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21 May 2024 [15:17] - Today.Az

Nazrin Abdul

The National Metrology Forum, organised by the Azerbaijan Institute of Metrology (AzMI) under the State Service of Antimonopoly and Consumer Market Control within the Ministry of Economy, convened to mark May 20th - World Metrology Day, Azernews reports.

The event saw participation from state institutions, private sector representatives, business associations, conformity assessment institutions, as well as figures from science and higher education.

The forum aimed to enhance awareness regarding initiatives for enhancing and establishing new measurement standards in the realm of unified measurements within the country. It sought to evaluate the current state of metrological assurance and foster stronger collaboration between governmental bodies and the private sector in bolstering quality infrastructure.

During the event, notable speakers including Deputy Minister of Economy Samad Bashirli, Head of the Antimonopoly and Consumer Market Control State Service Mammad Abbasbeyli, Head of the National Metrology Institute of the Turkic Scientific and Technological Research Council (TUBITAK UME) Mustafa Çetinta?, Rector of Azerbaijan Technical University Vilayat Valiyev, and acting Rector of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University Vazeh Askarov addressed the attendees.

Key discussions centred around the ongoing, strategic efforts in metrological assurance to fuel sustainable and competitive economic development. The pivotal role of metrology in instilling consumer trust and ensuring precision in production processes was emphasised. Participants underscored the importance of a targeted economic policy to industry development, the adoption of new technologies, and the provision of precise measurements to enhance quality efficiency.

Additionally, discussions revolved around fostering scientific and technical collaboration with higher education institutions to enhance the practical skills of metrology researchers in testing and calibration laboratories. Efforts to support their personal and professional growth were also deliberated.

Further topics included exploring global best practices to enhance the national standard base, cater to the metrological needs of economic entities, fulfil demand for devices and equipment, and elevate the competencies of metrological service personnel. Attendees also delved into discussions on inter-institutional cooperation projects at the international level.

Panel discussions during the forum, themed "Metrological Assurance for Business," shed light on the pivotal role of measurements in shaping and regulating quality infrastructure, enhancing production efficiency, and fostering consumer trust.

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