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12 February 2024 [10:58] - Today.Az

Abbas Ganbay

The Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) reported that Armenia has submitted 8 forms to Azerbaijan regarding minefields in the territories liberated from occupation.

According to Azernews, ANAMA emphasised that the submitted forms mainly consist of records on mined areas covering the Murovdag Ridge of the Kalbajar region. Based on the technical regulations, information on landmarks, types, numbers, distances between buried mines, methods of burial, and concealment is recorded in the form of minefields.

"However, as before, the information in the recently submitted forms is inaccurate, unreliable, and incomplete. After analysing and processing the forms, it was determined that the recorded data does not agree with the actual minefields and that the coordinates of the reference points are incorrect and useless.

In general, the minefield forms submitted by Armenia cover some areas along the former line of contact. Information on the section of the former line of contact passing through the Khojavand, Tartar, and Goranboy regions, as well as the areas mined by Armenian military units during the retreat in November 2020, has not yet been provided.

The organization's information noted that the reliability of the information provided in 2021 about the minefields buried by Armenia in the Aghdam, Fuzuli, Jabrail, and Zangilan regions was 25%.

"If we look at the statistics of mine accidents, we will see that not only the territories along the former line of contact but also residential areas, agricultural lands, river banks, forest areas, and cemeteries are heavily contaminated with mines. Since the Second Garabagh War, 345 people have been killed by mines, and 247 people have died or received bodily injuries of varying degrees of severity as a result of mine accidents that occurred outside the line of contact.

Mass mining of civilian territories is a serious violation of international law and a crime against humanity," ANAMA said.

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