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West wants to turn Armenians in Garabagh into cheap trade

25 September 2023 [08:30] - TODAY.AZ
By Azernews 

Rena Murshud

Armenia used all maneuvers. However, the myth of separatism in the Garabagh region of Azerbaijan was destroyed by the Azerbaijani army in just 23 hours and 43 minutes.

Despite all this, the anti-Azerbaijani sentiment within the European Union does not end, and the pressure continues. Even the leading representatives of the EU are unaware of the provisions of the biased statement they signed. For example, European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs Joseph Borell's blunt statement against Azerbaijan after the anti-terrorist measures proved once again that Armenian lobbyism is dominant not only over the US Senate but also over the UN Security Council, as well as the European Union High Representative Offices. There is no doubt that the political circles of both Europe and the United States are heavily corrupted, and still cannot be cleansed of this dirt.

However, this does not mean that Joseph Borell and other pro-Armenian politicians always fulfill their obligations to Armenia. In such a case, the question arises: We wonder what forces Borell to make injudicious decisions against Azerbaijan?

It should be noted that 27 EU countries accused Azerbaijan of so-called genocide following Azerbaijan’s recent anti-terror measures in Garabagh. However, the genocidal policy they are talking about is typical of the policy of European imperialist states, and this policy is always applied to migrants within the framework of the policy of Islamophobia. At the same time, recent processes also demonstrate how biased and unethical the European and Western media are. While the territories of Azerbaijan are recognized at the level of Washington and Brussels meetings, today the Western media still refer to so-called terms of "Nagorno Karabakh", "artsakh", etc.

Russian political scientist Vitaliy Markov touched upon the conflicts in the political elite of the West during his detailed comment on the issue to Azernews. He said that Washington and Brussels have only a limited power.

"The presidential election campaign in the United States is in full swing, because the efforts of the Democratic Party are aimed at keeping the White House in power. In addition to the few real achievements during the years under the leadership of Joseph Biden's team, the economic and social crises in the United States are increasing day by day. They need at least certain victories on foreign policy and the weakening of their main and potential rivals in the world arena. Currently, in the Russia-Ukraine war, the "support" given to Ukraine is done precisely to weaken one of its rivals. Also, they are trying to weaken China by starting a military conflict with Taiwan. However, the US tried to ignite a war in the South Caucasus by using Armenia. For this, they are also trying to involve Russia, Turkiye, Iran, as well as the Middle Eastern states in a big conflict," said the political scientist.

Arkov added that although the US is considered an instigator in the conflicts, it tries to be a mediator in the ‘reconciliation’ of the parties with the aim of keeping all the processes under its own control. In fact, the main goal is to hold the keys to the world and use them for maximum economic and political purposes. Because the European Union has not had its own independent policy for a long time. It only fulfills the orders sent from Brussels or Washington or obtains "profit" from the bribes of its corrupt officials from third countries.

The expert touched on the volatility of Germany's position which previously manifested his support for Azerbaijan’s struggle against separatism.

"I would like to mention another important point that the change of an "iron" chancellor like Angela Merkel to a "plastic" one like Olaf Scholz led to the rapid loss of Germany's influence. This was planned by the United States, which did not want the European Union to be strong and independent. We see a fight between France for the "crown" (leadership) of the European Union, which has already fallen from Germany. So far, neither Warsaw nor Paris has been able to take full control over Brussels (which is also part of Washington's strategy to weaken Europe). Therefore, EU officials are obliged to be slaves of their patrons," Vitaliy Arkov noted.

The Russian political scientist believes that France, along with making serious plans to strengthen its influence in the South Caucasus, Brussels also functions as a pressure mechanism on Baku, Ankara, and Moscow. For them, the Garabagh issue is just a subject of trade.

"The fate of the Armenians living in Garabagh is of no interest to the politicians not only in Paris but also in Yerevan. These unfortunates are simply tools in the hands of Armenian and French politicians. Those in France literally sell the Armenians living in Garabagh. If the Western buyers want, they will turn them into corpses. Armenians who are forced to accept the terms of Paris politicians use them for political pressure on Baku, Moscow, and Ankara," Arkov added.


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