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30 November 2023 [11:37] - Today.Az

Abbas Ganbay

The Western Azerbaijan Community made a statement on the occasion of spreading information that the European Union will provide military assistance to Armenia within the framework of the "European Peace Fund," Azernews reports.

The statement of the Western Azerbaijani Community reads:

"Following France, the European Union arming Armenia is a very wrong and dangerous step.

The transfer of arms to Armenia under the name of the "European Peace Fund" is irony and mockery. The Western Azerbaijan Community believes that the arming of Armenia by the European Union following France is a very wrong and dangerous step and serves to increase tension in the region and strengthen revanchism in Armenia.

The EU should put an end to the policy of arming Armenia and bringing geopolitical competition to the South Caucasus region," the statement emphasises.

Earlier, France agreed to supply weapons to Armenia, including air defence systems. French Defence Minister Sebastien Lecornu made the announcement on October 21.

"It is necessary to allow Armenia to protect its civilian population and ensure the defence of its borders," Minister Lecornu said while explaining France's arming of Armenia.

According to the French minister, following the contracts signed on October 22, Armenia was enabled to 'protect its skies'.

The Armenian side noted that the issue of Paris providing military assistance to Yerevan has been raised by the Armenian authorities before. On October 5, Armenian President Vahagn Khachaturian said on the France 2 TV channel that the country needs a new military partner besides Russia. "France has expressed its strong intention to help us and to support us in order to strengthen our defence capability. Our goal is to defend ourselves and stop Azerbaijan's ambitions because the final goal is to live in peace with our neighbour," the Armenian president stressed.

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