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06 December 2023 [20:30] - Today.Az

By Asim Aliyev

The main factor that prompted me to write this article is the special hatred and political attacks on Azerbaijani Turks and Muslims in Western and Armenian society. If we leaf through the pages of history, we will witness the massacres committed by Armenian-Dashnak bandits against Azerbaijani Turks, and the support demonstrated to them by their patrons in the West in these crimes. Historical tragedies that started against Azerbaijani Turks in the twentieth century continue today. The Azerbaijani pogroms in 1905-1907, 1914-1916, 1918-1920, 1948-1953 and 1988 are vivid examples of Armenian fascism and cruelty.

The invasion policy of the Armenian state and their desire to create a new state first emerged among Armenians who lived in Turkiye and then spread to the South Caucasus. Throughout history, Armenians found patrons in Europe and America, relying on the Christian factor, and through these patrons, they continued their dirty occupation policy.

The genocide conceived by the Armenians can be called a plan of the West (France) to divide Turkiye. Even the French clergyman Tuchin expressed his opinion at a conference organized in the "L'Ĺ’uvre d'Orient" society in February 1916 and said: "It all started with a plan by Armenian revolutionaries to kill Muslims, [and] it is impossible to believe the rumors [about Turks] spread by Armenians."

The Dashnaktsutyun Party, founded in Tbilisi in 1890, intended and intends to build political and economic dominance through uprisings and riots. The party's order to its members states: "Shoot the Turk under any circumstances and anywhere." The goal of the party is to create a great Armenia. After the Armenian intention to create a great Armenian state in Turkiye failed in the 19th century, the Armenians continued this policy against the Azerbaijani Turks in the South Caucasus.

At the first Garabagh War, which took place in 1991-1994, it was obvious that Armenians committed crimes against civilians with the help of their patrons. The Genocide committed by the Armenians against the inhabitants of Khojaly on the night of February 26, 1992, is a crime not only against the Azerbaijani Turks, but also against the entire humankind. During this Genocide, 2300 civilians were taken hostage and brutally killed. After this bloody genocide, in 1992, Russian writer Yuri Pompeyev published a documentary essay in St. Petersburg entitled "Garabagh in Blood" and fully explained and exposed the hypocrisy of Armenians in the essay.

According to international sources in the first Garabagh War, 16,000 Azerbaijani civilians were killed. A total of 800 people went missing in action. Every year February 26 is marked in Azerbaijan as the day of the Khojaly genocide.

Zori Balayan, a fictional hero of Armenia, wrote about his crimes in his books. In his book called Revival of Our Souls, he describes how he unskinned an Azerbaijani child (girl) and watched her die. It is contrary to the 1959 UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child. Calling an executioner like Zori Balayan (maniac) a hero of the nation is a manifestation of how Armenian mentality.

Thirty years after these atrocities, Azerbaijan regained its sovereignty through a 44-day war. Despite the end of the conflict, Armenia does not give up its evil intentions, and the Armenian lobby based in Europe and America propagates slander and aggressive policies against Azerbaijani Turks. This aggression is directed not only against the Turks, but against all Muslims as well. At present, the aggressive policy promoted by the Armenian lobby coincides with the interests of the West. We can see this in the speeches of the newly elected Dutch Prime Minister Wilders. He calls Muslims scum on earth and promises to expel Muslims from the Netherlands from the moment he takes office. Wilders was previously tried and then acquitted on charges of inciting hatred against Muslims. The reason for Wilders' accusation was to compare Islam to fascism and the Koran to Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kampf. The fact that Wilders was acquitted in court of the above charges is a reflection of how the judicial system works in Europe. No one can call this freedom of speech because these words insult separate religious and racial choices in a country governed under the slogan of democracy. Undoubtedly, the policy pursued by Wilders can also be seen as the influence of the powerful Armenian lobby in Europe. It is also an indicator that the goals of the West and the Armenian lobby coincide. It should be noted that Europe's "multiculturalist" policy violates the rights of Azerbaijani Turks and Muslims, and this will create serious problems in European society in the future.

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