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Serzh Sargsyan's lack of logic is an art form

30 March 2010 [09:00] - TODAY.AZ
Thanks to the Russian folk proverb, we all well know that necessity is the mother of invention.

We also learned that the president of a country that considers itself independent will embrace this principle thanks to Armenian leader Serzh Sargsyan’s interview with Euronews.

Logic and the Armenian president

Responding to the subtle irony of a TV correspondent who countered Sargsyan’s statement that the international community has never considered Nagorno-Karabakh to be a part of independent Azerbaijan, the president said: "I do not think the international community has a different point of view.”

And what about the fact that no country in the world, including Armenia, has recognized the independence of Nagorno-Karabakh? Apparently, the Armenian president is quite persistent about openly demonstrating his lack of logic and denial of reality.

The parable of a thief

First, each line of the president’s interview eloquently shows that he resorted not only to imagination, but also to cynical lies. We all know what Azerbaijan's territorial integrity means for Armenia. Armenia demonstrated this by occupying the internationally recognized lands of Azerbaijan and keeping them under occupation for nearly two decades. We also know how much "respect" Armenians worldwide have for Georgia's and Turkish territorial integrity.

Second, there is no notion as "the people of Nagorno Karabakh.” There are the Armenian and Azerbaijani communities of Nagorno-Karabakh, and Azerbaijan's territory occupied by Armenia.

Third, the Armenians, as a nation, have long lived self-determined lives in the Republic of Armenia. The claims of Armenians to Azerbaijan, as well as to other neighboring countries, are nothing but separatism and ignoring the territorial integrity of these nations.

Fourth, let’s recall the Mein Dorf Declaration signed by the presidents of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia in Moscow. This document was signed between Azerbaijan and Armenia. This indicates that the Armenian leadership is aware that the parties to the conflict are Armenia and Azerbaijan. Consequently, arguments about “the people of Nagorno Karabakh” are another trick by the Armenian president to show off his “talent.”

But that's not all. The climax of Sargsyan’s inventions reached a peak when he said he wanted to appeal to Azerbaijan to sign an agreement on the non-use of force.

The answer to this statement is already clear. Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Spokesman Elkhan Polukhov stressed that Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry welcomes this statement and is ready for such a remark only after the de-occupation of Azerbaijani territories.

Given Sargsyan’s lack of a diplomatic know-how, let’s explain everything in simple language to him. Think of a thief who has stolen someone's jewelry, but cannot sell them as the stolen jewels are known worldwide, as is their original owner. The thief also cannot live from hand to mouth, just looking at his stolen jewellery. So, he looks for a way out of the situation. Common sense indicates that he must first return the stolen property, apologize to the injured party and only then can he hope for a restoration of confidence and ask him not to press charges. It's so simple, Mr. Sargsyan!

Armenia has not yet provided an official answer to the question of whether it accepts the updated Madrid Principles on the settlement of the Karabakh conflict, while the Azerbaijani side has already announced its consent with the principles. Moreover, the co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group have already made two official statements, noting that there is a new document on the table which they call an updated (or modified) version of the Madrid document.

It should be noted that Yerevan commented neither on the first nor the second statement. Later in his interview, the Armenian president, the man who shapes the country’s foreign policy, made an insincere public appeal to Azerbaijan to sign an agreement on the non-use of force. It is obvious that Yerevan is trying to change the subject of the negotiations in the most banal of manners. Similarly, the Armenian side could well propose to land on the moon together with Baku. Does this have anything to do with the negotiations to resolve the Karabakh conflict?

So, the Armenian leader proposes to legalize the occupation, that is, to hold "eternal" negotiations with Yerevan.

It is also clear that the Armenian leadership admits that, according to all international norms, each country has the right to defend itself and Azerbaijan may exercise this right as a country whose territory is occupied by a neighboring state. In addition, the arguments that Sargsyan voiced in his interview show that the Armenian leadership is aware of the appalling consequences a military confrontation with Azerbaijan would have. Every representative of the country’s leadership admits this as a fact, but hides this as much as they can.

For example, Armenian Defense Minister Seyran Ohanian said earlier: "Armenia will not participate in an arms race, as the quantitative indicator is not key to ensuring the combat readiness of its army.”

Some time later, the Armenian president said the same, but in other words, voicing a call to sign an agreement on the non-use of force with Azerbaijan. This is natural in terms of the comparison of the economic, geopolitical, diplomatic, military capabilities of Azerbaijan and Armenia. And the gap in favor of Azerbaijan is increasing and increasing regardless of any inventions.

A. Hasanov
Day.Az writer

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