th of December 2010 in Malaysia.
10 December 2010 [18:07]

Lithuanian movie to be shown in Baku

07 December 2010 [15:45]

Thomas N'evergreen to perform in Baku

Famous Danish pop singer Tomas N`evergreen will mark a New Year in Baku.
07 December 2010 [11:43]

Tahir Salahov's best canvases on carpets

The exhibition titled “Tahir Salahov`s East in musical interior” opened at Glinka State Central Museum of Musical Culture in Moscow.
06 December 2010 [18:30]

Azerbaijani jazzman Isfar Sarabski performs in Berlin

The Berlin office of the Azerbaijani Society of Europe has organized a jazz concert in the German capital.
04 December 2010 [12:53]

Young Azerbaijani pianist awarded

02 December 2010 [18:43]

Azerbaijani artist Eldar Hajiyev: I have created portrait carpets of Arab sheikhs, Alexy II, Vladimir Putin...

An interview with Azerbaijani artist Eldar Hajiyev.
02 December 2010 [14:47]

New film to be shot in Azerbaijan

22 November 2010 [18:13]

Iran to host Azerbaijani concert

18 November 2010 [15:29]

Heavy electronic music festival to be held in Baku

Heavy electronic music HARD and FAST – FUTURE MUSIC 2010 will be held in Sound Factory club in Baku on November 26.
18 November 2010 [14:30]

Rachael Starr to perform in Baku tomorrow

Combining skill with modernism and her aptitude for style with ingenuity, Rachael is breaking new ground in the electronic and dance music industries.
17 November 2010 [13:55]

International vocalists contest starts in Baku

The Bulbul international vocalists contest in Baku on November 16.