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12 January 2010 [11:16] - Today.Az
An Iranian diplomat who was detained by the US military in Iraq and held for more than two years, says that he was tortured while in American custody.

Majid Qaemi-Heydari was among the five Iranian diplomats who were abducted by American forces in a raid on Iran's consulate in Arbil on January 11, 2007.

In an interview with Fars News Agency, Heydari said the behavior of his American captors was worse than the violence they showed against Iraqis.

"They had put covers on our heads, they cuffed our hands," he said adding that the soldiers were later criticized for not cuffing the diplomat's hands behind them.

He told Fars that the cuffing was so tight that the cuffs had cut through the skin on his wrists.

He said he had been beaten so badly that during the whole term of his imprisonment that doctors had to make sure he was ok.

Heydari, among the other four diplomats, was released on July 9, 2009.

The US said the release of the diplomats was required under a security agreement with the Iraqi government. Iran has said it will use legal measures to follow up on the case.

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