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Mystery hidden in ordinary colors

22 April 2014 [10:24] - TODAY.AZ
By AzerNews

Having a splendid green corner with beautiful flowers was my childhood dream. "Could an elegant flower create such unbelievable miracles?" I used to wonder while I was watching my favorite cartoons. It really can! Now that I'm older, I realize that plants can really bring wonders.

A small flowerpot with a plant can bring you not only aesthetic but also physical satisfaction. They will decorate the interior area, bring in a bit of nature, and let you enjoy fresh air. Thanks to them, neither seasonal depression, nor the cold can penetrate your home.

Home is where everyone should feel easy, comfortable, and safe. We certainly need clear air indoors, because there are lots of micro-organisms and harmful substances in the air of apartments and offices.

During the day, we breathe in fumes of different paints, varnishes, furniture and working machinery, nicotine, plastic, and things like that. In order to create comfort, there should be useful plants indoors, which will not only play the role of decorations, but also make our lives safe and healthy.

Thus, the well-known chlorophytum can decorate your kitchen; it removes harmful gases and odors from the room in just a few hours. Plants such as monstera, ivy, asparagus, spurge, aloe and spathiphyllum will also help to improve the air. Clivia, pelargonium, and aspidistra purify the air in a room where habitants smoke a lot. Periodically, you will need to take these plants into the street, so that they can recover themselves.

If your apartment is stuffy and dry in winter, you should get a sansevieria, which is a real factory of oxygen. This plant also protects you from harmful substances emitted by linoleum or furniture. Plants such as cyperus, ficus benjamina, asparagus, monstera, arrowroot, and all the plants that have large leaves will humidify the air and saturate it with oxygen.

If you work at the computer, or near an air conditioner, or a printer, then surely by the end of the day you will feel very tired, and sometimes even weak. In this case, put a araucaria, juniper or cypress next to you and enjoy its freshness. Cereus and croton will help restore the ionic composition of the air, while pelargonium will help relieve headache and reduce blood pressure, helping you to sleep soundly.

The strong smell of myrtle, citrus plants, rosemary, eucalyptus and azalea will protect you from germs. Dieffenbachia, anthurium, begonia, spiderwort, ruelle, aglaonema, lavender, mint and sage will also disinfect the air.

Nowadays, computers pose a threat to human organism. Cacti will filter various types of radiation. Asparagus absorbs heavy metals, while dracaena, chlorophytum, aloe, philodendron, schefflera, spathiphyllum, and dieffenbachia remove the formaldehyde and phenol emitted by new furniture.

Plants for bedroom should be chosen with utmost care. Thus, monstera, dracaena, cordyline australis and plants with an oval crown and flowing branches will adorn this room. Mosquitoes and flies can not stand the unique aroma of eucalyptus, so having this plant in your house will make it fresh and clean.

Find your favorite houseplant, and it will be a pleasure for you to watch it any time of the year. Bright red or yellow-orange colored plants will chase the dream in the morning and give you a good mood all day long. They are indispensable when your work is monotonous.

If you deal with a lot of people, or work at the computer, then arrange a sitting area for yourself where there will be plants with leaves of different shades of green. They will help you to calm down and rest your eyes, and you will be able to continue your work with renewed energy.

Provide your plants with the best conditions for life, so that they will thank you and show you all their useful qualities.

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