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West’s insidious plan regarding Middle East, Ukraine and South Caucasus

15 April 2024 [19:21] - TODAY.AZ
By Fatime Letifova

During the last decade, many regions of the world have become the centre of wars and provocations. Although the Middle East and Ukraine are the most prominent among them, new sparks are being formed to increase the ranks of conflict zones. There is no doubt that Western countries have been interested in creating new hotbeds of war and conflict in the East for a long time.

Looking at the current events in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the South Caucasus, it is possible to clearly see the foundations of war laid by Europe and the United States.

The conflicts that have been taking place in countries like Iraq and Syria for years, the loss of life, the purchase of weapons, the continued hunger and bloodshed in Ukraine, and the continuous Armenian provocations in the South Caucasus are clear evidence of the West's desire to start WWIII.

One of the conflicts currently on the agenda continues in Eastern Europe. The Russo-Ukraine war, which has been going on for almost 3 years, weakens both sides and leads to economic and social decline.

However, when looking at the core of the issue, it is possible to clearly see that this serves the implementation of the West's plans. Unfortunately, the West's false promises and provocative statements have turned the two Slavic nations into hostile enemies and have led to the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens.

Despite all this, Europe is still interested in the continuation of the war here. Thus, sending new weapons to Ukraine, sounding war drums instead of promoting peace shows that the West is a supporter of bloodshed in the region.

It should be noted that there are issues of migrants, drug and arms trade, and human trafficking among the consequences of the war. It is no secret that millions of migrants from several countries of the world, due to war or poverty, are heading to the West as well as to Great Britain.

Although Western countries use the labour of illegal migrants to a certain extent, the "problems" created by these people force state officials to make a final decision.

It seems that official London is already thinking of sending illegal migrants to Botswana, Costa Rica, Cote d'Ivoire, and finally to Armenia as a solution. Thus, Britain has already started negotiations with these four countries that can receive illegal migrants sent by the kingdom.

The inclusion of Armenia in this list undoubtedly indicates that Yerevan, deceived by the promise of "great support", is a new "playground" and "ward" for the West.

Because not long ago, during the Brussels meeting held on April 5, the 2.6 billion euro financial aid package to be given to Yerevan by the EU was on the agenda. It seems that Pashinyan is so busy counting the money he will receive from his patrons in the EU that he has difficulty seeing the scenarios written for Armenia.

The plan for the West is clear. The geographical location and natural resources of the South Caucasus have always attracted the attention of foreign forces. For centuries, wars and invasions were carried out on these lands. It seems that the networks of Western-leaning agencies, which were created during the Safavid rule to block the Turkic world, are still active today and are taking advantage of Armenia's ignorance.

Aids, special attention, and care sent to official Yerevan aim to attract attention. Because throughout history, it has not been seen that the old continent was ever interested in the fate of places outside of its own territory, nurtured spiritual feelings, and worked for the benefit of some nations. On the contrary, the countries that describe themselves as the indigenous people of Europe have created colonial traditions in many regions of the world for centuries, followed a policy of colonisation, and committed massacres.

Now, Armenia has become a pawn in the hands of the West and is trying to fuel the conflict in the South Caucasus, as in previous scenarios. However, we should not forget that Azerbaijan is well aware of these games of the West and the steps that can be taken in the future, most importantly, Armenia.

Undoubtedly, after some time, the official Erivan will perceive the main goal of the countries it trusts and will understand that participants from outside the region are endangering not only the South Caucasus but also Armenia itself. Until that time, every provocative act committed by Armenia on the border with Azerbaijan will surely be reciprocated.


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