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19 April 2024 [14:42] - Today.Az

Qabil Ashirov

In order to increase the number and scope of audits conducted by the Accounting Chamber, there is a need to take additional measures and increase resources in a number of directions.

The Chairman of the Economic Policy, Industry, and Entrepreneurship Committee of the Milli Majlis, Tahir Mirkishili, said this during the discussion of the report on the activities of the Accounts Chamber in 2023 at today's session of the parliament.

"Shortening the average duration of control measures, expanding the application of the electronic accounting system in state bodies, creating a single electronic database of state financial information, switching to an electronic budget system, and identifying risks based on artificial intelligence can allow us to achieve this goal. Otherwise, there will be a need for classical measures such as increasing the number of staff units in the Chamber", said T. Mirkishili.

In general, the Accounting Chamber implemented 91.7% of the operational plan for 2023 . This means an increase of 10.4% compared to the previous year.

The Deputy considers it acceptable within the existing possibilities to conduct an audit of 95.4% of state budget revenues and 77.6% of expenses by the Chamber:

"In the reporting year, we consider the expansion of the monitoring activities by the Chamber and the increase in the follow-up of the given suggestions worthy of praise. In general, we think that the repetition of the deficiencies discovered during control measures every year makes it important to follow up on all the suggestions given in order to avoid these situations. For this, certain educational tools are also used; we consider it important to use them," he said.

T. Mirkishili added that the report provided extensive information on the assessment of the government-based Sustainable Development Goals implemented by the Chamber for the first time, the audit of consolidated financial statements, and the evaluation of the efficiency of investment activity.

"We consider the Chamber's activity in these directions acceptable," he added.

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