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Iran plays war game to avoid world's wrath over Palestinian issue

15 April 2024 [22:00] - TODAY.AZ

Following the colonial period of history, the Islamic world looked for its hero to stand against the West and protect its culture. Several countries took on this role and collapsed. Accusing the Shah regime of collaborating with the West, Mullahs were able to overthrow the regime and come to power at the end of the 1970s. However, they did not repeat the mistake of other Muslim countries and confront the West.

Instead, they developed a scheme, and thanks to this project, they have been able to live up until now. The Mullahs covertly collogate with Western countries, even with the USA. The Watergate scandal is one of the best examples of what we said. As is known, the Americans secretly provided Iran with lethal weapons during the Iran-Iraq war, and when they were unearthed, the President of the USA was obliged to resign.

On the other hand, Iran overtly challenged the West and managed to convince some part of the Islamic world, more precisely Shiites, by using its soft power inherited from the Safavid Empire. Frankly speaking, Iran has managed to continue this hypocritical foreign policy for over 40 years. During these years, Iran declared Israel its enemy, but it never fought with Israel openly. The Mullahcracy declared itself the protector of Palestine and even created a troop called the Quds Force, but it has never sent the said force to Palestine. Besides, Iran is the only Muslim country in the world that stands with Armenia against another Muslim country, Azerbaijan. Tehran lit green lights and opened its airspace to the USA during the invasion of Afghanistan. Iran collaborates with India against Pakistan, another Muslim country, and so on.

These are only a few examples of how the Mullahs manipulate reality. The missile and drone attacks on Israel are part of this hypocritical policy. The only winner of this conflict is the Netenyahu government. As is known, the response of Israel to Palestinian illegal organisations was questioned not only in the world, but in Israel as well. Day by day, the voices against the Netenyahu government within Israel increased.

Israel regained the international support it lost due to what it did in Gaza and gained legitimacy for the steps it took, The current government, whose domestic support has decreased, "repaired" its domestic reputation by "destroying" 99% of the IEDs and rockets fired.

As for the Biden administration, the US moderated well between Iran and Israel and showed that it is still the main director in the world.

Most importantly, all these things happened on the night from Saturday to Sunday, that is, when the world stock exchanges were closed, so that there would not be a serious increase in the price of oil and other products.

Needless to say, the Netanyahu government will be grateful to Iran but Palestinians will pay high price for this. Because missile and drone attacks on the Jewish state gave an upper hand to Netanyahu and Biden and encouraged them to take much harsher measures against Palestine.

Reviewing all these events that happened over the last few days, some can easily come to the conclusion that Iran provided Causus Belli for the Netenyahu government to continue the operation in Palestine, in which the civil population suffers more. The longer the operation continues, the more Palestinians will die, and the more Iran will take advantage of this.

Certainly, it is normal for Mullahcracy because nobody questions them. Like George Orwell's saying, Tyranny needs enemies for existing, and Iran needs Israel and the West for existing and expanding its dirty policy. I hope soon the people who look for support from Iran will understand the hypocratic policy of Iran and the hidden side of Mullahs will be uncovered.


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