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01 March 2024 [16:00] - Today.Az

Ulviyya Shahin

Armenia and Azerbaijan were able to reach an agreement on the main principles of the peace agreement.

This was said by the Deputy Chairman of the Armenian Parliament, the special representative for the normalisation of relations with Turkiye, Ruben Rubinyan, during his speech at the panel on "Peace, Development, and Communication in the South Caucasus" within the framework of the III Diplomatic Forum in Antalya province.

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Talking about the process of normalization of relations between Baku and Yerevan, Rubinyan expressed hope that the parties would be able to achieve the necessary results.

He reminded that Armenia and Azerbaijan have already agreed on the main principles of peace: the recognition of each other's territorial integrity based on the Alma-Ata Declaration and the opening of regional communications based on the principle of sovereignty.

"If we can include the principles already agreed upon by the heads of the two countries in the agreement, then we can achieve peace quickly," Rubinyan said.

Speaking about the normalisation of relations between Armenia and Turkiye, the special representative noted that the most important issue at such a sensitive moment is the implementation of agreements.

According to R. Rubinyan, if agreements are reached between Armenia and Turkey in the future, it is necessary to implement them.

He noted that, despite the low level of trust between the nations, the parties are trying to normalise relations.

"We are continuing this process, and I hope that Sardar K?l?รง and I will achieve the goal we set together - the complete normalisation of relations between Armenia and Turkiye and the establishment of diplomatic relations," he added.

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