Weird / Interesting

02 February 2010 [17:25]

Cheryl Cole, Dita Von Teese, Barack Obama turned into cheese sculptures - PHOTOS

Cheryl Cole, Dita Von Teese and President Barack Obama have all been churned into amazing cheese sculptures.
02 February 2010 [16:00]

Tribe brings back dead with "clothing" ritual

Members of the Hanunuo Mangyan tribe in the Philippines do not leave their dead in the grave for long, digging up the remains of loved ones in an unusual revival ritual that itself is slowly dying out.
02 February 2010 [14:55]

Head-shagging parrot appointed as 'spokesbird' for New Zealand - PHOTO

A fat, flightless parrot who shot to fame after attempting to have sex with a TV presenter's head has been appointed a 'spokesbird' by the New Zealand government.
02 February 2010 [14:35]

Strangest ever child toy - PHOTO

02 February 2010 [13:24]

Lamb with a bird’s beak born in Turkey - PHOTO

Another unusual case has happened in Turkey.
02 February 2010 [11:37]

9 year-old girl gives birth in China

Peru may well hold the world record for “youngest mother,” but China is definitely in the running as a nine-year old in northeast China has given birth to a healthy child.
01 February 2010 [13:20]

Man takes IV while driving

As a man in the Wuxi province of China learned, if you’re going to hang an IV bag from your rear view mirror, it might be a good idea to disguise it as an air freshener.
01 February 2010 [11:26]

Drunk Hollywood star captured by police

Police found him wielding a loaded revolver in a ‘highly intoxicated’ state wandering around inside the Litchfield Bancorp in Salisbury, Connecticut.
30 January 2010 [13:51]

Groundhog Phil under threat of robot takeover

If Phil the groundhog's shadow does not appear on February 2nd then winter will cease and joy will spread throughout a small corner of America. But now his standing is under threat from a robot...
30 January 2010 [13:07]

UK car park machine thinks it's German

Confused drivers could be forgiven for thinking they were in Berlin rather than Birmingham after a car park machine started issuing instructions in German.
30 January 2010 [11:53]

Dog eats 13 golf balls, owner teed off

‘He finds golf balls like truffles,’ says owner of black Labrador Oscar.
29 January 2010 [18:05]

French fight AIDS with 120-foot flying condom

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a giant flying condom!
29 January 2010 [16:53]

Scientists determine color of dinosaur for the first time - PHOTO

An artist's rendering shows two Sinosauropteryx, sporting their orange and white striped tails.
29 January 2010 [15:08]

Loyal blow-up doll saves owner's life

28 January 2010 [17:00]

Rule of thumbs: Koreans reign in texting world

Ha Mok-min is feeling like a gunslinger these days. At the English-language cram school she attends during the winter break, students jealous of her international bragging rights line up to duel with her.
28 January 2010 [11:26]

World's biggest bottle of wine created - PHOTO

Anybody want to share a bottle of red? A group of Chinese winemakers have claimed the new world record for the world's biggest ever bottle of wine.
27 January 2010 [18:42]

Young people wave goodbye to handshakes

From world leaders on the White House lawn to chaps at the bus stop, the common handshake is the universal greeting of peace and goodwill.
26 January 2010 [20:10]

The longest sculpture trail in the world - complete with cow bum incident - PHOTO

It's not every day you see a sculpture of a man with his head stuck up a cow's bottom along the roadside - but that's just what you'll get in Cumnock, Australia, thanks to the longest sculpture installation in the world.
26 January 2010 [17:14]

World's ugliest fish is on the verge of extinction - PHOTO

Extinction threat for world's ugliest animal - the blobfish No wonder he looks so miserable... the world's most unattractive creature, the inedible blobfish, is in danger of being wiped out.
26 January 2010 [14:21]

First ever Tweet was sent from space

Twitter has rocketed into outer space, thanks to a Nasa software upgrade on the international space station that allows astronauts to update their feeds themselves.
25 January 2010 [15:53]

Chocolate Dresses Make a Fashion Treat - PHOTOS

What's better than a beautiful woman in a slinky dress? Try a beautiful woman in a slinky, edible chocolate dress.
25 January 2010 [12:15]

Condom thieves strike in Mumbai

25 January 2010 [10:20]

Hungarian castle for sale for just 0.3p - PHOTO

Got some change in your pocket? Want to buy a castle steeped in Oscar-winning glory? Here's your chance - the only downside it, you’ll still need to be a millionaire.
23 January 2010 [10:13]

15,400 Hindu Lovers Unite in Holy Matrimony

Although marriage isn’t as popular nowadays as it used to be, there still remain billions of lovers worldwide who desire nothing more than to get hitched to their beau.
22 January 2010 [17:39]

Woman accused of biting off sister's nose

Police in Michigan say a dispute between two sisters turned into a Mike Tyson title fight... no one lost an ear, but 27-year-old Bobbie J. Smith is accused of chomping off her sister's nose.