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Left-handers in the world of right-handers

22 April 2015 [09:10] - TODAY.AZ

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By Amina Nazarli

Which hand, right or left, does a child uses while playing with his or her toys? The issue is of great interest for many parents.

Many years ago parents were worried about left-handedness of their child but today everything has changed. On the contrary, to be not like everyone (left-handed) has become something prestigious.

Some people claim that those who use their left hand have a unique brain organization and believe that lefties are very gifted people.

However, there is no scientific evidence confirming relations between "left-handedness" and a special talent.

The only logical hypothesis is that the dominant hand is connected with the leading hemisphere of the brain, but in opposite way. So, if the right hemisphere is dominant, the leading hand would be left.

The right hemisphere is responsible for fantasies and dreams. It helps us write poetry and music. Thanks to the right hemisphere of the brain, we set the intuitive connections between images, metaphors and understand various perceive humor.

That is why some people claim that they have great advantages in music through the activity of the areas in their brain responsible for processing sounds. Some people even say that these people perform well in algebra.

But I'll tell you with certainty that it is not the case at all. For example, my brother is a left-hander from birth, but he probably has the worst bad ear, I've ever seen. What is more, his math capability has always been pretty shaky.

A myth that all left-handers are genius was appeared thanks to the most usual statistics, as lefties constitute only 15% of the world's population. And the fact that most of them are very talented people makes some people to think about “super” abilities of the left-handers.

That’s why, if you are left-handed, it does not mean that you are a special one, if not to consider the fact that all people are special. That’s why if you are a lefty, do not rely solely on the myth that you will necessarily become a genius without making efforts. On the contrary, you may need to try harder to make this theory to become true.

There are also those who consider left-handedness a very negative phenomenon, hampering the normal lives of the left-handers.

Historically left-handedness was considered as a defect, which many wanted to eliminate. It was considered a negative thing by many cultures, as, for example, Latin word “sinistra” (sinister) originally meant “left” but eventually took on the connotations of “evil” or “unlucky.” Even English language defines the word “right” as “correct.” “Right” is also often associated with the concepts of authority and justice.

But, is there something wrong with left-handers? Is it really a tragedy?

Many parents try to retrain their left-handed child and force them to write with their right hand. They think that in the world we live everything is arranged for right-handers. That’s why parents want to prepare their children for a life, where everything will be comfortable for them.

However, left-handed people are better adapted than right-handed to any conditions as they have to get accustomed to many uncomfortable things since their childhood.

Moreover, psychologists do not recommend us to retrain left-handers to write with right, as this may lead to a delay in development, deviations in psyche and other negative phenomena in children.

Almost all psychologists say that forcing to write with right hand may create emotional suffering for a child. It may also make a child moody and nervous.


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