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04 October 2021 [18:09] - Today.Az

By Azernews

By Vugar Khalilov

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that Turkey launched new markets to fight the exorbitant food price in the country, Yeni Shafak newspaper reported on October 4.

Erdogan underlined that the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives have been instructed to open 1,000 markets of 500 square meters to regulate the market, which has been disrupted by five huge chain markets.

 “As you can see here, the market of our Agricultural Credit Cooperatives is very affordable in terms of various products, quality, and prices,” Erdogan said, following the shopping he did in one of the markets opened by the Agricultural Credit Cooperative.

"Of course, there are instructions we have given to the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives to reproduce them rapidly. Quickly, we were instructed to build about 10,000 such markets throughout Turkey, from 500 square meters, in the first stage. We will multiply them quickly. And in this way, we will hopefully be in an effort to deliver cheap and high-quality products to our citizens and to balance the market. I have seen this in my own shopping here. I am happy because of that,” Erdogan added, stressing the affordability of the new markets.

Commenting on the National Youth Employment Strategy and the Action Plan, on his official Twitter account, Erdogan wished it to be beneficial to all young people.

“Turkey has a great potential in terms of young population that very few countries have. I wish the National Youth Employment Strategy and the Action Plan, which is a very important step in terms of making use of this potential, to be beneficial to all our young people in advance,” he said.

Erdogan underlined that the obstacles to the employment of young people will be removed in line with the National Youth Employment Strategy and the Action Plan and the youth unemployment rate will reduce to 17.8 percent by 2023.

Furthermore, the youth labor force participation rate will increase to 46 percent, he added.

In his online address to the Manisa Youth Meeting program, which was also attended by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, Erdogan expressed his confidence about the meeting’s positive outcomes for 2023.

 “I care very much about your meeting. For that, I also congratulate you. With these meetings, you are almost already in preparation. It is of great benefit to continue the journey without neglecting them. While congratulating all our brothers and our youth, I pray to my Lord that these marches will have a good result, and I congratulate you,” Erdogan stressed.

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