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Separatists seek mediator, avoid confronting official Baku

29 August 2023 [19:00] - TODAY.AZ
Abbas Ganbay

Since the second Garabagh war, which lasted 44 days, Azerbaijan has been continuing to restore the lands liberated from the invaders and build new, environmentally clean, green energy-based infrastructure for IDPs within the framework of the "Great Return" programme appointed by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

In Armenia, while life for the losing side continues, revenge and hatred towards Azerbaijan have not diminished but have only accumulated to their full extent. The separatist authorities, instead of going to the meeting with the understanding of the high losses of the Armenian society, strengthened their power, fought for it and shifted their sins to each other, as an example, i.e. called allegedly "blockade of Khankendi" or "blocking" the Lachin road, etc.., where the separatist regime appropriated power, fought for it, put their sins on each other, etc., where the separatist regime appropriated humanitarian aid from both Yerevan and Azerbaijan for the residents of Garabagh and Khankendi, as a result of which it accused Azerbaijan of alleged blockade and even genocide.

Apart from the EU observer missions from the European Union, Canada, France and Russia on the border with Armenia, which were supposedly sent to check and monitor the conflict zone, to identify the real causes of the conflict, ultimately did not bear fruit in the way they wanted. Armenia is divided into two forces that want to take control of the government, one based in Khankendi, the other operating from Yerevan, but the so-called blockade of the Lachin road and the Khankendi town, allegedly by Azerbaijan, is broadcast to the world. In the UN Security Council Azerbaijan proved its right: there is neither genocide nor famine.

David Babayan, Advisor to the President of the so-called Artsakh, in a conversation with the correspondent of Armenian News, as well as other political figures of this country, reinforced the minds of their society with empty words and promises in the hope of a better life for Armenia, in case of need for mediation in the negotiations between Azerbaijan and Armenia to establish peace between the countries.

According to Babayan, minister of a so-called regime, speaking to an Armenian correspondent, the emphasis in the negotiations should be placed on the allegedly created humanitarian situation, alluding to the alleged blockade of Khankendi, and that while there is no clear deadline for Armenia, political issues can be postponed for later, and the issue can be raised only in a critical situation when choosing among four scenarios. From Babayan's far-fetched scenarios, the first scenario, in his opinion, is the preservation of the status quo, which, in his opinion, is impossible, and rightly so, as there was no state before the war, only accumulated revenge and enmity during 30 years of occupation of Azerbaijani territories.

In the second scenario, the advisor predicted being part of Azerbaijan, subtly hinting again at the fear of Armenians of Western Azerbaijan, where in the recent events of last week it was strongly expressed and propagandised by Armenians and their authorities that the future territories of Armenia will be part of Azerbaijani territories, imposing again a well-known lie in the minds of society and the world. This idea was supported by a false document written by the "TATOYAN Foundation" and presented to the public in the person of Azerbaijan. What adds oil to the fire is that Armenians want to see more and more clashes, and strife, to involve a third party in this issue, and most importantly, to impose lies on the Armenian society under the guise of truth and freedom.

For Armenians, being part of Azerbaijan is unacceptable, according to the advisor to the second scenario. What are the two remaining scenarios for Armenia, according to the advisor? The third scenario is a struggle, which, in his opinion, is not known how it will end, and it is true, as the struggle for Armenia, in the end, did not lead to good, only deviate to the wrong way, which led to numerous victims. The fourth scenario, which is not different from the others, but adds to the fantasy of the Counsellor, is the Biblical Exodus, where again by implication, the Exodus is the end of the chain of events that began with the resettlement, due to drought and the ensuing famine.

This is a confirmation that the goodness and love in the hearts of Armenians are not enough to see favourable scenarios. Azerbaijan offered peace and life to the inhabitants of Armenian origin of Garabagh as well as Khankendi, in response to the refusal, and the appropriation of humanitarian aid to itself, in the form of separatism, and imposing on the world, allegedly famine and blockade in Khankendi. But for the advisor to the "artsakh president", he says, it is important to maintain dignity, which is already lame, and to be realistic, when they put on their perforated glasses.

The rallies and fatal protests in Armenia have not stopped. Most are not happy with the introduction of the Prime Minister's policy, as Pashinyan recognised entire Garabagh as part of Azerbaijan, and according to a citizen of Yerevan during the rally "Mother Armenia" will not allow Yerevan to turn into Erivan and Armenia into West Azerbaijan."

Despite the false policy of introduction and propaganda of Armenians, the line of trucks with humanitarian aids will move along the route Aghdam-Khankendi.

The Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society has already set forth on a way toward Khankendi with 40 tonnes of flour loaded in trucks. And this is the first stage of the humanitarian assistance being sent to Armenian minority, namely Azerbaijani citizens living in Garabagh. Azerbaijan will closely monitor the processes that are taking place there. And hopefully, this step will be favourably received by the public, the international community, as well as the population of Armenian minority living in Khankendi.


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