Today.Az » Politics » Community: Armenia's expression of 'destruction of Armenian cultural heritage' is hypocrisy
20 December 2023 [13:11] - Today.Az

Asim Aliyev

The Western Azerbaijani Community stated that Armenia's talk about the "destruction of Armenian cultural heritage" is first of all hypocrisy, Azernews reports.

Statements by the Western Azerbaijani Community on the cultural heritage of the Azerbaijani people were perceived in Armenia as a threat to its sovereignty and territorial integrity. In response to the statement of the Western Azerbaijan Community, the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on December 19, 2023, claiming that Armenian cultural heritage has been destroyed in Garabagh, a statement that is first and foremost hypocrisy.

The fact that in recent days the Armenian Foreign Ministry has accused Azerbaijan of "blockade," "aggression," "ethnic cleansing," and reintroduced such a made-up pre-2020 expression as "the people of Nagorno-Karabakh" shows the destructive nature of Armenian diplomacy in Luis Ocampo's thinking and his attempt to undermine the peace process."

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