Today.Az is an Azerbaijan-based English news portal, that covers Azerbaijan inside and outside.

The website is being visited by 43-45 thousand regular visitors monthly. Most of the readers are the foreigners and expats working and living in Azerbaijan (including embassies and foreign companies).

We offer wide opportunities for our advertisers and their business. Either it’s a banner, advertising article, or a text ad – select what is best for you, going through our price list below.

1. Placing your banners on our website (the prices below are without VAT) -
Banner (728x90 pixels), 700 AZN per month
Banner (240x400 pixels), 1000 AZN per month
Banner (255x120 - 229x120 pixels), 500 AZN per month

2. Placing your advertising article on our website (the prices below are without VAT ) –
Simple article in the newsline - 100 AZN
"Bold" article in the newsline - 150 AZN
"Red" featured article - 200 AZN
Article on the frontpage - 250 AZN

3. Placing your text ads on our website (the prices below are without VAT ) –
Text link on the frontpage of the website - 1000 AZN per month
Text link inside a category – 500 AZN per month

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We are open to other forms of cooperation, and looking forward to have your offers, too. Please note that since we operate in Azerbaijan, we cannot accept payments by PayPal system. As of now, only Bank payment is available for us.

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For local advertisers please call: 012 437 11 47 (ext. 322, 325, 314) For everyone else: [email protected], [email protected]